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Brazil Beauties

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Brazil beauties
Scotland v Brazil: Craig Levein welcomes fantasy football of the boys from Brazil
Sunday’s meeting of Brazil and Scotland has been sole topic of conversation for the Tartan Army since fixture was confirmed.
Yamamay Shooting in Brazil – Brazilian Beauties

Are Brazilian women obsessed with beauty?

now..this does not apply to ALL women in Brazil…but…i heard that over there women are so obsessed with beauty that some spend more money on surgery and makeup etc than they do on food or other necessities. is this true or not?

All women are obsessed with beauty, its in our genetic code to be that way. The male courts the female and the female must be ”courtable”. Thats why women are so much more obsessed with their looks than males.

Brasil Dating

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brasil dating
Philippine Football Team Azkals Beat Bangladesh Advancing to AFC Challenge Cup Finals
Woohoooooooooooooo!! I’m so excited! Azkals made it to the AFC Challenge Cup Finals after beating Bangladesh. Phil Younghusband, Anton del Rosario and Neil Etheridge were providing snippets on Twitter as the game was progressing, all the way to the win. Now that it is official that Filipinos are in love with football, initiatives to help […]
Speed Dating Brasil no MTV na Pista

What’s the story with visas in South America?

I understand that someone travelling on an Irish passport can get a tourist visa for three months in most South American countries – provided they can evidence that they will be leaving within that time (i.e. flight tickets). I plan backpacking for six months (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brasil). How do I get around this requirement if my return flight is booked more than three months from the date of my outgoing flight?

You may stay visa-exempted for up to 90 days in all these countries if you hold:
• a valid passport
• sufficient funds for the stay
• a return ticket or an onward ticket for your next destination
• the documents required for the next destination (in your case only the passport) ..
In other words the immigration officers may want to see a proof that you are leaving their country within 90 days, not a proof that you are going home. On arrival at Ecuador you should hold an open date flight ticket or a bus ticket reservation for a Peruvian destination; the immigration officer at Peru may want to see any documentation about leaving to Bolivia and so on. When entering the last South American country you plan to visit you should already have booked a ticket back to Ireland.
I have used the terms “may” and “should” for purpose; a friend’s son has travelled through South America for a semester, all he needed to show at Immigration was his German passport which he has carried in a wallet with his two credit cards on the other side of it; visible to the immigration officers. He had an open date ticket from Rio to Frankfurt but he never had to show it except at the Bolivian border, entering from Peru.

Brazilian Dating

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Brazilian dating

How to obtain the Brazilian visa easily for a great trip

If you think that this job is complicated, then you might think again. If you know what you have to do, then all this process will be a nice experience which will end up with positive results. But before you get there, you have to know exactly the Brazil visa operations that you need to do.
One of the most important conditions when you apply for a Brazilian visa is the validity of your passport. This is the reason why you have to pay close attention to its expiry date. If it expires before six months from your departure date, then you have all the chances for the visa from the Brazilian authorities to be refused. In this case, you’d better renew your passport, because otherwise, you risk losing the whole trip. You will also need to have at least two more free pages in your passport. So, pay attention to your documents and only then try to submit your Brazilian visa application.
After you make sure that your passport is in order, complete the online application form for your visa to Brazil, because it is the surest and fastest method to solve this problem. You can find all the information on the website and you won’t have to repeat the whole process in case you decide to apply the form in person to the Brazilian’s Embassy. In the last case, if you completed the form wrong, you’ll have to start all over again. Imagine what that means if you don’t live live in or near Ottawa and Toronto.
Besides the passport and the Brazilian visa application, the tourist will also need things like two recent photos in 5cm x 5cm format. Don’t forget that it is important for you to be photographed with your back against a complete white wall. Otherwise, you can easily understand what will happen – the Brazil visa application will be rejected. You will also need to attach the copies from your travel itinerary, like the print-outs of your reservations or other documents to prove that you go there for pleasure or work, in case you need a business visa.
One important issue when you apply for a Brazilian visa is the timing. This is the reason why you need to organize yourself to find your perfect moment. If you apply too early, because the visa is valid only 90 days, you risk not having the visa in order during your trip. If you apply too late, you risk not receiving it on time. So, think really well about this matter and act wisely. As you can see, making some research about the terms and conditions which you need to follow to obtain the visa to Brazil will help you a lot, allowing you to enjoy your time spent in Brazil.

