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Bad Russian Women

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bad Russian women
Let’s Play Mass Effect 2: Episode 4 – Bad Russian Accents

Foreign Bride Questions:

Why do American men divorce their women and marry foreigners?

Im an Indian man and im surprised as to how terrible american wives are, they are the worst, they dont age well either. i noticed the high divorce rate in your country and how men here always marry thai or russian woman? why is that? are american wives as bad as their image?

Im an american man, while i cant answer for foreign women, i know that morals with most men and women in america have gone down alot, and this is why im very careful about any woman i meet here. I have heard that women from the eastern block are very family orientated andc understand that love and family are whats important in life. Over here its a society that has grown up on sex and selfishness being first before anything else. My parents came from lebanon and the women there have changed even moreso then american women. and to answer your question yes most are as bad as their image but then again most american men are the same.

I have heard that thai and russian women are very sweet, but then again it is very hard to get to know if a girl wants u for u or for ur citizenship, so just be careful.

This is for jojo, instead of talking about whats wrong with other countries why not admit what is wrong with ours and start to make the neccessary steps to effect those changes for once. Typical non responsive response

There is no doubt Russian women are the most beautiful

It is clear in many men’s minds that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. In fact, many men are discovering that aside from their beauty Russian women make the perfect wife. However there has been a lot of bad press about Russian women and the Russian bride’s topic much of it untrue.

Russian woman on average seek out a partner is between the ages of 25-30. So if you are looking through profiles on one of the dating sites you will see that most women are of a young age.

Many American women have been very worked up with the fact that their men would rather fly thousands of miles to Russia to find a Russian beauty and have been turning their back on the local girls.

Of course not every man is interested in flying to Russia to find a Russian bride, everyone has their own tastes, but many men start to show a interest in Russian women because of what they hear in the media, you only have to watch the Russian tennis players to understand how men can soon show an interest in Russian women.

As well as being very beautiful Russian women are also very intelligent, and well educated. A lot of people think that simply because you are opting to marry a woman from Russia that she will automatically want to be a housewife. This is not the case so much now, an educated Russian woman is like any women from the West and likes to make a career, but Russian women would never put her career before family that will always come first.

Many Russian women hold degrees and are only too happy to earn some money to help the family out if you find a Russian women like this you are very lucky.

Over the last decade there have been many bad stories and lies spread about Russian brides by western women and they have become stereotyped but this stereotyping and assumptions about Russian women is pure ignorance , and you should not let it put you off searching for Russian brides.

Russian women are like any other women from any part of the world, they are simply looking for a partner that will love them and stick by them. A Russian woman wants to have a happy family which is strong and full of love, by tradition a strong happy family is the most important thing to a Russian women. Many American women believe that these Russian brides are stealing their men, but it’s a free world and everyone has the right to decide who they want to marry.

Best of luck with your searches.



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Girls In Africa

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girls in Africa
girls in Africa

Africa Is Always Celebrating African Child Day

African has one big day of celebration and that is the day of the African child that is celebrated on the month of June. This day is celebrated to remember the struggles the boys and girls have hard to endure while living on this great land. Long before civilization, children especially boys were the ones given responsibility of looking after the domestic animals. Girls were given domestic responsibilities while men and women took care of looking after the family needs.

Africa is able to bring together many children on this day. During such celebrations, the children have the opportunity to show case their talents. A lot of activities like drama, music, poems, and dances are performed. This showcases the potential the children have in this modern society.  A lot of talent has been tapped during such times and many children have emerged to be top class actors or musicians. Other activities that occur during this day are cleaning activities, visiting the mentally handicapped children, visiting the sick, donating to children homes and others.

Africa has succeeded in producing top class scholars who have written so many books about the life of the African child. These books are used as set books in the national exams and this helps to mould them socially, culturally and economically. Through these educational forums are organized and students from other countries are invited for exchange programme. This coming together to help steer a common goal forward has ensured that the culture of the people from this region is maintained and passed on to the future generations.

Marriage Advice:

Why does OPRAH have a private school in AFRICA and not the USA?

I saw on tv this morning that OPRAH has started a school for girls in africa. You think she would start here and then go abroad to sort out others. This might tell you something about how she feels about her own people in the USA. Sorry but I dont blame her for helping someone who knows what its like to not have anything.

