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Mail Order Brides Asian

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

mail order brides Asian
mail order brides Asian

Mail Order Brides Aren’t What They Used To Be

If you are like me, when you think of mail order brides you think of something like this:

A man picks up a cataloged at the local hardware store and thumbs through a few pages. Having found an article of great interest entitled “How to soup up you lawn mower in three easy steps” he stealthily slips the free publication into the bag with his purchase and drives home.

A few hours later he finds time to read the much anticipated article. After consuming the information with sponge-like interest, he sifts through the rest of the cataloged ready to catch the latest info. He finally gets to the small adds on the last few pages and notices something different. An add for “Mail order brides”. Being a single man some 6 months now, he thinks to himself ” Hey! Why don’t I just order a wife!”. So he dials the 800 number listed and goes through the usual questionnaire: Age? Height? Race? …etc. Then places the order on his credit card ( a whopping $7,457.99  USD, plus air fair). He then meets his mail order bride at the airport and drives her home. Because she is made to order, they live happily ever after. Badda-bing, Badda-boom. Done.

Well … not really.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but today’s mail order bride comes in a slightly different package. The modern mail order bride places herself on display for the purpose of true love and matrimony. It is known, for instance, that Southeast Asian men are perceived by their female counterparts as being unfaithful. Besides, in today’s society, we meet our mail order brides the old fashioned way – online! That’s right! You get to meet her face to face, have several meetings, talk a lot and really get to know one another. You find out each others interests, likes, dislikes; not to mention all around general impression. Then if you both feel that twinge of excitement, you can meet for real and already feel that you know the person. Its great!

In contrast to the wild west tales of American lore where the miner orders his mail order bride from a hardware store catalogue, the modern way is much better thanks to the internet. So, I think its fair to say that Mail Order Brides aren’t what they used to be.

Vietnam Mail Order Brides of South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore

Japanese Mail Order Brides

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

Japanese mail order brides
Japanese mail order brides

So You Want to Date Asian Women – Dating in Demand

This article is entitled “SO YOU WANT TO DATE AN ASIAN GIRL ?”

Why have I written this article you might ask ?

Well I’ve dated many different women from many different cultures (Asian,

Latina, African American, Caucasian American, Caucasian-European) and

let me tell you there are some major differences between the culture

you’re used to and a different female from a different culture.

First off this isn’t about race. Lets get that cleared up. That’s a entirely

different topic that usually deals with a society thing and how they

see dating interracially. This is just about cultural differences

and what a female specifically from the ASIAN culture will expect once

you’re dating. I’ve dated many types of Asian women so I have this down

to a science.

Secondly don’t look at anything I say in this article as a slam on Asians,

nor Asian women. Every culture has their beauty but they also have

their ugly side. If you’re not in their culture it’s Taboo to talk about

it openly without someone saying you’re putting them down. That’s to be

expected. Just please take this as helpful information you can use as a guide

if you descide or are currently dating a Asian woman.

Just like with any culture there are misconceptions based on what a person

may see on TV or the movies. A person may think all Latin women have nice booties

or can salsa dance, or African American women can cook really good and have nice booties too,

and Asian women are quite, shy, and submissive to men. Well we’re here to talk about Asian women

so let’s dispell the myth. 95% of Asian women aren’t shy, quite, nor submissive !

They’re actually HUGELY A STARK cONTRAST from this ! This is where things get a little on the

Taboo side. Most men that has had a long term relationship with Asian woman will tell you

they’re actually quite bossy, materialistic, and mean. WHOA huh ! Sorry to burst your bubble

fellas, but this is the truth, and it’s not a race thing it’s a cultural thing. Huh ?

Let me explain. Asian culture is known to be a culture with little hugs, and warm compliments.

