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girls for marriage
Eddie Fisher: 1928-20101950s teen idol dies at home at age 82Fame marred by marriage scandals with Taylor, Reynolds
LOS ANGELES — Pop singer Eddie Fisher, whose clear voice brought him a devoted following of teenage girls in the early 1950s before marriage scandals overshadowed his fame, has died at age 82.
The Golden Girls on Marriage Equality

What was the usual marriage age for girls in the fifties?

I’m in a musical, Bye Bye Birdie, and at the end, two fifteen year olds become engaged.
I was just wondering, was that the norm back then?
Actually, I’m talking about the MUSICAL and NOT the MOVIE. And actually, they are sixteen in the movie, fifteen in the musicals. And musicals are pretty accurate when it comes to history.

As one Ans indicated, location in the US, and whether or not it was in very rural areas, made a difference. I graduated from HS in ’47, and a lot went on to the local Teachers’ College in town. We all thought it was important for us girls to get as much education as we could. Certainly graduating from High School was important, and only one or two couples got married in H.S. Almost all waited until after High School, and maybe a 4th of the class went on and had at least one year of college before marriage. I was married after college graduation.

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