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Ukraine Personals

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Ukraine personals
Andy Borowitz Archives
10/18/10 : Democrats to Employ Man Who Played Obama During 2008 Campaign 06/23/10 : Hawking: Aliens ‘No Longer Interested’ in Invading Earth 05/27/10 : Experts Propose Plugging Oil Leak with BP Executives 05/10/10 : Greece Offers to Repay Loans with Giant Horse 01/12/10 : Blago Defends Remarks: ‘It’s a Black Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand’ 10/16/09 : Balloon Boy to America: Punk’d!
Ukrainian Beauty: Women

Brazilian Dating

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Brazilian dating

How to obtain the Brazilian visa easily for a great trip

If you think that this job is complicated, then you might think again. If you know what you have to do, then all this process will be a nice experience which will end up with positive results. But before you get there, you have to know exactly the Brazil visa operations that you need to do.
One of the most important conditions when you apply for a Brazilian visa is the validity of your passport. This is the reason why you have to pay close attention to its expiry date. If it expires before six months from your departure date, then you have all the chances for the visa from the Brazilian authorities to be refused. In this case, you’d better renew your passport, because otherwise, you risk losing the whole trip. You will also need to have at least two more free pages in your passport. So, pay attention to your documents and only then try to submit your Brazilian visa application.
After you make sure that your passport is in order, complete the online application form for your visa to Brazil, because it is the surest and fastest method to solve this problem. You can find all the information on the website and you won’t have to repeat the whole process in case you decide to apply the form in person to the Brazilian’s Embassy. In the last case, if you completed the form wrong, you’ll have to start all over again. Imagine what that means if you don’t live live in or near Ottawa and Toronto.
Besides the passport and the Brazilian visa application, the tourist will also need things like two recent photos in 5cm x 5cm format. Don’t forget that it is important for you to be photographed with your back against a complete white wall. Otherwise, you can easily understand what will happen – the Brazil visa application will be rejected. You will also need to attach the copies from your travel itinerary, like the print-outs of your reservations or other documents to prove that you go there for pleasure or work, in case you need a business visa.
One important issue when you apply for a Brazilian visa is the timing. This is the reason why you need to organize yourself to find your perfect moment. If you apply too early, because the visa is valid only 90 days, you risk not having the visa in order during your trip. If you apply too late, you risk not receiving it on time. So, think really well about this matter and act wisely. As you can see, making some research about the terms and conditions which you need to follow to obtain the visa to Brazil will help you a lot, allowing you to enjoy your time spent in Brazil.

Brazilian dating
Olissippo Lapa Palace, Lisbon: hotel review
Lisbon’s Olissippo Lapa Palace is ideal for cultural buffs in need of recuperation, says James Bedding.

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Beautiful Filipina

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beautiful Filipina
Beautiful Filipina

Foreign Bride Questions:

who are the most beautiful in asian women?

or others, (pls specify)

And why…

(For me, I’d go for Filipinos, once you said a beautiful Filipina, she has the Latina or russian beauty.)


filipinos are usually gorgeous
ive never seen a beautiful chinese or japanese person, unless they are mixed with white or black.

Beautiful Filipina Women and Their Characteristics

Filipina women are popular because of their beauty and characteristics. Many men also wonder where that beauty comes from. Filipinas are a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. In today’s society Filipinas also hold on to the old characteristics that make women desirable in marriage. It is going to be very difficult to drive around your neighborhood and find Filipina women. Unless you live in New York City the best chances to find a Filipina is online.
Philippine dating services are a good way to meet thousands of these girls for dating and marriage. Make sure you choose a Filipina dating site that helps you with your travel plans and visa papers. You can register a personal profile directly with the Philippine dating service of your choice. Once you get accepted on a Filipino Dating Site, you can find a number of girls you want. Be sure that the profile you put on the site is clear and concise this way the Filipina ladies can understand t.
Most Filipinas have better loyalty and sincerity than western women. These qualities make them so desirable. You can find in Filipina girls in almost every country in the world. Filipina women have delicate features and they respect their husbands. Filipina women treat their husbands better than any western women could. Filipinas also look younger because their faces have a smaller frame structure and that makes them appear younger.
If you have ever seen Filipina women you will notice that they have the loveliest eyes, slim, shapely bodies and beautiful golden skin. Most of have straight black hair and a cute little shapely nose. Filipina women also possess a very girly and feminine accent. You find Filipina women mostly in the south pacific in Asia and honesty are valued very deeply by the Philippine culture. These features of Filipino women make them perfect wives.
For some men marrying a Filipina is the best thing they have done for their lives. They percentages of success re in the couples favor. Beauty and characteristics are the most important things men are looking for when trying to find a wife. Filipino women are perfect if you’re looking for someone to take good care of you and your children. You can always meet these girls in the Philippine online dating sites. All you have to do is register a profile. You can join any online dating site to search for a Filipinas and marriage. Filipinas are becoming a lot more popular in the world lately, thanks to the way local women in western countries are acting.

Beautiful Thai Women

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beautiful thai women
Beautiful Thai ladies of walking street. Women dressed up for Loy Kratong Pattaya.

