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Meet Russian Woman

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meet Russian woman
meet Russian woman

Meet Russian women online!

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 9/15/2010
11:50 A.M. EDT MR. GIBBS:  Before we start, let me just do a couple of — just one quick scheduling announcement for tomorrow.  Thursday, the President will host two events focusing on the administration’s work to increase America’s competitiveness and ensure long-term economic growth.  In the morning, the President’s Export Council will meet to discuss the administration’s ongoing commitment to …

Pretty Russian Women

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pretty Russian women
New Orleans Film Festival releases its 2010 lineup
Get the scoop on all 51 films scheduled to play this year
Russian Roulette my tribute to russian women

Do Russian women get fat after marriage?

This time it was a Chinese guy who told me this. I didn’t really believe him. He said that Russian women are generally pretty but after they get married 99% of them woul turn fat.
@silknsexy: LOL. sounds very reliable
@snarkys wife: I thought Russian women are generally much slimmer then in US
@Delalhan: aha !

LOL… It sounds like you may be thinking about ‘ordering’ one for yourself…

Ukraine Lady

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Ukraine lady
Ukraine lady

The Beauty of Russian and Ukraine Ladies

For many men a younger wife-partner, or lover is something to strive for, something very attractive, or for some a dream, or fantasy, but what are the realities, implications and practicalities of such a union?

I am fortunate in having an usual perspective as the owner of a Ukraine based International Dating Agency and I am able to tell you that yes you can win the heart of a younger woman. Equally I feel it wise to also consider the implications for both parties. Whilst the ladies registered to my agency are between 18 and 50 years old, it is very noticable, particularly with the younger ones that they seek a man older than themselves.

Why? Why do these ladies seek an older partner? What is the attraction? The first issue to bear in mind is that Russian, Ukrainian ladies are unique in that they seem to mature at a remarkably young age. Quite why this should be is not clear to me, but it is an undeniable fact. Maybe it is traditional, maybe it has always been so within these countries. Of course the physical & material hardship within these countries must play a part.

Many of these ladies embark on educating themselves at what is by Western standards, a very young age and many have completed a university course and obtained a diploma by the age of 22 years of age, they take very seriously their education. Gaining the best education achievable and a valid and profesional qualification is very important for the majority of these ladies and this normally comes before thoughts of marraige.

Contrary to the understanding of many, the majority of these ladies would like to pursue a career even after marriage and would like to maintain some intellectual challenge in their life, in preference to being totally dependent upon their partner.

It is a misconception to believe that the attraction for these ladies, of a older partner is only financial, but it is fair to say it can be a consideration. It seems from my observations that so many of these ladies are too mature, advanced and even intelligent to mix with men of their age. From my observations I will list some of the qualities they seek from an older partner, some of the attractions from their perspectives.

They seek someone that can treat them as the intelligent, aware, women that they are. Many older men have through experience learnt how to romance and satisfy the needs of a beautiful woman. Someone that can support them emotionally, spiritually and materially and someone that will listen to them value their opinions and value them as a human being.

Many of these ladies are very beautiful, they know that! What they crave and need is that their inner qualities be appreciated, that they be valued as a human being. So clearly the desires and aspiration of any man seeking a younger partner can be achieved, but what are the implications involved?

If the age difference is 20 years or more they will need to take care of themselves, keep fit and keep healthy (something many men in the west are doing). Be flexible and open. One obvious distinction with a mixed age marraige is that you will each be at different stages of life, but this need not be a problem. Each couple must find the compromise, the lifestyle that they each can sustain and achieve fulfilled with. Can you adapt to that?

Many men these days feel much younger than their years and there has been a notable shift in personal health and well being within perhaps one generation. As I have already stated these Russian, Ukrainian ladies have by western standards achieved a maturity well beyond their years, so the potential and possibility of meeting halfway exists.

There is a popular belief now in the West that 50 years old is the new 30 and 60 the new 40. This in my opinion must depend upon the individual and must depend upon the lifestyle and attitudes and personality of each individual man.but what do we all need from a relationship? What will keep a relationship alive and mutualy satisfying? This can as easily be accomplished within an age gap relationship, it can be equally, if not more successful.

What is the food and drink of any successful relationship, what can sustain a relationship in a difficult moment? Mutual respect, understanding and to some extent selflessness. Why should a relationship of differing ages not work? In many ways it has a better chance of success.

One final point, the chances are if your partner is Russian, or Ukrainian she is going to look very good and attract a lot of attention from other guys and let’s face it most women enjoy being admired yes? It makes them feel good.

Do not feel vulnerable, remember she choose you and so far that you give to your love that which you yourself need, respect, kindness and support she is yours. Slavic women are arguably the most loyal on the planet and so far that you do not drive her away she is yours and yours only.