The line of thinking in your question shows the pure ignorance and cluelessness that many American people have about the poor conditions in other countries especially Africa.

America has a public school system. We have a free education, and medical clinics. The African education system pales in comparsion to even our worst. Inner city children get tons of money donated to them, food stamps, welfare checks, all kinds of things handed too them…AND THEY DO NOT APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!

Sorry to generalize here, but I am tired of inner city America parents looking for handouts. You have a free education and don’t take advantage of it. Maybe if some of them would have taken advantage of it, they would know why she would choose to built a school in Africa.

I’ve sponsored children in both the U.S. and third world countries, and my third world children are SOOOOOOOO much more grateful because basic neccessities are hard to come by. They are extremely poor, so poor that most Americans have no clue how they live.

My American poor children, instead of asking for basic neccessities, wanted things like fancy electronic games or cell phones, etc. or they end up dropping out of school, getting pregnant and what not. So I totally understand what Oprah is saying.

People in third world countries, appreciate everything we take for granted. And I applaud Oprah for building a school for girls in Africa, an AIDS ravaged country. American women have more than enough opportunity to make something of themselves in this country, but many particularlly those of color (like myself), choose to squander it.

Girls In Cuba

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girls in cuba
girls in cuba

How to Attract Hot Sexy Cuban Women – Use the Alpha Male System When Attracting Cuban Girls!

Great health care, amazing cigars and the hottest women in the Western Hemisphere, why not visit Cuba!?
Hot Cuban women have a fantastic sultriness about them that makes them stand out in any crowd. Their long luscious curves and incredible bodies always get me going. And the way they talk is nothing short of bottled sex. Cuban women are great to take home too! They can be amazing behind closed doors.

First, you need to take the time to learn about Cuban culture. This is a must.

Cuban chicks don’t take much to pick up. There all over and always ready for something interesting. All you have to do to seduce a hot Cuban woman is to approach her like an Alpha Male. That’s right, you must become an Alpha Male. You see, an Alpha Male is the kind of guy who knows how to talk to a women – at least that’s what she thinks. Really to be an Alpha Male all you have to do is learn how to be completely yourself. Once you can let go of the idea that there’s a “right” way to talk to a woman and just trust yourself to be confident in your approach you can have any hot Cuban woman you want! I mean it!

Cuban women, and all women, are naturally attracted to Alpha Males. They can’t help themselves! Here’s how it works. If you’ve got enough confidence to be comfortable talking with even the hottest Cuban chicks, women will notice. They’ll notice that you’re well put together and that you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Your comfort will make her comfortable. Once she’s comfortable she’s yours.

So are you ready to start making the change today? If you’d like to spend some quality time with some hot Cuban women do it today! Become an Alpha Male!

girls and night clubs of cuba Medium

Cuba rolls out red carpet for British cruise ship
A salsa band, dancing schoolchildren and showgirls in bikini tops and feather headdresses welcomed around 1,500 tourists on a British cruise liner – one of the biggest ships to visit Cuba in years.

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Cuba Dating

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Cuba dating
Cuba dating

Why Cuba is One of the Safest Travel Destinations

Cuba is a very safe place to vacation. One characteristic that profoundly affects the overall safety of the nation is the environment of the cities. As a general rule, travelers and Cuban citizens can enjoy an equal amount of security on the streets. This stands in contrast to most nations in which tourists are often targeted because of how much they stand out, and the assumption that some wealth surrounds them since they are capable of travelling. Another major aspect of safety on the streets of Cuba is the presence of police. In the average city, a police officer of some variety can be found with relative ease in the case of an emergency. This aspect of protection is only increased in popular tourist locations in which security officials can often be found only a block away.

Still, there are some concerns. Similar to many other vacation destinations, purse snatching and mugging can occur. Pickpockets are present in Cuba, especially in the more crowded parts of the city. These elements are present in Cuba; however these events are extremely rare by any global standards. For the most part, travelers can move around without worry by employing a small measure of street smarts. As a general rule the greatest concerns of vacationers to Cuba will be artifact peddlers and young people attempting to find employment for rather high prices, as guides.

