European Girls

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European girls
European girls

Title: Asian Girls and Asian Women-the Truth Revealed

Not long ago I read an article about how Asian women are despised by American women. The “reason” behind this is that they feel Asian girls are stealing their men. They dig up any old dirt on them, they regard them as whores because some of them are unfaithful, they regard them as noisy because some of them fight; despite the fact that this occurs within their own society among their own people.


Not only Asian Girls

Adding a little more to that; It’s not just America. And it doesn’t just apply to Asian women either. White women from poorer countries who head for the developed world are all subject to certain forms of discrimination from local women. Especially if they are, beautiful, charming, sexy, kind and have one of those bubbly personalities that men just fall over for. Eastern European girls in the UK are hated by the local arrogant Brit girl. They get given hell in the work place and hell outside. Of course, all this is made worthwhile when they have a wonderful British man to love them, take care of them; and as they become more fluent in the language-things do improve.

On the other hand, it makes me weary when I meet Asian women in places like Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand who think the sun shines continuously out the Rising Sun of Japan. They really do believe they are closer as Asians to the Japanese than they ever can be to us westerners. In reality though, the Japanese discriminate much more against other Asians. This is an unfortunate and unexpected eye-opener for any Asian man but especially women who has the opportunity to live in the land of frowns. Philippine girls who work in Japan as dancers and entertainers have caused so much strife to Japanese society-all just by being themselves; attractive, witty, kind and generous and Japanese men can’t get enough of them, Japanese women loath them. When you go to one of these entertainment snack bars in Japan, it’s easy to see why these girls are so popular. Their job is mainly to smooch around dressed in scanty costumes, sing karaoke and serve customers their drinks. Nothing more…except for the occasional date with the customer. Some customers are married which may cause a fare amount of conflict when the wife finds out.


Dating Sites

All that aside, the number of young female entertainers and Asian dancers are in the minority-Japan has a whole foreign community of Asian people who are employed in various professions from nurses to factory workers. As in any community in any country there are good and bad. Many Asian women are looking for serious relationships. You can find these women on dating sites like

Companies like these enable members and guest members to search for and contact Asian women and girls all over the world. is committed to registering nice genuine girls who are sincere in their search for a lifetime partner or soul mate.

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