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East European Women

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East European women

Understanding the frontiers when going out to pick up women

On some nights, we go out, and it’s just not working. We approach lots of girls but don’t get anywhere; kicking and beating ourselves up for not being on top of our game. However, the issue may not necessarily be lying only with you. There may be external factors at work!

TIP NO. 1: Be mindful of local partying patterns during the week.

For example in East European countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, the girls generally tend to go out relatively earlier, dancing until around 2 in the morning, then making their way home, whereas the guys venture partying later, causing a mismatch in meeting times. In this case, maybe you have to think about going out and making your attack runs a little earlier.

Likewise in these countries, the nice girls are usually predisposed to come out on weekends; meaning you are wasting valuable party energy by going out during the week.

Contrastingly, in cities like Belgrade, for example, the city never sleeps, and you don’t need to be as discerning.

TIP NO. 2: Be wary of posing places; instead seeking out more friendly clubs.

Very popular places to go out in Eastern Europe include the glamour clubs where hot babes are dressed–up to kill, but hang around their mafia boyfriends in a booth. These girls are just there to pose, without having any inkling to engage in any conversation. They definitely don’t want to be seen giving out their number, engaging in any physical activity, or having their picture taken with you. You could try to get in with their guys, or invite them to move to another club, but it’s going to be tough to make something quick happen with them. Instead, especially if you are only in the city for a short time, I recommend seeking out more friendly, party places where the girls are drinking, dancing and having fun; letting themselves loose.

TIP NO. 3: Be mindful of your own physical limits in terms of—for example—tiredness.

It’s better to go out and be effective for only 1-2 nights during the week, rather than go out but be tired and inefficient for all 7 nights of the week. It is wise to take time to rest and build up energy so that you will be clear–headed, creative, alert, enduring and positive to fully take on the challenges of picking up women. … You will be much more efficient in your game.

Sometimes it may even be recommended to take a longer break—although not too long, so you don’t completely forget you skills—from sharking to more energize yourself and clear your head. We may get so bogged down and lost in the world of seduction that we lose perspective, and end up getting nowhere. It’s best in these moments of frustration and confusion, to simply take a short breather and come back later as a more refreshed shark to the game.

TIP NO. 4: Pay attention to your natural surroundings.

Women (and people generally) are a bit more frisky when there is a full moon. A psychic once told me that people’s energy rises in the lead–up to a full moon, receding in the aftermath of a full moon. This may be complete rubbish, but my friend who worked as a policeman once told me that they used to make a lot more of the force available on a full moon night because people tended to act a little crazier.

TIP NO. 5: Pay attention to the physical (or even emotional) state of the girl.

For example, chicks may naturally be a bit more challenging when they are on their period, being especially self–conscious about sleeping with someone.


East European women
Russia plans ski resorts on slopes of Caucasus
For any Russian worth his caviar there is only one place to be seen in winter.

Cuban Babe

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cuban babe
LAKERS NOTEBOOK: Jackson speaks out about all … except Cuban
DALLAS – Phil Jackson talked about a few of his favorite topics Wednesday, telling a Los Angeles radio station that he likes the Boston Celtics to win the Eastern Conference over the Miami Heat.
Cuban Babe Stupid boy

Is My Nuggets are better than yours NBA Basket-case-ball team, 3 to 0?

Nuggets Outbid Mavs to win the no call decision.

They survive without Bird Man vs…..

Mark Cuban
Mavs’ home advantage (so offensive rednecks look at Mark Cuban’s farmer clothes, pushing away a TV-shooting crewman)
Mark Cuban’s appeals in vain.
One Mavs two hard playoff foul in Melo.

And your future mello yello ing curses.

Babes, My Nuggets WoN!

Did you just learn English?

Latino Dating Sites

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Latino dating sites
The Best Hispanic Dating Sites….Find Love Fast!

Foreign Bride Questions:

Why do white guys only like slim/petite women?

I’m trying to prove my mother wrong about when she says that white men only want to “seriously date” thin women. My cousin is overweight/plus size/curvy (call it what you will) and has difficulty meeting nice, white men that want more than just booty calls or short flings. I hate seeing her get hurt. I know black and latino men aren’t as judgmental about weight as white guys. I also read on craigslist and other dating sites that swm only seem interested in slim women. Any white guys genuinely attracted to big girls? Thanks in advance for your opinions and comments…

FYI this question isn’t for me, I’m already married.

