Brazil Woman

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Brazil woman
Sexy Brazilian Woman with a huge ass

Foreign Bride Questions:

I am getting married to a woman in Brazil who is a Biology teacher. Will her degree be good in the USA?

I want to know if my future wife can use her degree in the United states?

She will most likely have to take the required teaching tests to get her license in your state but they are relatively easy and cost about $200.

Colombian Babes

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colombian babes
colombian beer babes

Foreign Bride Questions:

i really need a new screen name ; any ideas ?

my name is ericaa andd i really need a new screen name. i want it to include at least one of the following : colombian , shortii , erica , or bby / baby / babes , butt anything workss . thanxx

-xxshortiibabyyxx and ur birthday number
(number of month and number of date)
I like the shortii btw

Asian Online Dating

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Asian online dating
Asian online dating

Marriage Advice:

What do you think when people specify ethnicities on online dating websites?

It kinda makes me mad. Every guy’s profile I look at has either only White/Caucasian selected or they have White, Asian, and Latino. NO ONE except African Americans have Black selected or no answer.

Are people really this closed minded?

It is common to prefer ones own ethnicity when dating but if you don’t, I don’t consider that open minded. Why does it make you mad?

Costa Rica Mail Order Brides

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Costa Rica mail order brides
Developing nations also face illegal immigration
MEXICO CITY – Illegal immigration is not a problem just for wealthy countries. Some of the world’s heaviest migration is between developing nations: Bangladesh to India, Afghanistan to Iran, Pakistan to India and Burkina Faso to Ivory Coast, among others.
Mark’s Story of International Dating w/Photos

Is there really?

mail order brides still. I have a friend that says she is one from costa rica. Now she has money, good life, 2 kids, and is happy. She came her 4 years ago do to this. I’m doing a paper on this for school. I also want to know is there a mail order bride for the USA going to other country’s? Some men in different country’s luv american women. Thanx.


My Foreign Bride

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my foreign bride
International stars, local talent featured on area stages
Performing Arts season 2010-2011 Promoted read more
EASTERN BLOC Mail Order Bride 36: MY SEXY, TICKING TIME-BOMB WIFE in PHOTOS (International Dating)

42 and still single. Considering a foreign bride since I get judged A LOT. Maybe their culture is different?

A lot of men my age have been married, then divorced paying alimony and child support. I’ve managed to avoid that and things are starting to happen for me career wise and finance wise.
Men tend to enter thier time of power later in life.
But I come up against a barrier when I’m flirting- “You’re HOW old? And you’ve never been married? BYE”
I had the sense NOT to put rings on the fingers of women I’ve been in BAD BAD BAD relationships with. And I’ve never really had any good ones. I had sense enough to avoid that trap, why does that count against me?
Anyway, I’m starting to discover foreign brides and might just travel to escape this prejudice. I know there’s things that can go wrong-but there’s things that can and do go wrong with American women too.

There are good and bad women of every nation/race. Escaping to a foreign country isn’t going to improve your odds. I always wonder about “mail order” brides and their sincerity. You have to have a good relationship built on trust and honesty, as I’m sure you are well aware. Can you build such a relationship over a long distance?
My cousin married a gal from taiwan about 8 years ago and they are happy as can be. So it can work. Good luck man, I hope you find a keeper, be it here in the states or overseas.

Latina Brides

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Latina brides
Latina brides

Age of Love Host is Husband for Hire

Mark Consuelos, who recently concluded his hosting gig for the reality dating show Age of Love, is set to play the title role in the film Husband for Hire. The new original movie for the Oxygen cable channel is set in Mexico, and is written by Kris Isacsson in cooperation with producers Tim Perell and Howard Gertler of Process Media, a company responsible for productions such as My Sexiest Mistake, Tempting Adam and Romancing the Bride.

Debby Beece, Oxygen’s president of programming and marketing, officially announced the movie, saying, “Husband for Hire, with its hilarious, gorgeous cast, is a perfect romantic comedy for Oxygen. This will be our fourth original movie with Tim and Process Media, and nobody knows our audience better than them.”

The romantic comedy will feature Mark Consuelos as Nate, who is hired by a Latina businesswoman named Lola, played by Nadine Velasquez of My Name Is Earl. She gets him to be her pretend husband to get her share of the family fortune.

Other cast members include Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell) as the ex-fiance of Lola, Erik Estrada (Sealab 2021) who plays Lola’s traditional father and Tempestt Bledsoe (The Cosby Show, South of Nowhere) as Lola’s no-nonsense best friend.

Prior to Age of Love, Consuelos entered the limelight by playing Mateo Santos on the soap opera All My Children, where he met and fell in love with love interest and now wife Kelly Ripa. Soon after leaving the daytime soap, he ventured into films, miniseries and a number of television series such as 1-800-Missing, where he played FBI Agent Antonio Cortez and Hope & Faith where he played Gary “The Gooch” Gucharez.

His most recent appearances were on the movies My Super Ex-Girlfriend and The Pleasure of Your Company, and on Law & Order: Criminal Intent as a guest star.

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