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Ukraine Single

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Ukraine single
Boehner’s Top Aide: Influential Yet Little Known
Barry Jackson, the House Republican leader’s chief of staff, helped position his boss to become the next speaker of the House, should the Republicans gain a majority in November.
Scotland v Ukraine Tartan army charity single (Loch Lomond)

How much it’ll cost to rent apartment in Odessa for 1 month?

i’ll move to complete my study in Ukraine (Odessa City) i want to know how much it’ll cost if am gonna rent apartment there single bed with bath or even if there is a studio it’ll be better.

Here is a very reputable and reliable Odessa-based travel agency. I think they can help you:

Russian Marriage

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Russian marriage
Beautiful Russian Women Seeking Marriage by Incluesiv News

Foreign Bride Questions:

I’m Egyptian and i look for a Russian girl for marriage?

Last I checked, this is not a lonely hearts dating service.

Secrets of Russian Women Marriage

What are the secrets of so many successful Russian women marriages? Let us have a look beside the beautiful face and body and look behind the curtains of Russian traditions.

Marriage is a serious step which will change your life forever. At the same time, modern times are complicated and hectic. After long hours in the office, in front of the computer man goes home late, exhausted and fed up being alone.

Contemporary women’s lifestyle is quite the same, especially with all these career girls going out of college and dreaming of scaling the corporate ladder.

Western women expect way too much from their husbands, comparing them to super millionaires and celebrities. Is the Russian women marriage a solution for your broken heart and body?

You might have simple life combining your job as insurance broker or machine engineer. To Western person, this is not a career and you will often be told that it is time to move further, no matter that your feelings and interests lie in the area in which you work.

Russian women are completely different kind of personalities compared to their American counterparts. They will appreciate your professional interests and will be happy if you are not after your breathtaking career 24/7, but do whatever you like and share it with your bride.

This is just one of the reasons why Russian women marriage becomes more popular among foreigners. Another advantage is the fact that wives coming from the Ex-Soviet block are extremely well educated, speak at least one foreign language and have high values.

Russian traditions respect men as lords of the house without this being offensive to the woman. Spouses always take to heart their husband’s opinions and have high morale. They love children and are dreaming to have them and to give them their love and attention.

No matter the fact that largest part of Russia is located in Asia, the culture is very European oriented. The only difference is that unlike women from France, UK or Germany, which are very often only after your material prosperity, Russian women marriage will open new world of true passion and pure feelings.

Brides have been taught to be honest and modest; at the same time to be inventive and able to entertain their husbands and treat them well with all these playful female tricks that will take your breath away.

Believe it or not, Russian women find foreigners extremely attractive, well educated, and smart and from early age they are told that being married to someone abroad, looking after his children and serving him with devotion is the best situation for every girl.

Another reason for so many successful Russian marriages is the fact that Russia is large but poor country and even the lowest paid job in a western country, is way much further than any dreams of good salary any Russian woman can dream of. To your wife you will be as rich as Rockefeller no matter that you earn just some 30K per year.

Russians can easily adapt to any new country because they have high motivation for doing this. Her excellent education will allow her to find a job easily if you both agree that she should try and contribute money to the family household.

Russian women are very loyal and if you treat her right, your Russian bride will never leave you because once you are in her heart, you will stay there forever. You have been warned..:-)

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Meet Russian Girls

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meet Russian girls
meet Russian girls

Russian Lady Russian girl meet Punta Cana Dominican Republic

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Meeting Russian Women

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meeting Russian women
meeting Russian women

Are Russian women really looking forward to marrying western men?

There is a wide-spread myth that all Russian women are constantly dreaming of leaving their county and searching for their life partner in the western countries. The sole intention for this approach is only to get a visa or the green card. Some people also mention that there are much more women than men and that is why the Russian women are drifting their attention towards west to get married soon. Well such rumors are constantly being posted but actually most of us need to know the truth. Some points which show the other side of this question are discussed below.

Yes! Many can often notice that the Russian women love travelling to other countries and are interested in learning other cultures, foreigners and leading a life full of adventures. But this does not mean that most of them want to marry and move abroad permanently leaving their home country. Most of them make a decision to stay in their own country, choose their countrymen as partners and settle there.

