Asian Mail Order Brides: Fact Vs. Fiction

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Are you interested in meeting and falling in love with an Asian lady? Asian women have become stereotyped and the reality is extremely different from what we tend to see in our American media. They are often pigeonholed as weak, inexperienced and passive.

However, these women are as smart, funny, interesting and full of life as any of their counterparts from other hotbeds of International dating like Russia, the Philippines or Colombia.

Let’s take a look at some common myths about Asian Mail Order Brides:

Fiction: Asian Women are Submissive Wives

smart asian woman

Fact: Modern Asian women are smart, well-educated and often career-oriented. The idea that all that they care about is catering to a husband and family is outdated and totally false.

Asian ladies do indeed have strong family values. However, they also have many goals and interests other than caring for children and a husband. Many Asian women expect to handle the family finances and will expect equal say in all household decisions.

Fiction: Asian Women are Innocent

asian woman taking care of her children alone

Fact: The idea that Asian women are inexperienced and naïve is completely untrue. Asian women are often strong-willed and fiery. They will not allow their husband to run all over them.

Many Asian women are divorcees with careers and children to look after. They are not nearly as dependent on a male companion as many Americans might believe.

Fiction: Asian Women are Looking for an American Man to Save Them

asian girl american citizenship

Fact: It is not nearly as common as some might think for Asian women to be seeking American men for a meal ticket or an escape from their homeland.

A man who is looking to be a savior may be very disappointed. It is also unfortunately common that an Asian woman may marry an American because they are hoping to have a liberal husband only to find that he is seeking a traditional, subservient wife. Either way, the myth of a poor, sweet, Asian women for marriage to an American to help her get American citizenship is generally false.

Fiction: Asian Women are Sex Crazed Porn Stars

hot asian woman

Fact: It is certainly true that Asian women have been fantasized in our culture. The idea that Asian women are kinky or slutty is one that is fostered by all media, particularly porn.

There are certainly Asian women who are very sexually charged or easy to get into bed but this is definitely not the case for all Asian women.

Fiction: Asian Women Are Dying to Be With Western Men

asian girl with western men

Fact: The idea that Asian women are obsessed with going after American men is not true. It’s a total myth! As a matter of fact, many Asian women tend to think of American men as being “soft” or feminine compared to Asian men.

If you are looking for a wife and think that a mail order Asian bride is something that you might be interested in then it is important that you separate the fact from the fiction.

It is prejudiced to group together all Asian women and believe myths about them based on their appearance or homeland. They come from many different countries, have many different backgrounds and beliefs and are not the old fashioned, passive women that we often see in our media.

Foreign Girls for Marriage – And Where to Find Them

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beautiful-girls-for-marriageFor most people marriage is an institution through which one can feel a sense of belonging. It is now possible for you to marry a woman of any tribe, race, or nationality because of the internet revolution. Additionally, you can be able to meet singles within your locale as well as your state through meetings or conferences organized for lonely singles. If you are interested in foreign girls then it is also possible for you to find them via a variety of methods.

One of the most popular places in the recent times for you should you want to meet foreign girls is the social networking sites. The online social networking community is over a billion strong and that gives you a very large dating pool to choose from. You will always have friend who knows someone who in turn can connect you to a woman of foreign descent. Take interest in the friends of your social networking friends. Take steps to establish communication channels should you get the go ahead. There have been stories of people who have met on social networking sites and gone to have great marriages.

Should you want to meet a foreign girl of your religion, then you will need to be a little more specific. You should look for online dating sites that are based on whichever faith you practice. Take time to check out the profiles of other women within the site and find the ones who you think can be good friends. Narrow down slowly the scope of your interests until you find someone who suits you.

Some dating sites are targeted at races as opposed to religions. Such sites will always directly or indirectly indicate the race of the men and women who are members of that online community. If you are interested in Asian women then find dating sites that are targeted at that race. Should you be interested at African women then you can also find a site that will meet your need. The point is to find a reputable online dating site that will meet your targets.

Finding foreign girls is something you can also do via a dating agency within your area. Such agencies usually arrange for meetings between clients based on the specifications sent. You can always find women of foreign descent right within your home area. Some of these women come to study or work and may be looking for someone to share their lives with.

Should you been one of the lucky few who are able to travel to different parts of the world for whatever reasons, you should always be alert for dating opportunities. One of the foreign women you meet on your trips may be the girl for you.

