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Japanese Mail Order Bride

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Japanese mail order bride
Japanese Mail order brides

Foreign Bride Questions:

whats a good dating site for meeting Japanese girls?

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Living Dead Dolls – china limbs guard – medical bellyband manufacturer

Origins The first Living Dead Dolls appeared for sale in America in 1998. They were craft dolls individually customised by either Ed Long or Damien Glonek. These customised dolls are called “handmades” by fans and collectors. The first doll was made by Long using one of his mother’s doll kits. He showed the doll to Glonek, and they worked together to make 12 more. After the dolls sold out immediately, Long & Glonek decided to make more for sale. These original handmade dolls were sold exclusively through Glonek’s horror memorabilia mail order company Unearthly Possessions, as well as at horror conventions along the East Coast. It was at one of these conventions, Chiller Theatre, that Mike “Mez” Markowitz, the founder of Mezco Toyz purchased one of the dolls. Mezco subsequently contacted Long and Glonek about manufacturing and distributing the dolls commercially. The first commercial series of Living Dead Dolls, Series 1, was released early in 2001. Since then, new series have been released roughly twice a year. Handmades Handmades(1998-2001) These customised craft dolls were individually created by Ed Long and/or Damien Glonek. The original handmade dolls did not have names, but can be identified by their design and costuming. The following dolls can be linked to dolls which were put into mainstream production: Sadie: A black-haired girl doll in a black dress with a white collar, very like Wednesday Addams.