Those who are going to move abroad often get registered at dating or news sites and that is often a publicity stunt elaborated first of all by the dating agencies to cash in more money. In fact most of the Russian women who are registered in these internet dating agencies do not leave Russia even if they find a western man who is ready to marry her. Some dating agencies just create a platform where western men meet Russian women to learn each other better or dine together. Finding a right man does not mean relocating to a western country and that is what the Russian women have understood.

One of such myths says that even if a Russian woman decides to marry someone abroad then she prefers to have a European husband rather than an American one. There are two reasons for this – one is Europe is nearer to Russia that is why they can oftener visit their families and the other is that the European culture has a lot of similarities with the Russian one whereas the American culture is very different, disturbing and sometime disruptive as well.

The majority of Russian women use those internet dating agencies just for one main reason – shortage of men in their own region or getting an easy passage to move west. Most of them are not concerned of a good family life when it comes to getting the green card. Even financial status or income of a Russian man can be hardly compared to the western counterpart who often earns more. Money and lifestyle also attracts the Russian woman.

Whatever it maybe, there is a mix of Russian women who want to get married a western and consider it to be the best thing for them while some Russian women are devoted to their own country and prefer to marry a Russian man rather than settling abroad.


Marriage Advice:

where can i meet some cute Russian, Ukraine women?

in russia or the ukraine

International Dating Agency

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international dating agency
Daisybride International dating agency

Foreign Bride Questions:

hi. pl. give me suggestion?

There is an agency named “international services” at c.g rd in a’bad (gujarat – india) i had apply for workpermit in uk
this consultancy provide me job in uk tesco company as a computer operator with two years workpermit which i have to give Rs. 1,50,000 till 5 days after showing job letter they will give a receipt aftr giving money.and if i don’t get they will give money back not all. they will take Rs. 10,000. communication charge
and then after they will give contract with a uk legel stamp contract. then after i have got for visa & medical to london in but they do not
have any branch in london. after getting visa date i have also to give Rs. 50,000 and after getting visa & job also i have to give Rs. 30,000 for 4 installments. sum of Rs. 1,20,000 please give me a suggestion [its urgent] and those who has experience pl. share their views

Give them a post date check which will be realised after you go there and settled in the job.Search on the net about Tesco.Generally they will not recruit in this manner.

Ask them to show the letter form the TEsco asking for the manpower. Your job is computer operator which requires minimum education and UK companies recruit locally people and go for foreigner if the required persons are not available in there country. Or contact local TEsco office for further info.TESCO office is in Bangalore.

Good luck

Cuban Dating

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Cuban dating
Music Review: Esperanza Spalding, “Chamber Music Society”
Who is Esperanza Spalding and what is she doing winning the 2011 Grammy Award for Best New Artist over boy wonder Justin Bieber? Okay, it felt a bit like Norah Jones in 2003 swooping in as the media darling to snatch the same trophy from the likes of Avril Lavigne , John Mayer , and Michelle Branch . But she is an über-talented jazz multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, producer and …
Cuba Travel – Santiago de Cuba: Calle Enramada – Main Shopping Street

Would u rather date a cuban, mexican, spaniard(spain) or other latina?

If u had to choose would u date those 3 or a different latina? Theres 27 different speaking spanish countries so pick which race u would date! im bored so dis is y i’m asking dis. LOL 😀
n da thing is cubas r azn, black n blondes too so…

All Latinas are HOT

Russian Singles

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Russian singles
Meet russian girls, meet russian singles, meet russian woman

Foreign Bride Questions:

What do you think of Rihanna’s new single ” Russian Roulette” ?

I LOVE it && I love her!! I’m glad to see an artisit putting their feelings && emotions in a song without it being cliche! This could’ve been a typical broken hearted song but it wasn’t! Kudos! Can’t wait for the album!

Russian Single Girls – Between Heaven and Hell

Russian women have always been considered hot. This is provoked by their tremendous efforts to be at the top, working hard and looking carefully after their visual appearance and Lolita behaviour.

Modern Russian single girls are mixture of mutually exclusive conceptions. They are romantic and pragmatic, naive and prudent, chaste and seductive. This mixture of virtues is making them extremely desired by men who once familiar with them can not stop thinking of them.

Young ladies today do not have much of the so called traditional philosophy of their mothers and grandmothers. Quite early they learn to take advantage of seduction and successfully use it as a tool to get to your heart and maybe break it into pieces.