However safe Cuba’s cities may be, before you arrive in Cuba you will need to be medically prepared. There are no mandatory inoculations, but it is still wise to check to make sure before you go. The most pressing ailment in Cuba is diarrhea. Basic precautions in terms of food and water intake should solve this problem. Antibiotics, in extreme circumstances, could become necessary. There is some risk of rabies, but only if the individual traveling wanders into an environment where animal bites or scratches are likely. Basic vaccinations should be up to date, but there are very few unorthodox medications that are required before traveling to Cuba.

Other common medical precautions that are often required when travelling in the Caribbean are related to mosquitoes. In Cuba there have been outbreaks of Dengue Fever in recent years, but these outbreaks are currently under control. This fever results in flu-like symptoms that may be complicated by shock, and there is no vaccine to fully prevent it. There is currently very low risk of this disease because of significant mosquito control regimens employed by the Cuban government.

There are a few general measures you can take in order to protect you from insects. Wearing long sleeves, long pants, closed toe shoes and hats will provide the most basic protection. Insect repellents are also effective. It is important to note that repellents with higher concentration of DEET will provide longer lasting protection, but will also have a higher potential of releasing toxins into the body. DEET should be avoided for young children since allergies are possible. Other basic precautions include keeping unscreened windows shut at night and using a bed-net. These measures are very commonly expected in tropical regions, and Cuba’s restrictions are generally less stringent then those of other nations.

If something does go wrong medically, Cuba has what is required to meet all needs outside of major emergencies. The government has set up a system of hospitals and pharmacies under the name “Servimed.” While this system is often short on beds and supplies, it can provide for pressing needs. In the case of emergencies, medical evacuation to a country with state-of-the-art facilities is available. Overall, these services are much more adequate than those available in most Caribbean locations.

By following basic instructions, Cuba can be a very safe place to travel. Public transportation systems designed for tourists further reinforce this notion. There are buses designed for tourists that meet international standards, and registered taxis that are very reliable. Travelers need to be wary of unregistered taxis, as they can often be a ploy used by thieves, but overall the taxi system is very reliable. Getting around is generally something that can be done without too much extraneous effort. One point that does need to be considered is driving outside of urban areas at night. While major highways are well made, they lack lights, and rural roads are generally worse. This problem can be easily avoided by simply traveling during the daylight hours.

Cuba overall is a very safe place to travel. There is little crime in the cities, and safe public transportation is often available. The medical system is designed somewhat to cater to tourists, and allows for enough protection that travelers can depend on it. The most attractive point, in many ways, is the medical accessibility of the area. Major vaccinations and other such precautions are not significant. This factor along with other safety precautions makes Cuba a safe place to spend a vacation.

Cuban Mom’s Advice On Facebook & Online Dating

Ornamental Memories
The sharp pang of loss becomes more bearable with time. While the memories of loved ones linger long after they’re gone, eventually the pain caused by their absence is replaced by hope — hope that we ‘ll see them again one day, hope that they’re in a better place, and hope that even after death, they’ll live on in the hearts of tho

Armenian Dating Service

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Armenian dating service Armenian dating and social network – Find Armenian girls.wmv

Foreign Bride Questions:

Lvivi, a Multicultural City With Astonishing Arcitechture and a Wealth of Sights to See. Art and Decors are to be Seen Everywhere

Lviv or as russians say it Lvov, is a major city in western Ukraine, the administrative center of Lviv Oblast, and designated as its own raion (district) within that oblast. It is regarded as one of the main cultural centres of Ukraine. In 2001, it had 725,000 inhabitants, of which 88% were Ukrainians, 9% Russians and 1% Poles, with a further 200,000 commuting daily from suburbs.

The city has many industries and institutions of higher education such as the Lviv University and the Lviv Polytechnic. It has a philharmonic orchestra and The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Lviv celebrated its 750th anniversary in September 2006.

The public bus network is not well-developed: it has few lines. A cheap alternative are the marshrutki, small private buses which go where the city buses do not. Marshrutki have no fixed stops or timetable but are cheaper (1 hryvnia ?20US cents) and fast. The marshrutki also run on suburban lines to most nearby towns e.g. to Shehyni at the Polish border.

The city centre tramway lines were replaced with trolleybuses on 27th November 1952. Later, new lines were opened to the blocks of flats at the city outskirts. The network now runs 200 trolleybuses, mostly of the 1960s 14Tr type.