I’ve never noticed this o__0
I know PLENTY of white men who date bigger girls and I know there are plenty of latino men for sure who love thin girls to bigger girls as well.
It is just a matter of personal preference.
I think the problem is that your cousin is looking in the wrong places or keeps falling for the same types of guys.
Good luck ^^

Single Parents Meet Mingle & Talk Dating Sites

Robert Walsh Kids Clothing proudly announces the addition of a new page, titled “Single Parents Meet Mingle Talk” to their website.

With over 20 million single parents in the United States, single parent households represent the fastest growing type of household.

With such busy schedules trying to juggle all the household and financial responsibilities of caring for the family, there are not enough hours to include time for looking for a partner….that’s why internet dating services have become so popular.

More than 32% of all men and women looking for dates online are single parents representing all walks of life, including African-American, Asian, Catholic, Christian, Gay, Interracial, Jewish, Latino, Lesbian, Straight, to name just a few.

Being a single parent is a tough job with many challenges occurring on a daily basis. Sharing these challenges and responsibilities with a partner certainly makes it easier.

On their newly added page “Single Parents Meet Mingle Talk”, at, Robert Walsh Kids Clothing, a family friendly site, introduces several dating sites for single parents.

As sign up, filling out a personal profile, is FREE and SAFE, visitors are encouraged to sign up for several of these sites to “get their face out there”.

One is sure to find sites for his/her taste, from Straight to Gay & Lesbian, Christian to Jewish, African-American to Asian…. and many other nationalities and religious backgrounds that you represent.

All dating sites offer easy to understand directions, and use interfaces to communicate with other single parents, including FREE personal profiles, photo albums, instant message boards, chat rooms, articles, blogs, magazines….

According to Dr. Dale Koppel, in her just published book “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Online Dating”, as she stated in a recent interview about her own personal experience: “Online dating is a great, great way of meeting people.”

At the end of “Single Parents Meet Mingle Talk”, an article gives women advice how to fill out an online personal profile.


Chinese Dating Sites

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Chinese dating sites
For men to meet Asian girls

Foreign Bride Questions:

Which is the best internet dating site for meeting Chinese singles?


幸福記載日期 (Happy dating)
好運氣 (Good Luck)

Find Asian Singles
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Date Chinese Singles
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Filipina Dating Sites- Why Foreign Men Are Comfortable Using The Internet In Finding Their Lifetime Partners

Filipina dating sites are sprouting like mushrooms nowadays. There are lots of men from all over the world that are using online dating sites to meet their future wives. Intermarriage is not a new trend in finding a lifetime partner. This has been practiced a long time ago. If you look at the Philippine history, Filipina women who married foreign men can be traced during the Chinese trade sometime in the earliest centuries. According to some history books, Chinese merchants came to the Philippines prior to the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.  The intermarriage had been expected even more when foreigners like Japanese and Americans came to the country. From then on until today, it is no longer a surprise when a Filipino woman has been announced as engage to a foreigner.

Why are these ladies from the Philippines being sought by many foreign men? As you can see, there are many Canadians, Americans, British, Japanese, Australian, Korean, Arabian, and others who are signing up in many filipina dating sites. These men are hoping to find a wife from these online dating sites.

Filipino women are known to be wonderful betterhalf. It is their love language and family values that stand out. It is very innate for Filipino ladies to prioritize their husband and children than other things including her career and personal wants. She is willing to give up her career if her family needs her to be with them. Her love language is best expressed in serving her family. It is a universal expression of love among Filipino wives to serve their husbands needs. In the home of a Filipino wife and mother, she makes sure that the needs of her husband and children are met. She mostly does things for them or sometimes with the assistance of maidservant.

But why do these men comfortably use these dating sites? The world nowadays becomes smaller with the advent of the internet. It also makes communication faster. In just a few seconds, you could already send your email to your girlfriend in the Philippines or wherever this Filipino woman may be in the world. I said that because there are many Filipino ladies who now migrate in other countries. In every relationship, communication is essential. This will make couples know each other deeply and develop an intimacy including strong attachment.

Aside from instant messages, the internet has helped lovers from two different worlds established their relationship by constantly chatting or video calling. There are dating sites that provide these features. In case the filipina dating sites do not have these features, you can always use other instant messaging provider like yahoo messenger or Skype to video call or chat.