Russian single girls know how to capture attention. They optimize and show off their amazingly fit figures by choosing the most audacious dress-code and behaviour. Almost all of them have natural intellect which is mixed with good professional education: arts or business, they are good in it.

A little after they pass their 21st birthdays they start to realize that time is passing and they are getting older. They know that age will change their body, will make it less attractive and appealing and this tempts them to be even more aggressive in attempts to get your attention.

Many young single girls are looking for older wealthy men who will guarantee a happy-go-lucky life. First they start with small requests such as asking him to pay her mobile phone bill and thus giving her the chance to call him more often. Then showing him around for a shopping tour in shops where expensive and world-famous brands are prominently placed.

Perfumes, jewelry, shoes, coats, purses, make up, soon your vocabulary will enriched with dozens of words meaning just a simple bra and at the same time your bank account will become drained. During this process men never complain because Russians know how to use their charm in a charismatic way.

Fidelity? Young Russian single girls will expect it from you but perhaps will feel free to explore other men’s worlds and wealth. They will do their best and will not stop until they find a super Forbes top’s millionaire who they will bewitch with well learned lolita like behaviour.

For women there are two good reasons to be married. First of them is called money, second is called freedom. In Russia there are still traditions in family which force the young girls to come home early and to be careful who they are going to meet or sleep with. Fathers’ rules sometimes are severe and girls might be punished for not obeying them. Once married to anyone, the woman becomes a problem only to her husband and then she feels free to do whatever she wants to by cheating on him. Until she finds another.

Of course, not every young Russain single girl is like that, but many of them are, which goes back to the question of why an 18 year old girl would want to marry a 50 year old man? Must be his personality of course!

Africa Dating

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Africa dating
Africa dating

Turkey and Africa: An Islamist Misconception or a Secularist Failure?

Before 212 years, Turkey controlled an area of almost 8 million km2 in Africa; under its antecedent state form, e.g. the Ottoman Empire, vast African territories from the confines of Algeria to Somalia and the East African coast down to Tanzania were reporting to the Sultan at Istanbul, who was the Caliph of all Muslims worldwide. Ottoman-controlled territories and lands ruled by principalities that recognized the imperial authority of the Sultan totalled no less than one third of Africa.

Ottoman Empire: the Sole African Superpower

If we take into consideration the fact that at those days, the colonial penetration (Spain, Portugal, Holland, France and England) had not covered more than narrow coastlands, and if we bear in mind that the other two thirds of Africa were divided into hundreds of small African kingdoms, principalities, and independent realms, we safely conclude that the Ottoman Empire was indeed the sole African Superpower.

Quite unfortunately, the Sultan himself did not realize this geo-strategic evidence, and worse, his administration failed dramatically to conceptualize first and contextualize afterwards the ensuing policy tasks and practices.

Before Napoleon´s arrival in Alexandria (or to put it better, Abuqir), more territories were under the Sultan´s control on African soil than in Asia. The Ottoman dominions throughout the Black Continent were more sizeable than the Asiatic landmass that was under the control of the Sublime Porte.

From Oman´s and Yemen´s coasts to the Mediterranean shores of Phoenicia (criminally re-baptized ´Lebanon´ as per the evil colonial, Freemasonic interests) and Palestine,

from the Emirati and Kuwaiti coasts of the Persian Gulf to the mountains of Georgia and Abkhazia,

from Basra to the Black Sea shores of Turkey, and

from the Sinai peninsula to the Asiatic coast of Istanbul, the Ottoman territories totalled ca. 5.5 m km2 – only.

The European territories of the Ottoman Empire (the Balkans) were even smaller, although they irreversibly consisted in a very large of the European continent.

But in Africa, either directly or indirectly, the Sultan represented the supreme political and religious authority for populations undeservedly scattered today to so many fake states: Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Chad, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Abyssinia (the modern fake state of ´Ethiopia´), Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Certainly, not the entire territory of all the aforementioned modern states reported to the Istanbul Caliphate; but this does not reduce in anything the reality that the Ottoman rule controlled ca. 8 million km2 in Africa.

We have good reason to believe that they were all happy and voluntarily ascribed their lives and fates to a state that they deeply felt as theirs, although – paradoxically – its capital was outside Africa.