Modern Lviv remains a hub on which nine railways converge, providing local and international services. Several trains cross the nearby Polish-Ukrainian border (mostly via Przemy?l). There are good connections to Slovakia (Košice) and Hungary (Budapest). By western standards, the trains are slow but cheap. A journey to the western border with Hungary or Slovakia (several hundred kilometres) costs a few euros/dollars. Many routes have overnight trains with sleeping compartments.

Lviv’s historic churches, buildings and relics date from the 13th century. Its architecture reflects various European styles and periods. After the fires of 1527 and 1556, Lviv lost most of its gothic-style buildings, but it retains many buildings in renaissance, baroque, and classic styles. There are works by artists of the Vienna Secession, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco styles.

The buildings have many stone sculptures and carvings, particularly on large doors, hundreds of years old. The remains of old churches dot the central cityscape. Some 3-5 story buildings have hidden inner courtyards and grottos in various states of repair. Some cemeteries are of interest, for example the Lychakivskiy Cemetery. Leaving the central area, the architectural style changes radically as Soviet-era high rises dominate. In the centre, the Soviet era is reflected mainly in a few modern-style national monuments and sculptures.

The most notable of the museums and art galleries are the National Gallery, the Museum of Religion (formerly the Museum of Atheism) and the National Museum (formerly the Museum of Industry).

Lviv was an important centre for sport in Central Europe and it is regarded as the cradle of Polish football. First known official goal in a football match in Poland was scored there on July 14, 1894.

In January of 1905 first Polish ice-hockey match took place here, two years later first ski-jumping competition was organized in nearby Slawsko, in the same year first Polish basketball games were organized in Lviv’s gymnasiums.

Lviv is the hometown of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 winner Ruslana, who has since become very popular in Europe.

Lviv has lots to offer the tourists visiting this city, amongst these are; the Old Town and the Ploshcha Rynok Market Square which is about 18,300 square metres.

The old city with its urban fabric and its architecture, makes Lviv is an outstanding example of the fusion of the architectural and artistic traditions of eastern Europe with those of Italy and Germany.

The political and commercial role of Lviv attracted to it a number of ethnic groups with different cultural and religious traditions, who established separate yet interdependent communities within the city, evidence for which is still discernible in the modern townscape.

The Black House and the Armenian Cathedral together with the Orthodox Cathedral with Korniakt Bell Tower are other sights worth visiting.

The Latin Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary , St. George’s Cathedral of the Greek-Catholic Church and the Dominican Church of Corpus Christi are churches and monuments that offer some nice architectural styles.

The Chapel of Boim family together with Lviv High Castle hill overlooking the historical center are really giving something else to the visitor.

Union of Lublin Mound and the Lychakivskiy Cemetery should not be missed either. After World War II the city was annexed by the Soviet Union to the Ukrainian SSR and the majority of the surviving pre-war inhabitants of the city were expelled to former German areas annexed to Poland. This started a period of devastation of historical monuments located at the cemetery. Up to 1971 many of the sculptures were destroyed; the cemetery of Lwów Eagles was completely destroyed and turned into a truck depot. However, in 1975 the cemetery was declared a historical monument and the degradation ended. Since late 1980’s the cemetery has seen constant rebuilding and refurbishment and continues to be one of the principal tourist attractions of Lviv.

Restaurants and pubs together with a night life makes this place a nice place to visit for tourists in all ages.

East Indian Girl

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East Indian girl
East Indian girl

Indian Baby Names

Nicknames are given to shorten a name or a manner used to eliminate the formality in addressing a person. Babies are given nicknames to call them in an affectionate or more personal manner. Babies tend to have cute and fun nicknames. Depending on what is their real name, parents can always come up with something cute and affectionate to call their babies aside from their given names.

Some common baby nicknames that parents use to call their baby girls names include Lily for Lilibeth, Jessie for Jessica, Annie for Annette, Lizzie for Elizabeth and Ella for Michaella and for baby boys, Bernie for Bernard, Mickey for Michael and Willy for William. Some parents with babies that have name combinations use the initials to come up with a nickname for their babies. Examples of these are; MJ for Mary Jane, JR for John Robert and RJ for Ronald Allen.

