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Tamil Girls

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tamil girls
tamil girls

Saif Ali Khan Biographical Role in Director Siddharth Anand Next Movie

Saif Ali Khan is all set to play his first biographical character in Director Siddharth Anand Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 name “2 States”.
Its an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat book ‘2 States’. It was Aditya Chopra’s idea. Director bought the rights of ‘2 States’ from Bhagat.

His of the Punjabi ‘boy’ Krish who will marry his Tamilian sweetheart Ananya but only with the consent of the two sets of parents is essentially the story of Bhagat’s own courtship and marriage in real life.

He is expected to spend time with Chetan Bhagat to understand his character and get into Krish’s mind.

He said that about his role in this movie that, “We’re always shown Punjabis and Tamils in a culture-specific light.I wouldn’t want my protagonists to be portrayed with regional eccentricities.”

“Like Krish in my novel I fell in love with a Tamil girl and we decided to marry only with the parent’s consent. In the film Ek Duuje Ke Liye when the Tamil boy decides to marry the Punjabi girl their parents slap and beat up their respective offspring’s.Aaj ke din kaun bachche maar khayenge? So you could say 2 States is like Ek Duuje Ke Liye meeting Diwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.”

Kareena Kapoor denied announcing the accurate date of her wedding with Saif Ali Khan. As per her interviews, she said that, “the event will likely be held in a year from now. The lack of detail leaves too much room for confusion, misinterpretation and speculation. She adds that she is a firm believer in the institution of marriage and is eagerly awaiting the big day.

Kareena had reportedly had a dialogue with the family members of both sides in connection with the marriage.”

He will undergo intensive training for the scene in his latest production Agent Vinod. This Movie director said that, “Yes, we have a major chopper scene and Saif will undergo a 20-day training session for it.”

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Why Tamil girls only talk about Film?

ask by Vino(Madurai) by

what one know they talk. All should know that actors are acting for money. it is their profession. But, our youngsters seeing the movies think that cenema is the world. No wonder the tamil girls too. The time only change them.

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Chinese Girls

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Chinese girls
College girls woo sugar daddies
FACED with high fees and poor job prospects, Chinese students are, like their Western counterparts, taking to the streets – but not in quite the same way.
Young Chinese girl freaking the hell out of people walking into a building

what is the average height and weight for chinese girls?

i am 14 ,height is 152 cm ,weight is 47 kg i dont know whether or not iam overweight compared to chinese girls in china and whether i am average or not ! can u help me plzz

Really short.

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Asian Girls Dating

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Asian girls dating
Straight Circle Martial Arts in Utica teaching Russian martial art
Straight Circle Martial Arts in Utica teaching Russian martial art . Oriskany’s Bill Koenig was hooked on martial arts years ago. Now, he is helping local students make the same discovery.
Asian Girl dating by

Why do asian girls date white guys?

A lot of asian girls I know tell me they date white guys because they are better looking and pack more meat, if you know what I mean. But personally, the white guys most asian girls date are scrawny nerds so I dont think that’s the main reason. If they were looking for good looking asian girls would be dating all sorts of guys, and if they cared about meat, they would be dating big black guys. So seriously, why do you think asian girls date white guys? Is it because white is the dominant race? Because white is seen as socially superior?

I’m answering this as a white guy who has dated almost exclusively Asian, and who is fairly realistic about his looks —

It really does depend. Yes, there will always be the Asian version of the club girls/flirt girls who just like really buff, muscular guys.

But… the majority of Asian girls, dating white guys or not, want normal, grounded guys, and yes, a lot of normal guys are either fat or scrawny — not all of us guys can be models. Still though, there does seem to be a trend where the “dorky” white guy is more likely to have an Asian girlfriend.

Some additional theories here about why — I definitely have a nerdy/dorky (yet handsome) look, and I do seem to attract more than my share of Asian women. I think this is because Asian women, even when they aren’t attracted to Asian guys, tend to subconsciously pick guys who remind them of Asian guys — basically an Asian guy in white skin, with some of the “white guy bonuses,” like being more assertive, or at least just taller and part of mainstream culture.

Or maybe Asian women like smart guys (as many nerds are) more than other ethnicities do, mostly due to cultural reasons (big emphasis on education and smarts in Asian culture), so this is at least a white guy who stands a chance with their parents, and fits the kind of family and culture they grew up with.

Another alternative — dorky white guys might be more likely to date interracially, and might also be more likely to be single. A dorky white guy like me would rather

Finally, I think the dominant culture theory also fits — If you moved here at a young age, or were born here, the last thing you want is to stick out, especially if you come from Asian culture, where being unique is somewhat frowned upon. Everyone wants to fit in, and what better way to assimilate than to grab yourself a white spouse?

Meet Asian Girls

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meet Asian girls

Asian Girl Dating – Are You Interested to Meet Asian Girls for Online Dating?

It is a common nature of men being fascinated to women. Many men, in general, have liking towards girls belonging to various descents. However most men have developed a special interest for Asian girl dating in particular and the reasons for this special attraction towards Asian girls is an unclear mystery.