It is however important to ensure that the foreign girl you meet is authentic. There have been cases of women who have committed bigamy. Alternatively, you may end up being conned out of a large sum of money especially online. One way to avoid this is to ensure that you use reputable online dating sites or dating agencies. That way you will get to meet the foreign girl of your dreams and be happy.

6 Reasons Why American Men are Turning to Finding an Overseas Bride

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Gorgeous Girls For Marriage

Have you wonder why are so many lonely guys in the US and Canada? Have you read the numbers about single guys in North America? The situation is alarming; many guys who would like to get married and have a family remain single because they can’t find girls to date.

Dating is too competitive in first-world countries. A guy has to be too good looking or have too much money to get a beautiful wife. Women only want to date men who have more money than them. Guys don’t really have the chance to meet nice girls because they are closed to their circles. The average men experience a lot of stress trying to date, and is forced to pretend to be what is not to match the fake standards women have made on their brains.


1. Guys cannot be themselves around women.

Women find easily offended if you do something they don’t like. Women expect too much from guys and cut out fun. Men end up being a toy and acting to please them. These kinds of relationships where people cannot be truly open and honest don’t have a happy ending.


2. Migration.

Many single men came alone to America looking for jobs; some of them got married and some of them did not. There are many lonely guys around looking for a decent girl to share time with and why not get married. There are many men who came to North America alone and remain alone. It is even harder for them to get a reasonable and caring wife.


3. Women don’t want to get married.

They are more focused on their studies and careers and the ideal of marriage. The importance of family values is degrading in many western countries because people need to have a career and survive. They don’t feel they need men for a balanced lifestyle.


4. Women have too high expectations when dating.

If they cannot get a perfect guy, they prefer to stay single and say there are no-good guys available. They are looking for too much while a guy only looks for a sweet companion around to have a decent conversation.


5. Beautiful women are not available.

The ones you know have already been taken by competitive guys, or they are not interested in dating an average guy. The rest of beautiful women you don’t know, and you probably won’t get to know because they are not in social circles. Beautiful women in America won’t accept a compliment from a stranger and accept to date.


6. Not too many smart girls.

If a guy is too smart or educated will find hard to find a companion on his level, based on how reduced is the average ‘dating market’ of a normal person. In other regions around the world like China and Russia, being good-looking and smart are the rule for females; so it will be easier to find someone interesting enough to get engaged.


There are many single guys in America and the only way to solve the problem is encouraging them to look for foreign marriage. Foreign marriages have proven to be very successful and real. Actually, numbers are booming. Singles of America can find very helpful online dating agencies and get to meet a beautiful bride from anywhere in the world.

Why Do Men Love Asian Brides?

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You can date hot Asian womenFor men from the West, Asian brides prove to be the most reliable and compassionate companion. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find interracial marriages. Interracial marriages of Asian women and Caucasian men can be found here and there.

The cultural times are changing and it is not surprising to find many websites – like this one – that provide access to beautiful Asian brides.

There are some important reasons why a man from the West would be happy after marrying an Asian woman – here are just a few:

Beautiful Asian Brides

When looking for beauty, it is important to go beyond the skin color. For example, the simplicity, lovingness, great values and exceptional cooking skills are also a part of the beauty.

Even otherwise, Asian women are beautiful and this fact can be checked by corresponding with the woman using the social networks, online chats, letters, and other such things.

If someone is really interesting, then it is possible to meet the woman personally and take the right decision. It is a good idea to have an Asian bride as future wife. However, after the marriage, it is important to care for them so that both can enjoy a happy married life.

Exotic Cultures

In terms of values, clothing, food, and other such things; the Asian culture is somewhat different from the Western culture. In the Western culture, Caucasian women are more liberal and commanding, while Asian women show more respect towards their husbands.

In cultural terms, Asian women grow up in an environment that requires them to respect people who are older than them, spouses, and elders. These profound values with the Asian brides are what make them perfect wives. These women are not only loyal but also very talented in cooking cuisines of their own country.

For men with a taste for Asian food, it can be a wonderful thing to have an Asian bride. Every day she can prepare different types of Asian meals that are tasty and appetizing.

playful smile from an asian

Variety is the Spice of Life!

While it is quite difficult to find the true love, with the right attitude it is possible to find the exact bride. Asian brides can be found from a wide range of racial backgrounds. For example, some of them come from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, etc. There are some cultures like those belonging to Japan and Korea that do not prefer interracial marriages, while others like those from Philippines are really eager about it.