Coming up with a nice nickname to call your baby sometimes require a little creativity and a lot of affection for the baby. Some nicknames just come spontaneously like calling a baby girl Little Missy or a baby boy Little Mister for that sense. Some parents or even relatives and friends come up with their own nicknames for the baby thus creating a wide variety of nicknames. It is even surprising to know sometimes that a baby is called differently by different people despite of having a given name by his parents. This is how nicknames are, they are informal, spontaneous and more often than not, just elements of fun and affection. They are different adaptations of a person’s real name.

Giving your baby an appropriate nickname lessens the chances of people naming your baby any other way. Nicknames are sometimes used to make fun of a certain name or person. Parents should be careful in giving their babies nicknames as this may connote something else to other people. In creating baby nicknames, the integrity of the baby’s real name should be preserved.

However, choosing an unusual baby name requires some care. How can you choose a name that is distinctive, yet does not end up sounding ridiculous? Of course, you don’t want your child to be at the receiving end of all the Waynes and Dylans in his school. Here are a few tips:

1. Check what’s out there. Start by looking up popular baby names listed in parenting books and websites. Along with the more familiar ones, you will also find some unusual baby names that you have rarely heard before, and that will catch your fancy.

2. Old is gold. Many old names that were quite popular until recently have now fallen out of favor. Research names in historical archives or literature, or dig up some of the unusual names from your own family records.

3. Read the glossies. Celebrity baby names are another good source for distinctive names. The advantage here will be that though the name will be unusual, it will have built up some level of familiarity and acceptability because of the media coverage. The disadvantage, of course, will be that the name may end up becoming too popular, thereby losing its novelty factor.

4. Get the spelling right. Be careful about using an unusual baby name that is simply a popular name cached in a new spelling-such as ‘Jaysonne’ or ‘Jayesun.’ This will of course sound phony, considering that the pronunciation will remain plain old ‘Jason.’ More importantly, your child may even have to face ridicule from others on this account.

5. Avoid strange combinations. Also, resist the temptation to create an unusual baby name by stringing together two or more names, such as ‘Branjelina’. Unless done sensibly, such a name will probably sound outlandish or gawky.

For more names visit our site:

True Thinks Name


Contact us:

C-10-2, East Lake residence, Seksyen 3

Seri Kembangam, Selangor 43300, Malaysia.

Marriage Advice:

Would a white girl date an East Indian guy?

I’m an Indian guy (the real India) who’s 5’8″. I have been told I look okay by a couple of white girls at clubs but I would like to know whether white girls have a problem with my bronze skin. Are they okay to date an Indian guy?

If they say you look okay, they’d probably date you. Also, there’s no reason I can think of why a white girl wouldn’t date an Indian guy. One of my best friends (an Indian) is dating a French girl. What matters is your personality!

On a side note, watch the strong-smelling food, and make sure to dispel that smell before you go out. Many people are not a fan.

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Hot India Girls

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hot India girls
Indian girls sexy video webcam hot brunette strip chat terra latinos sex movie amateur

Foreign Bride Questions:

Is it just me? or are indian girls????

the hottest girls in the world? they are tan, exotic..beautiful hair and eyes…and almost always a nice bod thats fit but bubblely. does any guy agree? Indian girls give your opinions on what im sayin if you want (i mean indian as in from india)

Everyone has their own tastes, women can look beautiful in so many different ways, and i certianly wouldn’t confine that beauty to one country or race.

shop online at India Bazaar Online for Indian 2010 Fashion products and accessories

