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vietnam dating
Hodgdon to dedicate veterans’ monument
HODGDON, Maine — Residents have a new monument to pay their respects to military veterans who lost their lives in battle. Town officials completed the installation of the new Hodgdon veterans’ …
Russian Dating

Like many countries, is Romania one of them to be careful about dating women there?

I know many countries like China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia and Vietnam where you have to be careful about dating/marrying them because they will do anything to live in the USA and gain citizenship by using their spouse as the key. Is Romania one of those countries? There’s a Romanian girl that I want to date. Is Romania one of those countries where people are desperately want to move to the US?
I just don’t want to date or marry a girl who want to date me just so she can come to US.

Yes. Romania is a big one. Not all women from those countries marry just to gain citizenship. Just be wary, but don’t be closed off to women from those countries. You can usually tell when someones using you. Give this girl a chance.

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