African Love for Islam and the Ottoman Empire

Indicatively, I mention here that the Egyptians rejected the French in 1798, and rightfully hated the cruel and criminal soldiers of Napoleon; they decisively opposed them, and when the Freemasonic tyrant of France imposed an Albanian soldier, named Muhammad Ali, as chief ruler of Egypt, the entire body of Egypt´s supreme religious, judiciary and educational institution, Al Azhar, opposed the villainous schemes and plots of the French and their puppet of Muhammad Ali. In one voice, all the sheikhs of Al Azhar denounced the French conspiracy that provided for Egypt´s secession and colonization. And all the sheikhs of Al Azhar were indigenous, Egyptians – not from another continent like the traitor Muhammad Ali…..

The aforementioned situation and the characteristic love of Africans for the civilized, peaceful and benevolent Ottoman rule was attested in dozens and hundreds of cases; in Algiers, indigenous Berbers rejected and actively opposed the French curse of colonialism that befell on them in 1830.

In Somalia, indigenous Somali elders and sheikhs opposed the evil Freemasonic English colonials and called East Africa´s greatest, most civilized and most radiant nation to epic rebellion against the barbaric soldiers and agents of the Satanic queen Victoria. This explains only partly the evil US – UK intentions of revenge carried out against Somalia over the past 20 years.

In the last years of the 19th century, the Russian officer and explorer Bulatovich who visited one of the last Oromo Kings, Aba Jefar, reported the great affection, love, esteem and respect that the faraway King had about the Ottoman Empire to which his faith and allegiance as Muslim was eternally given.

´´We renewed our interrupted conversation. The king asked me about Stambul (Turkey) and Mysyr (Egypt). He wanted to know if it was true that Stambul was the most powerful state in the world´´. More analytically: ´´ The Oromos Need Aba Jefar’s Mysticism and Piety, not an Alliance with the Incestuous Amhara´´ (

This situation is not strange at all; there was no racism and no discrimination under the Ottoman Empire throughout its African territories. Black people moved often to the Ottoman province of Arabia for pilgrimage, and there they were greatly respected; Africans travelled often to Istanbul to study and they were so respected that they were promoted to positions of instructors, professors, scholars and leading academics.

Perverse History and Falsifications: All Due to Anglo-French Freemasonic Colonialism

There is another hidden reality: colonialism in Africa is basically tantamount to a war undertaken by the Freemasonic gangsters of England and France against the Ottoman Empire. This statement would have been wrong, if at the times of the colonization there had been other African states as sizeable as the Ottoman territories on African soil; but there was none.

This hidden reality has indeed a double face; the aforementioned describes only one part of the reality. The rest is summarized as follows: colonialism in Africa is basically tantamount to a war undertaken by the Freemasonic gangsters of England and France against Islam. This statement would have been wrong, if at the times of the colonization there had been other African religions as widespread as Islam in Africa; but there was none.

Added to the number of falsifications diffused by the Anglo-French and American academia is also the false mapping of Ottoman provinces in Africa. Well-prepared in Freemasonic ateliers and Orientalist institutes, these false maps depict the Ottoman provinces of Africa as extending only alongside the Mediterranean and the Red Sea coasts; they thus exclude from the Ottoman control the inland territories that were very wide indeed. The fake Western cartography of the African Ottoman territories helped the Freemasonic vicious plans of discord dissemination, cultural disintegration, and identity loss for the hundreds of millions of people who happen to live on the said territories.

A more crucial fallacy diffused by the Anglo-French colonial authorities among their few, selected and promoted, African subordinates who helped them implement the colonial subordination of Africa is the falsehood that Islam is not an African religion. This was due to the accurate knowledge of the indigenous perception of them, of which the colonials were fully aware; the Anglo-French have always known that they were and still are alien to Africa. They have perfect understanding of the fact that they have no right to exist on African soil, and they feel indeed guilty for the dreadful, criminal and absolutely inhuman deeds they had planned to perform and did actually perform on African soil; simply they manage to hide this feeling of theirs, which is an additional revelation of their evil nature.

Islam is indeed a genuine African religion; contrarily to Islam, Western Christianity is alien in Africa. Only Orthodox Coptic Christianity has a real historicity on African soil; but the Coptic literature is abundant in rejections, refutations and anathemas against Constantinople and Rome. This irrevocable reality concludes the case for the fake missionaries who preached a fake Jesus among Africans.