Foreign Bride Questions:

do you agree that thai women are the most beautiful women on the planet.?

i was just looking at tourist areas on line.
its just an observation
if not, then who do you think is the best?
I’m interested to hear from you
you got the most honest answer i’ve seen in days.
stardust, you got a point there. i guess for me it is just personal taste in women.

hey, i like thai women too, but every country seems to have some nice ones. Have fun on your vacation.

Thai Women Are An Ideal Option For Marriage

The beauty of a woman can not only be defined after seeing her face, but it can also be defined by analyzing her character, ethnicity and mentality. If you are looking for a beautiful Thai woman, then it is advisable to search through the internet as there are a number of websites available with profiles of countless Thai Women. But, before meeting a Thai girl, a question comes in mind why Thailand? May be, it is because the people of Thailand seem to be always smiling, welcoming as well as friendly.

Being considered as one of the beautiful women in this universe, Thai women are no wonder to date with men. In fact, places such as Bangkok or Phuket draw a number of men each year in a search for Thai women. Before planning to date with a Thai woman, there are a number of things you should know – Thai girls are by nature reticent and traditional as far as man/woman relationships are concerned, they love listening neutral topics, they are very confident and beautiful and they take care of their families.

Having beautiful yellow skin and skinny body, most of Thai women’s beauty is appreciated by Western guys. In fact, their faithful characteristics towards their husbands and crave of taking care of their children and family make Thai women sought after amongst men, especially western men. Some of the Asian countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and so on are on top for having Thai women. Apart from beauty and all, Thai girls are preferred for getting married as they can make yummy food and there is no tradition for going out with men after getting married. Being skinny, thin, and beautiful, Thai girls are loved by their husbands. In fact, after meeting Thai women, Western men love to marry them and do not want to marry with Western girl. Moreover, Women from Thai are always carry classy, cultured, traditional values. Thus, they are proven pair for a Western man.

So, the time has come to choose a Thai woman with the help of numerous websites that have profiles of a number of Thai women. You only need to make an extensive search to come across a reliable website.

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Tamil Girls

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tamil girls
tamil girls

Saif Ali Khan Biographical Role in Director Siddharth Anand Next Movie

Saif Ali Khan is all set to play his first biographical character in Director Siddharth Anand Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 name “2 States”.
Its an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat book ‘2 States’. It was Aditya Chopra’s idea. Director bought the rights of ‘2 States’ from Bhagat.

His of the Punjabi ‘boy’ Krish who will marry his Tamilian sweetheart Ananya but only with the consent of the two sets of parents is essentially the story of Bhagat’s own courtship and marriage in real life.

He is expected to spend time with Chetan Bhagat to understand his character and get into Krish’s mind.

He said that about his role in this movie that, “We’re always shown Punjabis and Tamils in a culture-specific light.I wouldn’t want my protagonists to be portrayed with regional eccentricities.”

“Like Krish in my novel I fell in love with a Tamil girl and we decided to marry only with the parent’s consent. In the film Ek Duuje Ke Liye when the Tamil boy decides to marry the Punjabi girl their parents slap and beat up their respective offspring’s.Aaj ke din kaun bachche maar khayenge? So you could say 2 States is like Ek Duuje Ke Liye meeting Diwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.”

Kareena Kapoor denied announcing the accurate date of her wedding with Saif Ali Khan. As per her interviews, she said that, “the event will likely be held in a year from now. The lack of detail leaves too much room for confusion, misinterpretation and speculation. She adds that she is a firm believer in the institution of marriage and is eagerly awaiting the big day.

Kareena had reportedly had a dialogue with the family members of both sides in connection with the marriage.”

He will undergo intensive training for the scene in his latest production Agent Vinod. This Movie director said that, “Yes, we have a major chopper scene and Saif will undergo a 20-day training session for it.”

Marriage Advice:

Why Tamil girls only talk about Film?

ask by Vino(Madurai) by

what one know they talk. All should know that actors are acting for money. it is their profession. But, our youngsters seeing the movies think that cenema is the world. No wonder the tamil girls too. The time only change them.

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Meet Beautiful Russian Women

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meet beautiful Russian women

Why Russian women are chosen as life partners?

Way back in the 90s when western men first arrived in Russia, they were dazzled by beautiful Russian women. Soviet women have that pretty looks and every day they become more and more beautiful. This is their peculiarity. Russian women are supposed to be very sensitive, family inclined in comparison with western women.

Marrying Russian women has some benefits for western men. Russian women are adventurous and brave. They usually make comfortable atmosphere in an emotional aspect when it comes to family. That is the quality western women usually lack. This makes foreign men be attracted to Russian women and determined to search for a Russian woman as their life partner.

Nowadays the criteria selection of a Russian woman as their life partner becomes stronger among western men. It is also due to the reason that they seek some kind of an adventure in their family life. They need a woman who can support them at times of crisis or help in reaching their goals. Russian women have this quality of being stronger when it comes to overcome various difficulties in life. They are always ready to face such difficulties. In fact life in marriage is much more comfortable when one marries a Russian woman. Marriage with western women often ends with a short span leading to divorce and bitter separation.