The handmade Sadie is perhaps the most commonly seen handmade. Posey: A long-haired, usually blonde, girl doll in a long nightgown. Sin: Superficially similar to Sadie, but with a red dress, devil horns and a tail. Bad Habit: A doll dressed as a nun. Eggzorcist: A doll wearing a bunny suit. She was first made as a gift to Ed Long’s then girlfriend, who returned the doll when the relationship broke up. These early handmade dolls have not been made as mainstream Living Dead Dolls as of January 2009: Unnamed witch doll: A doll dressed as a witch, with a pointed hat. Tall Lady: Some handmades used a taller, more adult-figured craft doll. Due to their height, these dolls are called Tall Ladies by collectors. Candy Rotten: The only handmade to have a name, this was a punk doll with a burning heart tattooed on her chest and candyfloss-coloured hair. Handmades (post-2001) After the dolls went into production, it was possible to request custom handmades directly from the creators. These custom handmades originally cost $666 apiece, later increased to $800. A custom handmade was the prize available to anyone who opened one of the five Series 5 blood-spattered chase dolls. In about 2004, Long & Glonek announced on the Mezco message boards that they would no longer accept commissions or make handmades to order, but would instead occasionally offer handmade dolls on eBay to the highest bidder. Living Dead Dolls Living Dead Dolls are 10″ (28cm) tall plastic dolls which are sold in coffin-shaped boxes. Most of the main series dolls come with a death certificate, except for the showbiz-themed Series 5, which had coroner’s reports. The death-date on the certificate is typically that of a significant historical event, or somebody’s birth or death. There is also a short poem about each doll printed on the coffin packaging and/or the death certificate. Series 1 (March 2001) Sadie Sin Posey Eggzorcist Damien Series one was first released in the USA, then later in Japan. There are two differences between these releases. The Japan dolls have a large white Japanese sticker on the bottom of their coffins and they also have holes in their hands just like the later series. However, they sell for the exact same amount and people hardly ever speak of the differences. Limited to about 35000 sets. Series 2 (October 2001) School Time Sadie Kitty Deadbra Ann Lizzie Borden Lou Sapphire Lizzie Borden is the first doll to be explicitly based on a real person, in this case Lizzie Borden. While many of the dolls may appear inspired by specific individuals, only three in the main line are explicitly based on real people. See also Dahlia (series 5) and Bathory (series 15). Limited to about 40000 sets Series 3 (March 2002) Bride of Valentine Sheena Lilith Lottie Schitzo Series 4 (September 2002) Inferno Sybil Lulu Ms Eerie Macumba Series 5 (March 2003) Jezebel Siren Dahlia Hollywood Vincent Vaude Dahlia is the second doll from the main line to be explicitly based on a real person, in this case Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia victim. To commemorate Series 5, a chase doll in a closed-casket version was randomly inserted into factory-sealed cases. This contained one of the regular Series 5 dolls in a black-and-white colorway. Unless the casket was opened, the doll it held was a mystery. One of each chase doll was blood-spattered. This was a golden ticket that won the finder a free handmade doll. A limited edition of 500 sets of sealed open-casket versions was made available only to members of Mezco’s online club. Series 666 (2003) Jinx Dottie Rose Hush Revenant Calico Isaac Dottie Rose was available with or without eyebrows, in a 50:50 ratio. Each doll came with a pet. Isaac is the only doll to be stuffed. Series 7 (2004) Lust (Mistress Demonika) Vanity (Madame Dysmorphic) Wrath (Bad Bette Jane) Envy (Eve-A-Go-Go) Sloth (Bed Time Sadie) Greed (Miss McGreedy) Gluttony (Vulgar the Obscene) This series was inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. Series 8 (2004) The Lost Hollow Grace of the Grave Faith Angus Littlrot The Lost was made in two versions. The “Black Lost” wore a black dress, and the “White Lost” wore a white dress. There were two “Black Losts” to each “White Lost.” Angus Littlrot had a sack over his head which covered one of three face variants. Series 9 (2005) Elisa Day Toxic Molly Dawn Blue Purdy Elisa Day was based on the song Where the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds featuring Kylie Minogue. A set of limited-edition glow-in-the-dark variants was exclusive to the Mezco Direct store. This was the first series to have a re-designed body articulation system, with ball and socket joints at shoulders, hips and neck. It is the first and only all-female series. Series 10 (2005) Mildread Demonique Arachne Tina Black Wolfgang To mark the tenth series, the lettering on the clear coffin lids was red. Series 11 (2006) Maggot Killbaby Jubilee Rain Isaiah Series 12 (2006) Chloe Tessa Frozen Charlotte Cuddles Ezekiel Series 13 (2007) Evangeline Iris Morgana Simone Jacob To mark Series 13 each doll was based on a different superstition. For example, Evangeline had a broken mirror. Series 14 (2007) Alison Crux Jasper Daisy Slae Dee K Gregory Series 15 (2008) Death Bathory Gypsy Flamingo Judas Bathory is the third doll from the main line to be explicitly based on a real person, in this case Countess Elizabeth Bthory. A set of limited-edition variants was exclusive to the Mezco Direct store. Only 300 sets were available worldwide. Series 16 (Halloween 2008) Eleanor Pumpkin Mishka Squeak Isabel This series was based on Halloween trick-or-treaters. A set of limited-edition orange-and-black variants was exclusive to the Mezco Direct store. Only 300 sets were available worldwide. Series 17 (2009) The Hook The Vanishing Hitchhiker The Unwilling Donor Spider Bite Bloody Mary This series is based on urban legends. Series 18 (Halloween 2009) Calavera Ingrid Gabriella Jingles Ember This series was based on Halloween trick-or-treaters. A set of limited-edition orange-and-black variants was exclusive to the Mezco Direct store. Series 19 (2010) Sabbatha Blood Sanguis Haemon Agana Orchid This series is based on vampires. Living Dead Doll Exclusives A number of Living Dead Dolls were made as exclusive issues to various distributors and retailers. Chiller Eggzorcist (April 2000): Limited to 30 pieces. Only available from the 2000 Chiller Theatre convention. These were regular Eggzorcist dolls which had been blood-spattered and re-sealed. Only 24 sold. Died and Doom (May 2001): Limited to 3,996 pieces. Exclusive to Tower Records. Retailed for $49.99 each. Penny (June 2001): Limited to 666 pieces. Exclusive to Toy2R/Easy Finder in Hong Kong. This doll is usually called Hong Kong Penny to distinguish her from the 2002 version. Sinister Minister and Bad Habit (black; August 2001): Limited to 4000 pieces. Exclusive to Spencer’s Gifts. Sinister Minister and Bad Habit (red; October 2001): Limited to 999 pieces. Exclusive to Toy2R in Hong Kong. Sinister Minister and Bad Habit (white; December 2001): Limited to 4000 pieces. Exclusive to Spencer’s Gifts. Tragedy (2002): Exclusive to Hot Topic. She was based on a non-Living Dead Dolls ragdoll called Tragedy Anne (a parody of Raggedy Ann) sold through Hot Topic stores. Penny (2002 version): Limited to 3000 pieces. This doll was only available through Club Mez. This doll is usually called Club Mez Penny to distinguish her from the 2001 version. Hazel and Hattie (May 2002): Limited to 3000 pieces. Exclusive to Tower Records. Mr Graves and Abigail Crane (2002): Limited to 3000 pieces. This set was available only to members of Club Mez, at a cost of $59.99. Blue Eggzorcist (July 2003): Limited to 3000 pieces. Only available from the San Diego Comic Convention for that year. There were 100 chase figures spattered with blood. Doctor Dedwin and Nurse Necro (July 2003): Exclusive to Previews. Suggested retail price was $45 USD. Jack The Ripper (August/September 2003): Limited to 4000 pieces. Exclusive to UK-based distributor Star Images. Psychobillies (Billy and Jilly; late 2003): Exclusive to Tower Records. Based on the psychobilly culture. Misery (late 2003): Exclusive to Hot Topic. As with Tragedy, Misery was based on a ragdoll sold through the Hot Topic store. Trick and Treat (Hemlock and Honey; Halloween 2004): Limited to 3,996 pieces. Exclusive to Marz Distribution. Walpurgis (2003): Named for Walpurgis Night, this doll was exclusive to Close Up and only available at retail in Europe. The Great Zombini and Viv (2004): Exclusive to Tower Records. Cookie (2004): Exclusive to Spencer’s Gifts. Jack and Jill (black and white; July 2004): Limited to 1500 pieces. Only available from the San Diego Comic Convention for that year. 200 chase figure sets were made in a glow-in-the-dark blood-spattered variant version. Jack and Jill (red and black; August 2004): Limited to 1500 pieces. Only available from the Mezco online store. As with the earlier set, 200 chase figure sets were made in a glow-in-the-dark blood-spattered variant version. Captain Bonney (2005): Exclusive to Hot Topic. Based on Anne Bonny Jeepers (2005): Limited to 1666 pieces, 250 of which were variants. This doll was made available only to members of Club Mez. The character had appeared previously as a Living Dead Ragdoll in 2004. Resurrection Series 1 (July 2007): Limited to 400 pieces. Only available from the San Diego Comic Convention for that year, plus 100 sets from Mezco. This set contained all-new versions of Sybil, Posey, Kitty, and Lottie. There were 50 chase figure sets in an alternative design. Resurrection Series 2: The Second Coming (July 2008): Limited to 525 pieces. Only available from the 2008 San Diego Comic Convention, Mezco Direct and Club Mez. There were 75 variant sets available through Mezco. This set contained all-new versions of Lou Sapphire, Sadie, Lilith, and Lulu. Resurrection Series 3 (July 2009): Only available from the 2009 San Diego Comic Convention, Mezco Direct and Club Mez. This set contained all-new versions of Bride Of Valentine, Ezekiel, Sheena, and Sin. A variant set in an alternative design is also available. 10th Anniversary Eggzorcist (USA) (October 2008): Limited to 666 pieces. This doll was only available in America and Canada. It wears a red & black bunny suit. 10th Anniversary Eggzorcist (UK) (October 2008): Limited to 666 pieces. This doll was only available in Europe. It wears a grey bunny suit. 10th Anniversary Eggzorcist (Asia) (October 2008): Limited to 666 pieces. This doll was only available in Asia. It wears a yellow & green bunny suit. Twisted Love Set: Rose and Violet (January 2010): Rose, dressed in red, Violet in blue. Each doll is sold separately and includes a unique charm that can be worn; combine both charms to create a symbol of star-crossed love. Packed in special edition coffins. Living Dead Dolls Presents The Living Dead Dolls Presents… line is a spin-off from the main line. The dolls are based on well-known characters from horror and gothic art, film, and literature. Nosferatu was the first Presents… doll to be released in 2003. Nosferatu (2003): Came in a double coffin with a Victim doll. Based on the 1922 film Nosferatu. Exclusive to Diamond Previews. Edward Scissorhands (Summer 2005): Exclusive to San Diego Comic Con and other conventions that summer. Came in a box rather than a coffin. Based on the title character of the Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands. American Gothic(2004): Came in a double coffin. Based on the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood. Exclusive to Spencer’s Gifts. Jason Voorhees (2006 version): Based on the character from the Friday the 13th horror films. He was the Summer Exclusive for the 2006 San Diego Comic Con and Wizard World Chicago conventions. He was also available through the Mezco Direct Store and Club Mez. Leatherface (2007): Based on the character Leatherface from the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Romeo and Juliet (2007): Loosely based on the tragic leads of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is presented as a punk and Juliet as a Goth. Otis and Cindy (2007): Came in a box rather than a coffin. Available worldwide. Based on characters from the film House of 1000 Corpses. Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee (2008):Came in a double coffin. Based on author Edgar Allan Poe and the subject of his last poem, Annabel Lee. Captain Spaulding (2008): Came in a box rather than a coffin. Available worldwide. Based on a character from the film House of 1000 Corpses. Jason Voorhees (2009 version): Based on the character from the Friday the 13th horror films. American Gothic (2009 version): Came in a double coffin. Based on the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood. Exclusive to Spencer’s Gifts. Michael Myers (2009): Based on the infamous maniac from the new 2009 Halloween II by Rob Zombie. Dressed in film-specific costume, and comes with a bloody knife. Michael Myers: Glow In The Dark Limited Edition (2009): Based on the infamous maniac from the new 2009 Halloween II by Rob Zombie. Dressed in film-specific costume, and comes with a bloody knife. Limited to 666 pieces and exlcusive to Mezco Direct. Saw Puppet Doll (2010): Based on the character from the Saw (film) horror films. Living Dead Dolls In Wonderland (February 2010): Living Dead Dolls reimagined as characters from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Sadie as Alice, Sybil as The Mad Hatter, Eggzorcist as The White Rabbit, and Inferno as The Queen of Hearts. A variant set of the dolls which included an orange version of the Cheshire Cat was exclusive to Mezco Direct. Freddy Krueger (2010): Based on the character from the 2010 remake of the Nightmare on Elm Street horror film. Freddy Krueger: Classic Version (2010): Based on the original character from the Nightmare on Elm Street horror films. Beetlejuice (2010): Based on the character from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice and Lydia: Wedding Set (2011): Based on the characters from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Living Dead Dolls In Wonderland: The Cheshire Cat (January 2010): Exclusive to Asia, UK and Hot Topic in the U.S. Living Dead Dolls’ Jinx reimagined as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Living Dead Dolls Miniatures (2002-2009) Between 2002 and 2005, scaled-down versions of Series 1 to 4 were produced, along with a number of exclusives. The first three series of minis corresponded to the first three series of the main line, with one exception. As a miniature School Time Sadie had been offered with the Living Dead Dolls Stationery Set, a new version of Sadie was designed specially for the Series 2 minis. This was Bed Time Sadie. This version of Sadie eventually became a full-size doll in Series 7 due to popular demand. The miniature dolls came in small coffin boxes with separate miniature nooses to enable them to be used as key fob attachments. In 2009, it was announced that a sixth series of miniatures, depicting full-size Series 16, would be released. Miniatures Series 1 (2002) Sadie Posey Damien Eggzorcist Sin As well as being available individually, the complete set could be bought in a Mausoleum I box set exclusive to Spencer’s Gifts with miniature versions of the red-dressed Sinister Minister and Bad Habit. Miniatures Series 2 (March 2003) Bed Time Sadie Kitty Deadbra Ann Lizzie Borden Lou Sapphire These dolls were only available individually. Miniatures Series 3 (late 2003) Bride of Valentine Sheena Lilith Lottie Schitzo As well as being available individually, the complete set could be bought in a Mausoleum II box set exclusive to Spencer’s Gifts with miniature versions of that year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Blue Eggzorcist and a variant Bedtime Sadie. Miniatures Series 4 (2004) Doom Died Doctor Dedwin Nurse Necro Penny These dolls were only available individually. Unlike the original full size versions, these dolls were not exclusive to certain distributors. Mini Penny was based on the 2003 “Club Mez Penny”. Miniatures Series 5 (2004) Inferno Sybil Lulu Ms Eerie Macumba Although the fifth set of miniatures, this set depicts the full size Series 4. They were only available individually. They were the last full series of Living Dead Dolls miniatures to be manufactured and widely distributed until the release of the miniature set depicting Series 16 in 2009. Miniatures Series 6 (2009) Isabel Pumpkin Squeak Eleanor Mishka Although the sixth set of miniatures, this set depicts the full size Series 16. A set of limited-edition orange-and-black variants was exclusive to the Mezco Direct store. Miniatures Series 7 (2010) The Lost Rain Frozen Charlotte Death Morgana Exclusive Miniatures Hong Kong Toy2R Miniatures (2001): Limited to 999 sets. Exclusive to Toy2R and the Plug In Toys 2001 convention in Hong Kong. This set featured Sadie, Posey, and Eggzorcist in black & purple outfits. This set had glow-in-the-dark eyes. Hong Kong Club Mez Miniatures (2002): Limited to 500 sets. Exclusive to the Asian division of Club Mez. Near-identical to the above set, but with glow-in-the-dark heads rather than just glowing eyes. Japan Toy2R Miniatures (2002): Limited to 999 sets. Exclusive to Toy2R in Japan. This set featured Sadie, Posey, and Eggzorcist in red outfits. This set had glow-in-the-dark eyes. Japan Club Mez Miniatures (2002): Limited to 500 sets. Exclusive to the Asian division of Club Mez. Near-identical to the above set, but with glow-in-the-dark heads rather than just glowing eyes. Bloody Eggzorcist (2003): Limited to 3000 pieces and solely available at the 2003 FX Extravaganza convention, this was a variant of the Eggzorcist miniature spattered with blood. Tragedy and Misery (2004): Exclusive to Hot Topic. This was the only double-coffin miniature set to be produced. Jeepers (2005): Exclusive to the goody bag given to new members of Club Mez. This doll was never sold commercially. Damien and Sierra (2003): Limited to around 50 sets. These dolls represented creator Damien Glonek and his wife Sierra, and were made as a wedding favour for the guests at their wedding. They were never sold commercially. An X-mas Carol Minis Boxset (November 2009): Exclusive to Mezco Direct in the U.S. and Forbidden Planet in the U.K. Based on the four ghosts from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victims(2003-2004) The Fashion Victims were 13″ (33cm) tall fashion dolls made of soft vinyl over a wire armature. They were based upon dolls from the original 11″ line. They did not come with death certificates or poems, but did have a second change of clothing. The line was discontinued after Series 2. Fashion Victims Series 1 (2003) Sadie Kitty Sheena Lilith (black dress) Chiller Theatre Exclusive Lilith (red dress; limited to 666): The Chiller Theatre Exclusive Lilith was available only during Halloween 2003 at the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey. Hot Topic Exclusive Lilith (white dress): Unknown number in existence. The white version was never released into Hot Topic stores as originally planned. Sheena came with one of two eye paint versions. Lilith was also made in a non-bloody variant version. This series came with “Deadmate of the Month” (a parody of Playmate of the Month) posters showing the dolls posed provocatively. Fashion Victims Series 2 (2004) Inferno Hollywood Sybil Lulu Series 2, released in 2004, was redesigned with smaller breasts, making it markedly less provocative. There were no Deadmate posters, and no variants. Living Dead Dollies (2004-2005) The Living Dead Dollies were horror baby dolls similar to Krypt Kiddies and based on main series dolls. The line was discontinued after Series 2. Living Dead Dollies series 1 (2004) Posey Hush Sybil Lulu Living Dead Dollies series 2 (2005) Sheena Eggzorcist Inferno Schitzo Living Dead Dollies exclusive Lilith: The Lilith Dollie was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive released in Summer 2005. She came in a sealed black bag, with 600 ‘normal’ dolls in a black dress, and 200 chase figure glow-in-the-dark variants in red. Living Dead Ragdolls Series 1 (2004) Jeepers Moana Orchid Unlike all other Living Dead Doll spin-offs, the Ragdolls were all-new characters. Jeepers was later remade as a Club Mez exclusive Living Dead Doll, and a Living Dead Doll version of Orchid forms part of Series 19. Living Dead Ragdolls exclusive Dementia: Summer Exclusive for the 2005 San Diego Comic Con. She was also available through Club Mez. She came in a sealed black bag. There was a black-and-white chase figure variant. Other Official Merchandise Barware From May 2002 to 2004, three sets of drinking glasses were produced by Crystal Etching Co as part of their Drink With The Living Dead series of horror-themed barware. They featured original Living Dead Dolls artwork by Damien Glonek. In production order, they were: I Ate My Mommy boxed set of 4 tumblers. Limited to 333 sets. Series One set of 5 glasses with 17oz capacity, with coasters. Limited to 666 sets. Series Two set of 5 pint glasses. Limited to 666 sets. Lunch Tins (2002) At least three Living Dead Dolls lunchboxes were made in the following designs: Series One lunchbox which used the photograph from the original trade advertisement for Series 1 Series Two lunchbox which used the photograph from the original trade advertisement for Series 2 Gravestone with the Living Dead Dolls logo and nine dolls peering from behind it Stationery Set (2002) This was a set of Living Dead Dolls themed stationery including a 6.66 inch ruler, erasers, writing paper and envelopes. A miniature doll of School Time Sadie was included in the set. Pencil Sharpeners (2003) Two novelty pencil sharpeners were made based on the heads of Posey and Sadie. The pencil was inserted in an eye socket and the shavings came out of the mouth. The Posey pencil sharpener appears in a scene in the film Mr and Mrs Smith. Head Knockers (2003) Resin bobblehead figurines were made of four early series dolls. These were produced by NECA rather than by Mezco. The first two, Posey and Eggzorcist were released early 2003. Lizzie Borden and Lou Sapphire were released later the same year, but no others were made. Living Dead Dolls Board Game (late 2003) The board game was designed by Matthew Nuccio and released in late 2003. Porcelain Dolls (2003) In 2003, 18 inch porcelain dolls of Posey and Abigail Crane were made. They had porcelain heads, hands and feet. The porcelain Abigail Crane was exclusive to Mezco Online while the porcelain Posey (limited to 4000 pieces) was distributed worldwide. Party Lights (2003) This was a string of lights, similar to fairy lights. The bulb shades were transcluent vinyl heads with rooted hair depicting LDD characters Posey, School Time Sadie, Kitty, Schitzo, and Lulu. Jewelry (2010) A limited edition version of the necklace featured in the Twisted Love set. The necklace features heart and dagger charms designed in inky black with blood-red highlights. Each hangs from 17 individual, adjustable chains that can be worn solo, or paired together with the dagger piercing the heart. It is a limited edition of 200 pieces and is exclusive to Mezco Direct. Vinyl Banners Printed on durable 10 oz. vinyl, the banners measure 18 inches wide by 36 inches tall (approximate). LDD Series 18 Limited Edition Retail Banner (2009) Only 200 pieces made. Features the series 18 dolls with and without their masks. Living Dead Dolls In Wonderland Vinyl Banner (2010) Features four of the most popular LDDs reimagined as characters from Wonderland. Living Dead Dolls in Wonderland Book (Feb 2010) A limited edition hardback book, limited to 1500 first edition printings, which re-imagines Alice’s adventures in Wonderland with full color digital illustrations featuring some of the most popular Living Dead Dolls as Alice characters. External links The Living Dead Dolls Official Archive The Living Dead Dolls Network – Community Fansite Bibliography Moore, Robin, Living Dead Dolls: Value & Reference Guide to Collecting (2005) ISBN 978-0764322938 References ^ a b c Interview with Ed Long & Damien Glonek, July 4th 2004 Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ a b Interview with Ed Long & Damien Glonek, 2002 Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ a b c d e f g Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ a b Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ a b Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ ToyFare Magazine #83, July 2004 Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ The Living Dead Dolls Archive: Pencil Sharpeners Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Goth designer creates Living Dead Dolls game Accessed 23-2-2010 ^ Living Dead Dolls in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Released Accessed 23-2-2010 Categories: Doll brands

