Dating Younger Girls

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dating younger girls

Foreign Bride Questions:

What is the law for older girls dating younger boys?

Okay my nephew is turning 16 and he is dating someone that is 18 with a child. It is two years difference, but this girl is bad. She has reported rape on three of her ex-boyfriends. But one of them that she reported it on is the one with the costody of her baby. So I want to know a legal way to go around this. OR is is just statatory rape when it is a guy going after a girl?

It really depends on the state they live in. Some have the age of consent anywhere from 14 to 18. The most common law is 18 as age of consent. What she’s doing is illegal.

How To Date Younger Women – 3 Tips For Dating A Hot Young Girl

Are you a somewhat older fella (let’s say 30+) who has been fantasizing about dating younger women? Well check this out… That dream of yours can totally become a reality by following the “rules” I’ve laid out for you below!

The fact of the matter is that “older” guys like you and me are attracting, dating, and sleeping with super hot, much younger women all the time! It’s no big a deal. In fact, as an older guy you actually have a big advantage over the majority of the younger guys when it comes to dating younger chicks.

Here’s the thing though… If you are going to date girl that’s 15 or more years younger than you, some people are going to judge you (especially women your own age). So you have to be cool with that. I say you only live once and you should date whoever the hell you want, but you’ve got to figure out what’s right for you. If you do want to date young hotties, here are 3 tips:

1) Don’t be that creepy old guy. While its true that many young women are open to dating older guys,  you can’t just be some social awkward, unkept heathen, and expect to date quality younger women, that’s NEVER going to happen. You’ve got to be a suave loder man, so dress like a fashionably, don’t be too aggressive, and try not to drool all the place staring at her hot body.

2) Be more social. A big problem a lot of older guys have is that their social lives suck. They go to work, come home, watch TV and hangout with the same friends every weekend. If you want to date younger women you’ve got to get out of the house and talk to young women… You can’t just expect to meet them all on the internet.

3) Chill out! Don’t get all flustered and start acting like a nervous nelly when you’re talking to a young hottie. I know, easier said than done right? Well, here are a few simple tricks to help you calm down: First, do like Ben Stiller in “Something About Mary.” Second, start with girls who aren’t intimidatingly attractive. And third, practice. The more you talk to, approach, and date young women, the more relaxed you will feel doing it, and the more success you will have.


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