That is for the kids growing up in this culture. I know you’re thinking “but that old Asian

lady at work is so nice”. I’m sure she is, but this is also the face that we all show in public

(our best one). Think about this. Have you ever heard a old Asian lady make a funny but rude

comment about something or someone ? Like “why you cut your hair like that, it’s ugly?” “Or,

your fat, you need to lose weight”. It seems funny at the time but this is how they speak to their

kids, and other family members when thier home. It’s common place. There is harsh criticsm or little

in the way of compliments. Lets say a young lady in this enviorment cleans the house for her mother

instead of saying thank you the mother might rass her and criticize her about the job done, even if the

house is spotless ! Well guess what when she gets into a relationship after the honeymoon phase

is done she will be repeating this kind of behavior on her man, and potetionally her future kids.

It’s a cycle.

Many Asian families are tight-knit. However, the way the interact with each other is with

criticism instead of compliments. Parents rarely hug their children, instead they complain at

them. Now I’m not saying these families aren’t loving, In their own way they are, but this common

place with Asian homes (example – “you think this house is clean, i still see dirt everywhere”).

This goes hand and hand with BOSSY. Most Asian parents with be to a degree Bossy with their

kids which pruduces women that are BOSSY with thier boyfriends, and Husbands.

I thought Asian women were submissive to thier men ? Submissive ? Asian women

have their role in Asian culture, but it’s not what most men think it is. It’s usually a role

of dominance and control. first off look at old Asian culture. Some Asian Cultures have had

women leaders for long periods of time. If they were submissive and had this male dominated

society how could this be the case ? Well, I’m telling you it’s not the case.

In most Asian homes it’s not only the kids that deal with criticism but it’s also the husband.

He didn’t do enough yard work, or didn’t give her enough money for shopping needs,

or doesn’t work hard enough at his job, or didn’t complete a project fast or good enough for her,

or didn’t fill up the minivan with gas, or , or, or, or. You might say American women complain

too. Yes, they sure do, but let me assure you this is to a new level. In this culture nothing

this husband can do will be right. Their are no thank yous, just “but you didn’t do this”.

Most older Asian men fade into the backgrownd why their wives run the show. Most drink hard, and

smoke alot as a result. The wives tend to be shuffling around doing something and complaining

about something that wasn’t done right while the husband sleeps in a easy chair (after a few drinks).

Most Asian men growing up in this cultural see it and accept it as it’s all they know. Most women

repeat the patterns of their mother. The problem comes in when Johnny white boy meets a Asian girl at work,

at the park, on the internet, or at the niteclub. He sees this beautiful exotic female, and her

nice shy way and thinks “wow, I’m lucking out here”. Then after 9 months of dating her and her

being super nice something happens. It’s what I like the call “THE EVENT”. “THE EVENT” is first the time

her real personality comes out. It’s usually over something really, really small. You

might spill a drink. You might be 5 minutes late picking he up somewhere. You might forget to open

up the car door for her, or you might turn down a invite to one of the many Asian family parties

you’ve gone to. These small things are the triggers to make “THE EVENT” happen. What happens though ?

Well let’s put it this way buckle up my friend and get ready for the most scarest ride of your life!

This once nice shy, peaceful, submissive woman will turn 180 degrees on you. First off I’ve met many

men over the years that have had these things happen to them during “THE EVENT”. Soda cans thrown

at them, slapped, yelled at, mean hurtful things said, furniture thrown (chairs, etc). An you’re thinking

“I was just five minutes late”. Or “I’ve been to 20 parties and I’m just saying no to this one

because I’m tired, what’s going on here ?” Whatever the situation is this doesn’t warrant this

kind of behavior on her part.

