Asian Mail Order Brides: Fact Vs. Fiction

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Are you interested in meeting and falling in love with an Asian lady? Asian women have become stereotyped and the reality is extremely different from what we tend to see in our American media. They are often pigeonholed as weak, inexperienced and passive.

However, these women are as smart, funny, interesting and full of life as any of their counterparts from other hotbeds of International dating like Russia, the Philippines or Colombia.

Let’s take a look at some common myths about Asian Mail Order Brides:

Fiction: Asian Women are Submissive Wives

smart asian woman

Fact: Modern Asian women are smart, well-educated and often career-oriented. The idea that all that they care about is catering to a husband and family is outdated and totally false.

Asian ladies do indeed have strong family values. However, they also have many goals and interests other than caring for children and a husband. Many Asian women expect to handle the family finances and will expect equal say in all household decisions.

Fiction: Asian Women are Innocent

asian woman taking care of her children alone

Fact: The idea that Asian women are inexperienced and naïve is completely untrue. Asian women are often strong-willed and fiery. They will not allow their husband to run all over them.

Many Asian women are divorcees with careers and children to look after. They are not nearly as dependent on a male companion as many Americans might believe.

Fiction: Asian Women are Looking for an American Man to Save Them

asian girl american citizenship

Fact: It is not nearly as common as some might think for Asian women to be seeking American men for a meal ticket or an escape from their homeland.

A man who is looking to be a savior may be very disappointed. It is also unfortunately common that an Asian woman may marry an American because they are hoping to have a liberal husband only to find that he is seeking a traditional, subservient wife. Either way, the myth of a poor, sweet, Asian women for marriage to an American to help her get American citizenship is generally false.

Fiction: Asian Women are Sex Crazed Porn Stars

hot asian woman

Fact: It is certainly true that Asian women have been fantasized in our culture. The idea that Asian women are kinky or slutty is one that is fostered by all media, particularly porn.

There are certainly Asian women who are very sexually charged or easy to get into bed but this is definitely not the case for all Asian women.

Fiction: Asian Women Are Dying to Be With Western Men

asian girl with western men

Fact: The idea that Asian women are obsessed with going after American men is not true. It’s a total myth! As a matter of fact, many Asian women tend to think of American men as being “soft” or feminine compared to Asian men.

If you are looking for a wife and think that a mail order Asian bride is something that you might be interested in then it is important that you separate the fact from the fiction.

It is prejudiced to group together all Asian women and believe myths about them based on their appearance or homeland. They come from many different countries, have many different backgrounds and beliefs and are not the old fashioned, passive women that we often see in our media.

Foreign Girls for Marriage – And Where to Find Them

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beautiful-girls-for-marriageFor most people marriage is an institution through which one can feel a sense of belonging. It is now possible for you to marry a woman of any tribe, race, or nationality because of the internet revolution. Additionally, you can be able to meet singles within your locale as well as your state through meetings or conferences organized for lonely singles. If you are interested in foreign girls then it is also possible for you to find them via a variety of methods.

One of the most popular places in the recent times for you should you want to meet foreign girls is the social networking sites. The online social networking community is over a billion strong and that gives you a very large dating pool to choose from. You will always have friend who knows someone who in turn can connect you to a woman of foreign descent. Take interest in the friends of your social networking friends. Take steps to establish communication channels should you get the go ahead. There have been stories of people who have met on social networking sites and gone to have great marriages.

Should you want to meet a foreign girl of your religion, then you will need to be a little more specific. You should look for online dating sites that are based on whichever faith you practice. Take time to check out the profiles of other women within the site and find the ones who you think can be good friends. Narrow down slowly the scope of your interests until you find someone who suits you.

Some dating sites are targeted at races as opposed to religions. Such sites will always directly or indirectly indicate the race of the men and women who are members of that online community. If you are interested in Asian women then find dating sites that are targeted at that race. Should you be interested at African women then you can also find a site that will meet your need. The point is to find a reputable online dating site that will meet your targets.

Finding foreign girls is something you can also do via a dating agency within your area. Such agencies usually arrange for meetings between clients based on the specifications sent. You can always find women of foreign descent right within your home area. Some of these women come to study or work and may be looking for someone to share their lives with.

Should you been one of the lucky few who are able to travel to different parts of the world for whatever reasons, you should always be alert for dating opportunities. One of the foreign women you meet on your trips may be the girl for you.

