Columbian Girls

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Columbian girls
Rhodes excels at QB for West
With Eric Stewart under center the last three seasons, the Columbus West High School football team earned a reputation for exploiting defenses through the air better than just about anyone in central Ohio.
SUGABABZ ” The Columbian Bombshell”

columbian wife left husband right after she received green card!what to do now?

so a friend of mine got married thru a K-1 visa with a Columbian girl in may … married within 90 days ,did all the paper work ,by November she kept on looking for arguements and drama in order to leave the house and bla bla …..anyhow she just received her conditional green card and he called her and gave it to her ,right after that she bounced out for real ……
what can he do now ,,,besides crying after her(he didnt get it ,that she was a green card digger )
basicly he was married for 6 month because she was always gone …

i know she is shady and threats him telling him she will call the cops on him if he calles her and tell them he abused her and other BS .which is not real .

That’s what happens to people who don’t get to know the people they marry BEFORE they marry them. I suggest he call the INS. He’s isn’t the first story like this they’ve heard. They might be able to do something to help him. Maybe. If not, I hope learns from this experience.

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