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Philippines Single

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Philippines single
Air21 downs Powerade, boosts bid for quarters at PBA Commissioner’s Cup
MANILA, Philippines — Air21 boosted its bid for a quarterfinals slot after firing down already out-of-it Powerade, 108-98, Sunday in the 36th PBA Commissioner’s Cup at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao.
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Is it safe to travel independently in the Philippines as a single female?

I’m thinking about going to the Philippines to visit family but I want to travel independently throughout parts of Luzon and Palawan independently. My family has advised me against this and are worried about my safety as an American citizen and as a female. Is it really a problem to travel alone as non-Tagalog speaking single Filipina?

If you have resolved to travel independently, that means you are a strong person and you know you will be ok.

Go ahead. We all need some adventure. Just keep your head on your shoulder and don’t do anything foolish. Don’t look vulnerable to con men, or even to con-women. Do not tote an expensive camera as you walk around. Look like a seasoned traveler.

And watch out for Giant Aligators.

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Philippines Ladies

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Philippines ladies
Philippines ladies

Free Philippine Ladies Addresses – Why Is It Free?

If you surf the internet you can find hundreds, even thousands of free Philippine ladies addresses. Dating sites are popping up almost everyday because of the demand by single men all over the world. Men from all walks of life are searching for women from the Philippines to be friends, lovers or wives. This may sound a bit odd but this has been going on for years now.


Philippine ladies or better known as Filipinas, are considered as the Pearl of the Orient because of their exquisite beauty and charm. They are very good wife material because of their cultural background of being family-oriented. They are also very faithful and loyal to their partners partly the culture again comes into play. With no divorce in the Philippines, a woman looks at a relationship as a preparation for marriage doing her very best to make it work out to the utmost satisfaction of her partner.


The present generation of Filipinas has full access to the internet and smartly utilizes this to their advantage. They register in dating sites to broaden their horizon in search of their possible partner in life. There are dating sites that offer free Philippine ladies addresses with the purpose of just honestly being a medium for single men and Filipina women to connect and possibly fall in love and nurture a relationship that would last till they grow old. While other dating sites offer free addresses but give you the option to donate to certain foundations that they support or maybe own themselves. This approach mostly works on the conscience of the person who is able to get something good out of the dating site. If they get to meet someone in that particular dating site they feel the need to donate. Though the intentions are good but it still negates the free addresses if the person does donate.


Some dating sites offer 100%  free addresses but promote links to other dating sites that requires fees, wherein more often than not has better membership profiles. Others promote travel tours that is owned by them so when one wants to visit his Filipina friend in the Philippines, he subconsciously avails of that travel tour just to keep away from the hassles of looking for another one. Some dating sites offer services like delivery of flowers and gifts for their Filipina friend or give you the chance to advertise yourself for a certain fee that would last for certain durations. As many as there are free Philippine ladies addresses in dating sites always rely on your own judgment whether or not that site is trustworthy or just indirectly seeping you out for your money.


Filipina dating
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Marriage Advice:

Ladies, what does it take to be a gigolo in the Philippines?


Rich women.

Not very many here.

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Filipina Brides

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Filipina brides
Pinay helps build church in Japan in time for Christmas
Thanks to hard work put in by a former Filipina “rural bride,” Filipino Catholics in a remote area in Northern Japan now have a church to call their own to celebrate Christmas in this year.
Say “Hello” To This Filipina Bride

Church Wedding Requirements Philippines?

I’m a foreigner and I want to marry my filipina in Philippines. I have a question regarding the requirements for church wedding . From the info i got, it this necessary to attend the Canonical Interview ONE MONTH before the wedding. Does this mean I will have to stay more than a month in Philippines to be able to get married there?

Canonical Interview: This interview with the bride and the groom will be done one month before the wedding date and will be conducted by the parish priest or his assistant.

One month is necessary, as the church has to indoctrinate you and your wife that using Birth Control as way of Responsible Parenthood is an evil act.