Asians Love Caucasians

It is a well-known fact that women from the East love to marry person from the West. When Caucasian men visit dating and marriage websites, they can easily notice such a preference by Asian women. Most Asian women dream having a Caucasians partner and traveling with them to their dream destinations.

While that is true with some women, there are many other women who are just excited about the interracial marriage. Nowadays, it has become a very popular practice, especially considering the vast reach of Internet that has made it possible for people from around the world to connect with each other easily and instantly.

Colombian Women Dating

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colombian women dating
colombian women dating

Marriage Advice:

who do you perfer to date?

what men or women do you find attractive from these countries?


african american



white american





New Zealand

Czech Republic






South Korean
















i dont really care about their nationality :)

Japanese Romance

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Japanese romance
Japanese romance

Japan Single Girls Dating for Marriage at Japanese Dating Service

As you know, there are thousands of Japan girls and Japanese women for marriage at Japan dating service. These single girls from Japanese are seeking their partners either in their local city or international country. Tokyo girls for dating are seeking their companion on net which is common. Japan dating site is a means to find Japanese women for marriage. There are Japan singles registered their dating personals ads online to find their other half every day. If you are a Tokyo single boy looking for a single girl, then try to contact as many single girls as you can. Do not expect to receive a reply of all single girls whom you have sent the message. You should try to contact with new profiles, within a month or so. Old profiles might have found their partners already.

Therefore, it is common to seek for single Japanese girls online as well as single guys at Japan online dating services. You should take an action now by joining these totally free Japan dating websites to find that special someone of your dream. There are million of single Japanese girls and single guys looking for love and romance at free Tokyo dating websites. This modern century brings us all together to meet online. Thanks to this electronic world, we can seek each other on the Internet without costing a dime. Free Japan dating websites provide the tool for single girls seeking single guys online. It is fun, easy, and convenient to find online dates these days.

You can find your date right in front of your computer for just a few minutes of your time. Japanese dating websites offer you the service without costing any fee. Especially, free Japan dating online services help singles to find their partners on the Internet without charging any fee. There are single girls online looking for single guys at free Tokyo dating websites. Selecting which Japanese singles to contact is not easy. When you search for local singles in your area, you will see thousands of them showing up on your computer. I think you should contact with only single guys or girls whom you like at most. You can narrow your search criteria by entering some options such as age, race, religion, education, likes, dislikes, and others. You can create a good personal ad on these totally free online Japan dating websites.

The process of writing a good profile takes you a few minutes. Your photo should be in gif or jpeg format. Other file format may not be accepted at most Japan dating sites. After you have a nice photo, this is the time to create a personal ad that describes who you are and what type of Japanese single girls or guys you are seeking. No need to say, looking for love and romance at a Tokyo dating website is easy these days. We live on this electronic world, there are thousands of Japan single girls and men seeking each other online. You should find your dream mate today by joining these totally free Asian dating services.

Japanese/Korean Romance

Entertainment › Award-winning actress Fukatsu attends ‘Villain’ screening
The Japanese movie that earned best actress honors at the Montreal World Film Festival premiered Saturday, and Eri Fukatsu said it was ”a day like…

History Of Mail Order Brides

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history of mail order brides
Double dose of fiction
Carrie Turansky has never traveled to Fairhaven, Wash., but if you read her new book, “Seeking His Love,” you would think the Lawrence-based author lived there all her life.
EASTERN BLOC Mail Order Bride 5: SUPER SEXY GUEST ROOM BED-ANTICS with ARTIST (International Dating)

Would it be OK to look at mail order brides?

I am not really thinking of getting one, but I like to look at the sites that offer these services. I think my girlfriend knows, because she has been asking me about the internet history on my browser. Anyhow, she nearly blew a lid once I asked her if we should take our vacation to Thailand this year. How do I convince her that going to Thailand is not only for men wanting wives, but can be a fun destination.

among others. Don’t ask me their validity. I just browse them.