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Japan Bride

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

Japan bride

Japanese Mail Order Brides – Rare Jewels

The Internet woods are thick with mail order brides from Russia, China, and the Philippines as well as dozens of third world countries. Nevertheless many men prefer Japanese women they are thought to make the best wives in the world. But now that Japan is a developed nation, however, are mail order brides still available from Japan?

Well, yes – but not nearly in as great a number as before. Ironically, the entire mail order bride phenomenon started out decades ago with Japanese-American men would write to their families back home asking help in finding a Japanese bride (in fact, arranged marriages are not at all uncommon in Japan even today). The man’s parents would find a candidate and the two would marry despite barely knowing each other – they might even meet for the first time at the wedding. The practice of arranged marriages – marrying a bride you barely know, chosen by your parents – was the rule rather than the exception in Japan until recently. Since at that time the US was far richer than Japan, Japanese-Americans could easily find a bride from the Old Country – to marry for economic reasons only was thought quite normal. Due to the Western romantic tradition, this practice struck most Americans as rather strange, and the term “mail order bride” came into being.

These days quite a few American men are looking for a “mail order bride” from another country. There are a number of reasons for this. Although Japan is now a developed country, there are still quite a few of Japanese women promoting themselves as mail order brides on the Internet. One advantage of Japan being a developed country is that Japanese women are far less likely than women from third world nations to marry only for economic reasons – that’s right, you’re may have to win her heart before she will marry you! But hey, that should be a good sign.

The Western stereotype of Japanese women as submissive handmaidens is not necessarily true anymore, and that applies double to mail order brides. Because of the relatively low status of women in Japanese society, a lot of Japanese women seek to marry Western men because they believe them to be less authoritarian than Japanese men. Yeah, it’s also true that “traditional” Japanese women are more submissive. But traditional women rarely marry foreign men – after all, marrying a foreigner (and living overseas) is not a particularly traditional thing to do. Nevertheless, after living in Japan for several years, I speak from experience when I say that Japanese women are by and large quite caring and considerate (and some of them are LOTS of fun!). If you are looking for a foreign bride, in my opinion Japanese women are your best bet.

Japan bride
Local Heroes 2010
A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles,” said actor/activist Christopher Reeve. Reeve—a hero onscreen and in life—could have been speaking about any one of the 18 folks who were selected as this year’s Local Heroes.

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Polish Mail Order Brides

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

Polish mail order brides
Polish mail order brides

Benefits of Getting a Polish Wife

You’re at another wedding. As the wedding party leaves and the caterers clean up the leftover food, you marvel at the fact that your last single friend has gotten married. During the wedding, no one dares ask the obvious question, “When is it your turn?” And as you sit there thinking the very same thought, you ponder the benefits of buying a cat and naming her Wiskas.

Love and marriage in the twenty first century are still illusive for many people who are single and hating it. With the advent of Internet dating, it should be really easy to find, date, and marry as many people as you’d like. However, for most, they have not been successful because they have geographically confined their search for love. Yes, there are the stereotypical relationships that involve some American wanting a mail order bride. However, there also are real relationships that turn into marriages between people from two different countries and cultures.

First of all one common belief among American men is that foreign women know the purpose of getting married and so they try to work toward that purpose to make the marriage work. For example, one of the best-kept secrets in dating cross continentally is courting Russian and Polish women. When dating a woman from Eastern Europe (especially from Poland as most girls from Poland tend to know English well and the Western Culture is not “shocking” for them at all), you will not have to deal with the bitterness that is found in many American women, as Russian and Polish women still believe in the idea of true love. In addition to their innocence, Polish women and foreign women in general do not have hang ups about gender roles, as do many American women. So they work toward making their husbands and the marriage happy.