The problem is this is now the tip of the iceburg. Chances are at some point she might apologize,

but a month later this behavior will rear it’s ugly head again. As time goes on the apologies

will get less, and the behavior more prevelant. Some may be more violent. Some may be less viloent

and more wordy, meaning they will criticize everything you do or don’t do. This constant behavior

usually will happen when the relationship has been going a while. It builds up til this is all it

is. Before you know it that submissive, nice, shy person is gone. All you’re stuck with now

is a woman, that’s bossy, shows little love, criticizes everthing you do, is never satisfied,

and has total control over your relationship. Here’s the funny thing too, everything she yells

at you about she will hypocritically do herself ! HUH ? Yes, if she spills a drink it’s no big deal,

if you do it you will be criticized to the 10 degree ! Why is all of this happening ? Well this is

how she was raised. Chances are this is how her mother talked to her and her father, and

how she interacted with her syblings. This is how she was taught to have relationships. Remember most

people put on their best faces. I’m mean to a degree they know it’s wrong, but it’s the only

way they know how to live. So around strangers, or acquointances they’re the super nice helpful

Asian girl, but at home they rule the house plain and simple. Asian women run the show at home

bottom line !

This is a fact men really need to know. Don’t date Asian woman thinking all of the wrong things.

Like she is submissive, quite, etc, etc. If you do you will get taken for a ride. The thing to

do is know they were raised under different circumstances then you and keep your eyes and ears

open to see if something’s wrong before proceeding further. This is about maximing

your dating so you don’t waist your time with someone that won’t be any good for your life. If something

isn’t right leave and move on instead of trying to work with a girl like this and her problems.

You can’t change a person’s culture. If a Asian woman is acting this way to you chances are this

is how her family has been for generations. Don’t try to change it. If “THE EVENT” happens RUN !

If it never does then you might have a cool Asian female on your hands.

This is where I want to reinterate. I’m not slamming Asian women. This is just pointing out a few

unfortunate truths about the culture. For the record their sense of family is tremendous,

and I think if some other cultures had that sense of family they would be more successful

in the world. The problem in Asian culture is the way they interact with each other as a family.

Just to give you an unbiased example. You may have heard some women say “oh I don’t date a man from

Africa, Middle East, or Morroco.” Even some African-American women say this. Why ? Because,

those cultures tend to have harsh treatment towards women, and have an extremely dominant role for

the man. Again like the women above they will be charming and loving until “THE EVENT” happens,

fallowed by sorries, and time elapsed. Then BAM it will happen again, til the time bewtween these

episodes are shorter, and the sorries are fewer. Are all men like this from these countries. No,

but enough to be at least cautious. Culture is a very strong thing. If a culture is very male

dominated with harsh treatment to the women, and a woman outside the culture is dating a man from this

culture she should be at least aware so she can keep her eyes open for behavior that isn’t right.

This the same for men dealing with Asian women. Know their culture is different. Know there are

somethings that are harsh towards men. Be informed and stay alert, and watch for behavior that

isn’t right.

Materialistic ?

Next myth is Asian women aren’t marterialistic. What a lot of people don’t know unless they’ve spend

lot of time with Asians as the boyfriend of one of these these young ladies is there’s a large

competition factor between Asians, and from one family to the next. Who can provide the better car

for their kid, clothes for their kid, party thrown, Etc. Even for those that don’t have a lot of

money this competition still exist. This usually doesn’t rear it’s head til somewhere down the line

in the relationship. There might be a argument here and there about money, then before you know it

nothing financially you do will be right. You’re now being criticized like the above. Don’t date

a Asian woman thinking “oh they’re less martialistic and expect less then American women. WRONG !

One thing that strikes me is those that like to send money back home (to the Philipines, or Thailand,

etc). I’ve met girls where their parents were dirt poor but expected everyone

to chip in and send money to their home coutries to a relative that was doing well fiancially

at least as far as their country was concerned ! Here I am looking at pictures of this relative’s

custom built home in thier country, and provided the knowledge they have a great job there and do

well financially. Then I see everyone chipping in money to send to this person. I’m like “what the

heck?”. I was then told by my girlfriend “over there they see America as being

so rich, and they expect us to send them money”. “So, you’re parents that wait tables, and are janitors

are expected to send money home to a relative that has a nice house, and good job?” I’m then told angrily

“that’s just how things are !” Again my friend don’t try to change cultural.