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Philippine Wife

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Philippine wife
First Report of the IIRC on the August 23, 2010 Rizal Park Hostage-taking Incident (Part 1 of 2)
BASIS OF AUTHORITY, COMPOSITION and MANDATE of the IIRC In the aftermath of the Rizal Park Hostage-Taking incident on August 23, 2010 which resulted in the murder of 8 foreign nationals and the injury of 7 others perpetrated by a lone hostage-taker, President Benigno C. Aquino III directed the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to conduct a …
My Philippine Wife meeting her for the first time

how to get a visa for my philippine wife?

we currently live in Dubai and have been married for over 5 years, we have a daughter who is 4 yrs and has a british passport. my question is my daughter and i can return to the UK with no problem but my wife will need a visa – is the visa process going to be easier seeing as we have been married for over 5 years and have a daughter and i have supported both of them whilst living in Dubai?
also i will be returning to the UK with no job or accommodation to start with but would be staying with family for the first few weeks.

With 4 years or more as married (and can show it in the ways they need), then you qualify for indefinite leave to remain/enter .. but for 1 small detail – the life in the UK test. With ILR/ILE she is already entitled to public benefits…

That said, you do normally have to show how you would support yourselves and have a place to stay. It would be for 2 years but as you can convert to ILR from the normal spouse visa at any time you get the Life in the UK pass.. it probably does not matter in your case. It would probably depend on if you had maintained your NI contributions whilst abroad – at a guess (!) – I asume you have savings from being in UAE/ME so that would be sufficient rather than a job per se.

You could of couse fly in, take the Life in UK test on a visitors visa.. and then apply from outside for ILR. (SET (M) )

Application below and guidance notes.
plus there is the UKinUAE website… – partners and families – set(M) settlement== ILR/ILE – do I need a visa (reason join family) takes you to – here and – here

it would pay to contact the UKBA at their UK contact center, they are very helpful within the rules..

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Filipina Girls

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Filipina girls
Filipina girls

Meet Single Filipina Girls With Strong Filipino Values And Endearing Filipina Traits

What do you want to know about Filipina girls? If you are a man from other countries and single Filipina girls in the Philippines interest you, then you have to know basic facts about them. Contrary to what you hear, Filipina women have so many things that you need to personally discover.

Despite the negative impression that the international media unfolded, each one has their own reason that no one can judge. If you are really sure to meet someone in the Philippines, then you could use some vital information about Filipina women in general.

Beautiful Single Filipina Girls

Seriously, Filipina girls are charming, warm, and good-natured in general. In fact, you can see a lot of Filipina women who are beautiful and sexy. Some may have exotic looks but still they all look very appealing. There are so many unique qualities that will make you fall in love with Filipina ladies.

The Filipina’s Strong Family Values

Filipinos in general are raised in a predominant Roman Catholic country. This means that their religious and spiritual inclination is strong. They are taught with strong family values.

A Filipina woman is a woman who is committed to her own family. This is the very reason why divorce or annulment in the Philippines is rare. Filipinas take their marriage vow seriously. They will strive hard to make their marriage work and keep their family in tact.

Loyalty is another virtue that is being engrained in the mind of all Filipinos. Once they treat you as their own, they are bonded to you and will not abandon you.

Filipina ladies are very respectful, well-mannered both in speech and gestures. They  have traditions to kiss the hands of their elders when they met them in the street, or whenever they arrive home from work. They call every member in the family with specific and courteous endearment.

Traits of Filipina Girls

One notable trait with Filipinos in general is that they are resilient and affirmative most of the time. In time of adversity, they tend not to panic. They also can afford to smile even if the situation is really strenuous or even when it looks hopeless.

Filipina girls are also good-humored, natural, and hospitable. These three qualities make them easy to deal with and they effortlessly win the heart of foreign men.

No one is perfect and everyone has flaws. For Filipina girls, this may make them look funny but to some it can be annoying. Filipina girls are very much animated talkers. When they talk their face is full of expressions. In fact, their hands, eyes, mouth are included when they talk.

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New York Production Listings
The following listings are NOT casting notices but are intended to provide the best general information available on current projects. The New York listings alternate between Broadway theater one week and film and television the next.

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