Joining Politics – A Guide For Singapore Youths (Part 1)
It seems that in recent months, more and more youths are voicing their political opinions on the Internet. This could be due to the fact that the General Elections is just around the corner, and that the youths of Singapore are not as easily brainwashed unlike their predecessors. Youths today are better-educated and are much more […]

Beautiful Russian Bride

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beautiful Russian Bride
beautiful Russian Bride

Hot Russian Brides. Beautiful Russian Girls.

Skate champions set for dream wedding on ice
It is a fairy tale romance of Olympic-sized proportions: China’s 2010 gold medal pair skaters Zhao Hongbo and Shen Xue are getting married Saturday in front of thousands of fans — on ice.

Colombian Wife

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colombian wife
colombian wife

Sexiest Colombian Girls at

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“Lord of War” Viktor Bout, arrested in Thailand because of a deal to supply weapons to Colombian terrorists, has links to the top leadership of the Kremlin, which provides him support of the Russian authorities.

Colombian Dating

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Colombian dating
Colombian dating

Date a Hot Colombian Girl, Colombian Dating at

The Drug Dealer and the Real Estate Men
Cocaine and real estate often go together in San Diego, especially along the dusty strip of border land known as Otay Mesa. Some of the district’s biggest land deals were financed by drug money.

Colombian Girls

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Colombian girls
CIA’s ‘Red Cell’ Hypocrisy on Terror
The Central Intelligence Agency has scoffed at an internal memo that cites a few terrorist acts by some American citizens as possibly causing foreign nations to see the United States as an “exporter of terrorism.”
Colombian Girls Car Audio Show 2009.wmv

Do all PRETTY Colombian girls have stored in anger?…. but they some how control it.?

Well, I’m not a Colombian girl…but I’m pretty sure they would not appreciate being categorized and generalized like that.

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Meet Russian

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meet Russian

Dating Russian Woman – Some Expert Tips On Finding Them

Men are naturally attracted to Russian women, and you might already have found out what attracts you to them. Russian women are naturally slim and elegant, with proportionate figures, and most importantly, quite charming. They always seem to be smiling, and are seldom found in a somber mood. Their laughs are infectious too, and then they might bite their lips before bursting into laughter – a gesture that could send any male heart aflutter. That is why men around the world say that dating a Russian woman is close to a divine experience.

Russian women of today have education to add to their beauty. They are health conscious too, and that makes them good family-keepers. They are full of optimism. Their natural positive qualities does not allow them to age prematurely. That is why, if you ever find a Russian woman, and develop feelings for her, you should not waste time in letting her know. It is challenging to keep the Russian woman you are dating happy, but not one that cannot be overcome.

It is important to do everything at the right moment, though. Russian women are quite frank and with very less guile in them. So, they expect the same kind of openness in their men. Also, they are unpredictable. Though they may be coquettish at times, it is not to be taken that they are always so. At times, they could be quite headstrong when the time comes. That is why, it will depend mostly on you how your date goes ahead.

There are many ways to meet Russian women for dating. One of the commonest ones is to find one who is vacationing to your country. There are many Russian women who might travel to an advanced foreign country with some companion to search for suitable men to date. These women are generally on a kind of a love quest, and they will be open to dating, as long as there are no strings attached. You can develop a great friendship with these women, and that is all you should aim for at the start. Once the friendship materializes, different possibilities of your relationship with automatically emerge. Finding and trying out relationship possibilities with such Russian women through dating is the easiest option to meet them, but there is no guarantee that the relationship will go much ahead.

If you can take a vacation in Russia, you can do better at finding Russian women for dating. You can plan out a business trip there, and try to see how your luck gives way with dating Russian women. When you are in Russia itself, there are a lot of unexpected places where you could meet your woman. You could meet them in restaurants, or even on the street.

But dating Russian women in Russia is a bit of a problem, because the woman will be conscious of her own people. Hence, you will need to be discreet in your affair. Also, being polished in your manners will help a lot.

Another interesting and safer way of meeting and dating Russian women could be through online dating websites. There are many such websites, and you might find the one made for you here. But be careful. Such websites are full of women who are not actually looking for romance. They could be out just for a bit of fun, or maybe even to just polish on their English knowledge. But there will be genuine ones too, those who are looking for a real date and even marriage.

You have to be ready also for a few shocks. Meeting someone online and chatting with them there is very different from meeting them in person. You might find out that the Russian woman you were dating online is not as good looking as her photo you saw online, or perhaps you do not like her mannerisms. Be ready for such shocks. Keep in mind that the woman might be feeling the same way too. Hence, it is advisable to spend a bit of time knowing the woman online before making a physical trip to her hometown. That will give you better time to put things into perspective.

meet Russian
US, Russian defense chiefs promote deeper ties
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his Russian counterpart Anatoly Serdyukov vowed to expand military cooperation on Wednesday, in a sign of improving relations between Moscow and Washington.