Dating Filipina

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dating Filipina
dating Filipina

Dating Filipina Women Rules


Are there dating filipina women rules? Perhaps rather than calling it as rules, the most appropriate way to call them are tips. Rules sometimes make the dating stiff. Instead of enjoying each others company and the time together, you will be anxious and conscious with the rules that you are trying to follow.

Tips are easier to handle. It simply helps you have a successful date. It will make you become aware of things that will make the date a failure. But most importantly, it will help you have a fun and exciting date.

So what should you bear in mind before dating a Filipino lady? Below are some points that you need to remember.

Filipino parents are involved with their daughter’s life. Even if their daughters are over 18 years old. Single Filipino girls still live with their parents. This does not mean Filipino parents control the lives of their daughters. They are simply very protective.

This also entails, that you need to ask permission from the parents. This does not mean that they will say no, but as a sign of respect, you have to do it. Filipinos are very respectful people. You can see how younger people kiss the hands of the older ones. This is a gesture of respect.

Filipino ladies also make a big deal out of date. They truly prepare themselves for it. You can see that they will dress up properly. You need to compliment that. Compliments are meaningful to Filipino women. It means that you appreciate their effort in prettifying themselves.

Ladies in the Philippines are reserved. Do not advance yourself on her. Their culture is not accustom to public display of affection. She will break away from you if you try to get physical with her.

If you do not want to be charged with sexual harassment, avoid touching her when not necessary. Of course, it is understandable if you hold her hand when you cross the street or get out from the car. So these are just the dating filipina women rules that you should remember.

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