I’ve also seen the opposite where the family member over in their home country doesn’t have a lot

of money but gambles alot, but yet everyone feels bad and chips in to send him or her money !

Or it’s family members no one knows that well but they call or write asking for money so everyone

chips in. FYI most of the people in this culture that ask for money usually are the irrisponsible

ones. The ones that don’t ask for money are the prideful ones and are usually responsible and reourceful,

their only problem is giving to those that are irrisponsible. It’s cycle. If you’re with such a responsible

and resourceful woman be prepared to blindly give or get yelled at !

This also rears it’s head in her local family. If she has lots of sisters and brothers expect a couple of them

to be hugely irrisponsible. Guess what ? Yup your woman is piching in to give money. Usually not to the

sybling but to their parents, which the parents then in turn gives it to their irrisponsible kid of

their’s when they need it. If you don’t give you get yelled at ! I’ve used the stance that I didn’t mind

helping her parents (I know stupid huh), but I know that your parents give in every time your sister

needs money. So, if I give it will just end up in your sister’s hands.” Guess what ? No change. Still

get yelled at. This is just the culture.

So what if this Asian woman seems to be more Americanized (no accent, not into the food, etc)?

Still keep your eyes open for this behavior. Chances are she was still raised this way in America.

Meaning her parents are like the above, but she grew up in the US her entire life so she has no

accent. Meaning the same negative behavior could easily happen if this is how she was raised.

faithfulness ? Well in any culture that has mistreatment of either be the man or woman faithfulness

goes down. Just like the example above where the guys from African and Middle Eastern countries have

a rep for dominating to their women. Well when this happens these guys tend to see this woman as a

object not a person. When that happens her worth goes down in his eyes. This is why they also have

the rep for womanizing. Well this is the samething that happens in Asian culture why most of these

women that showed these behaviors were cheating as well. I mean if they are throwing things at you,

yelling at you, making bizzare financial requests of you do you really think you’re the apple of her

eye ? No you’re not. You worth goes down. Once that happens it’s easy to cheat on you. You’re not

a person you’re a possession. Plus you’ve excepted the crappy treatment above and have taken the

apologies why won’t you take cheating ?. It’s a progession in poor treatment. It worsens to the point

where cheating usually happens. This is a common thread in any culture if someone treats you badly,

it’s not a far strech for them to cheat. Well it just so happens that in Asian culture it’s common

for the woman to control the guy and treat him poorly, so you can guess the rest. The thing to keep

in mind once you’ve reached this status in your relationship with such a woman she isn’t concerned

of losing you (no matter what she says) because she knows that she can meet another guy just as easy

as she met you !

Please don’t juge a book by its cover. Meaning, you go to her home, meet her parents and everyone

is so nice. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have the above behavior in their home, it just means

you’re a guest and their being nice to you. It also means don’t go in their thinking you’re not

going to give this female and her family a chance based on this article. You just want to keep you’re

eyes peeled and witts about you. Everyone deserves a chance.

so where did this submissive Asian woman thing start ? Well truthfully it’s a Japanese thing

and some people are to ignorant to know Japanese isn’t the samething as Korean, Chinese,

Thai, Filipino, etc. Japan does have a class system in their speech to each other.

It’s still a harsh culture meaning not as many hugs, and little praise, but the women are taught

to speak a certain way that shows their a lady and not agressive. It’s a culture with rather polite

speech in general, and as a society Japanese are fairly polite. Has this changed a bit since

the modernization of Japan. Sure, but there still is a difference in household roles for men and

women in this culture. Most people I hear that have bad Asian girlfriend stories are rarely

Japanese. Mostly they’re Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, and Chinese.

