Japanese Love

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Japanese love
Japanese love

4 Japanese Survival Phrases You Must Know

It’s the nightmare scenario.  You are on a plane to Japan for an important business meeting and you don’t speak a lick of Japanese.  You know sushi, ninja and tsunami, and are worried your butt is on the line back at the head office.  What if you say the wrong thing and the big deal goes South!

Well, never fear.  You are about to enter the Japanese-in-42-seconds zone.  Where you will learn everything you need to know to fake your way through just about anything.  Oh, yeah, that’s right, you are going to fake it.  Trust me, it works.

In order to fake your way through Japanese society you must understand a few important things:

1. Words you need to memorize (hey there’s only four, it’s easy!):

  • arigato = thanks
  • sumimasen = excuse me (I stepped on your toe, bumped the table, or something else equally idiotic.)
  • Konichiwa = Hi/hello.
  • daijobu/diajobu? I’m ok./Are you ok? (This one can be used just about anywhere when you need to convey Are you ok? or let someone know you are ok.)

2. Communicating: Use your four words above as much as possible.  Arigato when the tea comes.  Sumimasen when you bump someone on the train (because you will, it’s crowded and you are bigger than everyone.)  Konichiwa to friends and your new business colleagues.  Daijobu? to a child who dropped his Nintendo on the train platform.

Now, you can’t possibly have any real communication with the four words above, but that isn’t the point.  The point is that you show everyone around that you are trying your darndest to speak the difficult Japanese language.  It is a tough language to learn and the Japanese love it when foreigners try use it.  This show a little spirit on your part.

I hope this helps you get around a little more easily in Japan.

Love Story Japan

Japanese language class — now you’re talking.
Until relatively recently, I hated my name.

Hot Russian Brides

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hot Russian Brides
Prime time’s new age of crudeness
From “Community” to “Mike & Molly,” network TV is getting raunchier and raunchier — and that’s a good thing
Hot Russian Brides.com Beauty Show in Odessa, Ukraine

Why do men ‘purchase’ foreign brides?

FYI I don’t know if they actually pay money and to whom, (or if the women /want/ to be married off to a Western man) but there are websites and ads that advertise hot Russian/ Chinese/ Indonesian ‘brides’ and they ship them off to you.

Because they are too ugly, dysfunctional, abusive, or stupid to get a woman from their own country. Or they can’t handle the western women’s Independence and strong will.

Many of them also think these women will be subservient, which may or may not be true. I find it to be quite pathetic, because you just KNOW those women hate the men.

Indian Girl In Saree

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Indian girl in saree
Indian girl in saree

Five Ways To Select The Best Indian Wedding Silk Saree

The Indian silk saree is like Shakespeare’s Cleopatra, which age cannot whither nor custom tell its infinite variety. The Indian silk saree is the quintessential eastern fashion statement. Its elegance and mystique is now global.

As the charming folktale goes, a fanciful weaver, dreamt of woman, he crafted her moods, her tears, her touch and her grace into many yards of silk without stopping and then he smiled. Indeed the best Indian saree steals many a woman’s heart and gets her admiring glances from family and friends.

Weddings are all about brides and their attire. It is the big day – the once in a life time event, when every girl wants to look and feel alluring, mystical, enchanting. This is the moment for the best silk saree to make its presence felt.

For the Indian Wedding Saree, nothing parallels silk. Silk has an expensive, elegant look. It is the ultimate in sensuousness – the regal cloth-of-gold-tissue – the garment of Queens. The best silk saree magically transforms a woman into a diva with a sublime mystique. This is why the Indian Silk Saree is often referred to as the bridal fabric.

Silk sarees from Kancheepuram are the finest in the world. Silks are the fibres of nature. They are the homes of silkworms turned into resplendent fabrics with a natural sheen. Other best silk sarees are Bandhni, Ikkat, Patola and Thanchoi.

Silk symbolizes the essence of purity and represents the rich traditions of India. This is why it is important to select the best Indian Wedding Saree. This is the one thing you will treasure for years, as a reminder of all the joys and jokes of your wedding. To select the best silk saree, you should know what to buy and what not to buy. Here are few tips to help you :-

· Indian silk sarees are the first choice if you are looking for class. These come in myriad varieties like South silk, Benaras silk, Mysore silk, Muga silk, Pure silk, etc. You can get embroidery, cut work, pearl work, zari work, kundan work, gold work, organza, sequins and patchwork.
· Highly decorative pallus and all over saree works are the best Indian Wedding Saree choice.
· If your budget is lavish, then a south silk saree with pure gold thread work on it may be just right for you. Silk is expensive, so watch out for “Throw away” priced silk – its unlikely to be the real thing.
· Check the weight of the silk – the heavier the silk, the longer it will last.
· Of course, your best bet always, will be to buy silk from a reliable and established outlet. Always look for the hallmark of authenticity on your saree.

