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Brazilian Girls

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Brazilian girls
Brazilian girls

Brazilian Brunettes Ranking – Part II

Most of you would think that writing about Brazilian women should be an easy task, right? Since the “Girl from Ipanema” days in the 50´s, all the way to glorious Giselle Bundchen, Brazil babes have showed their genetic gift for beauty. Research aside, the purpose of this article is an attempt to rank the current most dazzling Brazilian Brunettes. Before we review the Brazilian Brunettes Ranking, we would like to describe a bit of the selection criteria considered in this difficult ranking.

To join this ranking, Brazilian beauties would necessarily need to have a “Brazilian Look”, which normally means dark hair, brown eyes, and sun-tanned skin. The age would be an unimportant factor. Before we review the Brazilian Top Brunettes Ranking we would like to describe a bit of the selection criteria considered in this difficult ranking. To join this list, Brazilian beauties would necessarily need to have a “Brazilian Look”, which normally means dark hair, brown eyes, and sun-tanned skin. The age would be an unimportant factor. Career wise, also not relevant, but most of us normally know people in the artsy scenario or entertainment world. Another very important selection criterion was body shape. Since we up-front defined the “Brazilian Look” as a must for this list, catwalk type models were avoided. Curves are an essential item for a true Brazilian Brunette, or “morena” in Portuguese. A good set of body proportions goes without saying. Eyes apart from being brown must have a distinguishing appeal. Last but not least, grace was also highly considered. Excessive body build women were also avoided, since we prefer true genetic and natural gifts.

In this article, we displayed the ranking of Top Brazilian Brunettes # 6 through # 10.

Top Brazilian Brunette # 6: Cl?Pires. Short Biography: Actress. Cl?Pires Ayrosa Galv? usually known simply as Cl?Pires, is a Brazilian actress. Cl?is the daughter of Gl? Pires, actress, and actor F?o Jr.; both Brazilian. Cl?won the best actress award in the Festival do Rio 2003 for her role in “Benjamim”. Recently, Cl?enjoyed much success with “Meu Nome N??Johnny” movie, where she played Sofia, girlfriend of main role movie character Johnny. Her talent is a true promess to the Brazilian TV and Movie scene. Why in the TOP 10 Brazilian Brunettes List? Cl?Pires has a distinguishing overall “Brazilian look” with dark eyes, eye brows, and native Brazilian Indian dark straight hair. Cl?s Carioca style adds charm to this ranking.

Top Brazilian Brunette # 7: Gisele Iti? Short Biography: Actress and Model. Born in M?co City, but was raised in Brazil since the age of four. Gisele Iti?tarted her carrier as a model and had her commercial debut in a national perfume campaign in 2000. Gisele had a leading role in “The Mystery of Sintra” from Portuguese classical author E?de Quieroz. Giselle participated in several soap operas from GLOBO NETWORK TV, such as “P?a Jaca” and “The Prophet”, where her character Sabine enjoyed great success. Gisele was also invited to participate in an episode of a cable TV series called “Mandrake”. Why in the TOP 10 Brazilian Brunettes List? Gisele Iti?s the owner of probably the most sensual look in Brazilian TV. Her intense eyes reflect her charismatic personality. Gisele’s proportional legs and hips are the best proof that Rio de Janeiro has turned her into a true Brazilian.

Top Brazilian Brunette # 8: Patricia Poeta. Short Biography: Journalist, started at the Globo TV in February 2000 presenting daily weather forecast and was later promoted to anchorwoman in Daily News with “Bom Dia S?Paulo”, “Bom Dia Brasil” and “Jornal Hoje”. Patricia spent several years in New York working as an international correspondent for Globo Network TV. Why in the TOP 10 Brazilian Brunettes List? Patricia is the owner of one of the most gorgeous straight brunet hair in Brazil. Her black eyebrows are also typically Brazilian. Patricia Poeta is a perfect example that beauty and content can work together.