Brazilian dating
Olissippo Lapa Palace, Lisbon: hotel review
Lisbon’s Olissippo Lapa Palace is ideal for cultural buffs in need of recuperation, says James Bedding.

Brazilian Marriage

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Brazilian marriage
Brazilian Marriage Scam

Foreign Bride Questions:

How to propose marriage to a Brazilian woman?

I’m a British guy and seriously considering proposing to my girlfriend. The thing is, i’ve heard that things are a bit more complex than here… for example, i’ve heard that I need to buy *two* rings, which we both wear on our right hands, and then change onto the left at the marriage ceremony….and these are actually our wedding rings, there’s no such thing as an engagement ring. So how does this all work? Do I need to buy the rings first, then get down on one knee, ask her to marry me while presenting her ring, then we both wear them? Or is it acceptable to just ask the lady to marry you, and then you go and choose the rings together (as long as she says yes of course!) Answers from Brazilian women are most welcome!

First you ask her if she loves you if the answer is yes, you will ask her permission to speak with her father and to ask her hand in marriage.
If he says yes you will buy 2 alliances and in the presence of her family and yours (a dinner) it is put the alliances.
The commitment is among the families.

Exclusive Brazilian programs on DISH Network

With the advancement of science and technology a huge change also has occurred in the field of television and entertainment. But if we look back to the initial years of television you will have only limited programming choices. That is to say there were only a couple of hours that had been allocated for viewing programs. Those were the time when television viewing was not held in high esteem as well. In other words the programs that were aired were not of high quality and often fit to be thrown in dustbin. However when DISH Network came into the scenario people observed a massive change in the television industry. In fact DISH Network has a plethora of programming packages, special services, hi-tech equipments that are enough for viewers to stay amused round the clock. Also with DISH Network people can watch programs in exclusive HD programming mode. No doubt the life like images, crystal clear color, plus stunning sound systems enables you to have the look and feel of a lavish theater hall.

Deviation aside, DISH Network is one such provider that has paid special heed so that all the international communities can get best of entertainment. Airing more than 170 international channels in 28 languages of the world, DISH Network has quenched the thirst of quality entertainment of these foreign denizens of United States. There is no doubt of the fact that multiple foreigners have resided in every nook and corner of the region for the sake of livelihood or for various personal reasons like marriage, higher studies and more. That their tastes and choices of programs would be bit different from the mainstream populace of United States is even more obvious. Nothing would be better if these people watch programs in their original languages that would make them feel at home even if they are so many miles away from native land.

So far as Brazilian programming package is concerned DISH Network also has served exclusive line up of programs at price rates that are right within one’s own means. You can thus avail exclusive serials and soaps, chat shows, plays, musical events, culture, sports all throughout the entire week.

Brazilian: Elite Pack

This exclusive channel gives you the chance to catch hold of wide ranging channels like PFC, RBTi, Euronews, TV Globo International, PFC and Record International in Brazilian language. Avail exclusive opera shows, serials, news articles, chat shows, cultural events and a handful of local shows. For sports lovers, it has brought about an exclusive coverage of sports that includes live recording of soccer games throughout the whole week. You can get this pack at $34.99 per month.

Brazilian: TV Globo & Record

Wide ranging programs like news items, dramas, football games, talk shows and much more entertaining stuff are available under this package. You can enjoy special kids’ programs, educational shows and plays and many more. Price tag is $ 29.99/mo.

