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Beautiful Latin Girls

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beautiful Latin girls
Cambridge girls soccer team salvages tie with Somerville
It’s not how you start but how you finish, they say. The Cambridge Rindge and Latin girls soccer team would wholeheartedly agree after last week’s match with the Somerville Highlanders at Danehy Field. After spotting Somerville a 2-0 lead and coming up short on several good chances, the Falcons battled back late, scoring a goal in second-half stoppage time to earn a 2-2 with their GBL rivals.

are latin girls beautiful and why?

no because only white girls are pretty

Columbian Girls

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Columbian girls
Rhodes excels at QB for West
With Eric Stewart under center the last three seasons, the Columbus West High School football team earned a reputation for exploiting defenses through the air better than just about anyone in central Ohio.
SUGABABZ ” The Columbian Bombshell”

columbian wife left husband right after she received green card!what to do now?

so a friend of mine got married thru a K-1 visa with a Columbian girl in may … married within 90 days ,did all the paper work ,by November she kept on looking for arguements and drama in order to leave the house and bla bla …..anyhow she just received her conditional green card and he called her and gave it to her ,right after that she bounced out for real ……
what can he do now ,,,besides crying after her(he didnt get it ,that she was a green card digger )
basicly he was married for 6 month because she was always gone …

i know she is shady and threats him telling him she will call the cops on him if he calles her and tell them he abused her and other BS .which is not real .

That’s what happens to people who don’t get to know the people they marry BEFORE they marry them. I suggest he call the INS. He’s isn’t the first story like this they’ve heard. They might be able to do something to help him. Maybe. If not, I hope learns from this experience.

Colombian Single

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colombian single
Colombian-American World in Patricia Engel’s ‘Vida’
In “Vida,” Patricia Engel’s world is caught between Colombia and the United States, and truly at home in neither.
Meet Serious Single Beautiful Colombian Women!

meet colombian singles in houston?

You might try this website:

Columbian Woman

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columbian woman
columbian woman

Marriage Advice:

Are these statues worth anything?

I found these two statue thingys in an antique store and I thought they were cool and wanted to know if they were real and how much they were worth.
I dont have much info on them but I’ll tell you what it says on the tags.
The first one says its an Effigy Vessel from Western Mexico, seated woman, earthenware and pigment. Its Pre-Columbian 300BC-AD300 and they want $850. Here is a picture:

The other one says its an Indonesian Mythical Carving and they want $125
Here are some pictures:
statues 004
statues 005

Thanks for any info on these.

As to the pre-columbian sculpture : western Mexican culture is related to Colima, Jalisco e Nayarit. The oldest are called “Chinesco”.
Long heads and marked eyes figures (always holding something in the hands) in “terracota” are typical of burial cerimonies.
The 500b.C. to 800a.D. period of western Mexico history relates to Monte Albán in Oaxaca Valley (the Zapotecas).

Maybe you should try photos/information using these tags …

Good luck !

Colombian Bride

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Colombian bride
Medellin Women on Romancelatina

Foreign Bride Questions:

How would you choose where to get married?

Supposing we have a couple that lives in the States.The guy is Colombian and the girl Italian,but they both live in the US.How can they choose their wedding location?Should it be the bride’s country or the groom’s?Or maybe where they reside?

I’d go with where the couple lives.

While its not as dramatic as different countries, my fiance & I live in Pennsylvania, most of my family (mom & dad’s sides) live in New Jersey, about 3hrs away, and his mom’s family is also from New Jersey, about 2-3hrs away & in a different area from my family.
We chose to have our wedding where we live in Pennsylvania because it was more affordable, it was where we plan to start our married life together, it was easier to plan the whole thing since we lived in the area AND because it avoided any arguments about if we held the wedding near my family or his.

Sexy Colombian Girls

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sexy colombian girls
sexy colombian girls

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Sexy physique, just a zumba away
Zumba is the latest fad in attaining that ‘perfect 10′ body. …

Beautiful Colombian Women

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beautiful colombian women
Beautiful Colombian Women for Dating and Marriage

Foreign Bride Questions:

Is it true that Lebanese women are ones of the most beautiful mean on Earth? And do they like European men?

I saw Shakira, she’s half Arab Lebanese half Latina (Colombian)
I saw Haifa Webbe
And a lot of people told me that Lebanese women are absolutely gorgeouz.
Is it true?


All women are beautiful. :)
You just have to find the proper one. Also remember that looks fade but personality is from within :)

Have a nice day..>*

Latina Dating

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Latina dating
Happiest Man in the World, Due to Marrying a Latina, Dating,

Foreign Bride Questions:

How come most Asian men equate dating a Latina to dating a beautiful angel?

Especially when dating the ones who can speak Spanish. Is it because all Hispanic girls are physically beautiful and have high moral value ? Most Asian guys try hard to get marry with a Latin lady because they want to have beautiful children with her.

boy is quite right, but Latino women are delivered, our educasion is very different from the others, clear that there is everything, and just hope you find the girl of your dreams, and you can have a beautiful family, I’m 19 years old, I am Mexican, and proud of it, thanks for being my friend,

one kiss,,,one star,,

Online Dating Sites – Can You Find Your Soulmate Online?

Yes, it is true that finding the woman or man of your dreams, who shares similar interests and values with you, is faster and easier online. Many men and women find great dates, meet new friends and even find Mr. or Mrs. Right through online dating sites. In recent times, many online dating sites are targeted for specific groups of people or similar interests, such as, hobbies, religion, ethnicity, sizes, certain interests, and viewpoints.

If you’re a Caucasian, and you feel the need to only date Filipinas, you can now find several Filipino online dating sites. If you’re a successful businessman and want to meet women of the same league, there are online dating sites for you. If you want to date a Latina girl, there are Latino online dating sites for you. If you’re a farmer and want to meet someone who would like to live in a large farm, yes, there are online dating sites available for you.

Online dating sites fall into four different categories:

1)      General dating sites – General dating sites are the kind that let you fill out an online dating profile and then match you with women you might be compatible with.
2)      Specific dating sites – Specific dating sites are targeted towards specific hobbies, ethnicity, religion, interests and so on.
3)      Networking sites – Networking sites are not technically online dating sites but they have also been known to produce successful romances.
4)      Social sites – Social sites are also not technically online dating sites but they have become popular for meeting prospective dates, too.

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