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Russian Girls Scams

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russian girls scams

Are the Women on Russian Dating Sites Real? Or Is It a Hot Russian Brides Scam?

Many of the women on Russian dating sites look like professional models that are paid to appear online. However, believe it or not, most of the ladies are real women looking for love. Don’t believe me? Read on to learn how so many Russian women manage to look so good (and to see pics of real examples)!

A Cultural Emphasis on Appearance

Appearance is extremely important to Russian women. It’s ingrained in the culture. Russian women typically have only one or two major bills (unlike Westerners who have dozens), so they can afford to spend a significant portion of their salaries on makeup, clothing, and trips to the salon. Russian women take care of themselves and it’s only natural that they want to look their very best on Russian dating sites. Suspicious men often criticize the women for looking too good, but why would the ladies want to look anything less than their best?

Better Diet and Exercise

It probably comes as no surprise that the typical Russian eats healthier and gets more exercise than the average Westerner. Meat and fried foods are not as prevalent in Russia as in Western countries and daily physical activity like walking is much more common. Combine this with the fact that many of the ladies on Russian dating sites are young women who enjoy working out and the galleries of slender beauties doesn’t seem so farfetched.

Professional Photos Do Wonders

Another thing to keep in mind is that many women on Russian dating sites select professional photographers to take their profile photos. This is surprisingly easy as local agencies can assist the ladies with finding a photographer or the agencies will take photos themselves (often at no charge). While the women are certainly beautiful in person, professional photos only enhance a lady’s natural beauty. This is especially true when she is pictured with expertly applied makeup and perfectly styled hair.

Are the women on Russian dating sites professional models that are paid to appear on the sites? Probably not. Are they real women looking for love? Yes! Healthy diets, an active lifestyle, a cultural emphasis on appearance, and the beauty of professional photos are all factors that lead to a gallery of stunning, yet real, Russian women.

Here are some real-life examples from RussianLoveMatch, a legitimate Russian dating service.

Devilstrip, User ID 270445

Elena2387, User ID 277315

Kathie, User ID 283408

Svetabright, User ID 276474

Silva, User ID 276266

Foteny, User ID 276824

LadyLion, User ID 270310

Lilka, User ID 238452

SweetyJuliya, User ID 283308

Sweetstar, User ID 231101

russian girls scams

Dating Russia

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dating russia
Rice decision with Mother Russia will make Avowal difference
ETOBICOKE, Ontario – Mother Russia, based at Saratoga with trainer Linda Rice, was entered here in both Saturday’s Grade 3, $150,000 Seaway over seven furlongs on Polytrack and in Sunday’s $100,000 Avowal over seven furlongs on turf.

How did the economy of Brazil and Russia grow so much in 2008 ?

i keep up to date with the latest nominal gdp and export data on the world’s countries and the imf, cia factbook are showing huge growth in those countries last year.
In exports Russia jumped over a couple countries including Canada and the UK.
In nominal gdp Russia and Brazil grew by 20-25 %. Both countries pulled ahead of Canada and Spain.

Brazil is not as strong on exports as Russia is. Brazilians exports are less than 10% of GDP. So, Brazilians sustain the economy.

Well, 68% of our economy is in the sector of commerce/services. This is the way to growth. At least, in my opinion.

If you want to know more about Brazil, see my favorites in my Youtube channel:

Dating Sites Reviewed

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dating sites reviewed
Dating Sites Ranked – Top Online Singles Sites Reviewed

Foreign Bride Questions:

Will people use a review site for dating sites?

There are already sites out there that review dating sites. Usually Yahoo personals and come out on top.

Free Online Dating Site Reviews

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Russian Bride

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Russian Bride
Pretty Russian Bride Regrets Internet Courtship

Foreign Bride Questions:

What is a reasonable price for a Russian bride?

How much can one expect to pay for a Russian Bride these days? Has the recession helped bring down the price for one of these?

Is there a price difference if one is new or used? How can I tell if she is really Russian?

Russians have noticeable similarities and usually if she is mail order she will speak Russian. I am not sure of the cost, you can look on websites that specialize in mail-order brides.

Popular Scams on the Internet. Russian Bride – is She Truly an Angel?