Top Brazilian Brunette # 9: Carol Castro. Short Biography: Actress, model. Carol demonstrated her talent in several soap operas such as “Beleza Pura” and “Senhoras do Destino”. She has starred several Brazilian music video clips, such as “Esverdear”, by Forro?ana, “Festa”, by Ivete Sangalo, and “Morro no Brasil”, by Farofa Carioca. In the theater, she is having great critic and public success in the award winning Jorge Amado´s play Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands now playing in Rio. Why in the TOP 10 Brazilian Brunettes List? Carol Castro is the Brazilian brunet that could be our “dream girl next door”. Her sensual tattoo adds extra pepper to this ranking.

Top Brazilian Brunette # 10: Luciana Gimenez. Short Biography: Luciana Gimenez Morad is a Brazilian fashion model and TV show hostess. Luciana started her modeling career at age 13, and has worked in many cities around the world, such as Paris, Hamburg, Milan and New York. Luciana is a TV hostess in Brazil’s Rede TV, and her show is called “Superpop”. She is of Spanish and Lebanese background. Luciana is a proof that models can be multi-talented if they work hard. Why in the TOP 10 Brazilian Brunettes List? Luciana is also another vivid example that even cat-walk models can have interesting curves. Her elegance and presence has even attracted experienced smooth operators.

We hope our readers were able to depict through this article the visual identity of an authentic Brazilian brunette, as well as the “Brazilian look”. We believe one of the reasons why Brazil has so many beautiful women is “melting pot” factor, with a perfect blend of several different genetic backgrounds intermingling. More important than beauty alone, all of the Brazilian muses listed above are true talents in their artistic careers. As John Keats wrote in 1819, “‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty, – that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” Next article, we will publish ranking #11 through # 15.

Brazilian Girls – Pussy

What The Judges Said: ‘X Factor’ Final 12
Find out what the judges had to say about the final 12 acts on The X Factor ‘s Guilty Pleasures Week.

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Asians Girls

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Asians girls
Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

Foreign Bride Questions:

Do you think south east asian girls Naturally have bigger butts or chest more than just east asians?

I mean based from just the ones YOU seen

and do you think south east asian guys tend to be more broad shouldered and muscular more than east asian guys?

but east asian guys tend to be taller?

(based on the ones you have seen)

South east asian= Vietnamese, cambodian, filipino

east asain = japanese ,korean

There are natural differences, not quite as simplistic as you present them here.

Why Asian Girls Are Looking For Western Men !

As an Asian girl growing up in the United States, I believe I was taught by the society to be attracted to just about everyone besides other Asian men. This marginalization of Asian men has occurred, in my view, for several reasons.

First, the media never portrays Asian men in a dominant role. They are always portrayed as nerdy, geeky, brainiacs, with no sense of themselves and no ability to attract women.

In other words, the media portrays Asian men as incapable and undesirable.
Second, American society has many negative stereotypes towards Asian men.

It has become a complete joke to think that an Asian man could ever “satisfy” a woman. Their “manlihood” is the constant subject of jokes and insults. For this reason, most women view Asian men as asexual and feminine.

For these reasons, Asian girl, and women in general in American society are taught to view Asian men as undesirable and feeble.

As you will see, this is the reason why Asian girls are now up for grabs…
Asian girls in our society, because of their conditioning, on the whole do not prefer to date Asian men.

In one of the discussion classes I taught last year at Bangkok University, half of the Asian girls in the room, stated that they do not prefer to date Asian men. Also, roughly every other girl in the class also agreed that they prefer not to date Asian men.

So, if Asian girls are on a trend of not dating Asian men, who are they dating?
Asian Girls the class I taught generally gave me two answers to this question.

The most obvious one being White men, as people around Bangkok and other cultural areas can most recognizably notice.

The second most common answer from the Asian girls was Indian men (South Asians). When I asked the Asian girls why the preferred these two ethnic groups of men, their responses centered around two areas: economic status and physical attractiveness.

In terms of economic status, the Asian girls said that both white men and Indian men in our society, were viewed as successfull, intelligent, and confident. These are all qualities that the Asian community values.

Next, the Asian girls said that they found these two groups of men to physically attractive. When I asked why, the responses I recieved were varied.