It is however important to ensure that the foreign girl you meet is authentic. There have been cases of women who have committed bigamy. Alternatively, you may end up being conned out of a large sum of money especially online. One way to avoid this is to ensure that you use reputable online dating sites or dating agencies. That way you will get to meet the foreign girl of your dreams and be happy.

6 Reasons Why American Men are Turning to Finding an Overseas Bride

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Have you wonder why are so many lonely guys in the US and Canada? Have you read the numbers about single guys in North America? The situation is alarming; many guys who would like to get married and have a family remain single because they can’t find girls to date.

Dating is too competitive in first-world countries. A guy has to be too good looking or have too much money to get a beautiful wife. Women only want to date men who have more money than them. Guys don’t really have the chance to meet nice girls because they are closed to their circles. The average men experience a lot of stress trying to date, and is forced to pretend to be what is not to match the fake standards women have made on their brains.

Gorgeous Girls For Marriage

1. Guys cannot be themselves around women.

Women find easily offended if you do something they don’t like. Women expect too much from guys and cut out fun. Men end up being a toy and acting to please them. These kinds of relationships where people cannot be truly open and honest don’t have a happy ending.

2. Migration.

Many single men came alone to America looking for jobs; some of them got married and some of them did not. There are many lonely guys around looking for a decent girl to share time with and why not get married. There are many men who came to North America alone and remain alone. It is even harder for them to get a reasonable and caring wife.

3. Women don’t want to get married.

They are more focused on their studies and careers and the ideal of marriage. The importance of family values is degrading in many western countries because people need to have a career and survive. They don’t feel they need men for a balanced lifestyle.

4. Women have too high expectations when dating.

If they cannot get a perfect guy, they prefer to stay single and say there are no-good guys available. They are looking for too much while a guy only looks for a sweet companion around to have a decent conversation.

5. Beautiful women are not available.

The ones you know have already been taken by competitive guys, or they are not interested in dating an average guy. The rest of beautiful women you don’t know, and you probably won’t get to know because they are not in social circles. Beautiful women in America won’t accept a compliment from a stranger and accept to date.

6. Not too many smart girls.

If a guy is too smart or educated will find hard to find a companion on his level, based on how reduced is the average ‘dating market’ of a normal person. In other regions around the world like China and Russia, being good-looking and smart are the rule for females; so it will be easier to find someone interesting enough to get engaged.

There are many single guys in America and the only way to solve the problem is encouraging them to look for foreign marriage. Foreign marriages have proven to be very successful and real. Actually, numbers are booming. Singles of America can find very helpful online dating agencies and get to meet a beautiful bride from anywhere in the world.

Why Do Men Love Asian Brides?

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You can date hot Asian womenFor men from the West, Asian brides prove to be the most reliable and compassionate companion. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find interracial marriages. Interracial marriages of Asian women and Caucasian men can be found here and there.

The cultural times are changing and it is not surprising to find many websites – like this one – that provide access to beautiful Asian brides.

There are some important reasons why a man from the West would be happy after marrying an Asian woman – here are just a few:

Beautiful Asian Brides

When looking for beauty, it is important to go beyond the skin color. For example, the simplicity, lovingness, great values and exceptional cooking skills are also a part of the beauty.

Even otherwise, Asian women are beautiful and this fact can be checked by corresponding with the woman using the social networks, online chats, letters, and other such things.

If someone is really interesting, then it is possible to meet the woman personally and take the right decision. It is a good idea to have an Asian bride as future wife. However, after the marriage, it is important to care for them so that both can enjoy a happy married life.

Exotic Cultures

In terms of values, clothing, food, and other such things; the Asian culture is somewhat different from the Western culture. In the Western culture, Caucasian women are more liberal and commanding, while Asian women show more respect towards their husbands.

In cultural terms, Asian women grow up in an environment that requires them to respect people who are older than them, spouses, and elders. These profound values with the Asian brides are what make them perfect wives. These women are not only loyal but also very talented in cooking cuisines of their own country.

For men with a taste for Asian food, it can be a wonderful thing to have an Asian bride. Every day she can prepare different types of Asian meals that are tasty and appetizing.

playful smile from an asian

Variety is the Spice of Life!

While it is quite difficult to find the true love, with the right attitude it is possible to find the exact bride. Asian brides can be found from a wide range of racial backgrounds. For example, some of them come from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, etc. There are some cultures like those belonging to Japan and Korea that do not prefer interracial marriages, while others like those from Philippines are really eager about it.

