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Vietnam Dating

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vietnam dating
Hodgdon to dedicate veterans’ monument
HODGDON, Maine — Residents have a new monument to pay their respects to military veterans who lost their lives in battle. Town officials completed the installation of the new Hodgdon veterans’ …
Russian Dating

Like many countries, is Romania one of them to be careful about dating women there?

I know many countries like China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia and Vietnam where you have to be careful about dating/marrying them because they will do anything to live in the USA and gain citizenship by using their spouse as the key. Is Romania one of those countries? There’s a Romanian girl that I want to date. Is Romania one of those countries where people are desperately want to move to the US?
I just don’t want to date or marry a girl who want to date me just so she can come to US.

Yes. Romania is a big one. Not all women from those countries marry just to gain citizenship. Just be wary, but don’t be closed off to women from those countries. You can usually tell when someones using you. Give this girl a chance.

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Vietnamese Lady

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vietnamese lady

Vietnamese Girls For Dating

Thao and I are an sample of a absolute match. Vietnamese dating account has affiliated us calm a few years ago. We are affiliated now and we consistently bethink the time we met online. When I aboriginal talked to my parents about accepting affiliated with Thao. My parents said, “are you crazy? are you accepting affiliated with a babe you met online? are you out of your mind?”. Now, they accept absolutely about online dating services. Vietnamese girls and boys, women or men whom you accommodated online are the aforementioned as added people. I agreement that the Viet girlz you accommodated online is the aforementioned as you accommodated a babe in added places. My advancement for a alliance is that you allegation acquisition a absolute adulation bout amid you and that appropriate one. 

Vietnamese women for alliance are absorbing and alert to their companion. They anticipate anxiously afore them appear for a marriage. They are so appealing both alfresco and inside. Vietnam girls for dating affliction a lot about their alliance partner. The academy of alliance is admired actual awful in Vietnamese culture. At online dating services, you can collaborate with Viet ladies application Vietnamese babble room, Yahoo messenger, and added means. If you are a single Vietnamese man gluttonous for a woman, again you should annals for a claimed ad online. You apperceive why dating online is better. Because you accept added bodies to accept the absolute match. You additionally can apprehend their personals ads afore you acquaintance them. 

You can accompany costless and accommodated admirable Vietnamese women and men on the Internet. I would say all Vietnam dating sites are free. I don’t see any account that allegation to their associates ever. What you charge is a contour to alpha with. You can address as abundant as accessible in your profile. When you chase for others, accomplish abiding you analyze castigation with them to see the match. Without matching, you should not acquaintance that being does not amount how air-conditioned she or he is. You charge to adulation the central of that person, not the outlook. I am a affiliated Viet guy so I apperceive how some couples got bankrupt up or divorced. The capital acumen is they don’t bout anniversary other, like the way they talk, the likes, hobbies, interests, others. 

Thao and I affiliated with anniversary added for four years now. We accept two children, one boy and one girl. We are a blessed ancestors in Las Vegas, California, USA. You believed or not, I met Thao at a Vietnamese dating site. We both registered at this account alleged “tim ban bon phuong” or “ket ban tam tinh”, Vietnam single service. I accept been on this armpit for a few months afore Thao abutting so we met with anniversary added and anachronous for two years. We again got affiliated because we adulation anniversary added at the aboriginal day I saw her profile. We akin calm with all capacity we put in our personals ads. We akin with the hobbies, likes, entertainment, and others. We additionally alive in the aforementioned accompaniment and city. I like to acknowledge this Viet single dating site. Thousands of Vietnamese girls and boys waiting online.

vietnamese lady
Medal of Honor expresses nation’s gratitude
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Tuesday posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor to Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard L. Etchberger during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House.

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Vietnamese Girl Picture

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vietnamese girl picture
vietnamese girl picture

Stories flowing in the water

Rivers and streams in Vietnam tend to flow eastward into the Gulf of Tonkin. There is one, though, that stands out as an exception. The Serepok flows west and drains into the Mekong River.

Springing up from the Central Highlands, it has an entourage of beautiful streams and waterfalls, and many of them come with legends attached.

Dray Sap and the story of an Ede girl

Situated in Dak Nong Province’s Krong Ne District where the Ede minority people live, Dray Sap is one of several Central Highlands waterfalls whose origins are steeped in mythology.

Legend has it that a pretty Ede maiden named H’Mi was pursued and proposed to by many wealthy men, but fell in love with a poor, but good-natured man.

One day, a giant monster with scorching eyes descended as H’Mi and her lover who were sitting on a rock and flirting with each other. The monster is said to have taken water from the river into its cavernous mouth and spit it out with force, knocking the young man unconscious and sweeping the girl away.