My conjecture in this case would be that both groups tend to share the same sharp features (Greco-Roman noses/eyes) that the media tends to value.

So what is the end result of all this? Asian girls are “up for grabs” and this has essentially devasted Asian men. Asian men are getting the axe on two levels here.

First, they are only seen as being able to date their own kind (other Asian girls). At the same time, their own kind, at an increasing rate, tends not to prefer them sexually.

In conclusion, I have come to no conclusion. This is merely an observation of mine as a student and teacher here at Berkeley.

However, I personally view this information as interesting and helpful. And, I, as an Asian-American woman, bring it in to my consideration when viewing Asian men.

Poland Girls

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Poland girls
Poland breaks through
By Doug Chapin HOWLAND It’s been a long time coming, but the Poland High
Wet Dog – Polish Girls

What do you think about Polish girls?

I heared that many ppl think they are easy. I am Polish, and the last think I would say about meself is that I am easy, cos I am not. However I know how “the party girls” are in Poland. I would like to know how do you see Polish girls in UK. Thanks

I got two friends that are polish. one of them is really nice, but the other one is two faced. but all people are different, so i dont think it means anything. but generally i think polish people are nice. :)

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Thai Single Women

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thai single women
Hartsville Happenings
TODAY- OCT. 13Breast Health Lunch & Learn: Noon to 1 p.m. today at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center. Speaker: Dr. Greg Connor, radiologist. Cost: $6 includes lunch. Reservations: (843) 339-4563.Down Under in Darlington County 2: 7 p.m. today at Prestwood Country Club. Benefits S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics Foundation. Info: (803) 252-9152.Wesley Pumpkin Patch: Opens …
Single Thai Women

I’m an American and married to a Thai woman. I want to divorce her. How easy is that?

We got married in Bangkok 2 months ago. I went back to America, and we BOTH realized that it did not work out and we need to break up.. She stays in Bangkok, and I live in America, and I’m an American citizen.

My questions:

1. How fast can I divorce her and how much will it cost?

2. Can I do it by writing a letter, fax, or phone calls or do i need to be present in Thailand?

3. Do I have to declare IN AMERICA that I ever been married when the whole marriage took place in Thailand and NO NONE really knows i was not single for 2 months?

4. She agrees that love between us is over, but she MIGHT not want to give me a divorce RIGHT NOW. Can I divorce her without her permission? Do I need her permission by Thai law?

P.S. She was NOT a bar girl and we met at work.


Call several divorce attorney’s and ask them for advice. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays.

Vietnamese Girls

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Vietnamese girls
Hot Vietnamese Girls work at Le Duyen Beauty Salon in Saigon – Vietnam

Foreign Bride Questions:

How tall are average vietnamese teen girls? (not american vietnamese)?

I was just wondering how tall are average vietnamese girls in vietnam? Did some research, but the answer is, like, from ten years ago? 5’0? Girl’s there can’t be that short!
I am 16, 5’4 and full vietnamese, so i was wondering how tall the teen girls there are.

I’m not sure, I guess it depends on your parents..

My dad (Vietnamese) is around 6 feet tall, and my mom’s about 5’3″

My sister got my dad’s genes, she’s 15 and she’s like 5’6″ or 5’7″. Right now I’m almost 5’3″ but I’m 13 yrs. old. Depends on your genes, I guess.

Vietnamese Women in America and Vietnam

Women in Vietnam (dan ba Vietnam) usually stay home after marriage. They point to the household and children. The man is caring for the family, so he is responsible for the costs in the family. He is the only one who can make money. Vietnamese women for their husbands because of such reasons. Overall, Viet girls in the U.S. are powerful because they can speak what they think and exchange ideas with their husbands here. On the other hand, most girls in Vietnam can’t speak the truth. They can’t share ideas with their men, because their ideas are not respected. Most of the time, the man listens to his wife. This happens a lot in the development of a country like Vietnam.

