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Thai Mail Order Brides

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thai mail order brides
thai mail order brides

Marriage Advice:

Can I claim racial discrimination or sexual harassment(against white English boss)?

I am Thai minority and my boss is white English in England. He told me that my kind are considered good for sleeping and being subservient in bed. I was offended. Then he asked me if I am subservient in bed. I said nothing, he started to laugh and say of course you are, you are Thai. Your kind of women are all subservient, I am sure you have been interested in some white meat. I grew repulsive and ignored him. Told him to stop and left the room.

Do I have a claim, I just want him to be disciplined accordingly to his disgusting sexist behaviour. Unfortunately most English men do not respect “Oriental” women, they are either perceive us as mail-order-brides or sex slaves. When in reality we are neither but very educated hard working women.
Why do people make the victim the criminal. Please help

Terrible…but it will be your word vs. his so get some evidence.

Since you don’t like being generalized…you shouldn’t generalize English men. I’m not English, but I respect Thai women greatly.

Filipino Bride

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Filipino bride
Briton slain over Internet love triangle
A British man who went to the Philippines to propose to a woman he met in an Internet chat room was stabbed to death by her jealous lover yesterday, police said.
Filipino brides and grooms plant mangroves before wedding

What is the stereotype of a Filipino girl? (help)?

I am a 18 year old male and would love a filipino girlfriend I find them very attractive but my mate says if I go out with one people will think I have bought her from a mail order bride and she will only want my money and not me? Is this true because I don’t agree with stereotyping people but even my dad says that to, how can I prove them wrong?

Filipinas are known for being affectionate, sweet, loving and devoted to the person they love … the only question is finding the girl who will love you truly… As you know there are always those ready to deceive people for money, those are the women you should avoid… (NOTE: there are aways bad apples in any group of people) My advice is you should take it slow… take time to know the person for who they are, before you proceed or advance the friendship to a more serious one.

You should understand that a girls financial situation would also be a consideration for your relationship. If you really love her you will need to help her family from time to time.

Hot Japanese Brides

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hot Japanese brides
You Cannot Be… Siriano!
“I don’t mind doing two girls at a time,” said Christian Siriano, dripping with irony as he gave the once-over to a group of comely models amid racks of clothes in his midtown showroom on a recent morning. Mr. Siriano, 24, is the openly gay winner of Lifetime’s Project Runway , season four: famous for wearing his hair in a flat-ironed, bi-level “fashion hawk” and for popularizing the phrase “hot …
linh and marnie pt. 2

do you know any good romance korean manhwas ?

hi……lately i’ve been interested in korean manhwas and i’ve realised that they are so much better than japanese mangas in everything : plot, art, script…..
i read :
teen spirit (so sad !!! the author died a month ago)
the bride of the water god
hot-blodded woman
and others…but i loved these the most….
so do you know any not so old… romance/comedy/drama/fantasy manhwas ??

thank you in advance! i appreciate all answers

I will list with Korean title – Romaji – Literal Translation

다정다감 (Da jung da gam – Sentimental) by Park Eun Ah (1 – 18)

An easy read with good heart throbbing moments!

Genre: Romance + drama


It is about a plain girl named Bae I Ji but somehow people around her are not so plain. It is a romance genre and was quite popular in Korea.

DVD by Chun Gae Young (1 – 8)

Genre: Romance + comedy + drama

Although I did not really like the art the story was pretty good

The female character Ddam tries to suicide after being betrayed by her boyfriend but two guys appear in front of her. They are a comedy bunch and their ultimate goal in life is to lead a pathetic life! Can they make Ddam happy?

천행기 (Chun Haeng Gi – The tale of god from heaven) by Lee Yoon Hee (Ongoing)

Genre: Romance + Fantasy + Gender Blender

Although some fantasy has a heavy story line this does not. An easy read with good comedy bits it was ongoing while I was reading it but not sure about it now.


The princess disguise herself as a boy and descends to the human world and attends a high school to escape an arrange marriage. She meets a boy who apparently had a rebel image but changed his personality after he met her. With people being grateful to her she leads a happy life but is the guy hiding something? Could he be the one that she was going to be married to?


막상막하 (Mak sang mak ha – Neck to neck) by Lee Sun Hee (1 – 8)

Genre: Romance + Comedy

A common plot with an obvious story line but the cute art makes it readable but if you do not cliché skip this


Da Bin moves to Eugene’s school to pursue her love for him but her enemy Myun Si Hoo is bothers her everytime she tries to get close to Eugene. But do opposites attract?


월요일 소년 (Weol yo ill so nyun – Monday boy) by Lee Young Yu (1 – 9)

Genre: Romance + Fantasy

Not a common story line worth a try but a cute art with a little bit of a BL feel


Based on a fable that rabbits live on the moon. Myung Ee and Yu Da leaves the moon and enters Earth and lives with their enemy Chun Ho (a fox)


Platina by Kim Yeon Ju

I didn’t read this but I heard it was good. It is ongoing and the genre is romance + drama


There is more but I don’t remember the titles. If I remember them I will update!
Also you can try webtoons from and
The one I recommend in is called 구두 (Shoes – or high heels in the context of the storyline) A romance story that makes your heart skips a beat or two. has many ongoing and few good fininshed one.

Mail Order Brides Thailand

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mail order brides thailand
Developing nations also face illegal immigration
The issue of illegal immigration is not just a problem for the world’s wealthy countries.
Louis Theroux at a Bangkok Introduction Service – BBC

I’m getting myself a mail-order bride from Thailand but I’m worried about the cost of the postage?

Should I send a stamped addressed trunk? How much is it likely to cost me?

Get her to pay her own postage. She should be licking stamps hungrily at the idea of being your wife, Alan!

Latin Mail Order Brides

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Latin mail order brides
Book mobile reaches out to Latinos
The Pasquotank-Camden Library is revving up the Bookmobile to reach out to the Hispanic-Latino community in the Elizabeth City area. Dear Reader, This content is only available to subscribers of The Daily Advance print and/or e-edition.
Latin Mail Order Brides,

Have u ever heard of mail order brides from places in Africa?

i’ve heard of european, asian & latin brides but never africa. are they out there ?
——>serious question<------

I’ve never heard of them but have never looked to be honest. Probably in places like Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco etc