Thailand not only has the girls but it also has many historic things to see and a lot of fun things to do. You can learn scuba diving and go para sailing or underwater walking, maybe ride an elephant. Then it has the night life like you wouldn’t believe. Not just whore bars that it has by the thousands but actually good night clubs that you take a woman with you. They have a lot of tour guides or they have a place in every hotel that will get you to the site.
As far as the mail order brides, if you really want one, I would pick any place but Thailand. In thailand it is normal and expected that a woman isn’t married by 20 she will probably go to earn money on her back. No one thinks twice about it. They don’t look down on it or any thing like that. I personally don’t want a wife that think spreading her legs for a living is no different than working at a grocery store.
You go to work and she needs a few extra bucks. Hey the neighbor has a few extra bucks.
If you do want a mail order bride I would recommend China. They are extremely sexually conservative in public. They are only allowed 1 child and they don’t want to waste that on you if you won’t be there to take care of it.
Another one I wouldn’t want is Philippines. They are extremely jealous.
As for the ones that are saying that they are just wrong ect. There are some really good women over there and they will love you and treat you far better than any American woman. And yes some do have brains. I have seen and actually met doctors on there. The sites are no different that the dating sites here in the states

International Marriage

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International marriage
International marriage

Foreign Bride Questions:


i recently got engaged to an international student. She is Japanese and is on an F-1 student visa. Is there any one that knows any of the following questions?

>with me being a US born citizen and her being on a student visa from Japan what things do we need to do, or what requirements are there for us to get married

>is there any websites that might be able to explain what we need to do to get her a marriage visa or possibly the steps that we need to take to get married and listed as a US citizen through marriage?

>is there any interviews that either her or i need to go through in japan to get married.

>any documents, pictures, etc that we need to take to anyone in japan.

these are just some things i need to know so that we can get moving on this and get married soon. thank you so much.

If she is legally in the USA, there is no need to go to Japan and apply for a visa. After marriage, you can petition and sponsor her, and concurrently she will apply for a green card through adjustment of status.

Yes, there are interviews, evidence of a bona fide marriage, affidavit of support, application forms, tax forms and other documents that are required to be submitted to the USCIS (in USA, not in Japan).

Basic information can be found at website.

Nigerian Girls

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Nigerian girls

Nigerian girls
Are The Prescription Drugs You Are Taking Real, Or Counterfeit? HDNet’s Dan Rather Reports Investigates
Tomorrow night, “Dan Rather Reports” will present an investigation into the distribution of counterfeit drugs. These are not just lifestyle drugs like Viagra or Cialis, these are counterfeit versions of life saving drugs like Aricept, used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Casodex, used to treat prostate cancer. This insidious crime is netting billions of dollars for criminals while …