Asians Love Caucasians

It is a well-known fact that women from the East love to marry person from the West. When Caucasian men visit dating and marriage websites, they can easily notice such a preference by Asian women. Most Asian women dream having a Caucasians partner and traveling with them to their dream destinations.

While that is true with some women, there are many other women who are just excited about the interracial marriage. Nowadays, it has become a very popular practice, especially considering the vast reach of Internet that has made it possible for people from around the world to connect with each other easily and instantly.

Spicy Latina

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spicy Latina

Latinas In The Us


Being a Latina in the US is fabulous, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Sure we rock the best of both worlds, but it’s not always easy striking the right balance between traditional, church-going, family-oriented good girl life and sexy, independent working woman.  We love Jimmy Choos and we love maduros. We love our mamis even when they nag in Spanish about our gringo boyfriends; and we rely on la Virgencita as much as we do on our iPhones. Sometimes, though, it’s still hard battling stereotypes. For example, we are not all Mexican (there are like 20 other nationalities, people!) and we don’t all break out into dance the minute we hear the sound of congas and an electronic keyboard (thanks, Dave Chapelle, for that one).  And it’s annoying being constantly referred to as “spicy” or “caliente”. There are many non-food related adjectives I’d rather be described as. Overall, though, it’s pretty fantastic being bicultural. LaCosmopolatina understands and celebrates that, challenges and all. That’s why you’ll always find everything you need to know this minute on LaCosmo to continue being your fabulous self. Check out for daily tips on health, fashion, style, travel, technology and life.

spicy Latina
Spencer Green: The 2010 Fall TV Schedule (Still in Color!)
MONDAY 8-9 ABC – Quran Burning With the Stars CBS – How I Lost Interest In a Show That Gags On Its Own Stroke-Inducing Pseudo-Cleverness;…

Ukraine Wives

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Ukraine wives
Who else is looking for russian Ukraine wives? Ukraine Dati

Foreign Bride Questions:

best web site to find russian and ukraine wife?

I used Elenas Models. That is where I met my wife and she has been with me here in the US for almost a year. They have some literature that will help you met some one and what they expect from you. It is an additional fee of course but worth the investment. They also have a book to help you spot scams.
I will let you know the process is long and it can be expensive by the time you met someone and she gets her permanent residence card.
Do not believe all the negative things you hear about the only reason the women want to marry a man from some where else is so they can leave Russia.
The truth is most of them just want to have happy family and there are 10 million more women than men in Russia.
If you would like to know more about the process email me and I will be glad to help.

Baby Doll – Date a younger woman, before it’s too late…

Not unlike Caroll Baker’s billing in Elia Kazan’s Baby Doll (Warner Bros. 1956), the life enhancing role of a younger woman in a man’s life can best be summed up as ‘raw electricity’. Following this line of thought, German study tank The Max Planck Institute last year released the results of a report based on Danish subjects which postulates that men who marry younger women will likely live longer.

Caroll Baker, Kazan’s Baby Doll

Men pare down the risk of kicking the bucket prematurely by 11% if they marry a young woman seven to nine years their junior, Max Planck says. This figure rises to 20% for men who marry women between 15 and 17 years younger than they. Any gentlemen out there care to add double digits to your lifespan?

The Max Planck study examined deaths between 1990 and 2005 for the entire population of Denmark.

The study also found that men marrying older women are likely to die earlier.

Some scientists say that these figures may be the product of natural selection, meaning that likely the healthiest, fittest, most well adjusted and most successful older men are able to attract younger women.

Another theory is that “young women will better care for a man enabling him to live longer,” says Sven Drefahi, spokesman for Max Planck.

Katya Ivanova, 22, erstwhile girlfriend of British rocker Ron Wood, 62.

On a social level the issue of younger women and older men (senior by 10-15+ years) is in some environments taboo and in others the norm. America, it seems, has stiff shorts when it comes to such relationships labeling them scandalous and immoral, often using depraved terms such as ‘cradle snatcher’, ‘sugar daddy’, ‘gold digger’, ‘jailbait’ and ‘forbidden fruit’ in such topical conversations. In the States the ideal is to ‘marry your high school sweetheart’, who is usually within a year of you in age. For American men, dating a younger woman once they’re past 30 or so is broadly considered a rare and special experience. But for the majority of the U.S. population it’s considered somewhat deviant.