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Filipino girls
Philippines women
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Mail Order Brides From Russia

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Mail Order Brides from russia
Russian Mail Order Brides For Free Online

Foreign Bride Questions:

Has any of you or anyone you know ever succeeded in finding a mail order bride from Russia?

Seems like alot of women there want to become wife of USA Male

yess but she never maid it do to a customs problem on her end Ukraine

How To Meet Russian Women – Myths Of Russian Mail Order Brides

How To Meet Russian Women – Myths Of Russian Mail Order Brides

One of the biggest myths about Russian Mail order brides is that Russian women want to escape poverty and misery and are looking to find a wealthy or well-off American or European man who will provide them with a better life. Since most of the Russian women who decide to become mail-order brides live in or near larger cities located in Ukraine and Russia do you think these bigger cities don’t have the most modern conveniences that America does? There is no more poverty in Russia than there is in America.

Why Do Russian Women Want To Meet Men Abroad?

In fact most Russian women that are Russian brides seeking men abroad for relationships and marriage are well educated and have a good career and make a good income for themselves. The main reason Russian women seek men abroad for relationships and marriage is that in Russia people tend to marry very early. By the age of 25 80% of Russian men are married. In addition there is a higher percentage of women than men in Russia. The reason for this is during the past hundred years Russia has suffered through lots of wars so the male population is low relative to women. Also men in Russia tend to be promiscuous.

What this basically means is that if a Russian man who approaches a Russian girl there is a pretty good chance that he is either cheating on his wife or only wants casual sexual relations. Russian women also know that American and European man placed much higher value on Russian women than men in their native country do. This is also the same phenomenon that exists in Asia which is why Asian mail-order brides is a big market as well.

How To Meet Russian Women Safely

A Russian bride herself Elena Petrova reveals in her publication ‘Find and Marry Russian Woman’ who is now married to an American man, that although there is a certain percentage of Russian ladies that do become Russian brides to escape poverty and hardship that is a very small percentage and she knows from experience as she was a mail-order bride from Russia herself.

The bottom line if you want to meet a Russian woman from Russia or the Ukraine for relationships or marriage these Russian women are not damaged goods and make terrific soulmates. There are disreputable Russian dating and marriage agencies online but if you stick with Anastasia Russian dating you will be 100% safe at meeting a Russian woman bride.

Ukraine Date

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Ukraine date
Ukraine: agrarian block of the Government was not successful in making quotas receiving procedure clear
Ukrainian agricultural producers share own view with the position of Nikholay Azarov, the Prime-Minister of Ukraine, about the necessity of grain export quotas cancellation, which was announced by the Head of the Government at the end of December 2010. The quotas imposition played the role in stabilization of food domestic market, however to date the special export regime is the essential brake … _ ukraine date

Is it really that bad to get a mail order bride?

I’m 30 and sick of the dating scene. All the single women my age are either ugly, chubby, or have a kid. Would it really be that bad to order a hot 19 year old chick from the Ukraine and marry her? I’d have the hottest wife on the block!

Creepy as hell. Essentially bringing a woman over to be your sex slave while she waits for citizenship and then leaves you. Sounds like your priorities are completely out of whack.

Desi Dating

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desi dating

Five Tips For Successful Online Dating

In today’s world, you can find everything online: you can order your groceries, a pair of shoes and a job all from the World Wide Web. So it would make perfect sense that you can also find a mate in the very same fashion!

Some are a little skittish about online dating though it has become so popular that people of all ages and walks of life are now doing online dating. It is not “just” for the young or for people who love computers. Often as we get older, our social circles close in on us: online dating is an excellent way to widen it out a bit and meet some people with similar interests and preferences.

Just be yourself. Mom was totally right when she said this and we’ll tell you why: when you put on an act to be someone else the person you are with forms an entirely different picture about who you are. This means that if they are attracted to you, then they are actually attracted to someone else. You want them to like you for you! So show your date exactly who you are: chances are they’ll like what they see.

Put your best foot forward. There is a difference between showing someone who you are and scratching where it itches in public! Take this opportunity to show your date your sunny side and your best features. If you have a great sense of humor have a couple of jokes planned. If you are known for something else your strong listening skills or charm: then share this with your date.