Puerto Rican Girls

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puerto rican girls

Aids Awarness & Domestic Violence



         My grandmother was on her way to Jamaica  Hospital from Far rockaway when she found my older sister Myasia. It was cold that day in November. Our grandma was a very active god-fearing woman she was in good shape for her age. She stood an even 5’7, and weighed 140lbs but didn’t look a pound over 120 cause she was petite. With long shiny gray hair that she had to straighten with the hot comb at least every week it looked relaxed to the average pair of eyes. But to those of us that knew her knew otherwise. She loved children so much  that  if she saw you in the corner store and you didn’t have enough money to buy your groceries, then she would give you her last dollar or put it on her credit tab. She was just that kind hearted. She was headed to see me come into the world she was on the A train. 
         It was two in the afternoon but the train was empty except for grandma, who we called Nana, a young couple, an old white man, and a young girl and her baby. The young girl kept crying and grandma would soon figure out why. She looked to be around fourteen, mixed, maybe black and Puerto Rican, she kept writing something down on some paper. Then when the train doors opened up at the last stop she placed Myasia in the seat next to her along with the note and bolted off of the train as the doors were closing. 
         “Miss” the young man said after her,” but it was too late she was gone.  “That’s so said the old white man said.” Shaking his head.
“Should we tell the train operator about this?” The young lady asked.
“No.” Nana said. “I’ll take care of her.”She didn’t want to see her mother go to jail. 
         Without any objections Nana picked her up noticing that she still had on a onesie and booties from Mary Immaculate hospital off of the ave. Nana got off at the last stop Mott ave., and went to a nearby baby store and bought two newborn pink snow suits with a few matching outfits. She took a cab  instead of taking a bus the rest of the way.  Ever since Nana found out that mama was pregnant she knew that she was having a girl. She read the note along the way. 
         Sorry bout this but I ain’t got no other choice. Me Madre would kill me if she eva found out bout this bebe. I gotta start high school next year, I don’t got no money , no job, even me boyfriend left me when he saw me gain a little weight. She don’t need no momma like me she need betta.. I call her Me Asia. She is so bonita .  Who eva get this to tell her I love her and did what I had to do to help her. Please take care of Me Asia. 
          Nana just starred at the last two words in the letter until she got out of the cab.  Me Asia, nana knew she meant My Asia.  Making good timing, she got to the maternity ward in time to she my shoulders coming out of mama. Her and Myasia just stood there and watched another soul come into the world.  Nana said she just stood there in shock for a few seconds. 
          When mama had woke up she wasn’t sure what had happened.  Mama was beautiful  5’6, 129lbs, and wore her hair in extensions (braids) in her hair all the time. She was the color of mahogany. After she gave birth she was knocked out for a few “Don’t tell me that I had twins, ” mama said to Nana.
“No, chile you only had one youngin’.”  “This here is Myasia.” Nana said to her.
“Well, whose baby is that then?” mama asked.
“Mines now Shelly.”Nana said.
“Now mama, you can’t take of no chile, as old as you is.” “Where did you get her from she’s a little doll?”  mama teased.
          Not saying another word Nana handed her the letter, and once she got finished she couldn’t stop crying. Nana couldn’t either. Knowing how much mama had tried to conceive before being blessed with me. Mama asked to hold both of her beautiful babies and just like that she named me Lynasia. Once the other nursing staff came on for the night the nurse came by with a form for one baby to apply for a birth certificate. Nana and mama just asked where Myasia’s was. Not even paying attention the nurse just went to get another form for her to fill out. And just like that she was official.***  
           Daddy didn’t even find out what really had gone on until years later what happened at the hospital for sure and by then he had two twin daughters that he loved too dearly to ever split up. “Who loves daddy the most?” He would always ask the two of us. We would always argue over who loved him more but the truth was that we both loved him equally. He was a tall man that weighed a good 220lbs,6’0”, a bald head, with a thin goatee. We would both fight over who got to sit next to him on the couch to watch t.v.. We both loved mama too be we were both ‘daddy girls’ Mama and Nana never lied to Myasia about our family. I can remember when they first told her that she wasn’t really kin when we were both old enough to understand. 
“Myasia   ” mama called out to her.
“Mama, just let me finish my turn” she said.
“Now.”mama said.
Not wanting to get an extension cord to her hide she came running. I was already in the house cleaning up the bathroom and finishing up my Saturday chores when I heard mama call in front of the building where we lived at to Myasia.
“Come sit down here.” mama said.
“Yes mama?” Myasia said.
“Mama loves you.” She said we were ten years old. And understood a lot for our age. 
          Mama didn’t know how to say it so she let Myasia read the letter that her mother wrote. Mama was shocked when she didn’t seem sad, now what mama didn’t know is daddy told us a year before and explained everything.  But mama told her, and that made her feel as if her family tried to keep her from her own mama. She would often think about the spanish women in the neighborhood. She wondered what it would have been if her mama would have just kept her.
          Till this very day I wonder why mama told her to read that letter. Mama had to notice the questions she would ask her. “Mama, why do you have to use the hot comb aon Lynasias’ hair?” Myasia would ask. “Cause, her hair is not like yours she would say to her.” She would have been stupid to not notice that she was different then the rest of us. I was the same complexion of mama but destined not to be too tall myself. I took after mama and had a small frame. I could eat enough food that could fill a grown man and still not gain a pound. Now Myasia already looked like a teenager already she had the curliest jet black hair I had ever seen, she was already 5’6, and still growing, she was getting taller, and bigger than mama in the waist. Mama still bought all of our clothes from the kids section out of cookies.
“I know mama, can I go back and play now please?” was her only response. 
“Yeah.” mama told her that she was here if she needed to know anything else. 
          Mama was happy but little did she know that was the worst day of Myasias’ life.  She was always on the honor roll at school, never fought in school, never even really looked at boys. Until then, see before mama said something to her she could act as if she never really noticed the changes in her body that I wasn’t going through that I her twin wasn’t also experiencing.   I was the one who had mama mad all the time. I wouldn’t do work in school cause most of the time I was bored, the same with Myasia she just never showed  it.  Nana was always home and helped us with our homework after school.  She showed us how to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and script all in the same year so we had a review for a few years. It was a Thursday night when mama’s beeper went off she knew something was wrong, it was only used for emergencies.

“Buzz….Buzz…, Buzz”. It was our teacher Mrs. Robinson’s number mama knew cause she called to say how I disrupted the class that week. How could I have forgotten that Myasia had got caught right in the middle of her impression of Mrs. Robinson who was six months pregnant at the time. she had walked out of class probably to go throw up again when  Myasia took a class mates basketball out of the closet and put it under her shirt. Ms. Walker from another a class came in and told on her.  Now mama was mad at her, Myasia got the first wippin’ I had ever seen her get. She was the good one up till then.   What nobody knew was that wasn’t the half of her problems. ***

     Once we got into Junior high school, she went after the captain of the cheerleading teams’ man, the first week of school. Yeah he was cute but that’s all anybody did was admire him from a far. He was tall dark and handsome, with the smoothest skin that either of us had ever seen, “Lynasia, did you peep Vincent?” she asked me after the first day of school.
“How could I have missed him, when it was time to take down our homework you kept on talking bout him.” I told her.
“Yeah well I got a plan.” she told me grinning from ear to ear.
“And what does that pose to mean?” I asked her.
“You’ll see baby sis, you’ll see, now get some sleep we have a big week ahead of us.”was the only thing she said to me. ***
             The next day she wore a tight denim skirt with no stockings, a white body suit and some all white fifty- four leathers (Reeboks)  to school. She even put her hair down and let it flow  (Which she never did) naturally.
“Hi Myasia.”
“What’s up Myasia?”
“Hey twins.”
             That was all you could hear in the hall way between classes from all the guys from our old elementary school. “Hey” was the only thing that she said back. As she walked through the hallways.  By the end of the day everyone knew her name including Vincent, and his girlfriend since second grade Felicia. The next day in the playground at recess she jumped double dutch, casually bouncing her 34 DD breasts that mama had worked hard to keep hidden by buying her loose blouses and sweat shirts. That night I tried to talk her out of whatever she had up her sleeve. But it didn’t work.
“Myasia, you sure you know what you doin’?” I asked over and over again.
“I got this sis” she told me.
               Thursday she walked right up to Vincent and handed him a note that simply said, ‘I got some fruit for you . . . I hope you like cherries.’ With that said she was a no show in gym class while he ate her pussy in the back stairway, and keeping true with her promise she let him  pop her cherry too.
By Friday,  I came to school with Vaseline and box cutters ready to fight with my sister for taking some chicks man, right from underneath her nose.
“Myasia you bitch.” Felicia said to her after school, just  outside of school with a bunch of her friends.
“What?” “Don’t hate on me cause you didn’t know what to do with that fine ass nigga of yours . . . oops he’s mines now.” She teased Felicia not caring that we were out numbered.
“Smack” she smacked Myasia across the face after the smart comment.
That was the only hit she got to get in, Myasia broke through her ‘windmill’ with a two piece to the nose.  She had no idea that when we were home daddy let us play fight and box when nana was sleeping, and mama was at work. She tried to pull her hair but I had pinned  it up for her during lunch in the tightest bun I could. Myasia was just too fast for her to hit. She landed a few hits to her arms but that was like beating a bear with a baseball bat. You can try to hurt him but in the end all your doing is making him madder. Sensing a loss her friends tried to jump in but I put a stop to that by remembering what daddy had taught us “when you get jumped always go for the biggest one in the bunch and drop them, then the rest will back off.” He used to always tell us. So I just caught the biggest and loudest one in the throat.
“Oh Shit” I heard her friend say as she gasped for air.
“OoouucHHHH” she tried to scream out loud.
“Let them fight Shae-shawnna.” Felicia’s other friend said to her.
“Break it up” I heard a man say as he pulled Myasia off of Felicia.
“Yall’ shouldn’t be out here fightin’ no how” he said to all of us as we gathered our book bags and left to go home.
“Yo, you saw how I caught her after she hit me?” Myasia asked me when we were walking to our building.
“Yeah, you got her good …. I taught you that.” I said taking credit for all of her fighting skills.
“I’m  just happy that we didn’t have to use the box cutters though.” I told her I didn’t like what she had done but she was my sister and I wasn’t even bout to leave her out to fend for herself around a bunch of wolves.  Besides the only thing she would have to do is say to daddy later that night is ” I was getting jumped and she didn’t help me ” to daddy and he would beat my ass. Then he would  tell mama and she would beat my ass again. Then she would tell nana and she would beat my ass too. Nobody would have cared what it was all about and why we were fighting to begin with . The rule was if one fight then let them shoot the fair one. Just as long as they not getting jumped, then everybody fights. Or the one who let their sister get beat up on will have to feel the same thing once they got home. ***            
     The following Monday our phone rang around 5p.m.  “RRRIIINNGG, RRRIIIINNGG, RRRIIINNGG, RRRIIINNGG.”
I heard the phone ringing from our room.
“I’ll get it    ” I yelled to nana figuring  that it was for one of us anyway.
“Hello?” I said into the receiver.
“Hello, this is to inform you that you child, ………. Myasia ……….” I hung up once I heard the automated voice say Myasia.
“Girl, that was your house call to say that you didn’t go to school today.” I said to her.
“You know how I do.” knowing exactly what she was talking about, she was just gettin started.***
