Asian Mail Order Brides: Fact Vs. Fiction

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Are you interested in meeting and falling in love with an Asian lady? Asian women have become stereotyped and the reality is extremely different from what we tend to see in our American media. They are often pigeonholed as weak, inexperienced and passive.

However, these women are as smart, funny, interesting and full of life as any of their counterparts from other hotbeds of International dating like Russia, the Philippines or Colombia.

Let’s take a look at some common myths about Asian Mail Order Brides:

Fiction: Asian Women are Submissive Wives

smart asian woman

Fact: Modern Asian women are smart, well-educated and often career-oriented. The idea that all that they care about is catering to a husband and family is outdated and totally false.

Asian ladies do indeed have strong family values. However, they also have many goals and interests other than caring for children and a husband. Many Asian women expect to handle the family finances and will expect equal say in all household decisions.

Fiction: Asian Women are Innocent

asian woman taking care of her children alone

Fact: The idea that Asian women are inexperienced and naïve is completely untrue. Asian women are often strong-willed and fiery. They will not allow their husband to run all over them.

Many Asian women are divorcees with careers and children to look after. They are not nearly as dependent on a male companion as many Americans might believe.

Fiction: Asian Women are Looking for an American Man to Save Them

asian girl american citizenship

Fact: It is not nearly as common as some might think for Asian women to be seeking American men for a meal ticket or an escape from their homeland.

A man who is looking to be a savior may be very disappointed. It is also unfortunately common that an Asian woman may marry an American because they are hoping to have a liberal husband only to find that he is seeking a traditional, subservient wife. Either way, the myth of a poor, sweet, Asian women for marriage to an American to help her get American citizenship is generally false.

Fiction: Asian Women are Sex Crazed Porn Stars

hot asian woman

Fact: It is certainly true that Asian women have been fantasized in our culture. The idea that Asian women are kinky or slutty is one that is fostered by all media, particularly porn.

There are certainly Asian women who are very sexually charged or easy to get into bed but this is definitely not the case for all Asian women.

Fiction: Asian Women Are Dying to Be With Western Men

asian girl with western men

Fact: The idea that Asian women are obsessed with going after American men is not true. It’s a total myth! As a matter of fact, many Asian women tend to think of American men as being “soft” or feminine compared to Asian men.

If you are looking for a wife and think that a mail order Asian bride is something that you might be interested in then it is important that you separate the fact from the fiction.

It is prejudiced to group together all Asian women and believe myths about them based on their appearance or homeland. They come from many different countries, have many different backgrounds and beliefs and are not the old fashioned, passive women that we often see in our media.

Foreign Girls for Marriage – And Where to Find Them

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beautiful-girls-for-marriageFor most people marriage is an institution through which one can feel a sense of belonging. It is now possible for you to marry a woman of any tribe, race, or nationality because of the internet revolution. Additionally, you can be able to meet singles within your locale as well as your state through meetings or conferences organized for lonely singles. If you are interested in foreign girls then it is also possible for you to find them via a variety of methods.

One of the most popular places in the recent times for you should you want to meet foreign girls is the social networking sites. The online social networking community is over a billion strong and that gives you a very large dating pool to choose from. You will always have friend who knows someone who in turn can connect you to a woman of foreign descent. Take interest in the friends of your social networking friends. Take steps to establish communication channels should you get the go ahead. There have been stories of people who have met on social networking sites and gone to have great marriages.

Should you want to meet a foreign girl of your religion, then you will need to be a little more specific. You should look for online dating sites that are based on whichever faith you practice. Take time to check out the profiles of other women within the site and find the ones who you think can be good friends. Narrow down slowly the scope of your interests until you find someone who suits you.

Some dating sites are targeted at races as opposed to religions. Such sites will always directly or indirectly indicate the race of the men and women who are members of that online community. If you are interested in Asian women then find dating sites that are targeted at that race. Should you be interested at African women then you can also find a site that will meet your need. The point is to find a reputable online dating site that will meet your targets.