Vietnamese Women in America (Phu nu Vietnam o My) work hard to provide for their families, either by themselves or with the help of their husbands. It’s just another society of any nation. In the United States, Viet women should work hard because of the higher standard of living situation here, including home mortgages, finance, and other costs. They must work to live in this great country. If they work and live independently as a man, they are not afraid of their men. They can easily make themselves. Most Vietnamese people are good opportunities in the United States, so they can make good money and live in a high condition. Vietnamese women in America working hard and still a good care of their household.

Vietnamese girls in Vietnam (Con Gai Viet) follow the traditional custom. The man goes out to make money and the wife stays home to take care of the children and the household to take. This is a good habit, isn’t it? In other words, most Vietnamese women in Vietnam is dependent on their husbands for everything. So, even if the man to abuse his wife, she will not dare to leave him. She has no money. This is the first thing they care about. I have many Vietnamese men beat their wives in the home and in public, these women still stay with their husbands. They live as a dependent on their husbands, so they can not leave out the house. Vietnamese girls in Vietnam is affected by their husbands for a living.

Vietnamese girls in USA (Con gai Vietnam o Hoa ky) are powerful and responsible. A primary reason is because the western culture brought up. Responsibility is the first priority of all the American people to provide for themselves and their families. When Viet girls who live for a few years, they learn this habit. They work hard and they care for their families. I’ve seen what a Vietnamese mother who can provide two or three young children with no problem. She works full time and they raise their children without any support from their ex-spouses. This is a great example of Vietnamese girls living in the United States. They are more responsible than girls currently living in Saigon, Hanoi, TPHCM, Vietnam.

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Ukrainian Dating

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Ukrainian dating
Ukrainian dating

Ukrainian Cuisine – Do Not Say No To Salo

Any relationship can be quite challenging, but when dating someone from another country, culture and background, you may have to deal with such obstacles as language barrier, cultural differences and luck of knowledge on your fiancee’s perceptions, both about major life issues and about the little nothings of life. Therefore, learning more about Ukrainian cuisine and drinking habits would provide you with good start in your relationship.

First thing you should know about Ukrainian cuisine is that Ukrainians are very hospitable and generous when it comes to feeding their guests. Moreover, Ukrainian ladies love and know how to cook. So, the first of our Ukraine dating tips is to be prepared to eat much and try not to refuse a second helping of anything when you are invited to dinner over to your fiancee’s home. Otherwise, she and her family (especially her mother) might think you shun their hospitality and dislike their food (and efforts put towards cooking it).

You should know that Ukrainian cuisine includes some very tasty dishes along with some more exotic ones. Among the most traditional Ukrainian dishes there are Borshch (beet soup), Vareniki (sort of Ravioli), Nalisniki (pancakes), Golubsti (cabbage rolls) and Salo with garlic (Pig’s fat). Some of these you may like, while others you may hate. So, another one of the Ukraine dating tips is to think out some nice explanation as to why you do not want to eat or even taste some of the food offered to you.

Make it something nice and believable. In the US or in most European countries people do not eat pig’s fat. You might feel sick even thinking of eating something like that, but it is no good telling so to your fiancee’s family. So, think out ahead of time some reputable reason why you deny their refreshments.

As to the Ukrainian drinking habits, you should know that many Ukrainian men do drink a lot. Most Ukrainian men prefer vodka or cognac. In fact, this is one of the reasons why many Ukrainian women wish to marry foreign men. Thus, if you want to be successful in your Ukrainian dating you should better follow the third one of the Ukraine dating tips: do not drink much and do not share much with your lady your “pub adventures”.

Of course, some ladies in Ukraine do drink a lot of alcohol, but most of them would think it acceptable to drink some wine or liquor on certain occasions, such as dates, celebrations or holidays. Moreover, some ladies make it a condition for the men they wish to date or marry that they would not take any alcohol at all!

When visiting your lady’s family, it would be a good idea to discuss this matter with her before you offer her any alcohol, or when you get ready to go and visit her family. If she is not flat against it, you may get a bottle of good vodka, cognac or wine for her family or her father. Finally, in any case restrain yourself to taking only a few drinks, no matter how generously her family offers you to take more.