The one that gets the rep of being the most physically abusive and violent are Korean women oddly


So why date Asian women in the first place ? Well for the same reason why you date anyone,attraction,

and the hope they might be nice. If “THE EVENT” never happens. You aren’t getting yelled at on

regular basis because of dumb things, she isn’t making weird financial request of you, you’re chances

of having a good Asian woman increases ! The reason for this article is for you to maximize

you’re time. If you see poor behavior you’ve been forewarnd ! GET OUT ! RUN DON’T WALK. DoN’T TRY TO

FIGURE IT OR HER OUT ! If that behavior never appears then you have a “potentionally” good girl

which is why I still will give Asian women a shot. I’m just a lot more careful since I know a lot

now after several expiriences !

Soon I will submit a article about MAIL ORDER BRIDES AND THE SCAMS TO WATCH OUT FOR !

Also for upping your dating skills for you single guys check out this site !

Thanks all and happy dating !

Marriage Advice:

I have 2 marriage related problems…plz help?

1) can any1 plz tell me wot is wrong with forced marriages, open marriages, marriages of convienince, arranged marriage and shotgun wedding?

2)my best frend wants me to arrange his marriage for him. im 14 and he is 16 and lives in japan. i don’t fink im too young butall the matrimoral websites r bad. any good sites?shall i try mail order brides?

if ure a girl between 16-21 dats ready to get married in the next 2 yrs 2 a stranger and live in japan? can u plz contact me

prefebably speek fluwent japanese

plus any good ideas for de actual wedding?

no ideas

Asian Mail Order Brides

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

Asian mail order brides

How To Find Asian Mail Order Brides Online

In today’s age, the term ‘mail order bride’ may be offensive, if not insulting. However, you have to know what it actually is before making decisions – as first impressions can, at times, be deceiving. A ‘mail order bride’ is a historical term for women who put their names in marriage catalogs. Nowadays, this has evolved into Internet dating websites that deal especially with foreign women who wish to marry a man from your country. It is simply two adults meeting via a platform trying to find out if they are compatible for marriage.

Now, how do you go about searching for an Asian mail order wife? You have to do a lot of groundwork before you actually find the right website for yourself. The first thing is to read product reviews of the different websites that are available. You can first Google and make a list of the websites and then, you can Google for Asian dating service reviews to get a list of product reviews and/or testimonials about that particular site.

The next step is to visit the site and have a look around. This is crucial, as your website has to be your choice – and you have to comfortable with it. Here are a few things you have to look for in a good site – clear statements of the terms and conditions of registration, modes of payment, the courts in which disputes are settled, testimonials, contacts and addresses of the people who run the site, etc. These are the hallmarks of a well managed and authentic website.

Nobody has to tell you the importance of authenticity in these cases. You do not want to be duped in marriage by some lady from a far-off Asian country. It is important that your site vouches for your security. Also, you would want to go for a site that does a thorough background check of the women that post their profiles on it.

Often a good indicator of a genuine website is its presence in popular forums, well-designed adverts, and wide-ranging, independent testimonials on Google. You might want to check up on these too before deciding on your site.

Now let us focus on the relationship itself. You have to know that most of the Asian countries have distinct and strict customs of marriage. In fact, some countries, like India (say), may have up to hundreds of different marriage customs within itself! Hence, do not for a moment assume that your wife is going to be of a particular custom just because she hails from such-and-such Asian country. You have to find out the finer details involved.

It is impossible to group all of Asia in one heading – thus, it is advisable that you decide on the particular region/country/state from where you want you prospective wife to be from. This would help you to keep a focused mind while going through the profiles, and at the same time will make you better informed.

As a last piece of advice, make sure that you are doing this for the right reasons. Do not take your marriage lightly, and think every step through and through all along the way.

Asian mail order brides

Chinese Mail Order

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

Chinese mail order
Chinese mail order

Mail Order Brides: Care Packages From Abroad Or “Return To Sender”?