If you are thinking of meeting a Russian woman over the Internet – you HAVE to be aware of these most popular scams online:

Here are the most popular cities considered to be the scam capitals of their countries:

Lugansk ? the scam capital of Ukraine ? 90% of the ladies are scamming foreign men for money, presents, etc; read on to see the most popular scams. Yoshkar-Ola ? the scam capital of Russia Kazan ? the scam capital of Russia Minsk – the scam capital of Belarus

In this article will be explained the most popular scams that Russian women go through and the saddest real stories that I witnesses when American men lost their head and a lot of money when chasing their dream.

I came to Lugansk with a purpose to open another matchmaking office there. I think manies have heard about the tremendous beauty of hot and sensual Ukrainian girls but only a smaller number of them do really know that exactly in this small Ukrainian town with a poetic name Lugansk every girl is a real supermodel. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have any version about why is it so, until the time when I introduced with one interesting and of course beautiful woman, who told me that in the time of the Russian Impress Katherine the second’s ruling, she dispatched all the beautiful girls to that remote area. She eliminated all that women of tremendous beauty in unknown city of Lugansk, in order their charm could not darken the beauty of the powerful Empress. In such a way, this small city was full of girls of unbelievable beauty and they were passing this real value from generation to generation. Probably it’s just a beautiful legend, but you start unwillingly believing it when you walk in the streets of Lugansk and stare at dazzling smiles of Russian Brides of Lugansk beauties .

In one of the hot days, I set down on a bench in the shadow in a cozy and pretty park and lazily was looking at people who were resting there. Through some time my attention was attracted by a group of four chaps – two guys and two girls. One of the women among them was tremendously beautiful! A guy that was sticking with her was pretty much athletic but he was staring at another man in a very unfriendly way. At the mean time, the guy that was gazed by another man admirably looked at that extremely beautiful girl. The second chick as I understood was a translator, because guy that was charmed most all spoke in English. The interpreter seemed nervous and unconfident. The beauty was only answering “yes” or “no” and the conversation of two seemed more like a monolog of a foreigner. In some 15-20 minutes the stranger took out of his wallet and passed few green banknotes to the translator. Then, girls and the athletic guy left a foreigner alone and gone in a car that was waiting for them.

As I later found out, the foreigner was an American. His name was Steve. He seemed really confused. That’s why I decided to approach him and ask if he needs any help. So, we introduced and from that moment I started getting to know a different side of Lugansk. It was another truth – a shocking truth about this city.

He came from USA to meet his virtual woman of dream and gain his long-awaited happiness. His whole family was expecting him home with his beautiful, loving and caring Ukrainian bride. However his fiancee disappeared from his life unexpectedly, just like she entered it. The same thing happened to his friend who came with him to Lugansk for seeing his bride.

So, what was so horrible and what happened to both of them?

I told this guy’s story to the manager of my newly registered Lugansk branch of “oksanalove” Russian bride dating agency. And I was even more surprised and confused when she told me not a legend and not a history, but a real thing. I won’t tell about all the details. I just going tell you about some facts that I found out there. So, Lugansk and other scam cities have several illegal fake agencies that work behind the closed doors. They don’t give any of their contact details; they do not provide clients with any trustworthy information, they don’t have advertisements. The pictures of their beautiful clients they put in different free internet sites like Absolute agency, etc. Many of their clients are married young women. They are not unfaithful to their husbands and do not look for a partner for creating a family. So, why do they address to the dating agency? The answer is simple and horrifying – is the money. This is it! The work of these beauties is also simple and does not really bother them. They just bring their photos to the agency and that’s all. The rest is the task for their agency. They decide on what web-site to put the newly came girl’s picture, they write letters to her trapped man and so on. Of course man has to pay for all those letters, where “his” woman get’s percentage for his spending. As a rule they receive lots of letters from the foreign clients and the fiance (if I can say so) on the wings of love fly to these cities to see their beloved ones. Finally, the couples have a meeting and… Confused fiance get a cold look of their Lugansk beauty instead of a sweet kiss.
They loyally pay money for personal translator service, driver, apartment found by their baby-girls and stay alone with their dreams. At the meantime, their brides honestly get their “share” for every deal from their translator who works for the agency. Usually, the fake bride gets some percent from the whole sum given by her fiance. And actually, her salary depends on how much generous her fiance is. Some men spent 10K, others 15K, most generous one (I heard) spent 35 ? 45 Thousands!

Well, this is a sad story about Beautiful Russian Brides from Lugansk and their fake dating agencies. I take all the responsibility for the reliability of this information and it’s checked by myself. In two similar agencies that I attended as a fake client I got the whole information about how the agencies of such kind operate and how their brides should work in their team. I told them that I’m married hiding the facts that could make them suspicious and disclose my intensions. As I told before, I will not describe all the details. However, it made me even the more striving for realizing my purpose.