Finding foreign girls is something you can also do via a dating agency within your area. Such agencies usually arrange for meetings between clients based on the specifications sent. You can always find women of foreign descent right within your home area. Some of these women come to study or work and may be looking for someone to share their lives with.

Should you been one of the lucky few who are able to travel to different parts of the world for whatever reasons, you should always be alert for dating opportunities. One of the foreign women you meet on your trips may be the girl for you.

It is however important to ensure that the foreign girl you meet is authentic. There have been cases of women who have committed bigamy. Alternatively, you may end up being conned out of a large sum of money especially online. One way to avoid this is to ensure that you use reputable online dating sites or dating agencies. That way you will get to meet the foreign girl of your dreams and be happy.

6 Reasons Why American Men are Turning to Finding an Overseas Bride

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Have you wonder why are so many lonely guys in the US and Canada? Have you read the numbers about single guys in North America? The situation is alarming; many guys who would like to get married and have a family remain single because they can’t find girls to date.

Dating is too competitive in first-world countries. A guy has to be too good looking or have too much money to get a beautiful wife. Women only want to date men who have more money than them. Guys don’t really have the chance to meet nice girls because they are closed to their circles. The average men experience a lot of stress trying to date, and is forced to pretend to be what is not to match the fake standards women have made on their brains.

Gorgeous Girls For Marriage

1. Guys cannot be themselves around women.

Women find easily offended if you do something they don’t like. Women expect too much from guys and cut out fun. Men end up being a toy and acting to please them. These kinds of relationships where people cannot be truly open and honest don’t have a happy ending.

2. Migration.

Many single men came alone to America looking for jobs; some of them got married and some of them did not. There are many lonely guys around looking for a decent girl to share time with and why not get married. There are many men who came to North America alone and remain alone. It is even harder for them to get a reasonable and caring wife.

3. Women don’t want to get married.

They are more focused on their studies and careers and the ideal of marriage. The importance of family values is degrading in many western countries because people need to have a career and survive. They don’t feel they need men for a balanced lifestyle.

4. Women have too high expectations when dating.

If they cannot get a perfect guy, they prefer to stay single and say there are no-good guys available. They are looking for too much while a guy only looks for a sweet companion around to have a decent conversation.

5. Beautiful women are not available.

The ones you know have already been taken by competitive guys, or they are not interested in dating an average guy. The rest of beautiful women you don’t know, and you probably won’t get to know because they are not in social circles. Beautiful women in America won’t accept a compliment from a stranger and accept to date.

6. Not too many smart girls.

If a guy is too smart or educated will find hard to find a companion on his level, based on how reduced is the average ‘dating market’ of a normal person. In other regions around the world like China and Russia, being good-looking and smart are the rule for females; so it will be easier to find someone interesting enough to get engaged.

There are many single guys in America and the only way to solve the problem is encouraging them to look for foreign marriage. Foreign marriages have proven to be very successful and real. Actually, numbers are booming. Singles of America can find very helpful online dating agencies and get to meet a beautiful bride from anywhere in the world.

Why Do Men Love Asian Brides?

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You can date hot Asian womenFor men from the West, Asian brides prove to be the most reliable and compassionate companion. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find interracial marriages. Interracial marriages of Asian women and Caucasian men can be found here and there.

The cultural times are changing and it is not surprising to find many websites – like this one – that provide access to beautiful Asian brides.

There are some important reasons why a man from the West would be happy after marrying an Asian woman – here are just a few:

Beautiful Asian Brides

When looking for beauty, it is important to go beyond the skin color. For example, the simplicity, lovingness, great values and exceptional cooking skills are also a part of the beauty.

Even otherwise, Asian women are beautiful and this fact can be checked by corresponding with the woman using the social networks, online chats, letters, and other such things.

If someone is really interesting, then it is possible to meet the woman personally and take the right decision. It is a good idea to have an Asian bride as future wife. However, after the marriage, it is important to care for them so that both can enjoy a happy married life.

Exotic Cultures

In terms of values, clothing, food, and other such things; the Asian culture is somewhat different from the Western culture. In the Western culture, Caucasian women are more liberal and commanding, while Asian women show more respect towards their husbands.