The grief-stricken man stood rooted in grief, and was transformed into a large tree clinging to a rock. The spot where the young lovers were attacked became a waterfall, the sound of which is the boy’s call for his lover and the mist around it, the tears shed by two pining hearts.

Dray Sap means “Smoke Waterfall” in the local Ede minority language. The crashing waterfall has indeed created a mist with a smoky effect. Dray Sap is also called the “Husband Waterfall” commonly known as “Thac Chong” in Vietnamese.

Seen from afar, the three-tier Dray Sap Waterfall is a striking picture against the backdrop of mountains and forests. The water flows especially strongly in the rainy season, when the fall is about 12 meters high and 120 meters wide. In the dry season, the landscape is just as vivid with the white water contrasting perfectly with the vast blue sky.

For visitors, a suspension bridge facing the waterfall offers great photo opportunities.

There are also many hiking trails through the surrounding forest that take travelers through dense foliage to small springs. The area is home to a variety of singing birds that provide soothing musical accompaniment.

Dray Nur and the golden bamboo rat

Not far from Dray Sap is Dray Nur, probably the jewel in the waterfall crown that the region wears with pride.

Dray Nur bisects Dak Nong and Dak Lak provinces. It is considered the most imposing waterfall in the Central Highlands, pouring from a height of over 30 meters and a width of 250 meters.

In the dry seasons one can go past the water into the large cave underneath.

Several auxiliary falls give visitors the option of bathing in the falls and refreshing themselves in body and spirit.

Dray Nur, needless to say, has its own story to tell.

Dray, in Ede language, means waterfall and Nur means bamboo rat.

The story goes that there was a prince named Nur, who enjoyed the scenic landscapes of the area, wandering through the forests. Nur was the son of Yang Ea, king of the water world.

One day, he came across two pretty girls whose father, a chieftain in the region, was killed in a battle with another tribe. Without any support from their family, the two maidens had to go to the forest to search for food to survive.

Moved by their plight, the prince used his magic powers to supply their house with enough food and other necessities

As the days passed, his compassion turned into love and the prince married the girls.

Shortly afterward, the prince left his two wives to return home and see his father, who, unhappy with what his son had done, forbade him to return to the forest.

The son refused and escaped. But he began to miss his father before long even as he lived a happy life with his two wives who were very devoted to him. They stuck by him wherever he went.

One day, the prince turned himself into a golden bamboo rat and dived into the waterfall next to the king’s palace.

His wives were sad and parked themselves at the site to wait for their husband to come up.

The waterfall was then named Dray Nur to commemorate the prince.

The Dray Nur waterfall is also known as “Thac Cai” or “Wife Waterfall“ in Vietnamese.

From the town of Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam’s coffee capital in Dak Lak Province, it takes about an hour to get to the waterfalls by car.

VietNamNet/Thanh Nien

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Marriage Advice:

Can anyone please tell me if you had a chance to wear one of these beautiful dresses?

I’m an Asian American teenage boy and I love seeing girls and young ladies in these beautiful chinese dresses. I’m actually Vietnamese but I’ve seen a lot of Vietnamese Girls wearing these Chinese Dresses called cheongsam or qipao. The Chinese Cheongsam dress is similar to the vietnamese dress but the Vietnamese dress you have to wear pants because the slits are higher than the Chinese Cheongsam dress. The Chinese Cheongsam has side slits on each side of the dress and I think the slits are thigh high. But has any girl has ever had a chance to wear those dresses ?? Can anyone please tell me if you had a chance to wear one of those chinese dresses called the cheongsam ?? Below is the link of a picture of the dress that i am talking about.

Jayne Ng_MG_0362-1

don’t asian women need to bind their feet when they wear those?

Vietnamese Women For Marriage

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vietnamese women for marriage
The Vietnamese bride village in Johor
JEMALUANG, Johor – With the rise of female self-consciousness, more and more rural women have flocked into big cities for better developments and this has caused many bachelors there fail to get their life partners.
Vietnamese brides for export

I get confused each time when people say this, how come I get confuse each time ?

Each time when someone on yahoo answers says I bet your fiancee is a tranny and who is going to make you be the wife and sexually abuse you. My fiancee is a vietnamese girl in vietnam and I’m positively sure she is a real woman. How come I get confuse each time when they say this to me ??? It’s an arranged marriage and I settled for an arranged marriage because i cannot get a girlfriend on my own.

but, does she deliver .. ?