A proper dress code is maintained by Russian women keeping in mind that they need to look beautiful all the time. Dressing up like models with good make-up and pretty dresses, their beauty really makes one speechless. And one cannot stop admiring them. One always seeks a fresh wave of air in their lives and Russian women have that scent that is like a magic perfume spread across the atmosphere attracting western men.

We also found that one of the reasons why western men prefer Russian women as their brides is that Russian women play greater importance when it comes to family life. They give love and care about their husband or kids. They also take care of the entire home without any complains. This is of course desired by every man who wants a perfect housewife handling all the core family duties during his absence. We can say a family-oriented woman is desired by western men and that can be seen only in Russian women. Men do not like independent and career oriented women who may take priority in work rather than family life.

And a question arises now: how can we reach these Russian women for dating? It became very easy with the Internet being the major connection channel. One may find lots of Russian dating sites that have profiles of some beautiful Russian women. These dating sites also arrange meetings with Russian women that you have selected from their site. If the meeting goes well and both of them accept each other then it leads to happily married life.

The internet surely proved to be a great advantage for foreign men who cannot spend time and money for personally visiting Russia and searching for their life partners. You need to spend money on tickets and other trip costs. Online dating will give you a chance first to choose and then to learn your potential bride beforehand. And only when you have some dates with your Russian woman online and feel that it’s worth having a personal interaction with her. After that you may decide to go to Russia to meet your chosen girl. So, if you are planning to marry a Russian woman then plan it perfectly by getting information about her through these dating sites. Let those agencies arrange some meeting with the woman you liked. You will surely get the best life partner.

meet beautiful Russian women
SOMEONE TO KNOW: Hemet woman wanted to teach by example
LEADING THE WAY: Diane Mitchell stands in the Esplanade Arts Center in San Jacinto beside the Best of Show winner at the recent Festival of the Arts. Artist Lois Stipp sent the painting of Mitchell’s dog, Alfie, to her as a surprise after the pet died from a rattlesnake bite.

Beautiful Russian Brides

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beautiful Russian Brides
beautiful Russian Brides

Real Russian brides atlast!

With so many foreign men jumping the Russian brides bandwagon and travelling overseas to search for a loved one, and so many stories in the media associated with Russian brides and  foreign men being scammed out of money by either fake girls, gold diggers or fake dating agencies it is a wonder that many men still think of searching for a Russian bride. But good news is on the horizon there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel for men searching for a “real” Russian bride. is a Russian dating site set up by a English guy who after many years of searching for his Russian love and falling for a few scams in the early part of his search finally found love in Russia and at the same time fell in love with mother Russia .After spending several years on many of the Russian dating sites and realising most were just a scam in some way or form decided to set his own Russian dating site to offer a genuine chance for men to find a Russian bride.

Unlike most other Russian Bride sites there are no fees for opening  the ladies letters or sending letters, all members have direct access to all the Russian brides in the database, personal email address and phone numbers. You can contact the ladies direct yourself by phone or email, though email is recommended first.

  1. All contact on the site is done directly by the member ,there are no third parties involved, no fees for opening e mails or corresponding with the ladies .All members have direct access to the websites database of beautiful Russian brides there are thousands of Beautiful Russian brides on the site for you to contact direct by email or telephone the site offers a first class customer support and all members are welcome to contact the site for any advise related to travelling to meet your Russian bride, weather  that is just general advise or advise with accommodations ect.  Russia has a new booming economy now and the Soviet Union days are just a distant memory, most girls have their own computers and do not need translators. So you have no more need for those unscrupulous dating sites who charge hundreds of dollers   just to open and translate letters for you.. Everything is left up to you to contact the ladies direct. With a little effort and determination you could be communicating with a beautiful Russian bride within a few days.

To be honest the reason many guys are scammed is due to their own stupidity and being very niev, as long as you remember NO good Russian lady would ever dream of asking any guy to send you will have no problems meeting your dream Russian bride. So if it is something you have been thinking about give it a try, and remember Russian women are the most beautiful in the world.


So check the site out, it’s completely free to add you profile for ladies to contact you direct.  Russian is a great  country and probably many of the stories and press you have heard about is all wrong. If you are serious for your search for a Russian bride it would be good advice to do some research on Russia and Russian culture on the internet

So post your profile, Start your Russian dating and soon you could find yourself a Real Russian bride. Any genuine feedback for the site would be greatly appreciated.




Marriage Advice:

Russian translation please…?

I am to give a best man speech and i want to say as a comical sentence to his daughter who is also a brides maid…
‘You look beautiful and amazing. I presume you do not get your looks from your father who has the looks of a haddock’ (or some similar compliment & put down in that order).
Problem is not just translation but pronunciation.
Ps this would not offend as we are obviously good friends.
All help appreciated thks.

“Ты красива и изумительна. Я предполагаю, что ты не пошла в отца, который выглядит как пикша”

And, hey, in Russian, it will be offensive however you translate this. That “пикша” is not a well-known word.

It’s better to replace the word haddock by something else.