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Ukraine marriage agency
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Why are RUSSIAN women divorcing at such a high rate?

Divorces in Russia: what are the reasons?


Top question – December 2007
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Q: I have been searching a lot of agencies for women from Russia or Ukraine. And its seems to me that there are just as many or more
divorced women than never been married. Is the divorce rate as bad there
as it is in the USA? And what is the reasoning?

The divorce rate in Russia is higher than in USA,but for a Russia divorced woman (and for any woman over 25) it is very difficult to find a new partner, especially if she has children; that’s why there are so many divorced women looking for partners abroad especially USA
Also many women who had terrifying experience in their marriages are afraid to have a new marriage with a Russian man. Of course not all Russian men are bad,

Russian men are very often drunks. Also, traditional gender roles persist and women tend to be treated very badly. Hence they would rather come to the US where feminism has made men and marriage more appealing.

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