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Ethiopian Woman

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ethiopian woman
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On average who are prettier African american women or Ethiopian women?

This is not a question for conflict,i am just asking this question because i am just curious and another reason for asking this is because most of the people in my neighbourhood are african american and Ethiopian.

Okay, since you included “On average” I will answer. lol.

Definitely Ethiopian women, by far. More exotic looking, pretty curly spiral hair, nice skin, big eyes – HOT.

Cuddle Bear – Aren’t you black? You should know better. Ethipoian does not MEAN black. Ethiopians are black, but if you ask one of them if they are black, they will tell you NO they are not. I’m from a city with much diversity – trust me. Ethiopians do not want to be considered just black. They are Ethiopian. Ethiopian means Ethiopian. Ebony means black.

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