Want a designer sarees that’s going to turn your hubby’s head when you walk into the room? Want a Designer sarees that is different from everyone else’s Indian sarees? Well you can have that beautiful sarees. What colors are in style for designer sarees? Here at india bazaar online you can shop by category, shop by colour, shop by occasion for buying sarees online you will see some new colors you have not seen in indian fashion sarees for a while like navy and burgundy gold, raspberry, purple orange, black and white, and all the fashion sarees colors like turquoise, lime and fuchsia. Girls always love purple and this year for the bridal sarees you will see the best purple kundan jewellery. Royal blue is making a comeback big time for 2010–a sure winner. Royal blue is a real hot color this year. Gold and silver will be important and the new metallic lamé fabrics will show you off to the limit. What kind of style should I focus on if I want to look sexy in contemporary sarees?  Designer sarees  for 2007 are everywhere. Want to know what styles are hot? They are making their way back into the heart of many teens for the sarees You’ll see lots of sexy sarees at india bazaar online. Everyone wants to like a Indian princess. What type of bridal sarees should I look for if I’m not that tall? Many girls that aren’t so tall (like me) are going toward fitted silhouettes and flirty, little short salwar kameez. You don’t have to do anything too extravagant to show off your best feature, just make sure that your look shows it off and enhances it. If your best feature is great skin, the last thing you’d want to do is cover up every inch of it with clothing. Dressing for your best feature is less about dressing for size or age and more about making the best of what you have to work with. One important thing to remember is when you’re looking to buy a Designer sarees from indiabazaaronline focus on a bling bling sarees or bling bling accessories not both. If you have both it would be to overwhelming to the naked eye and one will take away from the other. The idea here is to make either the dress or the accessories the focus, not both. For example, A bridal sarees with no adornment could carry a chunky indian artificial bracelet and kundan necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings. Solid color sarees, lehenga choli, salwar kameez  and neutrals are a great backdrop for colorful jewels. On the other hand, the more ruffles, tiers and beading a lehenga choli has, the simpler the accessories should be. It doesn’t mean you have to go bare but you need to use self-control and choose smaller pieces. The difficulty to dressing for special occasions such as homecoming or the prom is that young women look wrong if they indian women clothing like sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga choli for their age: in contemporary sarees, young women/girls look ready for occasion. Look at Indiabazaaronline and see what’s in style. You don’t want to go looking like grandma just run over by a reindeer!

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East Indian Girls

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East Indian girls
East Indian girls

Indian Silver Jewelry – Their Elegance Can Mesmerize You

Looking for some out-of-the-box items to gift your beloved in your coming anniversary? Confused about what to choose and where to choose from? Well, all your confusions in this regard will come to an end with the 925 handmade sterling silver jewelries.

Yes, gold is staying on the top of preference list in terms of an elegant jewelry metal because of the distinct glory the gold jewelries possess. But, good quality artistic finished silver jewelries also contain the same elegance and glamour like the gold jewelries.

When it comes to the most elegant quality silver jewelries that have a distinct appeal then the name of handmade Indian silver jewelry would come on the top. India is the nation where you will find a wide range of silver jewelries that belong to different colors, textures and designs. When it comes to silver jewelry then the West is popular for mirrored and stoned works, while the East is popular for beaded works and among all the nations popular for their outstanding contribution in silver jewelries, India comes on the top.

Among all types of silver jewelries for which the Indian jewelry artists are worldwide popular, pair of toe rings is the popular one. In India, this is a symbol of married girl which are studded with different types of stones. In the nation, different cultures of people prefer to wear different kinds of nose rings. As example, women of North India usually wear large-sized nose rings, even it has been seen that the nose rings they wear is bigger than the bangles they wear. The Indian silver jewelries are made of different types of gems and stones, which enhance the aesthetic radiance of those jewelries.Another most admired type of Indian silver jewelry is silver anklet. These are available in two types, named moveable and immovable.

In the country of Vedas good quality silver jewelries are available only in certain places, for which purchasing it online would be the smartest option for you. Over the internet you will find the presence of several 925 handmade sterling silver jewelry suppliers and exporters, over there you will find an extensive range of silver jewelries, from which you will not find it difficult to opt your desired type of silver jewelry.

Now you will find ample number of jewelry shops around you, but you are suggested to purchase your desired type of Indian sterling jewelries from a specialized Indian silver jewelry manufacturer and exporter. Over the online marketplace you will find the presences of large number of 925 Indian silver jewelry manufactures, from there you will not find it difficult to avail your required type of silver jewelry and that too by saving your wallet.

Marriage Advice:

What are best places to find East Indian girls for friendship or dating in US?

I am 32 yr old, divorced East Indian guy living in US. I never had any Indian girl as my friend or girl friend. Even my ex wife was not Indian. I am just wondering, if I want to find an Indian girl to date, what are best places to find Indian girl for friendship or for dating?

Thank a lot in Advance.

Try I think in there family of sites they have an Indian singles network.

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