Here are proximate % that ladies receive from their man’s spending: Letters ? 40% Gifts ? 20 ? 30% Phone calls, translation services ? 30% Persona driver and interpreter when man arrives ? 50% Apartment / hotel rent ? 20%

When searching for a foreign woman on the Internet, watch closely how she plans a meeting with you: does she want to have her own interpreter? ? Red flag Does she wan her person driver? ? Red flag. Does she want to travel with her own interpreter if meeting takes place in a third country? ? Red flag.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of girls in Lugansk (or other Russian, Ukrainian cities) who want to find her second half, one she could give all her love, passion, tenderness, faithfulness and beauty.

See those specially selected ladies who truly want to find love and happiness with a foreign man Russian bride dating agency.

Russian Brides Scam

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

Russian Brides scam
Russian Brides scam

5 Reasons Why Men Think Russian Brides Are Paid

A common misconception about the women on Russian dating sites is that they are being paid for participating in this online dating experience. Just because you are paying to communicate with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian brides, does not mean they are being paid to communicate with you. There are several reasons why men think this, and here you can learn the truth behind the misinformation.  

They are too hot to be talking to me for free 

Russian dating sites do select the most attractive women that Russia and Ukraine have to offer. These women take great pride in their appearance and strive to make the best possible impressions in their photos and videos. It may seem impossible that so many gorgeous women are single and honestly seeking love online, but it’s true. They want to find their soul mate just as much as you do. Don’t sell yourself short! You have plenty of qualities that these hot Russian women are seeking. 

They are chatting online all day and all night

Gentlemen members have observed women chatting online for several hours straight, so rumors have been spread that the longer women chat, the more payment they receive. It is true that Russian ladies love to chat, but they are not receiving payments for it. With so many new and interesting people to meet, it’s hard to log off and save more chats for another day. Even gentlemen members have admitted that chat can be addicting! 

They are only available at certain times, like they are “working a shift”

You may have the freedom of hopping online anytime you choose with your home computer or laptop, but many Russian women don’t have this option. They travel to agency offices where there are limited numbers of computers. Some agencies do need to schedule days and times for the ladies so that everyone has a chance to participate. They are not paid by agencies for their time or participation. 

They get mad or upset when you ask about payment

Stereotypes and rumors can make anyone upset. Being accused of something is insulting. If a gentlemen member asks a lady if she is receiving payment or commission for chatting with him, she will likely become upset and refuse to continue the communication. Men may mistake this reaction as an admission of guilt, but in reality she simply became offended. There are plenty of gentlemen members that will appreciate these ladies and spend time getting to know them, not waste time trying to investigate or harass them. 

They are employees of the agencies

There is some confusion about employees of Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies. They do have paid employees. These are the translators and travel liaisons. These are not the women that use the agencies’ services. They pay nothing to use these services, nor are they paid to use these services. 

Russian dating online is a very unique experience and only works best for open-minded, adventurous bachelors. Paying women to participate in this service is a strict violation of the policies and any agency involved in this violation is promptly removed. By learning the facts and becoming properly informed, you’ll become more comfortable letting your guard down and opening your heart up to a beautiful Russian bride!

Marriage Advice:

A question about Russian brides on match?

I’ve come across a strange reply to an email that I initially sent on match. I contacted a few “women” (I hope anyway), one of them replied to me, but it was in weird broken english–and I couldn’t tell if it was a front or not. “She” said she was living in Russia and was looking for a partner through match. It seems really fishy because her profile said she was in Michigan and the english wasn’t so broken on her profile. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across strange emails from people who claim their in Russia. Are these legitimate Russian chicks looking for a way to get into the states? Or is it some guy trying to pull as scam? Or both?

Total scam. I used to get those emails too. Ask them questions like “Can you send me pics of your town?” and you get these pre-written emails that don’t address anything you’ve said.

Heard a horror story from a friend of mine who works in family/divorce law. Had a client who did meet a Russian woman through a service, moved her to his house here in the USA… had her sign a pre-nub agreement. 5 months later she filed a phony domestic disturbance complaint and sued him for divorce. When he presented the pre-nub, she claimed that she didn’t speak english and therefore didn’t know what she was signing. The judge threw out the pre-nub, made the guy sell his house (that she never paid a dime on) and split the profit… then ordered the guy to pay her alimony since she was brought here by him and didn’t have a job. So despite only being married for 5 months he got nailed for alimony.