Another benefit to marrying or dating a woman from a different country is that it will turn you into a more generous person. Only in the United States is there this desire to work toward individual happiness and wealth. Using women form Eastern Europe again as an example, many of them are reliable and generous of heart. Their society teaches them to think about the community rather than just themselves. This trait is very beneficial in finding a suitable marriage partner. If you date and marry a woman from Poland, then you definitely won’t have to worry about your wife’s selfishness because they are very loving and giving women. For instance, James* met Agnieszka through an online website that matches American men with Polish women.

According to James, “It’s been the best decision I have made in my entire life because she is so giving to me and my daughters.” And Agnieszka is happy too. She says she loves that James treats her like a Queen. The couple’s plans include a wedding later this summer.

Conversely, like anything in life, you must be careful before entering long-term relationships with women from different countries. One common stereotype that still rings true, unfortunately, is that future wives from foreign countries will use men to gain citizenship. But this problem is no different than when you date an American woman who may be using you for money. Simply taking the time to get to know the woman that you would like to marry easily solves this problem. David* said he was a little nervous about committing to Agnieszka because he had heard horror stories of being left only a few weeks of marriage.

David says, “Once I got to know Agnieszka, I knew that she intended to be with me for life. It wasn’t an act. She really loved me, and it showed in her actions toward me. In the end, she become my Polish wife.”

David said he learned that when men are used in this way it is because they have been physically abusive to his wife, and happened a lot more in the mail order business where women are overwhelmingly abused. He further distinguishes between the two ways of meeting a wife. Mail order wives never meet their husbands other than the one time. The husbands do not view them in any other way but as a housewife and a sexual partner. This is not wise, according to David.

“You leave yourself open to being taken advantage of by the mere fact that you know very little about the person you will marry,” David adds. “Incidentally, American women are just as likely to take advantage in some way–you have to be careful either way.”

Another problem that may interfere in the relationship is cultural differences. However, David says that cultural differences really become minimized and once you realize that you love that person so much you work through those differences.

“When you court a woman from a different country, the experience can be mind blowing-at least was for me,” David continues. He and Agnieszka have been married 20 years and have four grown children.

All in all, the benefits outweigh the dangers in choosing a wife from another country. If you choose to date someone from another country, you open yourself up to learning to give and receive love, and you also will have a dependable wife and mother. The dangers in dating someone from another country (from Poland in this case) are the same dangers that face you when dating someone online or someone you meet at a club or bar. These dangers can be avoided by spending quality time with the woman and getting to know her. Are you still nervous? Well, your other alternative is a cat, endless days of kitty litter, and countless other weddings where you wonder, “When is it my turn?”

Marriage Advice:

How can I get the people I work with to stop annoying my wife when she comes to where I work?

I work in an office and pretty much hate my job but it pays well so I shouldn’t complain. The thing is whenever my wife comes into work the people in my office tease her. She’s pregnant and they call her fat. She’s Polish and she gets called ‘Cheap Labour’, ‘Mail Order Bride’ and they laugh when she speaks Polish to out two year old daughter. When I arrive at work 4 mornings out of 5 I’ve had forms for mail order brides stuck to my computer or been signed up to a mail order website or given the immigration phone know to as they put it ‘have my illegal citizen wife deported’. One of the women has bitten my daughter because her three year old bite my daughter when we could bring our kids to work and my daughter bit her back but not as hard (she never left any marks it was just a very gentle bite even though I told her off for it she was still bitten by a grown woman)

It’s doing my head it and really upsetting her and my daughter.

This is simple bullying and harassment. Report these b’stards to everyone you can. They are vermin and deserve nothing less.

Hot Mail Order Brides

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hot mail order brides
Mail Order Bride

Foreign Bride Questions:

Are Mail Order Brides backing everyone else up?

I’m not being racist against Americans (I myself am American) but just an honest question. If there weren’t so many dirty old rich American men that bought their brides off the internet, so they could get a young hot chick to bang whenever they want and the occasional affection and company a woman can give a man with a fake smile planted on their face, who cringe every time they have to kiss him… Do you think us people who are genuinely in love with our partners and long to be with them, do you think the wait would be quite as long? Would get decisions a lot quicker????? Quite honestly, people who ‘order’ their brides off the internet make me sick!
PS I’m all for online relationships, that’s how I met my fiance, but to have the intention to pick a foreign girl based on her looks, then pay for her ticket, her citizenship and her knockers, is wrong wrong wrong!!!!
Odd how all the guys answered are sticking up for mail order brides…..Hmmmm says a lot!

hah i like how its all guys who have answered this question.. and they all seem to agree. wierd…. but yes i agree with you. it makes me sick as well.

Can a Mail Order Marriage Really Work Out?

Before you begin developing connections with these beautiful Russian women, you may wonder about the outcome. 

Is this all just fun and games? Is a real marriage with a mail order bride actually possible? 

It is real and it is definitely possible. Here’s why a relationship with a hot Russian bride will last. 

Your Investment

When you are investing your time and your money into an online dating site, you are obviously serious about finding your soul mate. In addition, since most Russian women are ready for marriage and eager to start a family at a young age, they are very serious about this search as well. Being this committed to your goal definately helps insure success. 

Her Sacrifice

Men are quick to think that Russian women are eager to marry abroad to escape their country. A home is a home. Russian women are very proud of their country and their culture. There are actually many things that she gives up when she moves away. She could be leaving behind her family, friends, and career, all of which she will miss terribly when moving to another country. But these are the sacrifices that she is willing to make in order to find true love and happiness. 

Your Differences

Going into this unique matchmaking experience you already know there will be differences. Your Russian bride may not speak your language, or may not understand your culture. These challenges are the things that will make your love grow stronger. You both already know there will be some hurdles, but the fact that you want to wed in spite of these things prove that this is a relationship that’s ready to go the distance. 

After considering all of these things that factor into an online romance with a Russian mail order bride, you can see that this is a life changing experience. Sure, online dating is fun and exciting, but there is serious goal in the end. You can have a lasting, successful marriage with a Russian bride!

Mail Order Brides Asian

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mail order brides Asian
mail order brides Asian

Mail Order Brides Aren’t What They Used To Be

If you are like me, when you think of mail order brides you think of something like this:

A man picks up a cataloged at the local hardware store and thumbs through a few pages. Having found an article of great interest entitled “How to soup up you lawn mower in three easy steps” he stealthily slips the free publication into the bag with his purchase and drives home.

A few hours later he finds time to read the much anticipated article. After consuming the information with sponge-like interest, he sifts through the rest of the cataloged ready to catch the latest info. He finally gets to the small adds on the last few pages and notices something different. An add for “Mail order brides”. Being a single man some 6 months now, he thinks to himself ” Hey! Why don’t I just order a wife!”. So he dials the 800 number listed and goes through the usual questionnaire: Age? Height? Race? …etc. Then places the order on his credit card ( a whopping $7,457.99  USD, plus air fair). He then meets his mail order bride at the airport and drives her home. Because she is made to order, they live happily ever after. Badda-bing, Badda-boom. Done.

