So You Want to Date Hot Ethiopian Girls?

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bootylicious-ethiopian-babeEthiopia is located on the east coast of Africa, and is home to one of the oldest places where humans were thought to live.  Scientists believe that it was from Ethiopia that prehistoric man traveled to the Middle East and other countries surrounding it.

Ethiopia is rich in culture and history, and is just beginning to recover from a major famine that rocked the country for more than two decades.

Did you know that some of the most beautiful women in the world are from this small eastern African nation? Are you interested in dating a woman from Ethiopia and possibly making her your mail order bride?

Here is some information on hot Ethiopian girls and how to date one

  • What Ethiopian women want:  These eastern African women love a strong man, and are expecting to find a man who will both protect them and love them.  If you are really interested in dating one of these beauties you better be sure that you are a strong capable man that will really take care of them
  • Choose wisely: There is no short supply of stunningly beautiful Ethiopian women.  When you get more than one hot Ethiopian girl interested in you it may be a good idea to look over their profiles carefully.  Do not just go by the fact they have a pretty face and nice smile.  There is more to a woman that her outwardly appearance and this holds true for Ethiopian women as well.
  • Do some research:  Since you are interested in someone from Ethiopia, you need to learn all you can about the country and culture.  This will show your possible bride that you genuinely want to know all about where she comes from and this desire to know about her country will impress her.
  • Honesty is the best policy:  If you truly want an Ethiopian woman to be your wife than you need to be honest with her about who you are.

Ethiopian women are very big about honesty and the last thing you want to do is present yourself as someone other than who you are.

Ethiopia is an amazing country and so are the women that come from it.  If you are looking to date a hot Ethiopian woman and possibly marry her than you need to really work at it.

Remember, any woman no matter where she is from deserves to be treated right and cherished. Treat any woman like how you yourself would want to be treated and everything will turn out just fine.

Ethiopian Dating Websites

There are many dating services available that allow men to meet women from all over the world. The Internet offers many opportunities to connect with women that live beyond the borders of your home nation. Many men like to date foreign women because they are more willing to please a man and less degraded by the negative aspects of modern feminism.

Some of the most beautiful and popular women on these dating sites are from Ethiopia.

Ethiopian dating is much like dating women from other parts of the world. These women are known through all of Africa for being some of the most beautiful women on the continent. Many of these women are searching for Western men. They hope to meet a man with a stable career and lifestyle who is looking for a wife.

These Ethiopian girls have high hopes that they will be able to change the circumstances of their lives. Many of them wish to leave their home country and begin a new life and romance in America or Europe.

When you check out the website for Ethiopian Dating you may think that you are looking at pictures of Ethiopian Models, but rest assured that these are actual and everyday Ethiopian girls. Their extreme beauty and attractiveness makes them appear as if they are professional models.

Once you find some women that interest you, you can click on their photos in order to view more pictures. You can then read their description of themselves and learn more about them. These sites also allow you to begin chatting with the women over the Internet. Chats can be performed in private areas and you will even be allowed to send gifts. Ethiopian dating is a fun way to meet attractive and exotic women that live in a far-off land.

Beware of African Dating Scams

Of course, there are many sites offering Ethiopian girls that are not legitimate. These sites simply wish to take your money and waste your time. Be certain that you are using a reputable site that is not involved in human trafficking. Many Ethiopian Dating sites are for real and can aid you in meeting a lovely, Ethiopian girl.

Many of the girls that advertise on these sites are hoping that a man will fly them to a new country for love and romance. They are willing to do nearly anything to make this dream a reality. You have nothing to lose by signing up for Ethiopian dating today and saying where the adventure leads.

Black Girl

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The Power of Black Girls

Black girls are very exotic and, they are a very different breed of women. There are so many stereotypes associated with black girls and, you will find the girls very exciting. Black girls have a dark skin and, they are known for their nature of being aggressive. It is very interesting how black girls tend to spark curiosity and debate. The girls can be found in all parts of the world and, the most popular black girls are African Americans. African women are known to be very calm and humble. It often becomes very difficult to tell the women apart physically because they have similar features. African American girls are children of former slaves who were brought in from Africa, many years ago. They have a very long history of struggle and final triumph. The black community in America has had to fight many fights just to be heard.