· Choose shades of colour and drapes which suit your complexion and figure. Some colours like pink, maroon, red and white are traditionally worn at weddings.

beautiful indian girls in saree (maalai neram aayirathil oruvan)hd 720p

Russian Woman For Marriage

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Russian woman for marriage
Live! Oz compensates Indian doc Mohd Haneef
The Australian government has compensated Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef for wrongful detention on terror charges.
Beautiful Russian Women for Marriage Russian Women Brides

what is the best method for egyption man to marry to russian woman in egypt?

i want to know legal method to help me to to have visa to travel to russia.. i want the best method of marry to russian woman and this marriage is legal marriage .and the embessy is admit with this marry …i’m egyption man and i live in egypty and this marriage wil be in egypt…

go to russia to marry, then come back to egypt.

Online Dating Sites Reviews

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online dating sites reviews

Online dating need the best online dating site

Finding a partner is now less complicated nowadays, as all you need is a picture (and a|as well as a} connection to the internet. Still, if it were only as simple as logging in, writing a few chat messages and meeting your future love. To be succesful with online dating some things are an important factor. Most important, the online dating site you will choose.

Online dating is as the term mention is finding a date online. And the place to meet must be a as online dating sites. To start you first decision is; must the online dating site be a general dating website or a websites for online dating that is specialized? As online dating has improved over the last 10 years, so specialized dating sites have sprung up in response to the needs of people to have an online dating experience tailored to their ethnic origin, religion or interest. There are now hundreds of specialized dating sites – Christian sites, Jewish sites, Single parent sites, millionaire sites, Latino sites, Goth sites, the list is endless. Whatever your background, or interest, there will be a dating site to match your background or unique interest,

The advantages of using specialized dating sites are obvious, as the other members on the site come from the same background as you or share the same interest it should in theory be easier to meet a potential date and partner. However, even for online daters with a specific ethnic background or interest there can be advantages of using a more general site. Firstly all general dating sites allow you to make searches according to a variety of different criteria, and thus you can filter the database according to ethnic, religious background, and as their dating lists are so much larger than specialized dating sites it can create a more fruitful searching and online dating experience. Secondly there is something to be said for opening one’s mind with regards to the background of the person you are looking to meet?!

A second factor to think about is the features of the websites. As the www dating industry has grown so the numbers of technical features and functions on offer has multiplied. Now you can now send winks, SMS’s, have video chats, post in forums and take dating tests. Some of these functions maybe important to the online dater, others though won?t be.

As important a factor as the features of the site is its navigation. Can you find your way around the site easily? Is it a pleasurable online experience or does the site make your eyes go in a blur after ten minutes? Even more important is the dating profile, as this is your view onto the other dating members and their view back onto you. Is the profile extensive enough? Does it allow you to show your personality? Does it ask the right type of questions, or are the questions irrelevant, too clever or intrusive?

With all these things to think about when choosing an online dating website, people could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. Fortunately there are a number of excellent dating review sites which provide objective reviews of internet dating sites and great general advice about online dating. These dating review sites guide you to the right dating site for you, saving you time in testing and trying them all out.

online dating sites reviews
How to clean up your online reputation
If you own a small or medium business, a good reputation—online and offline—is clearly key to your success.

Marriage Tours

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marriage tours

Honeymoon in Kerala after Bustling and Pompous Marriage

Marriage is a social celebration. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. People get very tired after marriage. They want rest and it is the bride and groom who got most of the exertions. They have to perform rituals for 10-12 days. They have to get ready in beautiful traditional attire. They are expected to entertain their guests. After the marriage is over, the newly wed couples want a long soothing time. They also want private moments to know each other. A honeymoon trip can be best option for them. They can plan honeymoon in the lap of nature, Kerala. Kerala is very ideal destination for honeymoon trip.

Kerala is known for its lush forests, panoramic hill stations, beautiful backwater destinations, charming beaches, etc. These spots provide wonderful opportunity for spending romantic time during honeymoon. Kerala is one of the most beautiful lands in the world and is rightly called as “God’s Own Country”. Nature has endowed all its beauty in Kerala. It has vivid and wonderful landscape, flurry of flora and fauna and pleasant climate making the place apt for romantic honeymoon. It is frequently visited by foreign and domestic tourists. It is one of the sought after holiday and travel destinations in India.

It is very romantic to walk with spouse in the beautiful hill stations. The hills of Kerala are filled with the pleasant aura of spice. The lovely climate in the lonely hills will make up your mood and you will feel very romantic. Hold your partner in your arms and feel the love. Houseboat tourism in the beautiful backwaters is the best part of Kerala honeymoon travel. Rent a traditional houseboat and enjoy cruising in the enchanting regions. Move to remote destinations to discover the unmatched beauty of the nature. It will be lifetime experience to enjoy dinner and night in houseboat. This trip will be the most romantic gateway for you. Popular and romantic backwater destinations for honeymooners are Kollam, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kuttanad, etc.

