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Baltic Dating

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baltic dating

baltic dating
Merkel:Lithuania and Latvia are important for eastern cooperation
Berlin – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday that Lithuania and Latvia played an important role for European Union and NATO relations with Eastern Europe, ahead of a two-day visit to the region.

Asian Personals

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Asian personals
Asian personals

Marriage Advice:

I’m a short guy. Am I dateable?

I’m only 5’5″. No girl has ever wanted to date me. Even the short girls are looking for a tall guy. I put my ad in online personals and no one wants to date me. All the women are looking for guys who are at least 5’10”. Please tell me what to do. The only girls who seem to like me are Asian girls but unfortunately I’m not attracted to them. It sucks.

be patient she will come

Dating Marriage Agency

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dating marriage agency

Russian Marriage Agencies

‘Marriage agency’ is the term used by the Russians for the local introduction service in each city. There may be more than one marriage agency in each city, especially the larger cities.

Westerners would never use such a term because it is too obvious. Western companies that perform the same service use the terms ‘dating service’ or ‘introduction service.’

I prefer the Russian term, as it leaves no misunderstanding as to what they are about.

Each marriage agency is located in a specific city or town in the CIS countries and represents the women who sign up with their agency locally. They are usually locally owned. They may or may not have their own website.

Westerners, or Russian wives of westerners, usually own the major agencies whose websites you will visit on the Internet. They are usually affiliated with one or more of the local marriage agencies located in CIS countries.

That is why you see certain cities promoted on their sites. For example, you may see them list women from ten medium sized towns in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

How They Work
The local marriage agencies provide the women. The Western agencies connect them with the men, via the Internet and their website.

There is usually some kind of split that is made when transactions are made over these websites. For example, when you pay for the names and addresses of the women.

The local marriage agencies in Russia make money from the email forwarding services, translation services, and other local services such as procuring gifts for local women. They also make money providing tours and services for men visiting their agency.

Sometimes there are breakups of these affiliations, due to misunderstandings or outright contract violations. I have been in the middle of several of these disagreements.

I had my primary contact with the Western agency, and when their relationship dissolved, the local marriage agency tried to usurp my relationship with the primary agency and contact me directly. It was interesting to watch.

dating marriage agency
Real estate magnate Michael Lyon under investigation
Sacramento County law enforcement officials are investigating a prominent real estate businessman in connection with allegations he made secret video recordings of houseguests and others in bedrooms and bathrooms through cameras concealed in clock radios and behind vents, The Bee has learned.

Mailorder Bride

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mailorder bride
Welcome To The Dollhouse: Ukrainian Idol Inessa Lee’s Bizarre Music Videos
Ukrainian “little spitfire” Inessa Lee prefers to be known as a “singing doll,” according to her weirdly entertaining website.
Everywoman – Maxim Magazine and Mail Order Brides

I’m a divorced white male more interested in meeting and settling down with an asian girl from Houston.?

My question is, where does one that is single go to seek out single Asian women seeking American men. And please dont be a smart@$$ and say mailorder bride. Serious answers only.

…go to a church function frequented by asian women, good luck.

Bride Foreign

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bride foreign
bride foreign

Mail Order Bride Reality And Foreign Women Exposed On Love Beyond Borders TV Episode 6

Briton slain over internet love triangle
A British man who went to the Philippines to propose to a woman he met in an internet chat room was stabbed to death by her jealous lover, police say.

Russian Brides Bikini

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Russian Brides bikini
Russian Brides bikini

Telephoning Russian Women

The cost of calling Russia and other CIS countries has dropped dramatically over the past few years. You can make a call to Moscow or St. Petersburg from the U.S. for a little more than you would pay to make an out of state long distance call.

