Dating A Younger Woman

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dating a younger woman
Reg Henry: Someone leash these cougars
When my father was about 95 and living in a nursing home, he complained to me about the younger women he had met there. “These younger women,” he said, “they can’t make good conversation — they don’t know anything about football.”His younger women oblivious to football would have been in their 80s at the time.
Pickup Artist Tips For Dating Younger Women

What do you think of a older woman dating a younger man?

I am talking to this younger man… I mean younger, at first I did not take him serious but after talking to him he is very intersting… what is to young and when do you stop being fearful of it…I am 36 he is 20.

Love has no age. If you’re really interested in him and like him….and he likes you…..Girl whats stopping you! But you have to remember that guys at that age are most likely to look for just fun rather than a serious relationship. They’re experimenting and most of them dont have a profession or a serious job yet….So be careful if you’re going to get your heart involved :)

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