In cultural terms, Asian women grow up in an environment that requires them to respect people who are older than them, spouses, and elders. These profound values with the Asian brides are what make them perfect wives. These women are not only loyal but also very talented in cooking cuisines of their own country.

For men with a taste for Asian food, it can be a wonderful thing to have an Asian bride. Every day she can prepare different types of Asian meals that are tasty and appetizing.

playful smile from an asian

Variety is the Spice of Life!

While it is quite difficult to find the true love, with the right attitude it is possible to find the exact bride. Asian brides can be found from a wide range of racial backgrounds. For example, some of them come from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, etc. There are some cultures like those belonging to Japan and Korea that do not prefer interracial marriages, while others like those from Philippines are really eager about it.

Asians Love Caucasians

It is a well-known fact that women from the East love to marry person from the West. When Caucasian men visit dating and marriage websites, they can easily notice such a preference by Asian women. Most Asian women dream having a Caucasians partner and traveling with them to their dream destinations.

While that is true with some women, there are many other women who are just excited about the interracial marriage. Nowadays, it has become a very popular practice, especially considering the vast reach of Internet that has made it possible for people from around the world to connect with each other easily and instantly.

Dominican Singles

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Dominican singles
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Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

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Ukrainian mail order brides
Ukrainian mail order brides

Mail Order Bride Success Rates

In recent years, there have been hundreds of foreign women marrying American men. The Internet has been one of the major sources behind this idea and is playing a big role in how men and women meet. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to providing online dating features and making it possible to contact a woman outside the man’s country.


According to a survey conducted by the American bride agencies, there are more than 150,000 women married to American men each year. Their marriage success ratios are very high; only 4 percent of these women get divorced.


There are a large number of women from the Philippines who marry. However, mail order bride marriages have been banned since 1986. In recent years the numbers have increased due to the involvement of foreign agencies. The second most preferable foreign women are Russian (Former Soviet Union) and Ukrainian bride. According to a marriage agency’s report, close to 1,000 men are registered each month searching for a foreign bride.


According to a recent survey, there were 607 American men who applied for a mail order bride. In total, there were 206 responses, all from different countries. Each man’s profile showed that they are typically white, highly educated and well established. Another survey that was recently done showed that when 100 letters were sent to the marriage agencies to observe the responses of mail ordered brides, the results illustrated that 10 to 40 percent of those responses came from Russian women.


Most Russian brides want to marry foreign men not just the American men The major mail ordered bride agency have a list of more than 500 Russian women at any one time. The mail order bride agencies lay claim that they can marry over 100 American men and Russian women every year.


Mail Order Brides: How it Works

Thousands of men enjoy their mail order bride marriages and are living a happy and peaceful life. You can be the next one if you follow the guidelines given from a reputable mail order bride agency.

To meet your foreign girl, you need to first visit their home country. After you get there, you will be invited to a large social meeting to find a woman who is right for you. These social functions are completely private and entry is done by invitations only. Before you attend, you will get the entire list of women available. These meetings are well organized and are intended to make you feel comfortable when you meet with the woman you chose.

You are served refreshments and food and there is music to enjoy at the function. You can attend all the functions you wish to find the right woman for you. The women who attend are not shy are willing to share much about their lives. For this reason, your selection to finding a life partner should be easier. Since they have no experience regarding past marriages, these women are seeking a good life with a sincere husband.

Since you have the opportunity to talk with many women, you can find the one that is suitable for you. Once this is done, the agency will then arrange a separate meeting for you where so you both can share your cell phone numbers and other personal information.

Social events can be a bit overwhelming since there are many women there for you to meet. The best way to deal with this is to know first what you are looking for in your bride. It will narrow down your search and keep you from feeling obligated to choose a bride.

One of the most important discussions you should have with your foreign “prospective†bride is future children. The reason for this to lay to rest any misunderstandings that could occur. Do you want children or does she? This is pretty important to ask about. Remember to set priorities and meet only those girl who meet them.