But truth be, at least statistically, that America is in the minority by manifesting such Puritan attitudes when compared to the number of societies in the world that weave this lifestyle into the fabric of their culture.

The norm in Asian, Latin and particularly European societies accepts a significant difference in age between younger women and older men as par for the course. For example, on average, most European men marry women in the neighborhood of three or more years their junior. Statistics also show that the average age at which one marries has risen steadily since 1960. This means that men in modern liberalized societies marry later in life from a growing pool of younger women which produces a significant age difference in many couples.

This being status quo for the rest of the world, American attitudes towards acceptable age differences seem to be the exception to the rule, and are positioned quite contrary to many
time honored traditions in most parts of the globe.

In Russia and Ukraine for example, one can easily spot numerous couples widely separated by age. Ask any young Russian woman you happen to meet from Moscow to Odessa, and they’ll readily answer that they actually prefer the company of a worldly, mature man to that of someone their own age.

Social anthropologists believe the choices of Russian women have been limited by the devastation of war, a shorter male lifespan, a declining birthrate and a higher proportion of women to men. All these dynamics contribute to the proliferation of youthful females with limited options for a mate.

With these factors in mind, a well traveled, presentable older gent in reasonably sound physical health represents a good alternative to becoming a spinster in this part of the world.

Indeed, this writer has heard a number of gentlemen on different occasions exclaim that girls here in Russia and Ukraine all seem so young, open to advances from men older than themselves, and additionally seem to want to become married so early. And age doesn’t faze them. What gives? Well, one factor is that women in the former Soviet bloc mature more quickly than men do. And while this may be true throughout the world, in Eastern Europe it’s taken as a serious reason for women to be married by their mid-twenties. So much so that they almost automatically expand their options by including men in an older age bracket as potential husbands.

This seems to be best supported at least in part by the results uncovered by the good folks at Max Planck. This is natural selection, alive and well in Russia Ukraine and many parts of the world.

This is what the good Lord intended. And just like eating the choicest, freshest fruits and vegetables is most beneficial to one’s health and vigor, so having a younger woman is the best tonic for a guy’s longevity. And ladies seem to be programmed this way as well.

It’s not rocket surgery to understand that a younger woman has your best interests at heart when she looks into your eyes and asks why you haven’t yet invited her to see your apartment in central Moscow.

Black Book’s tangential theory presumes that when a guy is planking appreciably younger women, he can’t help but enjoy himself to the point of better health and happiness. The issue is at that point out of his hands, so he may as well succumb to natural instinct and enjoy. The younger women is merely attempting to contribute to your mental and physical health, thus providing you with a longer and better quality of life.

You now have the Black Book stamp of approval to let your libido run free…within reason.

Costa Rica Girls

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Costa Rica girls
Costa Rica girls

Marriage Advice:

Panama,Costa rica,Brazil ? ..what best for prices?

I have been interested in visiting Costa Rica but to be told that better i go Brazil or Panama as they are less expensive then Costa rica and also cleaner,

im just going for the Partys and the girls…whats better place for me… going in April

Price of coffee is cheaper in Colombia.

Single Vacation Packages

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single vacation packages
Pirates Weekly
The Portland Pirates of the American Hockey League announced today that individual tickets for all 40 games to be played at the Cumberland County Civic Center during the 2010-11 season will go on sale to the general public Saturday, September 25th at 10 a.m. at the Civic Center Box Office and on-line at
2010 Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort & Spa, Ocho Rios All Inclusive Vacations

Are there any all inclusive vacation packages to the caribbean for singles?

There are 2 of us but we have to fly in from 2 countries and I’m trying to find no single supplement. I am not interested in sharing a room with anyone.

contiki tours 18-35 i went to one if u like to party crazy style go to bars and have so much fun omg!!! must check it out and its cheap as well but sooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!! amazing check it out… i did europe horizon

Costa Rica Brides

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costa rica brides
costa rica brides

When It Comes To Honeymoon Destinations Italy Is More Popular Than Hawaii

Ask any bride-to-be and she’ll quickly tell you that honeymoon dreams come true in Hawaii.  This tropical paradise has been king of the hill when it comes to honeymoon destinations for nine straight years.  But this year, the king was dethroned.  Instead of finding Hawaii as big kahuna, Italy took the lead.