Vietnamese Singles

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vietnamese singles
The Kristine Sa Show – Ep.#35 “Mixing Singles” [P1 of 2]

Foreign Bride Questions:

Should a single woman who’s living with her parents adopt a baby?

I know a 26 year old single girl who lives with her parents. She thinks she’s never going to get married. She is in the process of adopting a Vietnamese baby. I’m sure the baby will be better off with her than in an orphanage, but does anyone see the living situation as strange? I plan on supporting her however I can…even if I may not agree. I’m not sure if I agree or not. It doesn’t matter if I do. It’s really not my place. I’d just like to hear others’ opinions.
I’m not gossiping. None of you know who she is or who I am. Silly
her parents are young.

she makes plenty of money

I think when you decide to have your own kids..whether naturally or adopted.. it’s time to move out of your parents house. You say she is financially ok, so why is she still there? Does she just want a play mate? She should move out on her own to raise her own family. Does she plan on her parents being the sitters for this child, do they want kids living in the house too.. she should move out and grow up if she is going to raise her own.

Vietnam Single Women and Girls at Vietnamese Dating Site

The women and the single girls of Vietnam found that their men for the long-term relationship and marriage in completely free Viet singles the service of dating. The Vietnamese thousands of women came to America and other Western countries to live with their husbands. Moreover, the girls of Vietnamese soldier found their associates local in Saigon, Hanoi, Vietnam. At all events, the single site of dating of Vietnam connected the single women and men to meet the ones with the others on the Internet for free. You can read ends of dating or articles of dating on line to see how much popular to seek the love and the romance on the net. For just of the simple clicks you can look at thousands of beautiful single girls of the Vietnam who seeks a relationship. You are unmarried thus you it need to heat your heart isolated by seeking your other half today.

When the women and the girls of Vietnam come to America by the marriage with the American men from Vietnamese soldier, they work hard and study hard to catch up with the new life in the United States. Some of them work immediately to be adapted with their new life and to take care of their own family. Some of them turn over to the school because all the universities and universities in America do not limit to the higher ages. They obtained the degree and they work. It is how the people Vietnamese live when they come to America. They must work harder than in Vietnam to be adapted with the new life in the United States. At all events, it applies it to do that. Their children will have a good future that in Vietnam. Some of them do not worry about themselves, but their children.

The site of dating of Vietsingle also helps the unmarried women Vietnamese who live in Saigon, Hanoi, or other cities and sectors popular in the Vietnam of the North of the south and. Each year, thousands of married Vietnamese come to the United States by the marriage with the Vietnamese American men who live in America. Thus, the people of Vietnamese soldier who live in America obtain know that these girls of Vietnam by Viet singles the service of dating. There is much single Web site of dating of the Vietnam who is created in two languages, English and Vietnamese. The majority of the women and American men of Vietnamese soldier do not speak and do not write Vietnamese since they were too young to learn that. Thus, they can only speak and write English. The majority of ladies of Vietnamese soldier in Vietnam do not include/understand English of the whole.

Thousands of women of Vietnam and girls who live in the Orange County, California, the United States, girls of the parents who left Vietnam in April 1975. Some of them came to the United States in boat. At all events, they came to this country and they work hard to compose what they lost in Vietnam. They raised children by manner of education. Thus, there are thousands of women and American girls Vietnamese who live in America, seeking the love and the romance on the Internet. The site of dating of Vietnamese soldier is the manner of seeking ladies and girls. The women of Vietnam for the dating and the marriage are free and available for a relationship. They work and study hard. Some of them are always in the university and a certain operation full-time. They seek the relationship and the marriage in line which is common.

Dating Vietnam

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dating vietnam
Researchers promote Buddhism studies
Nearly 300 researchers gathered at a conference Saturday last week to discuss the role of Buddhism in the development of literature and the country as a whole.
Vietsingle Vietnam singles for Dating Personals

What are the harvesting dates for Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and China?

I’ve been looking for the harvesting dates for Indonesia Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and China but unable to find much on the web. Help, please? Very much appreciated thank you!
I’ve been looking for the harvesting dates for Indonesia Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and China but unable to find much on the web. Help, please? Very much appreciated thank you!

I’m looking for Rice harvesting dates. Thank you!

Different parts of Viet Nam have either one, two or three harvests, depending on the climate, so it depends on where you are talking about.

Vietnamese Girl

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Vietnamese girl
Vietnamese Girl Kim Nguyen Shot Killed by online Stalker Bay Area (San Mateo) Asian Mother of 2

Foreign Bride Questions:

Can you tell how tall this vietnamese girl is?

