Nigeria Woman

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Nigeria woman
Nigeria woman


Nigeria offers Investors in the Entertainment arena the opportunity of reaping bountifully and smiling to the banks. The reason is not far fetched. “Nigerians love entertainment” whether via the TV screen (movies, soap operas, musical programmes, sitcom, reality shows) or off screen (promenade shows, concerts , stand up comedy / dance shows) and other entertaining events. Despite the fun galore, the rapid moral degeneration projected through the various entertainment programmes has given room for children, teens and young people to pick up bad habits in the absence of working parents who ought to supervise what they watch.

A nostalgic feeling is created when one goes down memory lane, especially into the 80’s era, where sex, crime, lust for power and money, indecent dressing, low moral  standards and values where infinitesimal, unlike what obtains presently. The under listed provides the local and International programmes that kept Nigerians glued  to their TV sets:


“The Jeffersons”, “Good Times”, “Mind your language”, “Sanford and Son”, “Mixed Blessings”, “Rising Dam”, “Different Strokes”, “Doctor in the House”, “Some Mothers do have them”, “Allo Allo”, “Rent A Ghost”, “Seseme Street”, “The Muppet show”, “Foot Steps”, “The Flaxtons”, “Fantasy Island”, “Mr Moon’s magic circus”, “Circus center ring”, “The Bionic woman”, “Sandoka”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “CI5 (The professionals)”, “Chips”, “Hammer House of Horror”, “Return of the Saint (Simon Templer)”, “The Osborne show”, “Faulty Towers”, “The Persuaders”, “Starscy and Hotch”, “The Famous Five”, “Huckuberryfin”, “Jemiamah shore investigates”, “The A- Team”, “The Invisible Man”, “Incredible Hulk”, “Another Life”, “Woman of Substance”, “Demsey and Makepeace”, “Alice in wonderland”, “Jake and the Fat man”, “Generations”, “Pop in Germany”, “Soul Train”, “Tele Match”, “Doctor Who”, “Tom and Jerry”, “Atom Ant”, “Godzilla”, “Globe Trotters”, “Spiderman”, “Super man”, “Scuby doo”, “Roger Ramjet”, “Danger Mouse”, “Captain cave man”, “Mystery Island”, “Thundersub”, “Voltron”, “Robin Hood”, “The Prince and the Pauper”, “Jane Eyre”, “Little Women”, “Dombey and Sons”, “The Rich also cry”, “Secrets of the sand”.


“Cock crow at dawn”, “Mirror in the sun”, “Ripples”, “Behind the cloud”, “The New Masquerade”, “Village Head master”, “Adio Family”, “Basi & Company”, “Second Chance”, “Hotel de Jordan”, “Samanja”, “Sura the tailor”, “Koko close, “Third Eye”, “Mind Bending”, “Tales by Moon light”, “Pot of life”, “Magana Jarice”, “Things Fall Apart” (series)

Those were the good old days, and I’m happy that I grew up during that era.

So long…

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What do you think of Nigerians and Nigeria?

I want an opinon not an insult I am Nigerian I hav lived most of my life out of the country. I have always heard of the 419 scams and etc. I agree that is a problem but I do not agree that 9 out of 10 Nigerian youth are scam artists. I am a youth and i am not a scam artist I come from a big family and non of them I know of are scam artists. My mother was the first woman ambassador of Nigeria to West Germany and to the Phillipines from 1979-1984 when Nigeria was doing a lot better than now. I really hate people making up thier minds without being open minded. before I moved to America from Turkey I did not have any horrible things againist the entire public based on people who commit crimes in their country. Anyway I would like to hear about experinces with Nigerians and Nigeria visits etc.

Nigerians are very very very warm people.
Extremely hard working and have been badly represented by some.
I can tell you for a fact that over 80% of Nigerians are very honest people and are doing the country proud both within and outside the country. But like all bad things, the bad news get more publicity (just like America is known for serial killers and they blame it on childhood experiences).
One thing I love about Nigerians is their tenacity for success. When other people see obstacles; Nigerians always see solutions. It’s just so terrible that some of those who have this God given creativity use it in the wrong way.
Nigerians are very creative people.
Another trait is, their ability to survive any situation they are in, you can obviously see that thought the past and present political situations in |Nigeria. The people just keep forging ahead not minding what the Government do. They try to make a better tomorrow out of each day.
They are truly amazing people.
And I wish them success in the coming election Year.

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