A number of men are getting more and more passionate with Asian beauties and there are plethoras of motives for this vague fascination. Some like these girls for the culture some get fascinated because of their inimitable eyes, some like them for their milky complexion, and this list of aspects goes on and on and on. Although increasingly more men are obsessed with Asian beauties and try dating Asian girls, not all men are successful in this endeavor.

One usual blunder that most men do when trying to get close to Asian girls is that they presume that Asian girls fail to have a good command over the English language and hence these men try to overtake the girls. This is a totally a wrong hypothesis. Trying to act over smart with girls by possessing such dubious assumptions is perceived to be insulting and unpleasant by the girls. In actuality, most of the Asian girls possess a very good command over English and they can speak like a Native English speaker.

One more vital piece of information for men in to Asian girl dating, need to keep in mind is that the roots of their native land matter a lot to these girls and any kind of rudeness or disrespect to their family roots and tradition may send negative signals about oneself to the girl.

Every type of culture has its own limitations in this world and Asian culture is no exception for this fact. Before actually planning for dating Asian girls, it is very vital that the men gain the considerable amount of knowledge about the girls with respect to their culture, food, tastes etc. This helps in quickly and easily getting closer to the girl you like.

It is always good to be frank and sincere with the girls by letting them know that there is nothing or very little that men know about their culture instead of trying to lie to them in this regard. This will only spoil the relationship.

Asian girl dating is nothing impossible. They too are like girls belonging to other nations and cultures. The only inconsistency with respect to Asian girls is that they are from a totally different descent and like all others they would be delighted and happy if people value their tradition and roots as much people value their own cultures.

meet Asian girls
Pallikal in quarters, Chinappa and Ghosal bow out
India’s top-ranked female player Dipika Pallikal kept the tri-colour fluttering by progressing into the quarter-finals of the women’s singles squash event, even as compatriots Saurav Ghosal and Joshna Chinappa bowed out at the Punj Lloyd PSA and WISPA Masters in New Delhi.

Brazil Babes

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Brazil babes
Knight who led the charge for Ramsey’s England
A survivor of the Munich air disaster, a FIFA World Cup™ winner, a Knight of the British Empire, but above all a great and an honest player: Bobby Charlton is one of football’s true ambassadors.
Sexy brazilian TV babes

Why are South American women so frickin’ beautiful?

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela….all have drop dead beautiful women. Some say it has to do with all of the ethnic mixing; Spanish, Italian, German, African, Native Indian, and Portugese. But if this is true then why aren’t American girls considered the most beautiful?
Venezuela has the most Miss Universes, Brazil has hot supermodels, Chile has brainy/classy beauties, and Argentina has Latin-European babes! This is what I noticed upon traveling to South America.

My favorite girls were the Chilean girls. There education system must be outstanding because they were the smartest, most articulate girls I have ever met. The most beautiful in my opinion were the Brazilians and the most fun were the Argentinans.

South America rocks. It has more flavor and more activities then Europe and America combined.

No McDonalds there?? I don’t know why, but I need to learn spanish and get the heck outta here asap!

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Russian Brides Club

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Russian Brides club

Why Russian Women Seek Foreign Men?

Russia, the largest FSU state has an unparalleled cultural heritage of many centuries embodied in the little towns and cities of Moscow. Numerous art galleries, museum theatre halls, and St. Petersburg on river Neva are some of the most frequented places in the cities, while small towns with cloisters and castles have an old world charm about them. Russia is also known for its huge rivers, Volga, Lena, placid seas viz. the Caspian & Black Sea and chilly Siberian winters. But, no mention of Russia can ever be complete without its charming womenfolk. Russian women have caught the fancy of westerners since ages (Ayn Rand, Anna Pavlova, Anna Kornikova, Maria Sharapova to name a few) but recent times have seen an unpreceeded number of cross country marriages between Russian women and men from various European and American countries. And, to testify the fact further, there are over 80, 000 registered marriage agencies and dating sites in Ukraine alone with a mind boggling number of educated, professional Russian girls registered with them looking for their dream man outside FSU!

Russian women are known for their ethereal beauty, poise, intelligence, warmth, and strength of their character. With such poise, grace and intelligence why do these women have to look westwards for a suitable match? But, a fact not known to many women by far outnumber the men in Russia (the men: women ratio in Russia according to 2002 statistics is anywhere between 46-54% and things haven’t much changed since then) which leaves her to either opt for a life of solitude or settle for being “second best” in their homeland. But, those who dare to look beyond the horizon, register with a dating site and find a suitable match in a foreign land.

In fact, a few of these women are seeking to break free. Russian society/culture is by and large male dominated. While the men are traditionally seen as the heads of the family and leaders, they are themselves notorious for not assuming the role! The women are left with making all the decisions for the family and supporting their lazy, deadbeat, drunkard husbands or boyfriends. In their own words, a whole lot of women opting to marry offshore admit that Russian men are irresponsible, extremely demanding, uncaring, and stone-hearted and have little empathy for their children, let alone their wives. So, Russian women have to shoulder the entire responsibility of looking after their families despite having a husband. While that may explain the independent and self reliant nature of Russian women but most Russian women if given a choice will prefer to stay indoors and devote their entire lives to their husband and children. So in fact through the dating sites they are looking for someone who can bravely shoulder their responsibilities and lead them, protect them and make them feel free!

