Ghana Dating Scams

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ghana dating scams
ghana dating scams

The Dark Side of Online Dating

Knowing the Risks and the Warning Signs

Online or Internet dating has brought many people together and created a whole new platform for meeting someone special. It’s cheap, there’s no noisy bars to deal with, and one can pursue the search, worldwide, from the comfort of his or her home. Yes, online dating is wonderful. While this new and increasingly common form of dating offers many benefits, there are also many dangers, including but limited to, identity theft, financial loss, and of course, heartache. This article discusses some of the risks of Internet dating, and how to recognize the warning signs.

The Perfect Photo

Anyone can be beautiful on the Internet. Knowing whether or not his or her photo is the real thing is just the beginning in the long list of questions that arise when dating online. The truth is, there’s just no way to know. If the photo appears that it has been taken from a magazine, well, it probably has. Follow your instincts as well. Ask yourself if the personality matches the photo. Does this person seem sincere? Have you talked to this person enough on the phone, and if you have, does the voice match the photo? Confirming identity when dating online is difficult.

The Potential Dangers

As the number of honest individuals dating online rises, so too is the number of scammers and criminals. Match making websites are booming and new ones are popping up each month. Internet relationships are especially open to manipulation and fraud. Scammers are increasingly sophisticated in their techniques, and it doesn’t take a fool to be a victim. One warning sign is always the same, the advance fee or request for financial assistance. Be very skeptical of anyone overseas who claims to have been in an emergency and who requires financial assistance. If you decide to give the person the benefit of the doubt and continue in the relationship, at the very least, get a background check.

Seeking Verification

Depending on the nature of the relationship, and where the subject resides, different services are available to confirm his or her story. Wymoo International covers over 100 countries with background checks and surveillance, and the firm offers peice of mind for those relationships begun on sites such as For relationships in the Philippines, such as those started on or, we recommend Philippine PI, a U.S. based firm that specializes in background checks and surveillance in the Philippines. This group has offices in major cities such as Manila and Cebu. The costs of the services depend on the investigation and the specific needs of the client. For most cases, turnaround times are usually one week or less.

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Do your research before you commit, Arnold. “Google” it and check the Better Business Bureau.
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