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Dominican Woman

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Dominican woman
Dominican woman

International Divorce – An Easy Alternative to Regular Divorces

Sometimes, things don’t work out quick the way you planned them to be. This can often be the case with military marriages. It sounds great at first – find the man or woman of your dreams, marry them, and then whisk them away with you once you’re stationed somewhere else, or perhaps have them move back to the US with you.

Moving to a new country can be quite difficult on a person sometimes. Being removed from family and friends, trying to adjust and fit in to a completely different culture, finding a new job, it can all take its toll on a marriage. Perhaps one spouse stays in their country, while the other continues to move around the world, sometimes being away from home for months at a time. It can, in the end, be more than either person to bear. In these cases, the marriage may dissolve and end up leading to a divorce.

When you know that things simply aren’t working out between the two of you anymore, and patching things up isn’t possible, getting a divorce may be the option that you turn to. If it is and you file through a US court, the process may be delayed for up to a year. Oftentimes, the couple doesn’t want to wait but wants to get the divorce over with so that they can both move beyond it and go on with their lives. In this case, an international divorce may be the perfect solution for you. It’s generally much faster than what you’d be able to get going through a US court, as well as a good bit cheaper. Some courts don’t even require that both parties be present. Instead, an agreement between both people and a power of attorney will be sufficient.

Because of this, the entire process can easily be taken care of by one person as long as both consent to the divorce. There’s no trying to find the right court for both of you to go to or rearranging schedules until you can both find time to consult lawyers and appear before the judge.  Oftentimes, even when both parties agree that this is the best option, actually getting the divorce finalized can be put off for a significant amount of time due to time restraints.

There’s a reason millions of couples have decided to go through with international divorces. Why drag it out for a year or more when you can have everything taken care of within a matter of days or weeks.

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The Hair Debate: Dominican vs. Black Salons
Filed under: Hair Care , Trends , Hair Politics For many women, a black-owned hair salon is almost like a sanctuary; a place to go to not only get your hair done, but also to catch up on the latest gossip, catch up with old friends, and have some ‘me-time.’ But in the past few decades, Dominican salons have been taking over neighborhoods with cheaper prices, a more versatile blowout style, and …