Even worse for them, their initial preaching was a systematic and evil lie; they promised a moral Christian society in Africa, and they delivered colonization, natural resources´ exploitation and robbery, immorality, cultural disorientation, westernization, Freemasonry and corruption, fallacious Greco-Romano-centrist dogmas, racist Humanities, and anti-African History for Africans.

The coverage was Christian preaching and the end result was the propagation of the Freemasonic incestuous practices in Africa. The Anglo-French criminals targeted at the same time the core of African Identity and the political – religious prevalence of Islam in the African North.

Why the Ottoman Empire Lost Control of its African Provinces?

Before examining the case for a Turkish African Policy, one has to confront a key question; the response to this question is the only criterion to apply on today´s possible Turkish Africa policy making. The question concerns the reasons for which the Ottoman Empire lost control of its most sizeable part – the African provinces.

This subject was never discussed in Modern Turkey; and this reality is part of the problem, because as situation, it contradicts the new ideas and the spirit brought forth by Kemal Ataturk.

In fact, the decadence of the Ottoman Empire had started long before Napoleon anchored at Abuqir. For long historical processes like that of the rise and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it is almost impossible to identify a date – turning point with accuracy. When the Ottoman army besieged Vienna in 1683, Istanbul was still viewed as a powerful and vast state. In reality, it was not. At that very moment, the Ottoman Empire was left behind in many sectors, particularly research and knowledge. In fact, it had already stopped coping with the rising forces of the West.

The reason the African provinces of the Ottoman Empire were lost and the reason Istanbul entered into a long period of decadence are absolutely identical. An anti-Islamic conception of the world, of Islam, and of human life itself, an evil and barbaric pseudo-theological system, and a lewd and coarse behavioural system had gradually risen to prominence.

This process was slow, and in the beginning, it did not concern the Ottoman Court; however, as the system was greatly propagated, it infiltrated the Sublime Porte and imposed its viewpoints on the Sultans, who could not (or rather feared to) oppose it without creating a great schism within Islam. This theological system is totally unrelated to the Seljuk sultanates and the early period Ottoman Empire.

But when the Sultans incorporated Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Arabia, and Yemen, and furthermore expanded in Africa in 1517, the socio-religious milieu of the backward and anti-Islamic theological group became part of the Ottoman Empire and could therefore most easily and almost uninterruptedly spread throughout the vast territory.

This barbaric system was founded by a heretic and ignorant sheikh, named Ibn Taimiya, whose faith was based on an earlier ignorant, heretic, and barbaric sheikh, named Ibn Hanbal.

Both Ibn Hanbal (780 – 855) and Ibn Taimiya (1263 – 1328) were imprisoned in their times respectively, which shows that they were overwhelmingly rejected by the rulers, the intellectuals, the scholars, and the religious leaders of the peak times of Islamic Civilization.

So viciously heretic Ibn Taimiya was that the elite of the then Islamic Scholarship and Philosophy described him as introducing anthropomorphic concepts into Islam which is tantamount to sheer polytheism and reflects an effort to christianize Islam.

For a theoretical offspring of Ibn Hanbal, such darkness could only be normal.

What was even more disastrous for Islam was Ibn Taimiya´s enmity for Knowledge, Research, Erudition, Art, Imperial Power and World Hegemony. Similarly catastrophic was his disregard and ignorance of the others, his admonition for self-focus his call for ignorance of the rising competition with the West, and his behavioural reductionism which is at the origin of today´s idiotic sheikhs who teach that Islam is limited into the Coran, the Hadith, and the so-called five pillars of Islam.

The ideas of Ibn Taimiya are not ideas, and at his times, he was dealt exactly in this way.

Ibn Taimiya´s ´ideas´ turn empires to dust, Erudition to barbarism, Art to cannibalism, and desecrate any mosque and medressa (religious and academic school of the Islamic times) whereby they happen to be discussed.

It is not mere coincidence that today´s uneducated extremist sheikhs, who have read not a single page of Ibn Sina or Mohyeldin Ibn Arabi, speak with so high esteem of the ignorant and silly sheikh of the 13th century.

The diffusion of Ibn Taimiya´s pseudo-theological school in the expanded Ottoman Empire is the central reason for the Caliphate´s decadence. Although we cannot select a specific date as beginning of the decadence, we can certainly indicate a symbolic date as that of the prevalence of Ibn Taimiya´s school among the ruling elite of the Ottoman Empire.