The Internet woods are thick with beautiful young wannabe international brides. They usually come from non-Western countries such as China, the Philippines, Russia, or the Ukraine. So what’s going on? Are these women after love of money? Will she keep you smiling for the rest of your life leave you weeping in the arrival lounge after she bolts to freedom by climbing out the window of the Ladies Room (with your credit cards)?

The answer depends on who you ask. Most men who taken overseas brides haven’t experienced such a horror story, but some of them have. Still others wish she had slipped out the Ladies Room, or at least that they could stamp her “Return to Sender” and haul her to the FedEx office. So do keep this in mind – how many Canadian women, for example, are on the Internet trying to Chinese or Russian men to marry? If you want an overseas bride, you’re just going to have to understand that at least a good portion of her motivation is going to be a new life in a prosperous Western country.

But it’s not all about money. There aren’t all that many women on the Internet looking to marry Japanese men despite their relative wealth, because Japanese men (fairly or not) have a reputation of being domineering and accordingly are not popular marriage partners outside of Japan. It follows, then, that most of these women are not just after your wallet.

In many of the world’s cultures, economics is considered the only legitimate reason for any “nice girl” to marry – “love” is considered to be just childish wishful thinking. Filipina women, to give one example, tend to be completely straightforward about their economic motivation. Nevertheless, most of these women genuinely do want to be “good wives” – meaning supportive and faithful. And most of them would be thrilled to actually fall in love with their husbands – it’s just that they don’t necessarily require this as a condition for marriage

Marriage Advice:

What does it mean if someone gets porn junk mail in their email inbox?

Do you have to look at porn in order to get things like that or what? Cuz my boyfriend claims not to look at that stuff but every day this all chinese porn selling sight is in his junk box. What does this mean?

Most Likely Yes, They had visited just such a site, They only have to just click on a site , even if they don’t stay on it, one way to check is look through his cookies if he has not cleared them out yet

Thai Mail Order Brides

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

thai mail order brides
thai mail order brides

Marriage Advice:

Can I claim racial discrimination or sexual harassment(against white English boss)?

I am Thai minority and my boss is white English in England. He told me that my kind are considered good for sleeping and being subservient in bed. I was offended. Then he asked me if I am subservient in bed. I said nothing, he started to laugh and say of course you are, you are Thai. Your kind of women are all subservient, I am sure you have been interested in some white meat. I grew repulsive and ignored him. Told him to stop and left the room.

Do I have a claim, I just want him to be disciplined accordingly to his disgusting sexist behaviour. Unfortunately most English men do not respect “Oriental” women, they are either perceive us as mail-order-brides or sex slaves. When in reality we are neither but very educated hard working women.
Why do people make the victim the criminal. Please help

Terrible…but it will be your word vs. his so get some evidence.

Since you don’t like being generalized…you shouldn’t generalize English men. I’m not English, but I respect Thai women greatly.

Filipino Bride

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

Filipino bride
Briton slain over Internet love triangle
A British man who went to the Philippines to propose to a woman he met in an Internet chat room was stabbed to death by her jealous lover yesterday, police said.
Filipino brides and grooms plant mangroves before wedding

What is the stereotype of a Filipino girl? (help)?

I am a 18 year old male and would love a filipino girlfriend I find them very attractive but my mate says if I go out with one people will think I have bought her from a mail order bride and she will only want my money and not me? Is this true because I don’t agree with stereotyping people but even my dad says that to, how can I prove them wrong?

Filipinas are known for being affectionate, sweet, loving and devoted to the person they love … the only question is finding the girl who will love you truly… As you know there are always those ready to deceive people for money, those are the women you should avoid… (NOTE: there are aways bad apples in any group of people) My advice is you should take it slow… take time to know the person for who they are, before you proceed or advance the friendship to a more serious one.

You should understand that a girls financial situation would also be a consideration for your relationship. If you really love her you will need to help her family from time to time.