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Filipino Women

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Filipino women
Pinays Amit, Ranola to challenge men at Predator 10-Ball
MANILA, Philippines – Filipino cue artists Iris Ranola and Rubilen Amit are among the women who will go against the men’s field in the 10th Annual Predator International 10-Ball Championship this month.
Honoring the FWN’s 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the US

Why do so many Filipino women want to meet American white men?

It seems like almost every Filipino girl I meet is either with a white American guy or wants to be. They seek out white American men like they are some prized possession. A lot of girls in the Phillipines have met American men and without hardly knowing them, have moved to the US to get married to them. This is not a myth. This has happened literally thousands of times.

Althought this may be seen with other Asian girls occasionally, it is no where near the case with the Filipino girls.

Why is this the case?

because we have really long tongues

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Filipina Wives

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Filipina wives
Filipina wives

Marriage Advice:

Is squatting in the province a good idea for a foreigner and his Filipina wife?

By “squatting” I mean building a house but not owning the property. By “province” I mean a huge farming/fishing province with only 2500 people on Cebu island where said foreigner’s mother in law has been squatting in a house on her property for a couple decades along with many others.

You should be fine.
I would strongly suggest your wife file a “tax declartion form”. Undeveloped property will have a very low rate maybe $100 a year for a hectare (10,000 square meters). While it does not give your family any ownership rights, it does give them the “right to occupy” the land. It will also have a one time cost of $100 or so to have it surveyed by a licencd surveyor.

Basically it’s a step above squatting and does give them the right to live there at the convieance of the Government so it will give some piece of mind if your going to build anything other than a nepa house.

Filipino Women Dating

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Filipino women dating
Michael Giltz: Toronto Film Fest Day 3: Strikes, Snafus and Sexploitation!
The Toronto International Film Festival has a long-standing reputation as low-key, unstressful and friendly to the press. So maybe that’s why when something goes wrong…
Beautiful Filipinas

Are Filipino women,and American men a good match for marriage?

I’m dating a Filipino lady.She is 30 years old.She is so awesome.I love her dearly,but everyone is telling me that will change when we get married next year.I’m told she will turn extremely bossey,and will keep me from my friends,and family.Is this true?Help,anyone.

Good Match because they produce beautiful children… Seriously, it really depends on the person. If the woman is marrying you for other reason than love (green card or money), its more likely she’ll change after the marriage…
But if you are sure that she really loves you, you’re lucky you’ll be treated like a king (most Filipinas are domesticated and loyal)…

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Dating Filipino Women

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dating Filipino women
Scotsman killed in Philippines by boyfriend of women he intended to marry
John Lorne McDonald, from Aberdeen, fell for Filipina who had placed details about herself on an internet dating site.
Philippines Girls Filipino Women for Filipina Dating Singles

Do Filipino Men like Black women? I am a black American woman and have always been attracted to Filipino men.?

I have dated one Filipino guy in the past but have never really met any other Filipino men who would date a black girl. Is it me? Am I the problem or do asian guys not like black women? Am I in wrong area? Are there areas with asian/black couples?

Take it from a true pinoy yeah we flips are attracted to black women, where attracted to a lot of things so go for it