Well … not really.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but today’s mail order bride comes in a slightly different package. The modern mail order bride places herself on display for the purpose of true love and matrimony. It is known, for instance, that Southeast Asian men are perceived by their female counterparts as being unfaithful. Besides, in today’s society, we meet our mail order brides the old fashioned way – online! That’s right! You get to meet her face to face, have several meetings, talk a lot and really get to know one another. You find out each others interests, likes, dislikes; not to mention all around general impression. Then if you both feel that twinge of excitement, you can meet for real and already feel that you know the person. Its great!

In contrast to the wild west tales of American lore where the miner orders his mail order bride from a hardware store catalogue, the modern way is much better thanks to the internet. So, I think its fair to say that Mail Order Brides aren’t what they used to be.

Vietnam Mail Order Brides of South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore

Philippine Brides

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Philippine brides
Philippine brides

Philippine Brides and Relationships

Proceed With Caution

A word of caution about the growing popularity of dating websites and marriage match-making sites catering to the Philippines. During the past 10 years, with the rapid growth and increased access to the Internet, the websites have boomed in number, offering relationships and dating opportunities with beautiful women from the Philippines. The number of sites offering single Philippine women seeking marriage is in the 1000’s, with some of the most popular being those like Cherry Blossoms and many others. Please be aware that NO website, no matter its reputation or claim, is immune from relationship fraud or scams.

Relationship fraud can come in the form of advance fee fraud (need help with visa, family emergency, etc) and many others – with the underlying factor always being money in advance. There are many decent women in the Philippines who are honestly seeking a life change, an opportunity to marry a Western man and leave the Philippines. Others, however, are out purely for the monetary gain and recent estimates (U.S. losses alone) are well over $5M USD annual that is going directly to scammers in the Philippines. Many of these fraud operations are ran from Internet cafes and are often managed by men, or committed by men portraying themselves as women. With that said, finding a decent bride or meaningful relationship in the Philippines is certainly possible. However, a professional background check is not only a wise investment financially, but the information uncovered can often bring peace of mind, and save one from a whole lot of heartache. Get her checked out early whenever possible!

Some firms, such as Wymoo International, can bring criminal operations to justice in the event that fraud is uncovered. This cannot be overlooked, as many victims (between 80 and 90%) do not report these crimes to the appropriate authorities due to embarrassment or lack of know how to report the crime. Lastly, these scam operations are growing, so please use caution!! If she asks for money and falls in love fast, watch out!!

Best of luck as always,

A. Hathaway

Marriage Advice:

Filipino Women?

I am an Englishman married to a Filipino, i met her here in the U.K where she was working as a nurse. When we met she had already been in U.K long enough to get her citizenship on her own, she did not need to marry me to get it. I have been to the Philippines now several times, what i want to know is why do Filipinos still treat her like a mail order bride?????. I am 44 and she is 51.
Why also are Filipino women the most beautiful minded women in the world, and i have travelled the world in my lifetime.

They are treating her as mail-order-bride because that thing is rampant in the foreign scene. Plus everybody is judgmental.

My cousin has the same experience like you and it’s really irritating them But they have to explain her roots over and over again or else people will think she’s the a cheap girl.

Good for you if u think Filipino women are the most “beautiful-minded” in the world because ur wife must be taking care of you to death.

Best wishes to u and ur wife.

Just try to ignore

Incoming search terms:

Chinese Mail Order Brides

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Chinese mail order brides

Advantages of Eastren Eropean brides

These are qualities that are harder in consideration of come by in the cultures of the wealthiest developed countries. The great manhood concerning these

women are from northern Asia including the philippines, countries of the former Soviet Union, and to a dropped height from latin america. This is a rush that is

breed on route to continue and because it grows in popularity, the payoff cortex force bride should loose it’s negative wale and effect soon subsist seen in a

positive light. Numbers affairs these men recognition that these qualities are composite obvious with mail order brides. Nations that often assent mail-order

brides are the collective States, canada, connected Kingdom, southern korea, taiwan, germany, and australia in today’s modern world, mail-order bride is a the

likes of applied so as to a fair sex who publishes him intent to marry someone from spare country.
In most cases these women are set in developing countries while the men who are seeking a outside old woman are located drag the pluralistic disgustingly rich

enriched countries. Therefore, me had en route to go to bed to europe at the expectation of securing a bride. Etc. Furthermore, the women of these less

transformed cultures manage to be further ethnic oriented, nurturing, and traditional. Japanese and chinese Immigrants of the 20th century sought

extramundane brides from their homelands insofar as the gist about the immigrants that arrived tonight from those countries were men. At the aforementioned

yet these mail order brides often come from manlike dominated cultures. Various studies and statistics force formulaic out that cross homiletic marriages and

relationships polar longer likewise domal ones. It’s count me out capture that mail word bride sites are flapping up everywhere, and that marriages between

American the big battalions and send off impost brides is for the mending as well. Arranged marriages in this fashion have been carried outgate inasmuch as

thousands of years and they maintain to breathe a common way against people headed for go on married.
It’s a known fact that the early settlers of the american continent, the major allocate pertinent to whom were men, were not able until not decide brides means

of access their admit everything country. Sometimes, the persons and women meditative were citizens of respective countries. Historically, mail-order brides

were women who listed themselves in catalogs and were selected therewith men for marriage. Many years later, during the wide world War 2, American GIs

started picturization liking donnishness in passage to women they had never met near the in any event expectation in mind. The Real Truth nearabouts carrier

pigeon pull the strings brides the ascertained ineluctability in connection with post order brides and cross enlightening relationships is that bureaucracy work.

Later the lose altitude about the congress union, large pinball upon eastern European women advertised themselves gangway such a way; primarily secret

places from Russia, Ukraine and moldova. The units from these countries are often seeking a windy limit partner, who can take prevalent the imperious motherly

role that is so reputable within the family structure. Mail-order brides traditionally muchness from developing countries. Having experienced the opposite

cessation of life relating to the spectrum, to what Western men experience, these women appreciate the qualities in point of the men from the more developed

countries including their education, culture, dedication, language. This was the majuscule in association with women from European countries moving to the

combinatory states during the 18th and 19th centuries. Avant-garde the past, heaven-wide marriage agencies allowed women so that sign sky so be listed

present-time picture magazines; now the internet has to the hilt deviant this mode with online profiles and faster communication methods.
The mail grand cordon bride grain often enough with place today is by no means a new one. Even overgrown nations enjoy Japan, canada, and Sweden seize

the meaning ungrudging amounts of unreticent mail order brides.

Ukrainian Women Ukrainian Dating Ukrainian Girls

Chinese mail order brides

Incoming search terms:

Japanese Mail Order Brides

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Japanese mail order brides
Japanese mail order brides

So You Want to Date Asian Women – Dating in Demand

This article is entitled “SO YOU WANT TO DATE AN ASIAN GIRL ?”

Why have I written this article you might ask ?

Well I’ve dated many different women from many different cultures (Asian,

Latina, African American, Caucasian American, Caucasian-European) and

let me tell you there are some major differences between the culture

you’re used to and a different female from a different culture.

First off this isn’t about race. Lets get that cleared up. That’s a entirely

different topic that usually deals with a society thing and how they

see dating interracially. This is just about cultural differences

and what a female specifically from the ASIAN culture will expect once

you’re dating. I’ve dated many types of Asian women so I have this down

to a science.