The following are a sampling of the rates per minute in US dollars to some CIS countries using MCI’s Anytime Worldwide Plan:

Russian Federation .23

Ukraine .29

Belarus .35

Kazakhstan .23

Uzbekistan .45

Kyrgyzstan .45

Make sure that you have a suitable overseas telephone plan in place before you call.
I sent a two-page fax to Russia using my regular AT&T long distance plan and it cost me $20.00! They charged me a $10.00 international access fee, plus $2.00 per minute, plus tax.

There are also a lot of pre-paid phone cards available through the Internet that have excellent rates.

When dialing internationally, you must first dial 011 to get an international line. Then you dial the country code. The following is a list of country codes for CIS countries:

Russia 7

Belarus 375

Ukraine 380

Uzbekistan 998

Kazakhstan 7

Kyrgyzstan 996

Then you dial the region/ city code and the local number.

Even if you have a suitable plan in place, that doesn’t mean you should just pick up the phone and let your fingers do the walking.

First of all, if you haven’t been introduced, a call out of the blue from a foreigner is likely to elicit a very chilly reception. That is if the person who answers on the other end can even understand you.

For example, imagine you are sitting at home. Your phone rings and you pick it up. A strange voice speaking a foreign language starts firing a barrage of words at you none of which you understand.

Startled, you ask them in English a few times who they are? There is silence on the other end for a moment and then the barrage of foreign words begin again. Frustrated, you just hang up.

That is exactly how a phone call is likely to transpire to a woman in Russia who is not expecting your call. Maybe she is working. Maybe she is out with friends or relatives. Maybe babushka (grandma) is answering the phone.

My recommendation is to first establish a relationship with a woman before calling her.
Write her a letter or have the local marriage agency introduce you. Find out if she can converse in English before calling her directly.

Make an appointment to call her. That way she is at home and expecting a call from you. She is expecting to hear English. She may still answer ‘Allo’ or simply ‘Da,’ but she will be expecting your call. She may have already arranged to have someone who speaks English on the call with you.

When I called my wife for the first time, she had been studying English for a few months. We got through ‘Hello’ and ‘How are You?’ and a few other sentences before we had run through the entire dialog in English she had practiced in class.

Then there was a long silence and she started crying as she realized that she could not speak to me. After a moment of silence, she said ‘Sorry’ and ‘Goodbye’. She hung up the phone very upset.

I wrote to her immediately. She wrote back saying that she was ashamed that she did not know how to speak English better. She wrote that she cried for days over this.

How’s Your Russian?

What should have been a joyous experience was one of tremendous sorrow for her. We weathered that storm. We met a few months later in person and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Two years later when I call her family’s home and her mother answers, I can speak about the same number of sentences in Russian dialogue as my wife did when I first called her. Dobre din (good morning). Kak de la? (How are you). Ya horosho (I’m good). That’s it. I’m a one trick pony.

Many of the women listed on the websites have telephone numbers where they can be reached and many do not. There is a long waiting list for telephones in CIS countries. For example, in Belarus, there are 2.5 million telephones for 10 million people.

My wife and I each have a cell phone and we have two telephone lines in our house. One home phone is for regular calls and one is a FAX/ DSL dedicated line for the computer. That is an average of two phones per person in our household versus one telephone per four people in the country she is from.

I think that we are rather typical of a modern family in America. We can get a telephone line installed in a matter of days, if not hours. The waiting list for telephone lines in CIS countries is measured in terms of months and years.

Marriage Advice:

Bride From Russia

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Bride from russia
Group89 GS From Russia With Bride

Foreign Bride Questions:

Are mail-order brides single or do they have boyfriends too?

If I order a girlfriend from one of those mail-order bride services (like from Russia), will any of them be single (available) or will they say “uummmm I already have a boyfriend” like every girl in Canada says? And if I use such a service, would this be going against God’s will?

Forget boyfriends, they have an entire extended family. Who you will be supporting.

There are lots of single girls in Canada. You’re just approaching the wrong ones.

Add: Some women also say they have a boyfriend even if they’re single if you’re coming across as too desperate, too eager, or creepy.