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Latino dating sites
The Best Hispanic Dating Sites….Find Love Fast!

Foreign Bride Questions:

Why do white guys only like slim/petite women?

I’m trying to prove my mother wrong about when she says that white men only want to “seriously date” thin women. My cousin is overweight/plus size/curvy (call it what you will) and has difficulty meeting nice, white men that want more than just booty calls or short flings. I hate seeing her get hurt. I know black and latino men aren’t as judgmental about weight as white guys. I also read on craigslist and other dating sites that swm only seem interested in slim women. Any white guys genuinely attracted to big girls? Thanks in advance for your opinions and comments…

FYI this question isn’t for me, I’m already married.

I’ve never noticed this o__0
I know PLENTY of white men who date bigger girls and I know there are plenty of latino men for sure who love thin girls to bigger girls as well.
It is just a matter of personal preference.
I think the problem is that your cousin is looking in the wrong places or keeps falling for the same types of guys.
Good luck ^^

Single Parents Meet Mingle & Talk Dating Sites

Robert Walsh Kids Clothing proudly announces the addition of a new page, titled “Single Parents Meet Mingle Talk” to their website.

With over 20 million single parents in the United States, single parent households represent the fastest growing type of household.

With such busy schedules trying to juggle all the household and financial responsibilities of caring for the family, there are not enough hours to include time for looking for a partner….that’s why internet dating services have become so popular.

More than 32% of all men and women looking for dates online are single parents representing all walks of life, including African-American, Asian, Catholic, Christian, Gay, Interracial, Jewish, Latino, Lesbian, Straight, to name just a few.

Being a single parent is a tough job with many challenges occurring on a daily basis. Sharing these challenges and responsibilities with a partner certainly makes it easier.

On their newly added page “Single Parents Meet Mingle Talk”, at, Robert Walsh Kids Clothing, a family friendly site, introduces several dating sites for single parents.

As sign up, filling out a personal profile, is FREE and SAFE, visitors are encouraged to sign up for several of these sites to “get their face out there”.

One is sure to find sites for his/her taste, from Straight to Gay & Lesbian, Christian to Jewish, African-American to Asian…. and many other nationalities and religious backgrounds that you represent.

All dating sites offer easy to understand directions, and use interfaces to communicate with other single parents, including FREE personal profiles, photo albums, instant message boards, chat rooms, articles, blogs, magazines….

According to Dr. Dale Koppel, in her just published book “The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Online Dating”, as she stated in a recent interview about her own personal experience: “Online dating is a great, great way of meeting people.”

At the end of “Single Parents Meet Mingle Talk”, an article gives women advice how to fill out an online personal profile.


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