Secondly don’t look at anything I say in this article as a slam on Asians,

nor Asian women. Every culture has their beauty but they also have

their ugly side. If you’re not in their culture it’s Taboo to talk about

it openly without someone saying you’re putting them down. That’s to be

expected. Just please take this as helpful information you can use as a guide

if you descide or are currently dating a Asian woman.

Just like with any culture there are misconceptions based on what a person

may see on TV or the movies. A person may think all Latin women have nice booties

or can salsa dance, or African American women can cook really good and have nice booties too,

and Asian women are quite, shy, and submissive to men. Well we’re here to talk about Asian women

so let’s dispell the myth. 95% of Asian women aren’t shy, quite, nor submissive !

They’re actually HUGELY A STARK cONTRAST from this ! This is where things get a little on the

Taboo side. Most men that has had a long term relationship with Asian woman will tell you

they’re actually quite bossy, materialistic, and mean. WHOA huh ! Sorry to burst your bubble

fellas, but this is the truth, and it’s not a race thing it’s a cultural thing. Huh ?

Let me explain. Asian culture is known to be a culture with little hugs, and warm compliments.

That is for the kids growing up in this culture. I know you’re thinking “but that old Asian

lady at work is so nice”. I’m sure she is, but this is also the face that we all show in public

(our best one). Think about this. Have you ever heard a old Asian lady make a funny but rude

comment about something or someone ? Like “why you cut your hair like that, it’s ugly?” “Or,

your fat, you need to lose weight”. It seems funny at the time but this is how they speak to their

kids, and other family members when thier home. It’s common place. There is harsh criticsm or little

in the way of compliments. Lets say a young lady in this enviorment cleans the house for her mother

instead of saying thank you the mother might rass her and criticize her about the job done, even if the

house is spotless ! Well guess what when she gets into a relationship after the honeymoon phase

is done she will be repeating this kind of behavior on her man, and potetionally her future kids.

It’s a cycle.

Many Asian families are tight-knit. However, the way the interact with each other is with

criticism instead of compliments. Parents rarely hug their children, instead they complain at

them. Now I’m not saying these families aren’t loving, In their own way they are, but this common

place with Asian homes (example – “you think this house is clean, i still see dirt everywhere”).

This goes hand and hand with BOSSY. Most Asian parents with be to a degree Bossy with their

kids which pruduces women that are BOSSY with thier boyfriends, and Husbands.

I thought Asian women were submissive to thier men ? Submissive ? Asian women

have their role in Asian culture, but it’s not what most men think it is. It’s usually a role

of dominance and control. first off look at old Asian culture. Some Asian Cultures have had

women leaders for long periods of time. If they were submissive and had this male dominated

society how could this be the case ? Well, I’m telling you it’s not the case.

In most Asian homes it’s not only the kids that deal with criticism but it’s also the husband.

He didn’t do enough yard work, or didn’t give her enough money for shopping needs,

or doesn’t work hard enough at his job, or didn’t complete a project fast or good enough for her,

or didn’t fill up the minivan with gas, or , or, or, or. You might say American women complain

too. Yes, they sure do, but let me assure you this is to a new level. In this culture nothing

this husband can do will be right. Their are no thank yous, just “but you didn’t do this”.

Most older Asian men fade into the backgrownd why their wives run the show. Most drink hard, and

smoke alot as a result. The wives tend to be shuffling around doing something and complaining

about something that wasn’t done right while the husband sleeps in a easy chair (after a few drinks).

Most Asian men growing up in this cultural see it and accept it as it’s all they know. Most women

repeat the patterns of their mother. The problem comes in when Johnny white boy meets a Asian girl at work,

at the park, on the internet, or at the niteclub. He sees this beautiful exotic female, and her

nice shy way and thinks “wow, I’m lucking out here”. Then after 9 months of dating her and her

being super nice something happens. It’s what I like the call “THE EVENT”. “THE EVENT” is first the time

her real personality comes out. It’s usually over something really, really small. You

might spill a drink. You might be 5 minutes late picking he up somewhere. You might forget to open

up the car door for her, or you might turn down a invite to one of the many Asian family parties

you’ve gone to. These small things are the triggers to make “THE EVENT” happen. What happens though ?

Well let’s put it this way buckle up my friend and get ready for the most scarest ride of your life!

This once nice shy, peaceful, submissive woman will turn 180 degrees on you. First off I’ve met many

men over the years that have had these things happen to them during “THE EVENT”. Soda cans thrown

at them, slapped, yelled at, mean hurtful things said, furniture thrown (chairs, etc). An you’re thinking

“I was just five minutes late”. Or “I’ve been to 20 parties and I’m just saying no to this one

because I’m tired, what’s going on here ?” Whatever the situation is this doesn’t warrant this

kind of behavior on her part.

The problem is this is now the tip of the iceburg. Chances are at some point she might apologize,

but a month later this behavior will rear it’s ugly head again. As time goes on the apologies

will get less, and the behavior more prevelant. Some may be more violent. Some may be less viloent

and more wordy, meaning they will criticize everything you do or don’t do. This constant behavior

usually will happen when the relationship has been going a while. It builds up til this is all it

is. Before you know it that submissive, nice, shy person is gone. All you’re stuck with now

is a woman, that’s bossy, shows little love, criticizes everthing you do, is never satisfied,

and has total control over your relationship. Here’s the funny thing too, everything she yells

at you about she will hypocritically do herself ! HUH ? Yes, if she spills a drink it’s no big deal,

if you do it you will be criticized to the 10 degree ! Why is all of this happening ? Well this is

how she was raised. Chances are this is how her mother talked to her and her father, and

how she interacted with her syblings. This is how she was taught to have relationships. Remember most

people put on their best faces. I’m mean to a degree they know it’s wrong, but it’s the only

way they know how to live. So around strangers, or acquointances they’re the super nice helpful

Asian girl, but at home they rule the house plain and simple. Asian women run the show at home

bottom line !

This is a fact men really need to know. Don’t date Asian woman thinking all of the wrong things.

Like she is submissive, quite, etc, etc. If you do you will get taken for a ride. The thing to

do is know they were raised under different circumstances then you and keep your eyes and ears

open to see if something’s wrong before proceeding further. This is about maximing

your dating so you don’t waist your time with someone that won’t be any good for your life. If something

isn’t right leave and move on instead of trying to work with a girl like this and her problems.

You can’t change a person’s culture. If a Asian woman is acting this way to you chances are this

is how her family has been for generations. Don’t try to change it. If “THE EVENT” happens RUN !

If it never does then you might have a cool Asian female on your hands.

This is where I want to reinterate. I’m not slamming Asian women. This is just pointing out a few

unfortunate truths about the culture. For the record their sense of family is tremendous,

and I think if some other cultures had that sense of family they would be more successful

in the world. The problem in Asian culture is the way they interact with each other as a family.

