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hot Latina

Expression Through Spanish Love Sayings

Have you ever used some Spanish love sayings to snag a hot Latina date? As cheesy as it may sound, some girls do fall for this. We will not know if they find sexiness in this, but here is a list of some of those love sayings for whatever it is worth.

Me gusta estar contigo, me haces sonreír. – I enjoy being with you, because you put a smile on my face. This is a simple but effective way to get a smile, at the very least – expressing how simple company can be so invigorating.

Ponerse de novio – To become engaged. This is a saying between couples if they see their relationship developing and want to make each other more secure by pledging oneself to the relationship. This carries a very strong weight because Spanish influenced countries are very religious; by binding someone to a commitment even by promises alone seems to have a very binding effect on them.

Estas muy bonita. – You look beautiful. This is a little more straightforward approach but very effective in conveying your attraction and appreciation of a woman’s beauty. If you are the modern kind of guy, you definitely will not have problems getting this out of your mouth. Women want to know that they are sexy and beautiful. There is nothing else better for a woman to hear that she is what men desire. It gives them a great sense of confidence that you singled her out of the whole crowd.

perder la cabeza – Directly translated as lose one’s head or that you are falling head-over-heels in love with someone. This is one sure way of telling your girl that you are ballistic over her. This is a nice sparkler to a budding relationship. It assures her that she is definitely the one and only girl in your life.

Estás muy lindo. – You look pretty. This is one of those simple inserts you whisper in her ear while she is going into a car, or when you are ushering her into a seat at the dinner table. Saying these words to your special someone will surely make her feel adored and unique.

Actually, all of these score more points to someone who does not understand a bit of Spanish. Talking in a foreign language always makes you seem more cultured and knowledgeable, only to those who do not understand it of course. If you do say something with the wrong accent in front of people are familiar with the language, then that would definitely take the class out of it. Try talking to a friend who knows Spanish, maybe you can get several best seller Spanish love sayings for that new upcoming date.

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hot Latina
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