The charming beaches of Kerala are also ideal destinations for honeymoon vacations. There are many beaches in Kerala. You can visit the popular beaches to make Kerala honeymoon tour cheerful and playful. You can enjoy activities like volleyball playing, scootering, sea swimming, sun sleeping, paragliding, water gliding, etc. Popular beaches are Kovalam beach, Kappad beach, Marari beach, Varkala beach, etc. The adventure loving couples can also enjoy wildlife traveling in Kerala. Periyar National Park is the popular national park of the state. It is worth to inform you that Kerala has high potential of tourism. It remains bustled with tourists. So, make your trip in advance for Kerala tours. You can book hotels and journey ticket in advance.

marriage tours
Mail-Order Bride Business is Booming
The recession has led to cutbacks, layoffs, and lost profits. But even in the down economy, there’s one business that’s booming — the business of love.

Brizilian Girls

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brizilian girls
Brazilian Girls – Don’t Stop (Alt. Version)

Foreign Bride Questions:

What is the Brizilian Grand Worthy Advisors term about in the International order of the Rainbow for Girls?

I am helping a friend find the info. for Brazil and they have no website i need all the details that you have.

never heard..

Japanese Dating

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Japanese dating
Japanese dating

Japanese Dating Marriage Tips When Choosing Your Japanese Wife

Japanese dating marriage is a means of single men finding beautiful, sexy and single Japanese ladies in search for a serious relationship and long-term marriage. Why do most men prefer Japanese women? Probably it’s because these Japanese ladies are sexy, skinny, flawless, have a natural beauty and are considered to be among the most fine-looking women in the world. 

An added attraction is Japan itself, considered to be one of the richest countries in Asia. That’s why women are known to be sophisticated, cool, calm and collected. Dating is usually described as finding the right person whom you share common interests and likeness with. Dating is also a venue or an activity of finding your so-called “soul mate” and then submit yourself to marriage. Meanwhile marriage is a strong bond between two people. Another definition is that it is a social contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically and emotionally. Being married also gives legitimacy to sexual relations within the marriage. 

People have different points of view about marriage. For the Japanese, marriage is a sacred and consecrated bond between man and woman. They also believe that marriage should be done only once. In ancient times, one of the rituals and ceremonies observed before marriage one is that a young man had more say in choosing his own bride during the age of aristocracy. A young man would typically visit the young lady of his choice at her home. If the young woman’s parents approve of their union, the young man would be invited to a ceremony termed “tokoro-arawashi” and offered “mochi” rice cakes. 

But at present, Japanese marriages became more urbane. Because of the fastest growth of technology, many forms of dating and wedding arrangements have been established and it became very easy in finding and searching for a better half. 

Why marry a Japanese woman? Aside from their gorgeous looks and sophistication, Japanese women have distinct characteristics that any other woman doesn’t possess. Japanese women are known for their unconditional love for boyfriends or husbands, and they try to keep their relationship as strong as ever. Japanese women are also known to be very faithful, loving and devoted and no man can ever resist their qualities, charisma and natural beauty. 

Numerous Japanese dating marriage websites are popular in the internet understandably because men long for Japanese women and want them to be their wife.  Most men who married a Japanese lady seemed very pleased and satisfied with their relationship. Adjusting to their culture, beliefs and tradition can be hard at times, but it becomes easier as soon as you understand and have fully adjusted to the Japanese culture and way of life. 

Choosing your Japanese wife is not that difficult; for as long as you have the good intentions everything will turn out smoothly and who knows you might just find your perfect Japanese wife. Some group of people oppose to this kind of arrangements of dating and marriage through the use of the world wide web, but times have changed and technology has evolved in many great shapes. Many people are now embracing and using this as a form of activity where they can meet different kinds of people and share commonalities. Japanese dating marriage provides opportunities for people to find friendships, date and fall in love.

Marriage Advice:

Any Japanese dating tips?

Well im a 21 yr old black female and i would like some tips on dating japanese men. And would they even consider going out with me?

It depends on the Japanese man.. I’m assuming you’re American or.. believe more in western culture.. right?

If he has a lot of pride in his culture.. and knows how to speak in Japanese well..

You can surprise him by learning the Japanese language, and talking to him in Japanese.

For example:

to say hello in Japanese: konnichiha (pronounced as konnichiwa)
hello (answering phone): moshimoshi
goodbye: Sinera (pronounced like si-ah-nah-ra)

Taking him out to a Japanese restaurant or cultural festival might surprise him too! If he watches anime, ask him which ones does he like… and sound as if you’re interested in it.. and possibly take a liking to it if you want.

If he’s more Americanized.. you can just treat him like any other guy.

good luck! (: