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Philippine Football Team Azkals Beat Bangladesh Advancing to AFC Challenge Cup Finals
Woohoooooooooooooo!! I’m so excited! Azkals made it to the AFC Challenge Cup Finals after beating Bangladesh. Phil Younghusband, Anton del Rosario and Neil Etheridge were providing snippets on Twitter as the game was progressing, all the way to the win. Now that it is official that Filipinos are in love with football, initiatives to help […]
Speed Dating Brasil no MTV na Pista

What’s the story with visas in South America?

I understand that someone travelling on an Irish passport can get a tourist visa for three months in most South American countries – provided they can evidence that they will be leaving within that time (i.e. flight tickets). I plan backpacking for six months (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brasil). How do I get around this requirement if my return flight is booked more than three months from the date of my outgoing flight?

You may stay visa-exempted for up to 90 days in all these countries if you hold:
• a valid passport
• sufficient funds for the stay
• a return ticket or an onward ticket for your next destination
• the documents required for the next destination (in your case only the passport) ..
In other words the immigration officers may want to see a proof that you are leaving their country within 90 days, not a proof that you are going home. On arrival at Ecuador you should hold an open date flight ticket or a bus ticket reservation for a Peruvian destination; the immigration officer at Peru may want to see any documentation about leaving to Bolivia and so on. When entering the last South American country you plan to visit you should already have booked a ticket back to Ireland.
I have used the terms “may” and “should” for purpose; a friend’s son has travelled through South America for a semester, all he needed to show at Immigration was his German passport which he has carried in a wallet with his two credit cards on the other side of it; visible to the immigration officers. He had an open date ticket from Rio to Frankfurt but he never had to show it except at the Bolivian border, entering from Peru.

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