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Costa Rica Women

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Costa Rica women
Costa Rica women

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what’s a casual oufit for woman in costa rica?

I’m doing a project which is making a video and I need a “costume”. So I just want to know what an everyday oufit for a woman in costa rica would be.

I think you would be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are a lot of “modern” women dressed women today in Costa Rica. The climate is warm so long sarong skirts and t-shirts are very popular. Loose pants and shirts…you see a lot of color, bright, vivid colors. The younger generation is wearing jeans and hoodies and some of them even the same clothes that kids here wear except that they have to read for cooler climate.
You can look up on “google” the more “traditional” clothes of women of Costa Rica but you will only see those in outlying villages and rural areas.
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