Communication between you and the women will not be an issue since many speak English fluently. If there is a problem, the agency will provide you an interpreter.

What is your duty? Your duty is to find several suitable women for you to choose from; the organization will do the rest. The organization will arrange your private date with the woman you choose, provide a city tour and even arrange your marriage. Whatever your choice, these mail order organizations will help you to find a suitable partner, so that you can enjoy your marriage life with pleasure and peace of mind.

Mail Order Brides TV – With Love from the Ukraine: 9 Minute Promo

Cuban Lady

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cuban lady
cuban lady

“The Cuban Lady” V02 Number Station Zahlensender 6855 khz secret service

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Latin Love Search

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Latin love search
Latin love search

Marrying A Latin Or A Costa Rican Woman

When it comes to finding true LOVE we often see ourselves drifting on the seas of doubt, indecision, and heart breaks. For the most of us, it’s difficult to get out of our comfort zone and gather the courage to take a leap of faith and search for that perfect bride, far and beyond. It is no mystery that this journey comes up with lots of ups and downs. As a poet once rightly said- “The art of love… is largely the art of persistence.” Hence, every man who is probing for love has to stand the test of time and will have to dodge several wrong balls, to hit the right one!

So, if you think you are willing to take a shot at true love then this article will help you in your endeavors to get the woman of your dreams!

The Love-Internet Connection

One of the biggest fads these days is online dating. This service helps you stretch your boundary and connect with women living far away from you, women who belong to different races, follow different cultures, and live in a way very different from yours. These females could be Latin, Colombian, Costa Rican, Dominican, or maybe Mexican.

Finding The Perfect Bride

It’s a fact that different cultures make different personalities. Every religion and society subjects changed values on its followers. For Instance-
Latinas or Latin women, from a traditional family, have been brought up to be extremely faithful to their men. They are expected to be humble and not show off or crow. They have a subtle nature and have been taught to be modest and reserved about sex. They like taking a sedate approach to relationships and do not like being very open.

These women have deep seated religious connection, primarily in the Catholic faith. Although many Latinas have created a sexy Latin image, most still hang on to the customs of their religion.

Costa Rican women on the other hand seem to be at a crossroad of modern roles and traditional ones. However, most of these women you will find still feel a momentous connection to their traditional values. For instance, they live with their parents until they get married, a fact which demonstrates the significance of family even in personal matters related to sex and marriage. Moreover, even though Costa Rican women are independent due to their work, they like to be dependent on their family and on the principles established by the society.

Likewise, Mexican women are a symbol of independence and fortitude. They are generally raised in loving Christian families which inculcate strong moral values in them. They have very good work ethic and take up responsibilities early in life. These women are great cooks and know how to keep their man satisfied. They normally are attracted toward men who are dependable, courteous, helpful, and able to express love.

In general, Mexican, Costa Rican, and Latin women are very patient, warm, and helpful. They understand the importance of relationships and give their best to keep their man and children happy. They have a very strong sense of home and genuinely believe in the institution of marriage.

“Takin’ Back My Love” – Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara

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Polish Marriage

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Polish marriage
Polish marriage

Polish Girls for Marriage and Dating Online

If you are an American man looking for a Polish woman, you should know a few rules before dating her. Most women in Poland don’t like men to show off their wealth or material things. To win her heart permanently, you must submit your prideful ways. You have to treat her in a good way, to respect her and be there for her when she needs you. You can read more tips online on Polish women to learn more about them. Generally, Polish girls in Poland and other Western nations are beautiful and honest. They register their personal ads on the net to find a long-term relationship. If you really want to date or marry a single Polish woman, so you should look at Internet dating sites. There are thousands of single women seeking men at these online dating services.

Polish girls for marriage seeking single guys on the net have been a phenomenon these days. These dating services have single women from Poland and other Western nations who have posted their personal ads to find love and romance online. You can start by looking for a girl at these dating services. What you need is to search for these beautiful angels online; you can interact with them by sending a message. You can write an introduction about yourself and send it to girls you like. Searching for single Polish women at online dating service is the best tool because of its convenience and simplicity. Most girls in Poland are busy with their lives. So they post their profiles on the Internet to search for love and relationships online. The fact is that it saves time and money to find a date online.