In previous years, Italy ranked third, but in the 11th annual Modern Bride survey for 2007, it surpassed Hawaii, followed by Tahiti, Costa Rica, Mexico and France.  The 11th annual survey was conducted through a network of 6,000 luxury travel agents who ranked their 50 favorite honeymoon spots. The results appear in the magazine’s August/September issue.  But what doesn’t appear is the answer to the question “why?”

According to Hawaii’s state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, the trend has been building over time. The number of honeymoon couples traveling to the Aloha State fell to just over 200,000 as of June this year. That’s a 1.2% drop from 2006.  Hawaii certainly has beauty and a playground with enough adventure and romance to keep couples busy for weeks.  But Italy is beginning to be appreciated for many of its unique features.


For instance, Venice charms young and old alike with magical waterways stretching throughout the entire city.  The gentle trickling of water through the canals is romantic on its own.  Add to that a dreamy gondola ride and you’ve set the mood for the entire trip.  Truth be known, Venetians travel by gondola because there are no cars, not because of the romance!  You also won’t find any motorbikes or motorized scooters.  Why no cars?  Because there are no roads to drive them on!

What you will find in Venice is gorgeous scenery along with palaces, museums and art collections.  Open-air food markets are also plentiful and make for wonderful shopping.  Or, of course, you can dine at any number of restaurants where you’ll delight in truly authentic northern Italian cuisine.

You won’t want to leave without participating in Carnival.  Remarkably, the term “carnival” comes from the Latin “farewell meat!”  Similar to Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, Carnival began the practice of throwing huge parties in order to use up all the meat, eggs and butter before the fasting of Lent started.  To make Carnival unique, Venetians wore masks to disguise themselves.  This way they could participate in all types of debauchery without being found out.  While Carnival today is much more civil, the enormous levels of fun still run high.


Another unique destination in Italy is Capri.  An island (as is Venice), this region has wooed the world for decades.  Countless movies have been made on Capri, emperors have visited and honeymooners have strolled along her hillsides.  Part of the allure of this island lies in the aromatic fragrances that overtake you as soon as you arrive.

The scent of ripe natively grown lemons in addition to the intense perfume of indigenous basil, marjoram, oregano, parsley and thyme waft through the air with every breeze.  It’s something almost everyone is pleasantly surprised by.

One of the most popular attractions is The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) – a must-see.  As daylight enters through an underwater opening located immediately below the entrance to the cave, the light is filtered by the water.  The red tones are absorbed, leaving only the blue ones to pass into the cave.  The result is an astonishing aura of blues that simply defies words.

Whichever you choose as your top honeymoon spot, you’ll find plenty to do and see.  Cruising to your destination offers the flexibility to see more of the region for less than you might think.  Explore online first and then decide which location will offer more of what you and your spouse-to-be will love.

Marriage Advice:

Hi experts, what do the words in the brackets mean?

Heidi and Spencer Pratt have definitely stolen the spotlight on NBC’s “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” After only one day in the Costa Rican jungle,
“The Hills” duo threatened to bounce from the show’s cast of eleven quasi celebs.
After some cajoling from (((NBC brass)))), the two stuck around for day two — long enough for Spencer to be baptized by born-again Christian Steven Baldwin.
Janice (((“I didn’t realize I was signing up for I’m a holy roller get me out of here”)))
“And now Spencer we baptize you ….”

After Spencer had been cleansed of his sins, he and his bride reportedly quit the show and bolted from the jungle back to L.A.
Or did they?

Us Magazine is reporting that not only are the Pratts staying on the show, they never even left Costa Rica.

Spencer’s sister Stephanie and her friend Spenser were apparently acting (((((as decoys under the blankets!) )))

“Holy roller” is another term for a fundamentalist Christian, a “Bible thumper”. In some Protestant sects, people claimed to be filled with the Holy Spirit and they rolled around on the floor in the throes of religious ecstasy.

Civis Romanus

Dominican Girls

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Dominican girls

The Little Girl from the Island: Hada Grullon the Founder of Roy’s Delivery Service has Persevered through a Robbery and Economic Downturn

The world can be a cold place when average Joe tries to work with big business. The bigger the company, the more he becomes merely a piece of the statistical pie. However,. Hada Grullon, however, has demonstrated that it doesn’t have to be this way, with a career built from breaking down walls that separate her from costumers, while fostering lasting relationships that go beyond dollars and cents.