      In High school aside from cuttin’ class she was having mostly unprotected sex, smoking weed, and what I found out later on was she was using dope too. Over the years she never stopped being close with me until our nineteenth birthday party and our friend Belinda brought her cousin Tyleek from Maryland there. From the outside he looked like the average guy, he wore gold teeth top and bottom, really high yellow with reddish, brownish  hair that was so straight it looked like he used a bone straight relaxer in it. He was 6’2 and stood taller than daddy. He was a pretty boy that was a sweet talker with the gift of jab.
“Yo cuz., whose dat Dominican shawty rite theere?”  he said to Belinda over the loud music. “Who?… oh you mean Myasia, she not Dominican she black. And it’s her and Lynasia’s party.” Belinda said to him.  “Come on I’ll do the introduction.” she told him. Following her he walked up to where we were cutting the cake at and sang louder than Stevie Wonder.
“Happy Birthday to ya, …Happy Birthday.” he serenaded mostly Myasia. Once he was done with his own version everyone laughed and clapped. 
          “Myasia, Lynasia, this is my cousin Tyleek.” Belinda announced to us. And from then on it was nothing but goo-goo eyes between the two of them.  “Lynasia, I’m in love.” Myasia said to me a little over a week of knowing Tyleek. “Just take everything slow, you never know nowadays what peoples intentions are.” I warned her.  Call it twin intuition but it was something I just wasn’t feeling about him.  Well, that went in one ear, and right out the other. He treats me better than any other guy I’ve ever known before him.” she said to me from cloud nine. “I hope he does big sis.” Was what I said to her. After that I beban seeing her less and less, and we shared the same room. Eat, sleep, and shit. Was all she did at home.  Then she stopped doing that there. 
         Once Tyleek found out about Myasias’ new found habits he prayed on it.  He kept her high on weed, and she began snorting cocaine.  I soon found out how he could afford the Lexus coupe he drove. There was nothing good about him, he was a dealer that was on the run in D.C., he had shot a cop in an undercover sting, and was accused of attempted murder. He was a local pimp in his spare time and had lots of women working the strip in far rock for him. The only reason why his aunt was letting him stay is he was keeping her happy by paying her. She had enough money, for rent,  groceries, and a new Jaguar.  It wasn’t long before the streets started talking. It didn’t take long before he turned Myasia out either after a good eight months of dating he had convinced her to run away from home. “Lynasia, you hear from your sister?” mama and nana would both ask me every day. “No mama, no nana.” Was all I said to them . How could I have told them where I thought she was, who she was with, and what I thought she was doin?***
         After a week of playing a disappearing acts Myasia showed her face back home.  Mama was so happy that she didn’t even get in any trouble. Her eyes were swollen as if she was crying all day. She took a long hot bath and ate a huge plate of food.  I still wasn’t sure what was going on until later on that evening. “Ly?” Myasia called to me when I was getting ready to go to work the semi overnight shift at K-mart. “Yeah?” I said to her.
“Come here.” She said to me in a sad voice.
“I’m pregnant…. and Ty don’t want me no more.”
“Aahh man!” “Why did you tell him?” As if she could hide a baby forever.
“I thought he was different.” She said giving me a hug.
“I gotta go to planned parenthood in the morning.” “I need someone to come with me.”
“You got it, sis, this is the forever hug it lasts a lifetime and it’s here whenever you need it.” I said crying myself.***
         The worst place a woman of any age should have to go to is to an abortion clinic.  Myasia skipped out of her first and last visit and bought some things for her and her baby that was on the way. She was only 2 months so she started to go out to work for a clothing company on Mott Ave.  I put in as many as 35-45 hours at work. We were planning on moving out as soon as we had enough money saved up to do so.  I had told nana, and nana told mama, and mama, told daddy. So everybody knew what they didn’t know was that Myasia tested positive for HIV in her second trimester.  That was something I didn’t tell anyone.  ***
         On valentines day in the morning at 7:19 a.m.  Myasia gave birth to a healthy baby boy, he was 5lbs. 4oz., 21”, and hands down the cutest baby I had ever laid eyes on. She named him  Tyleek Bryson Carter Jr.  He had a full head of hair, curly like Myasia. I just stared as my sister looked at her son over and over again. She was taking a lot of anti viral drugs so thank god Tyleek Jr. Wasn’t born with the HIV virus too.  Myasia never told Tyleek about her status.
 She was only with him like that and she wasn’t sharing needles, or had any blood transfusions ever in her life. ***
         Tyleek came to her room that same evening and started an argument as soon as he entered the door. I was in the bathroom at the time but dropped down to the floor as soon as I heard the gun shots out of instinct.  “Dumb bitch!  You tried to kill me now I killed you first.” Tyleek said as he stood over my sisters cold body crying.  “Hey little man, daddy’s here don’t cry.”  “Your moms a whore who gave daddy AIDS, now she’s dead.” 
“N.Y.P.D. Freeze, drop the gun and put the baby down!” The cops said to Tyleek as he stood there in the hospital room with his son and still crying.”  “Hey, little man. I love you.” Tyleek said to Tyleek Jr. As he was read his rights and carried away.  
          After almost 2 hours of trying to revive her Myasia was pronounced dead.  My big sis has been gone for a year now. I still think about her often, every time I see my nephew Tyleek Jr.. I gotta go to Tyleeks trial to testify against Tyleek next week. I can’t wait until they find out that Myasia only had sex with him unprotected throughout all the years and all the guys even with oral sex she still used condoms. And that he went to his aunts house the day before telling her and Felicia that he was gonna kill Myasia and they did nothing to stop him. I gotta get myself and my nephew out of the hood.  I just had to tell My sister Myasias story.