Their struggle makes a very rich history and, views on the black skin have changed significantly. This is evident with the election of the very first black president in the United States in 2008. This has just shown how far the community as a whole has come. It is very hard to divorce black women from their black community. Apart from their aggressive nature, the black women are known for their loyalty. They are dedicated family people and, a black woman will provide for her family single handedly. Their strength constantly comes up and, it has been seen from them through out the world. If you are a single man looking to date single girls who are black, you will be glad to know that you can get them very easily. All you need to do is to go online and find dating sites that play host to black women. There are a variety of sites that will ensure that you are matched only to the person you want. If you want to find some girls just for the sake friendship, you can do so. Join a social networking service. They are many and you will be shocked at the variety. This way, you can get to interact first hand with the person you are interested in.

If you want to meet real black African girls, you can visit sites that are for African dating; you will find them in plenty. There is so much culture to share with them. This way, you will have the opportunity to share these different cultures that you will find very exciting. Some of the stereotypes that you might have heard about the black women might prove to be very inconclusive. There is nothing more interesting than to experience something different. If you are interested in the pictures of such girls, the Internet will provide you with all you need. This way, you can get to see some of the beauties that this community has to offer. Make a point of also going through magazines and other media to keep up with information about the girls. They are not only beautiful but, they are also achievers in their own right. Black women have shown that they can conquer many fields. Oprah Winfrey is a proud strong black woman who has dominated talk shows, as the richest woman in America, this only shows a bit of what the girls are capable of.

Marriage Advice:

Is it true that once a Black man sleeps with a White girl, he will only be compatible with White girls after?

I don’t know if this is true but it has been rumored that if a Black guy has been with a White girl, he would be all stretched out with a huge gaping butt-hole. From then on, he would only be compatible with White girls and no one else.

He can never go back to a precious Black girl again.

The race of your sexual partner has no effect. All human sexual anatomy is pretty much the same. Race does not determine penis size in men nor vaginal size in women. The mechanics of sex do not vary by race, but can by individual person, as each persons genitalia does vary within a fairly standard range.

The only sexual activities I can think of that would cause the effect you described would be manual insertion, known as fisting, or anal stretching with over-sized toys. Standard anal intercourse would not cause gaping, as the anal opening is a muscle and is quite resilient and elastic. It is accustomed to passing objects through it the size of most penises and unless forcibly over stretched and torn, it would not gape.

Please protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and STD and use a condom unless you are are in a monogamous relationship and wish to conceive a child.

Girls In Africa

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girls in Africa
girls in Africa

Africa Is Always Celebrating African Child Day

African has one big day of celebration and that is the day of the African child that is celebrated on the month of June. This day is celebrated to remember the struggles the boys and girls have hard to endure while living on this great land. Long before civilization, children especially boys were the ones given responsibility of looking after the domestic animals. Girls were given domestic responsibilities while men and women took care of looking after the family needs.

Africa is able to bring together many children on this day. During such celebrations, the children have the opportunity to show case their talents. A lot of activities like drama, music, poems, and dances are performed. This showcases the potential the children have in this modern society.  A lot of talent has been tapped during such times and many children have emerged to be top class actors or musicians. Other activities that occur during this day are cleaning activities, visiting the mentally handicapped children, visiting the sick, donating to children homes and others.

Africa has succeeded in producing top class scholars who have written so many books about the life of the African child. These books are used as set books in the national exams and this helps to mould them socially, culturally and economically. Through these educational forums are organized and students from other countries are invited for exchange programme. This coming together to help steer a common goal forward has ensured that the culture of the people from this region is maintained and passed on to the future generations.

Marriage Advice:

Why does OPRAH have a private school in AFRICA and not the USA?

I saw on tv this morning that OPRAH has started a school for girls in africa. You think she would start here and then go abroad to sort out others. This might tell you something about how she feels about her own people in the USA. Sorry but I dont blame her for helping someone who knows what its like to not have anything.

The line of thinking in your question shows the pure ignorance and cluelessness that many American people have about the poor conditions in other countries especially Africa.

America has a public school system. We have a free education, and medical clinics. The African education system pales in comparsion to even our worst. Inner city children get tons of money donated to them, food stamps, welfare checks, all kinds of things handed too them…AND THEY DO NOT APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!

Sorry to generalize here, but I am tired of inner city America parents looking for handouts. You have a free education and don’t take advantage of it. Maybe if some of them would have taken advantage of it, they would know why she would choose to built a school in Africa.

I’ve sponsored children in both the U.S. and third world countries, and my third world children are SOOOOOOOO much more grateful because basic neccessities are hard to come by. They are extremely poor, so poor that most Americans have no clue how they live.