A self-described “little girl from the island,” Hada is a first-generation American from the Dominican Republic who has never forgotten about the people who got her to where she is today: the head of one of the most success delivery services in Florida. She was named the Outstanding Businesswoman of 1999 by the National Association of Women Business Owners and has won numerous awards including the Customer/Client Service Excellence Award by Morgan Stanley/ Dean Witter. But how did she manage to come out of seemingly nowhere to blaze a whole new trail in the business field?

Hada started in the business world where most do: at the bottom. She worked as a banker in Florida for 15 years, learning the standard ins and outs. Her first major business influence was her boss during this time, the first woman to serve as the chief financial officer at her bank. “She taught me how to be a more professional person and a hard worker.”

In 1992, the news that would forever rock the foundation of Hada’s life would be delivered: she was fired. Though immediately picked up by another bank, she hit bottom again after being the victim of another round of layoffs. But the spirit that later carried her to the top of the business world wouldn’t let her go out that easy. “I’m tired of getting laid off  and I’m going to do something about it,” Grullon repeated to herself at the time. Instead of falling back into the rat race and trying to get another bank job, she decided to start her own business. In a refrain common to many successful business owners, she observes simply, “The best thing that happened to me was getting laid off.”

Starting at the bottom again, Hada had to fight for every inch and every customer. She worked out of her garage, and took second and third jobs just to pay the mortgage on time every month. Yet when it looked like clear skies for her business, she would face her most difficult challenge yet. A thief had struck in the night. All of her money and resources-gone, representing a devastating blow out of left field, almost pushing her out of business all together. “Sometimes you go through the journey and get a wake-up call when you’re doing something wrong.”

Hada fortuitously contacted SCORE to explore her options and how to prevent something like this from happening again. Because of her counselor’s help, she was able to slowly but surely regain her footing in the business world, by deciding to go above and beyond what her customers expected from their delivery service. She started remembering clients’ birthdays, their kids’ names, and all manner of large and small details. These weren’t just faceless pie-chart statistics and percentage points; they were people. “You must take one customer at a time. It’s better to manage 10 than not manage 100.”

Her personal touch is evident in every aspect of the job. When a client called for 500 packages to be delivered in time for Christmas just days beforehand, Hada rounded up every friend and family member to help her finish on time. She isn’t just creating a business, but rather a meaningful, responsive community. Though times are tough because of the recession, she still thrives as a business owner and person. Given such success, other businesses will no doubt follow in her footsteps. “People have forgotten about the personal touch these days; you must build lasting relationships with your customers.”

Could Hada’s formula be any simpler? Could it be any more effective? Hundreds of customers answer each day with a resounding “yes.”


Dominican girls
Rebels primed for deeper postseason run
L’Observateur Riverside’s volleyball team struggled down the stretch of the regular season last year, failing to garner a win against district foes John Curtis and St. Charles Catholic —and with SCC the draw as its first round playoff opponent, things would have to turn around in a hurry for the Rebels to have hope of extending their playoff stay.

Filipina Lady

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Filipina lady
This Ilocano poet is regarded as the ‘mother’ of Filipino female literature
VIGAN CITY, ILOCOS SUR – Likened to Elizabeth Barret Browning of England, Leona Florentino was the country’s first Filipina poet at a time when women were regarded as subordinate to men and were made to do household chores instead of getting an education.
The Mystique of Filipina Lady (The Woman Today)

i am filipina single here in dubai and has a boyfriend indian and his muslim but his married already to indian?

lady for only 3 months,but he doesnt love her,his planning now to marry me. is it possible here and wat are the requirements if posible. and is it posible even we are diferent nationality, thank u

It is your right to marry any body in this world muslim christian or any body else and if you really want to marry her you have to ask the answers of following question from him:
As per muslim marriage law the man must ask permission from her first wife for the 2nd marriage and now a days in current circumstances you should ask for verbal and written approval from him and you should present it to the court where you are going to get married.
2nd verify that he is taking care of his first wife by all means because as per muslim marriage law he has to take care of each wife equally even he dint love her he is legally and religiously bound to give her all expenses. (Check he is fullfilling all his obligation or he is in a possition to take care of two wives Monetory-physically)
Until to talk to his first wife in detail it will be like jumping in a deep well to go for the marriage. If he is not giving the answers to your queries like above he is lying and cheating you so you should take care and forget him but if he is able to give you the answers then there is no harm in marrying a person although he is a muslim