Just to give you an unbiased example. You may have heard some women say “oh I don’t date a man from

Africa, Middle East, or Morroco.” Even some African-American women say this. Why ? Because,

those cultures tend to have harsh treatment towards women, and have an extremely dominant role for

the man. Again like the women above they will be charming and loving until “THE EVENT” happens,

fallowed by sorries, and time elapsed. Then BAM it will happen again, til the time bewtween these

episodes are shorter, and the sorries are fewer. Are all men like this from these countries. No,

but enough to be at least cautious. Culture is a very strong thing. If a culture is very male

dominated with harsh treatment to the women, and a woman outside the culture is dating a man from this

culture she should be at least aware so she can keep her eyes open for behavior that isn’t right.

This the same for men dealing with Asian women. Know their culture is different. Know there are

somethings that are harsh towards men. Be informed and stay alert, and watch for behavior that

isn’t right.

Materialistic ?

Next myth is Asian women aren’t marterialistic. What a lot of people don’t know unless they’ve spend

lot of time with Asians as the boyfriend of one of these these young ladies is there’s a large

competition factor between Asians, and from one family to the next. Who can provide the better car

for their kid, clothes for their kid, party thrown, Etc. Even for those that don’t have a lot of

money this competition still exist. This usually doesn’t rear it’s head til somewhere down the line

in the relationship. There might be a argument here and there about money, then before you know it

nothing financially you do will be right. You’re now being criticized like the above. Don’t date

a Asian woman thinking “oh they’re less martialistic and expect less then American women. WRONG !

One thing that strikes me is those that like to send money back home (to the Philipines, or Thailand,

etc). I’ve met girls where their parents were dirt poor but expected everyone

to chip in and send money to their home coutries to a relative that was doing well fiancially

at least as far as their country was concerned ! Here I am looking at pictures of this relative’s

custom built home in thier country, and provided the knowledge they have a great job there and do

well financially. Then I see everyone chipping in money to send to this person. I’m like “what the

heck?”. I was then told by my girlfriend “over there they see America as being

so rich, and they expect us to send them money”. “So, you’re parents that wait tables, and are janitors

are expected to send money home to a relative that has a nice house, and good job?” I’m then told angrily

“that’s just how things are !” Again my friend don’t try to change cultural.

I’ve also seen the opposite where the family member over in their home country doesn’t have a lot

of money but gambles alot, but yet everyone feels bad and chips in to send him or her money !

Or it’s family members no one knows that well but they call or write asking for money so everyone

chips in. FYI most of the people in this culture that ask for money usually are the irrisponsible

ones. The ones that don’t ask for money are the prideful ones and are usually responsible and reourceful,

their only problem is giving to those that are irrisponsible. It’s cycle. If you’re with such a responsible

and resourceful woman be prepared to blindly give or get yelled at !

This also rears it’s head in her local family. If she has lots of sisters and brothers expect a couple of them

to be hugely irrisponsible. Guess what ? Yup your woman is piching in to give money. Usually not to the

sybling but to their parents, which the parents then in turn gives it to their irrisponsible kid of

their’s when they need it. If you don’t give you get yelled at ! I’ve used the stance that I didn’t mind

helping her parents (I know stupid huh), but I know that your parents give in every time your sister

needs money. So, if I give it will just end up in your sister’s hands.” Guess what ? No change. Still

get yelled at. This is just the culture.

So what if this Asian woman seems to be more Americanized (no accent, not into the food, etc)?

Still keep your eyes open for this behavior. Chances are she was still raised this way in America.

Meaning her parents are like the above, but she grew up in the US her entire life so she has no

accent. Meaning the same negative behavior could easily happen if this is how she was raised.

faithfulness ? Well in any culture that has mistreatment of either be the man or woman faithfulness

goes down. Just like the example above where the guys from African and Middle Eastern countries have

a rep for dominating to their women. Well when this happens these guys tend to see this woman as a

object not a person. When that happens her worth goes down in his eyes. This is why they also have

the rep for womanizing. Well this is the samething that happens in Asian culture why most of these

women that showed these behaviors were cheating as well. I mean if they are throwing things at you,

yelling at you, making bizzare financial requests of you do you really think you’re the apple of her

eye ? No you’re not. You worth goes down. Once that happens it’s easy to cheat on you. You’re not

a person you’re a possession. Plus you’ve excepted the crappy treatment above and have taken the

apologies why won’t you take cheating ?. It’s a progession in poor treatment. It worsens to the point

where cheating usually happens. This is a common thread in any culture if someone treats you badly,

it’s not a far strech for them to cheat. Well it just so happens that in Asian culture it’s common

for the woman to control the guy and treat him poorly, so you can guess the rest. The thing to keep

in mind once you’ve reached this status in your relationship with such a woman she isn’t concerned

of losing you (no matter what she says) because she knows that she can meet another guy just as easy

as she met you !

Please don’t juge a book by its cover. Meaning, you go to her home, meet her parents and everyone

is so nice. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have the above behavior in their home, it just means

you’re a guest and their being nice to you. It also means don’t go in their thinking you’re not

going to give this female and her family a chance based on this article. You just want to keep you’re

eyes peeled and witts about you. Everyone deserves a chance.

so where did this submissive Asian woman thing start ? Well truthfully it’s a Japanese thing

and some people are to ignorant to know Japanese isn’t the samething as Korean, Chinese,

Thai, Filipino, etc. Japan does have a class system in their speech to each other.

It’s still a harsh culture meaning not as many hugs, and little praise, but the women are taught

to speak a certain way that shows their a lady and not agressive. It’s a culture with rather polite

speech in general, and as a society Japanese are fairly polite. Has this changed a bit since

the modernization of Japan. Sure, but there still is a difference in household roles for men and

women in this culture. Most people I hear that have bad Asian girlfriend stories are rarely

Japanese. Mostly they’re Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, and Chinese.

The one that gets the rep of being the most physically abusive and violent are Korean women oddly


So why date Asian women in the first place ? Well for the same reason why you date anyone,attraction,

and the hope they might be nice. If “THE EVENT” never happens. You aren’t getting yelled at on

regular basis because of dumb things, she isn’t making weird financial request of you, you’re chances

of having a good Asian woman increases ! The reason for this article is for you to maximize

you’re time. If you see poor behavior you’ve been forewarnd ! GET OUT ! RUN DON’T WALK. DoN’T TRY TO

FIGURE IT OR HER OUT ! If that behavior never appears then you have a “potentionally” good girl

which is why I still will give Asian women a shot. I’m just a lot more careful since I know a lot

now after several expiriences !

Soon I will submit a article about MAIL ORDER BRIDES AND THE SCAMS TO WATCH OUT FOR !

Also for upping your dating skills for you single guys check out this site !

Thanks all and happy dating !

Marriage Advice:

I have 2 marriage related problems…plz help?

1) can any1 plz tell me wot is wrong with forced marriages, open marriages, marriages of convienince, arranged marriage and shotgun wedding?

2)my best frend wants me to arrange his marriage for him. im 14 and he is 16 and lives in japan. i don’t fink im too young butall the matrimoral websites r bad. any good sites?shall i try mail order brides?

if ure a girl between 16-21 dats ready to get married in the next 2 yrs 2 a stranger and live in japan? can u plz contact me

prefebably speek fluwent japanese

plus any good ideas for de actual wedding?

no ideas