My American poor children, instead of asking for basic neccessities, wanted things like fancy electronic games or cell phones, etc. or they end up dropping out of school, getting pregnant and what not. So I totally understand what Oprah is saying.

People in third world countries, appreciate everything we take for granted. And I applaud Oprah for building a school for girls in Africa, an AIDS ravaged country. American women have more than enough opportunity to make something of themselves in this country, but many particularlly those of color (like myself), choose to squander it.

Nigerian Girls Online

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Nigerian girls online
Nigerian girls online

12 Ways to Tell if That Internet Chat Partner is a Scammer, Part 1

“Hello, dear.” The background of the message box starts raining pink hearts and a picture of a voluptuous girl in her twenties appears.

“Hello,” you respond.

“I’ve missed you dear, how have you been?”

Let’s say you’re a lonely widower and you subscribe to an Internet messaging service such as yahoo or msn. You are approached by somebody named “sweet_natasha”.

She asks to be “added”, and you do so, thinking this might be the beginning of something interesting. You go through the initial motions of “hi, how are you, asl, where do you live,” etc. and begin to talk.

Regardless of what you tell them, you can say and do nothing wrong, and as you get deeper into the conversation you begin to get…emotionally…involved. They ask for photos of you, or want you to get onto a webcam.

At first you get flattery and sentimental expressions such as “how much they missed you” when you log on, and “when can they talk to you again” when you log off.

If you think this new found relationship seems to good to be true…it probably is…

A brief history of scams

Scams are as old as mankind. Perhaps the earliest con job was recorded in Genesis when Jacob cheated Esau out of his birthright by disguising himself with a woolen shirt (his father was blind, Jacob was a “smooth” man and Esau was hairy). When his father Isaac, who was almost blind, felt the woolen cloak Jacob offered him, he thought it was his older brother Esau and gave him the family inheritance.

In the subsequent 5000 years or so, scam artists have continued to soak the unwary. Medieval con artists duped wealthy patrons into paying ransom fees to get fictional sons of nobility out of prison. Snake oil salesmen in the 1800’s sold worthless, and sometimes dangerous, “cures”, and donations to non-existent charities and fraudulent investment schemes have been solicited through the Postal Service since it was founded.

Blinding the Victim

Various scams, including the now famous “Nigerian 419 Scam”, have found victims through email spam. In case you’re not familiar with this particular hoax, it begins with a story about multi-millions trapped in a foreign country, usually an African nation, which cannot be retrieved unless you supply a bank account and money to pay off officials, fill out paperwork, and cover fees. Your reward is usually 20% of the gross amount, which will be deposited in your bank account. Of course, you must provide all of the account information to the scammer.

Others include “get rich quick” schemes, home based business pyramid scams, “become a representative of our firm” proposals — too many to list here.

Most are based in the assumed avarice of the victim. When presented with an opportunity to make a lot of money with very little or no effort in a short space of time, it’s hoped that the target will become so blinded they will abandon common sense and fall into the scammer’s trap.

Keeping Up With Technology

Scammers have kept up with technology, advancing from old fashioned “word of mouth” to mail fraud. In the late 1980’s and 1990’s through the Internet email “spam” came into being.

By obtaining email lists through various nefarious means, scammers are able to tell their story to an almost unlimited number of people. Spam blockers, however, have made this much more difficult, and scammers have found a new tool: Instant Messaging.

Making That Vital Connection

By posing as someone looking for an online dating relationship, or as someone looking for a legitimate employee or partner in a business, Internet scammers can use instant messaging to make a vital, personal connection with their targets.

Internet messaging allows the scammer to make contact with online chatters, and through nicknames like “sweet_natasha”, “lovely_beautiful_woman”, or “sincere_older_man” begin a relationship that is going to result not in just a lost identity or a raided bank account, but most probably a broken heart.

The African scammers, usually from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and other countries, haven’t quite gotten their technique down yet. For older men they will pose as a young girl looking for a husband in the United States with a sad story about how everyone in their household is married and they can’t find a husband, or they are a “fashion designer” or a model looking for work, or some other, almost plausible story.

Women are approached with chatters bearing male nicknames, and may soon find themselves engaged in deep conversations with the most wonderful man they have ever met.

The technique, here, is to blind a lonely person with a fantasy relationship and hook them emotionally. Once the scammer is reasonably convinced the target has taken the bait, he or she will attempt to set the hook and reel them in…

In Part 2 of this series, I’ll discuss some of the characteristics of instant messaging scammers and how to spot them.

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