The destruction of the Istanbul Observatory by the filthy, barbaric and pseudo-Islamic mob is the date of End of Islamic Civilization, and marks the beginning of the End of the Ottoman Empire. This occurred in 1580, just three years after the chief astronomer Taqi al din Effendi had convinced the Sultan to have it erected so that the Caliphate preserves its competitive edge over Western Europe.

The Sultan, despite his great admiration for Taqi al din Effendi, did not dare to use military force and exterminate to the last these barbaric animals, as he should have done. By opting for social peace, the Sultan allowed the flowers of evil propagate further and further until they covered the entire vast empire whose days were unquestionably numbered.

However, so great the empire was that it took more than 340 years to completely disintegrate. In parallel, the Islamic Civilization gradually disappeared, and the interest for knowledge was replaced with the misery and the barbarism of the impoverished mob – all those who limit Islam into five prayers per day, fast during Ramadan, and abstention from alcohol and premarital sex.

With the darkness of Ibn Taimiya spreading overwhelmingly, no correct judgement could be effectuated as regards the possible targets of the French and the English, the internal socio-political and cultural developments in the two countries, and the eventual effective defence line that the Ottoman Empire could adopt against them. The sheikhs of darkness advised the Sultan to stupidly disregard England and France but Allah would save him…….

When the first Orientalists reached India, Iran, Egypt and Africa, it was too late for the Sultan (as well as the Shah and the Great Mogul) to react and preserve their territories from the foreign attack which was fed by the ignorance spread throughout the Caliphate (as well as Safevid / Qajar Iran and Mogul India) by the idiotic followers of Ibn Taimiya. In few decades, the Orientalists collected an enormous amount of data and information about the historical past and the terrible situation of darkness that prevailed over all the territories controlled by Istanbul, Ispahan and Delhi.

It would merely take a few more decades for them and their disciples to setup an environment of total dependence of the undefended and ignorant Muslim populations who were thus exposed to colonialism, further dependence, lack of identity, and impossibility to react due to ignorance.

This situation has prevailed until today; it was only opposed by Kemal Ataturk in the Ottoman territories that he managed to save out of the vicious Freemasonic control of the Anglo-French. But the founder of Modern Turkey ruled peacefully only for ca. 15 years, and dedicated his energy into the rebuilding and the reassessment of the territories under his control.

Unfortunately, his associates, disciples and followers failed to expand his thought and use it as an analytical instrument for understanding what happened in the other Ottoman territories that were under colonial control in 1935 or 1945, and what Turkey´s response to that situation should be.

Conventionalism and conformism prevailed, and convenient modesty became the supreme advisor; subsequently, the Kemalist establishment denied to study how to carry out Kemal Ataturk´s policies on Ottoman territory outside Turkey. Quite unfortunately, this would be badly needed not only for the political establishment of Ankara but also for the colonized populations in Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Jerusalem, Sanaa, Medina, Algiers, Tunis and elsewhere.

The Turkish secular establishment, by disregarding Africa, simply betrayed Kemal Ataturk himself; had they made of him the example of modern state founder for the Berbers, the Tuareg, the Hadhramawtis, the Aramaeans of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, the Palestinians, the Egyptians, the Oromos, the Somalis, the Afars and the Sudanese, they would have offered really strong chances for development and independence to those nations whose ancestors shared the same, wealthy, politically independent, highly civilized and human state as theirs.

Today´s Turkey has an obligation to the Black Continent (if not in its entirety, at least for all the Ottoman territories in Africa): to help all these nations achieve identity preservation, cultural integrity, national self-determination, and historical reassessment without the presence of the evil Anglo-French colonials. In this regard, the Turkish government will be an auspicious ally of oppressed nations, persecuted ethno-religious groups, and all those who reject the fake borderlines that currently exist in Africa.

There is only one wish for all the African Muslims whose ancestors lived on Ottoman territory or Ottoman dependencies´ lands: One Secular State for the entire North-eastern Africa that underscores its Hamitic – Kushitic historicity and its Islamic faith. On this subject, I will expand more specifically in a forthcoming article.


Picture: the fake borders of the Ottoman Empire in Africa have been drawn by colonial historiographers in their evil and desperate effort to minimize the unprecedented Ottoman prevalence throughout Africa. From: Two/ottomanmap.jpg



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Valentine chocolate has activists’ blood boiling
Valentine chocolates may become the new blood diamonds.

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