Brazilian: Clube

With this package you can get to watch two exclusive channels in Brazilian language. These channels are namely TV Globo Internacional and PFC. Get it at nominal price rate of $ 29.99/mo.

Brazilian: TV Globo

You can watch to your heart’s delight all the exclusive programs of Brazilian language from TV Globo Internacional. Get access to multiple programs like soaps, football matches, talk shows and many more are available from this package. This package costs only $19.99/mo.

So, venture into the world of entertainment by bringing home exclusive Brazilian programming packages of DISH Network.

Brazil Intro

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Brazil intro

Gourmet Coffee, My Everyday, What’s Yours?

Well, I drink coffee everyday. Before work, during work and after work. Lots of friends tell me this is no good, yeah… I know, I understand, but I really can’t resist the incredible taste of coffee.

Where does this amazing small black pee from? Some intro and history here…

On the rising hills of Columbia, the fastest growing cash crop in the country is cultivated. This is the coffee bean.

The seeds of this shrub, which belongs to the Madder family, are called coffee, as is the beverage made from them, produced by passing boiled water through a filter containing ground roasted coffee beans. It can be consumed warm or cold and in any of the following styles: instant, filter, cappuccino, espresso (so strong you are only allowed 5ml at any one time, and it must be served in a steel reinforced cup), mocha, latte, or any combination of these with the word ‘double’ attached somewhere. Some drink their coffee with cream and sugar, others with milk and sugar; but purists claim the only way to drink a cup of ‘Joe’ is black… with or without sugar.

Columbia is not the only country to produce fine grains of ambrosia. The hands-down best producer of coffee may be Puerto Rico. Yucua is the name of the plant. It is grown on the mountains of the rainforest on the beautiful island. Rare and expensive, this is the coffee of choice not just for Puerto Ricans, but also for the Vatican… and the Pope knows his coffee!

So here’re some Coffee Facts

* Coffee beans grow on small trees.

* It takes the annual yield of one tree to produce one pound of roasted beans.

* Coffee beans are grown in subtropical regions around the world.

* The biggest growers are Brazil and Columbia.

* Commercial coffee crops are of two main types: Robustas and Arabicas.

* Robusta coffee has twice as much caffeine as Arabica.

* Arabica beans produce a smoother flavor and are the main constituent of most high-quality coffees.

* It takes about 40 beans to make an espresso.

* Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans are the most expensive in the world.

* Coffee beans of several types are roasted together to produce appealing flavors.

Brazil intro

Latina Galleries

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Latina galleries
Spring break brings camps for children
Starting Monday, the kids will be home.But before they can start whining about having nothing to do during spring break, send them off.
KING Magazine with Sexy Briana Loyd

Groups: when you heard the term ” Latina”, what famous figure comes to mind?

I think of Jordana Brewster:,_Jordana/gallery/ALO-069433/
What about you? Famous stereotypical latina woman comes to your mind? Looks wise.


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Brazil Babes

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Brazil babes
Knight who led the charge for Ramsey’s England
A survivor of the Munich air disaster, a FIFA World Cup™ winner, a Knight of the British Empire, but above all a great and an honest player: Bobby Charlton is one of football’s true ambassadors.
Sexy brazilian TV babes

Why are South American women so frickin’ beautiful?

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela….all have drop dead beautiful women. Some say it has to do with all of the ethnic mixing; Spanish, Italian, German, African, Native Indian, and Portugese. But if this is true then why aren’t American girls considered the most beautiful?
Venezuela has the most Miss Universes, Brazil has hot supermodels, Chile has brainy/classy beauties, and Argentina has Latin-European babes! This is what I noticed upon traveling to South America.

My favorite girls were the Chilean girls. There education system must be outstanding because they were the smartest, most articulate girls I have ever met. The most beautiful in my opinion were the Brazilians and the most fun were the Argentinans.

South America rocks. It has more flavor and more activities then Europe and America combined.

No McDonalds there?? I don’t know why, but I need to learn spanish and get the heck outta here asap!

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