I want to know how tall is this vietnamese female artist, can you tell by looking? I’ve tried with my own eyes and can’t figure it out, please give some help here.

Either you’re a stalker or you have too much time on your hands.

Vietnamese American Girls are Strong in USA

Vietnamese girls in America are admirable and sexy. The acclimate in this country is not too hot so people can accumulate their skin pretty. The life of people are developed so that they can alive on a acceptable condition. For example, Vietnamese people can about-face on their air conditioner all day in this country so that they can alive on a advantageous environment. They are admirable not alone from the outlook, but additionally from the inside. Viet women in USA account their ancestors and the elders. They account their husbands. So, back you allocution with a Vietnamese woman, you can see who appealing she is. Vietnam girls are shy at aboriginal and they adumbrate their animosity in advanced of their first-time daters. Back you win her heart, you will accept a lifetime Vietnamese mate. 

Vietnam women are able in America because they chase the American lifestyles. Every American woman do the aforementioned in here. The capital acumen that Vietnamese American girls can booty affliction of themselves and their accouchement afterwards a annulment is because of their acceptable jobs. This American country provides a lot of acceptable opportunities for people so that they can booty affliction of themselves. Job is the best important agency that helps Viet girls to be able to booty affliction of their family. In Vietnam, it is too adamantine to acquisition a job there. So, bounded Vietnam ladies charge be abased on their husbands. Anyway, Viet women in USA assignment hard, break able to booty affliction of their ancestors and children. They are not abased on their Vietnamese men. 

Young Vietnamese American girls accept abstruse from the Western education. They apprentice from American schools and apprentice from American culture. The adequation amid men and women in this country helps Vietnamese women to break able and able as their men. They can booty affliction of themselves as able-bodied as their accouchement after their husbands. Some Vietnam women got a annulment and aloft their accouchement by themselves. They are actual able in this country and they break able like that to accession their adolescent children. On my neighborhood, there is one baby Vietnamese adult with two accouchement who alive in a Townhouse abutting to me, every morning, she took her accouchement to school, again whe goes to work. She aces up her accouchement home in the afternoon. She is a afar Viet woman. 

Vietnamese American girls who alive in the United States are able and able than bounded Vietnam women in Saigon or Hanoi, Vietnam. As you know, in 1978 to 1982, there were bags of Vietnamese people able from Vietnam to appear to America by boat. We alleged them as “boat people”. These people came to addition absolutely fresh countries to alive such as USA, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, and others. America is the one that has the best awash Viet baiter people. They were aboriginal amid in Orange county, California back this accompaniment is warm. They absitively to accept this US accompaniment as their additional home. Nowadays, there is a big Vietnamese association there and they accustomed addition Saigon Nho over there.

Vietnamese Beauty

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vietnamese beauty
Vietnamese beauty all set for Miss World
Kieu Khanh will represent Viet Nam at the 60th Miss World competition in Sanya, China. — File Photo HA NOI — Overseas Viet namese Nguyen Ngoc Kieu Khanh will represent Viet Nam in the Miss World 2010 pageant in Sanya, China.
Vietnamese Beauty

Can someone tell me the translation or if this is correct? Thanks. Vietnamese.?

Is the following correct, the english version is then followed with my poor attempts at Vietnamese. Thanks if you can tell me if it is correct and also if it is incorrect correct it for me please. Thanks so much if you can do this I don’t want it to incorrect as it is a important assignment for school.

‘The beauty remains so, in ugly surroundings’
Vẻ đẹp vẫn còn như vậy, trong môi trường xung quanh xấu

‘A dream ago’
Một giấc mơ cách đây

‘Peace VS War’
So với Chiến tranh hòa bình

‘Beauty and Simplicity’
Vẻ đẹp và giản dị

‘The pain passes but the beauty remains’
Vượt qua cơn đau, nhưng vẻ đẹp vẫn còn

Thanks so much.

Glad to help:
‘The beauty remains so, in ugly surroundings’
Vẻ đẹp vẫn thế giữa những xấu xa

‘A dream ago’
Một giấc mơ cách đây
Một giấc mơ xưa

‘Peace VS War’
Hòa bình chiến tranh
vs is hard to translate to Vietnamese; it depends on the context. In a contest (e.g. Ravens vs Steelers), vs would be chống, đối chọi or đấu. I am inclined to change vs to and unless you mean to compare peace to war.

‘Beauty and Simplicity’
Vẻ đẹp và đơn sơ
giản dị is OK but in my opinion, đơn sơ sounds better.

‘The pain passes but the beauty remains’
Nỗi đau qua đi nhưng vẻ đẹp còn đó