Russian Women Scams

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Russian women scams
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The draft laws concerned 5 pc VAT for food items and exempting from taxation pensions lower than RON 2,000. Ruling MPs look for solutions to vote again.
Russian Girls Scam Protect Your Profile

How do you determine whether a Russian woman is a fraud?

Russian dating sites introduce potential wives to American men. The women all ask for money, usually via Western Union, in order to visit the United States for a meeting. Discuss your experiences on how to determine which women are fraudulent and how to send visa and travel money while avoiding a scam.

Anyone who asks for money is a fraud. No exceptions. There is no way for anyone to get a visa to the US if they do not have enough money to cover their visa fees, travel costs and living expenses while in the US. If they have to ask for money they will never get a visa in the first place. And you NEVER send money via Western Union to anyone. If this was a relative overseas that you were sponsoring and you wanted to pay for their visa, you would contact the US Embassy and pay the embassy on their behalf.

Have you ever been to Russia? It’s no longer a poor backwards communist country. There are more billionaires in Russia than in the US, more designer boutiques, etc. There is no reason any Russian woman needs to ask a man overseas for money or is looking for a foreign husband.

It doesn’t matter if they are Russian, Nigerian, or English. Anyone you have never met who is asking you for money, especially through Western Union or Moneygram, is always a scam. And it’s not just women, you wouldn’t believe the number of men from Eastern Europe and Africa who pull the same scams with American women they meet online. They never come to visit and have no intention.

Just google Russian dating scam and you’ll find over 5 MILLION hits. There are almost no legitimate sites

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