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Local sports briefs
The Marine Corps League will host a four-man scramble golf tournament Monday at Oakbourne Country Club, with proceeds going to support families of U.S. Marines.

African Bride

Written by Ralph. Posted in Foreign Girls for Marriage

african bride
african bride

Marriage Advice:

someone help. i need somebody to describe their wedding ……..?

im interviewing someone and these are the question that i would like you to answer. thanks so much
1. was your wedding arranged or did you get to choose your partner?
2. was it a religious ceremony?
3. who attended? (you dont have to give names)
4. was family (nulclear or extended) present in the cerimony
5. what did people wear?
6. was there a celebration or party? explain
7. what kind of food did people eat?
what customs and traditions were evedent at the cerimony
8. was a financial gift given to eather of the bride or grooms family
9. what about the bride and groom
10. and if you can, compare your wedding to an African wedding
whats similar, whats different?
anything special?

I chose my own partner for my marriage. It was a religious ceremony in a Methodist church. About 250 friends and family attended. People dressed up; women wore skirts, dresses, suits, etc. and men wore suits or at least dress shirts and ties with dress pants. We said our vows, lit a “unity candle,” kissed, and walked outside where we greeted guests after the ceremony. Afterwards, there was a reception at the country club. There were appetizers such as vegetables, dip, cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate. A sit-down dinner of chicken parmesan was served, with a side of new potatoes and greens. Dessert was wedding cake and cream cheese mints. My husband removed the garter from my leg (placed there before the wedding for this purpose) and threw it over his shoulder into a group of single men. (The one who caught it was supposed to be the next to get married.) I threw my bouquet of flowers over my shoulder to a group of unmarried women, and the one who caught it was supposed to be the next to get married. Then the man who caught the garter put it onto the leg of the woman who caught the flowers. Guests brought gifts with them to the reception and placed them on a big table. Some brought cards with money in them. The average monetary gift was $25, but many gave $50 and a few gave $100. My family and my husband’s family did not exchange gifts. My family paid for the wedding and reception. My groom’s family paid for the wedding rehearsal party the night before the wedding. I cannot compare my wedding to an African wedding, as I have no idea what one of those is like. I hope this helped you.