They have sweaty palms too! We’ll let you in on a little secret: everyone is nervous on a date. This is true whether or not you see them acting nervous or not. Some people just hide this better. So have some compassion if your date is laughing a little too hard or fidgeting in their seat. They’re just having a case of first date jitters like you are too. There is a benefit to remembering this tip you tend to calm down a bit yourself.

Everyone has baggage: leave yours outside for now. We all have something that we pull around with us. It may be a divorce, credit card debt or a college degree we are still completing. Everyone has something they consider their “baggage.” Sometimes it is a big deal and other times it really isn’t. Most of the time what matters is how much of a positive attitude you have about the situation and how much effort you are using to change or act in the circumstance.

You usually can’t change the fact that you have been divorced (unless you re-marry the person) though you can refrain from making negative comments about them or telling endless stories about why your marriage was a failure.

Be clear about what you are looking for. The “dating game” can be a real challenge. Part of this is because it truly isn’t an even playing field. You may be looking for a serious relationship and others are just looking for companionship or a little fun. Be clear and upfront about what you want from the start without getting into what hair color you hope your kids are going to have.

Use a light touch when telling someone what you are looking for and put yourself in their shoes. If you are not looking for a serious relationship, then you’d probably want to know this ahead of time also. Remember that although someone may say one thing they also can change their mind as a relationship progresses.

desi dating

Indian Personals

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Indian personals
Indian dating, personals and singles

Foreign Bride Questions:

POLL/SURVEY: How much Income money does it take for a guy who’s neither White nor Hispanic to get a girl?

Obviously, since in personals ads and in personal preferences, women always say, “White or Latino men only, please”, they’re shutting the door to other races.

But what if you’re Indian or East Asian, for example?

If you are making $150,000 a year, do you think a woman would waive her Whites/Latinos-only attraction and say ‘yes’ to a date?

No. women dont screw asians. no one wants them

Indian Girls Online at Free Indian Dating Services

The Internet world brings all Indian singles together online. There are many Indian dating sites that helps singles online to find love and romance. Without paying any money, Indian single girls and men can look for each other online. The best thing is Indian singles online can seek their partners at the comfort of their computer. Indian dating services have been popular these days to help single girls online with their dreaming men. Single Indian girls usually find their dates online. They rarely to go to other places to seek their dates. Nowadays, Indian dating websites are booming. Some Indian dating sites create many relationships and marriages for Indian singles. If you are a starter or you are new to on line Indian dating services, I’d recommend you to join free dating online services. It does not cost you a fee to register your personal ad and to contact other online singles. After you get their personal information such as phone number, then you can call them to get knowing them more. If you feel interested in that person, then you can ask for a face to face meeting.

Indian singles find girls and men at the bars or nightclubs for dates. After a time, single Indian men can not find dates from these places. They wasted their time and money. Do you know why? Because most single Indian girls do not like going to bars to meet their dates. It is a smart thing not to waste money from these expensive places. This is the best characteristics of single Indian girls. Seeking Indian singles online at free dating sites have been popular in the last few years. There are many Indian single girls and men looking for love and romance at online dating services. We have seen many relationships and marriages created from these free dating services online. Online Indian singles need to join these services before contacting other women.

The steps to register is easy as 1, 2, and 3. If you can read English, then you can register a good personal ad. You can contact to many single Indian women. It is up to you. Not only you can contact to single Indian girls but you can contact other single white women, Asian women, or others. Sending a message to a member is not guaranteed you will get a reply. Therefore, you should try to send messages to as many singles as you can to increase a chance to get more replies. Most online singles do the same thing. They do not chat with one person but multiple people. They work hard and very independent. Indian girls like to take care of themselves and raise their children. So, where do Indian girls seek their dates? Dating guys, most single Indian girls go to online dating websites. This is a best place for a single Indian woman to find a single man. Dating singles services are popular these days and most Indian girls find their dates online.

Why wasting money seeking dates at the bars or nightclubs? There are many free Indian dating services and paid dating sites out there. Indian singles only need to turn on their computers and find their on line dates easily and conveniently. Single girls seeking single singles from these dating online sites. Some Indian dating sites are very effective. A single man can find his date based on any criteria he selects from the search. For example, Indian singles can search for their partners who live in their local area. Looking for online Indian singles is easy and simple. All you need to do is to join these free Indian dating sites to meet that special someone of your dream.