If you’re seeking a caring, beautiful wife who places her marriage above her career and family values above material wealth, you should look no further and settle for a Russian mail order bride. But a “mail order bride” is not some merchandise you can purchase online. You must be clear about that you’re going to enter into a relation with someone a person from a foreign land who speaks an entirely different language and comes from a completely different background, which certainly means things are not going to be easy.

A relationship with a Russian woman is likely to be entirely different from any relationship you have had before. Remember you’re dating someone only to get married and not looking for easy fun. Russian women are very serious about marriage from an early age and will take their share of time to judge your intentions before answering in affirmative. Give your relation time and space to flourish before you decide to say I Do. Get acquainted with each other and learn about each other’s country, customs and life style, try to share your views on various issues and your likes/dislikes, it goes a long way in avoiding clashes at a later stage.

If you’re genuinely interested in marrying a Russian girl, you should settle for one these international match making and dating sites. Make sure that you choose a legitimate Russian dating site. Some of the better known Russian dating sites are;,,,,,,, and Baltic.russian-women. Once, registered you will have access to the profiles of thousands of Russian women from whom you may handpick a select few on the basis of their age, physical appearance, interests, hobbies or professional background and interact with them through e-mails, postal mails, telephone or voice chats. Apart from this, these sites also provide many additional services like dating tips, translation services and wealth of information about Russia and its culture. But, they can only bring the two ends close by; making them meet will depend on how you nurture your relation.

A word of caution though, you must make sure that your Russian mail order bride is marrying you only for love and willing for long term commitment. Because, there are a handful of women registered on such sites who are either looking for easy money or want to have some fun or even worse migrate to another country by marrying a foreigner. In fact, it is in wake of such incidents that most reputed sites require the registered Russian women to appear for a personal interview and psychological screening where their intentions, credentials are assessed thoroughly so that fake profiles can largely be avoided. The agency staff thereby claims to know the ladies personally. The ladies registered on such sites are from well to do families and have nice academic and professional background. In fact, many of these dating sites have a marriage agency in Russia and Ukraine which lends them a genuine touch. But, deciding upon one’s life partner is no child’s play and in the virtual world where things are often not what they seem, making a choice is all the more difficult. So, one should always be patient, honest and wise while deciding upon a mail order bride.

Russian Brides club

Asia Girls

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Asia girls
Asia girls

Asian Women and Girls in America are Independent

The Asian girls in the United States have more power than the Asian women in Asia. The women in Asia of phase consequently of their husband thus them usually do not have the power in the family. They cannot speak or give ideas with their husbands. The Asian women in the United States are more powerful because they work and take care of their children right as the men make. In the untied states, women are treated enough, particularly instead of work. Women are also paid to the men. It does not import if you are an Asian woman or Western woman, all the people with the labor obtain paid enough. At all events, the Asian girls in the American are stronger and more persons in charge. They can study, work, and take care of their children. In a more important way, the Asian ladies are thin, pretty, and sexy.

Some Asian girls go to school and obtain a good technology degree information (IT), while returning account, finances, businesses, administration, and others. Some smart Asian women also obtain a control in biology, lawyer, and the higher degree in the governmental installation. There are many Asian women who are successful in America. However, the best characteristics of the Asian ladies are the interior ones and the honest ones. They try to work hard in the United States to take the care for their family. They study also too hard to change their life with a better future. The Asian ladies are faithful to the true love and their husbands. They do not leave on wild journeys after the marriage. They respect the elder ones and let the men carry out the family.

The Asian Americans follow the modern society of the United States which is equal to the men and the women. Sometimes women are treated better than men in America. We speak about the Asian women American who work full-time and take always well care of their family. They is marvellous for these Asian ladies who live in America. Beside my house, there is an Asian woman who carries two children on her car and the door to the health care center of the children, then she will work. This occur daily. When it arrives at the house, it takes her children and returns to the house, makes cook the dinner for the family, dishes of washing, cleans the house, and etc They is the best characteristics of the Asian women in the United States. They function and function and function to take care of their family well, particularly their children.

The Asian women in the United States are stronger than in the Asian countries. I think that a reason is that the women in America are independent between them. They do not live consequently of their husband. The Asian girls in the United States work harder to support for the family and their children. In Asia, the majority of women take care of the house works and they should not work. Their husbands take usually care of the expenditure in the house. Thus, the men earn money to support for the family and the men to carry out the family. The women in Asia remain right at the house to take care as of the their house works and children. There are some of them work to support for their family but just ones. Generally, the men earn money to support for the family. Thus, the girls in Asia depend on their husband.

Hot Asian Girls Beat Down White Guy

Birmingham Seaholm

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