Polish girls for marriage are the most beautiful angels. They are very attractive. To date or marry a Polish woman, you should know how to go for it. She is not the same as other Western women you meet in the past. She is different and you need to know certain rules if you want to win her heart. But there are some certain rules that apply to all women in the world that you might already know. Most women like the honest and loyalty in a man. So, if you treat her with respect and fidelity, then you will win her heart. Wealth is not the most important thing that you can use as a strategy to date a Polish girl. Material things are just a bonus in the process of dating a woman. Be there for her whenever she needs is one of the most important factors in order to win her heart.

Polish girls for marriage seeking men online are common in the last few years. Looking for relationship and marriage in Polish dating sites have become a phenomenon in recent years in Poland. Internet service is a good tool for singles to put their personal ads and search for a soul mate. In other words, you only need to register a profile online and singles will contact you. In Poland, single women and men go online dating sites to find a date. They don’t go to the club to search for it because this place is for young people to have fun. Looking for a serious long-term companion must be from Polish online dating services. Because there are thousands of single Polish men online so they can choose the best easily.

Polish Lesson in Marriage for Beginners

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Moldovian Girls

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Moldovian girls

Moldovian girls are singing Abba.Rain of stars 2009.

I’m a Romanian girl wanting to learn how to speak Russian..any help??

Hey there!! :)
I’m a Romanian girl wanting to learn how to speak Russian.
(16 years old) if that counts?? lol
I already know some Russian but not much and i would love to learn russian..i have many russian friends but I’m pretty sure they wont take their time to teach me russian b/c i heard its a very hard langauge to learn and I’m up for the challenge lol
I have a brother-in-law that is Moldovian and he knows Russian..but i cant rely on him to teach me lol so im asking any Russians wanting to teach me??
You can contact me on yahoo or msn messenger..
I also have a myspace :)

or if there are any Moldovians that know Russian and want to teach me cause most Moldovians know Russian too 😀

Thank You! :)

I wrote to your e-mail
can teach you
you can contact me too

Beautiful Latina

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beautiful latina

Latin Women – 3 Secrets to Date Latina Girls

3 Secrets to Date Latina Girls

If you are a “gringo” captivated by the beauty and vivacious nature of Latin women there are some things that you’ll need to learn to succeed with these beautiful, mysterious creatures. First, it isn’t necessary for you to be fluent with your “espanol”. As long as you can say a few words, such as “gracias”, “como estas?” and “eres muy guapa” (you are really cute) to her, then most latin women will find this very endearing and be intrigued with you.

Just by the fact that you have said something to her in her language, you don’t need to worry about coming up with a clever opening line to start a conversation. 9 times out of 10 she will ask you how you learned to speak Spanish (and only if you speak 2 or 3 words in reality, but she doesn’t know this yet). She will probably offer to teach you more Spanish if you ask. So the conversation has already begun, without the need to use a corny pick up line on her.

If you still need help with finding something to talk about, then ask her about her favorite food from her own country. Women love to talk about food, especially Latin American women. You might actually be sorry you asked, because she might go on and on about food from her country. That is when you should ask her the next question, which is obvious: if there are any good restaurants in town that serve food from her country, whether it be Mexican, Cuban, Colombian, etc. and ask if she wants to go there for dinner with you sometime. Very few latinas will turn you down if you approach them this way, unless you come on too strong or they already have a man.

On the date, it’s important for you to know that it’s not a good idea to come on too strong with a latina, with these women it’s better to take it slower than you would with a “gringa”. Latin women are very concerned with being respected and not being used, due to the “machista” attitude of many men in their own countries.

Use this to your advantage because as a “gringo” she will think you are more respectful and honorable. Take it slow with her at first, and believe me, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams later.

You can learn many more free tips about dating latin women on my blog listed below. Good Luck!

Monica Garcia

beautiful latina
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