Keeping to these simple rules when dealing with Ukrainian cuisine and drinking habits will help you to positively impress your lady and to avoid unnecessary conflicts in your relationships.

Aratta Civilisation of Ukraine Dating to 22000 BCE – Part 2

This Weekend On Your In-Depth Guide To Our LIVE Coverage And In-Depth Analysis
Welcome to for another weekend of football action from right across the globe. With readers in virtually every country on earth, we’re proud to be the world’s foremost football community.

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Hot Russian Models

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hot Russian models
100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events
Every week, Mashable puts together a calendar of upcoming social media and web events, parties and conferences. Would you like to have your conference or event listed here? If so, please contact us at least one month before your event…
delhi gals–hot russian models

Who agrees that eurasians so freaking hot?

eurasians are just gorgeous. But maybe thats just my personal preference. and maybe cuz i am indian so i am a little biased haha.
It is a nice mix. It is like they get the best from both races.

Famous examples
Norah Jones( half east indian half white), that really good singer, pretty cute
Kristin Kreuk( half chinese half dutch)- the girl from smallville, gorgeous
Katrina Kaif(half east indian half german), super model in india
Mohini bhardwa( half russian half white)- she is the famous olympic gymnast for the us..she is really hot.

If you do not believe me, then just go to these sites and you see what I am talking about.

here are some pics to prove it.

yes i know all mixes are pretty hot. but i am just really attracted to this girls with a eurasian mix.

I could post videos and images of beautiful asian girls and say that proves all asian girls are pretty but it’s not true.

All these girls are models so of course they will be attractive. I know a girl who is half indian/half white and she’s constantly bullied for being ugly.

Well I’m eurasian but you don’t seem to count East Asia in the ‘eurasian’ catergory

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Ukrain Girls

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Ukrain girls
Ukrain girls

Ukraine Women Will Simply Win Over Your Heart

Ukraine, a part of Eastern Europe, is globally renowned for natural beauty and beautiful Ukraine women, who are highly conscious about their beauty and health. Regular health fitness measures are adopted by the ladies in Ukraine to maintain their appealing and fascinating figure. Due to the unique geographical location of Ukraine this place is a well blend of eastern and western civilization. Thus, a Ukraine girl is well versed in both the eastern and western cultures that also make them the preferred choice for life partner for most of the men belonging to eastern and western cultures.

Browsing through the matchmaking and dating sites will provide you with the multiple options of finding a perfect girl for your life. These online dating sites are filled with the profiles of gorgeous and attractive Ukraine girls that are also looking for some good and decent guy in their life. Good looking and highly fashionable Ukraine girls have great taste and they are quite intelligent as far as choosing a partner is concerned. They are the true women who know to maintain their pride and dignity and this is quite essential in a relationship. With the people giving more preferences to the Ukraine women there is a stiff competition between the bachelors who want to marry a Ukraine bride.

For finding a perfect Ukraine girl, always go for a dating agency that has a good reputation as each and every online dating site does not assure high quality and reliable service to their clients. There are some dating sites in Ukraine that do not have anti-fraud programs to track the unauthentic portfolio on the site that can result in the wastage of time and money for the clients. Dating sites that are reliable and authentic provide correct information about Ukraine girls and guide their clients in the right direction. One should do enough research before getting involved with any of the dating site so that he can find a perfect match for himself.

This is an interesting facts that numerous Ukraine girls marry to foreigners every year as most of the bachelors in western countries prefer Ukraine women and girls due to the fact that they are the perfect blend of beauty of brain and also due to their ability of setting a perfect balance between their personal and professional life. They prove to be fabulous housewife and at the same time have a rewarding career. Ukraine ladies are preferred over women of other western countries due to the fact that they have a good sense of humor, great taste, and have special skill to cook delicious meal apart from being highly talented and educated. All these characteristics of Ukraine girls and women make them ideal choice for dating that can result in the long lasting relationship.

Ukrainian girls,Ukrainian women,single and sexy (Ukraine,Kherson branch)

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