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hot columbian

Salsa Concert Event

Latin American music is the music of all countries in Latin America and comes in many varieties. Colombian music can be divided into four musical zones: The Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, the Andean region and Los Llanos. The Caribbean music vibrates with hot rhythms, such as the cumbia, porros and mapale. The music from the Pacific coast, such as the currulao, with a strong use of drums, is tinged with Spanish influence.
Music of the Colombian Andes has been strongly influenced by Spanish rhythms and instruments, and differs noticeably from the Indian music of Peru or Bolivia. Among the typical forms are the bambuco, pasillo guabina and torbellino, played with string instruments like tiple guitarra, and also with piano. The music of Los Llanos, musica llanera, is usually accompanied by a harp, cuatro and maracas. It has much in common with the music of the Venezuelan Llanos.

Apart from these traditional forms, two newer musical styles have conquered large parts of the country. These are la salsa which has spread throughout the Pacific coast, and the vallenato, which emanated from La Guajira and Cesar. The latter is based on the European accordion.

On that introduction to Latin and Salsa music, I am going to talk about this brilliant Salsa Concert by Chocquibtown.

On Friday evening Chennai swung to the beats of Latin music at the Salsa Concert…

The Indian Council for Cultural relations and The Embassy of Columbia together organized a music concert by the band Chocquibtown as part of the Second Colombian Cultural Week in India.

Chocquib town has been nominated for the Grammy Award in the category of Best Latin American Band in 2009. The name of the band is a combination of the Colombian words Choco which is the name of the native state of the band, Quibdo which is the Capital of that State and Town is a reference to the origins of the musicians.

The band had already performed and won hearts in Bhubaneswar and Delhi before their
performance in Chennai’s Krishna Gana Sabha Auditorium on 23rd October as part of the event.

Dignitaries like the Columbian Ambassador to India and the Regional Director of ICCR, Mr. Rajappa were present at the concert. The evening began with a speech by the Colombian Ambassador Dr. Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra after which the band began their feisty and rather energetic performance. The crowd loved them and was reluctant to let them stop.

Chocquibtown`s music is a unique fusion of, salsa, hip-hop, Jamaican raaga, and also some traditional beats from Columbia’s Pacific coast.

Before every song the lead singer, showed the audience a dance step that would best suit the song .The crowd enthusiastically followed his lead.

The band was great and had the audience dancing and swaying to the music almost right from the beginning of the performance. This evening went a long way in showing us in Chennai the fun loving spirit that Columbians have and also the passion they have for life. Columbia was here on Friday night!

hot columbian
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