The pics are fakes… the girls are fake… its an ad to get you to join a Russian bride service…

They are fun to play with, but do not follow through with them

Dominican Singles

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Dominican singles
Angels back up Ervin Santana in 7-4 win over Oakland
Ervin Santana gives up two earned runs and six hits in six innings, and Bobby Abreu and Mike Napoli hit two-run home runs in the third inning of a 7-4 victory over the Oakland Athletics. Amid all the double-play grounders, weak fly balls with runners in scoring position and general doom and gloom surrounding the Angels, there have been a few rays of hope.
Oksana’s singles vacations Dominican Republic client review

What resorts in Dominican republic, would be best for a group of single women in their late twenties?

Four friends and I are looking to go to Dominican Republic this coming November. We would like to know where to go to have fun.
Just ask, and we provide you the best info and services.

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Dating Younger Woman

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

dating younger woman
dating younger woman

Secrets Of Dating Younger Women

Look, if you’d rather be dating and hooking up with gorgeous younger females — and you DON’T want to date angry single mothers, jaded feminists, or girls who come with way too much baggage — the first and most crucial thing to commit to memory is that women actually have a preference for older men.

(By the way, you can learn precisely how to become the older dude that younger women WANT by checking out our How To Date Younger Women site.)

You can absolutely date hot younger women. It’s true.Over 200 years ago, the US government started recording statistics for the ages of couples that were getting married. You may be startled to know that with each passing year, the age gap between men and women who get married grows more significant.

On the whole, the average age difference between guys and their wives continues to get bigger.

Here’s another interesting statistic: men who marry for a second time are normally doing it with women who are around 10 years younger.

I’ve also read that 20% of guys who marry for a second time are getting married to a woman that is over 20 YEARS YOUNGER.

{A wife who is two decades younger?? The horror! The “Femi-Nazis” get incensed when they hear this! They’ll say it’s creepy! Deviant!

Ironically, no one seems to object if the man is rich and famous. Then he is virtually expected to hook up with a much younger woman.

Donald Trump? Have you seen how hot his wife is? They had a baby not too long ago, and they’re very happy together…

Another example is the actor Michael Douglas. He is still married to the gorgeous (and much younger) Catherine Zeta-Jones — and in reality, if these unions were purely about money and fame, they would never last. But in a lot of examples like these ones, they do.

I could give you a ton of other examples. This has been true all throughout history. This double standard has come about only in modern times — that it’s okay for a powerful and highly respected older guy to be with a much younger spouse, but it’s somehow “wrong” for the ordinary guy to pursue this route.

So why, exactly, do older guys have such a potent desire to be with a younger partner? Well it actually goes much deeper than him simply wanting a young stunner with a firm body. The deeper reasons are rooted in our biology; men are hard-wired to want a woman who is in good physical shape, youthful and fertile, who has the greatest chance of bearing his children and carrying on his genetic legacy.

And it’s not just about sex and having kids. Research has shown that dating a younger woman increases  the life span of the guy. Her youthful enthusiasm and energy LITERALLY rubs off on you, and makes you feel, and act, younger.

In essence, the yearning to date younger women is a normal, healthy desire.

If you’d like to make yourself powerfully fascinating to younger women, I have a trick that I want to explain to you. It is a method that I use all the time, and I’ve seduced stunning younger women right out from under their bad-boy 25  year old lovers! Just promise me you won’t share this secret with too many guys. This tactic, and many others, are found in our free seduction manual which you can download now at the Dating Younger Women website.

Marriage Advice:

Men have you ever been ridiculed or looked on for dating a younger woman?

How much younger and who did the ridiculing?
This one didn’t post. If anyone has any interest…..;_ylt=AvU5KqIlQYX71Twhaj7MEATty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100125045811AAGy9oh

No I was hailed as a HERO.

Pretty Russian Women

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

pretty Russian women
New Orleans Film Festival releases its 2010 lineup
Get the scoop on all 51 films scheduled to play this year
Russian Roulette my tribute to russian women

Do Russian women get fat after marriage?

This time it was a Chinese guy who told me this. I didn’t really believe him. He said that Russian women are generally pretty but after they get married 99% of them woul turn fat.
@silknsexy: LOL. sounds very reliable
@snarkys wife: I thought Russian women are generally much slimmer then in US
@Delalhan: aha !

LOL… It sounds like you may be thinking about ‘ordering’ one for yourself…